Jane and Vicki Catfight


Loving wife fighting a rival for her man’s affections.

I’m a long-time fan of real catfight stories, I never thought I would be able to recount one involving my wife. I’ve never been lucky enough to witness strange women fighting let alone someone close to me.

I’ve been with Jane for years, although we’ve only been married for a few months. Until recently she had not shown any interest in fighting other women.

Catfighting, female wrestling, sexfighting or any sort of physical altercation between women has been an incredible turn on for me since I was a teenager, so long in fact that I can’t even remember where it all started.

I’ve dropped hints over the years to try to get Jane interested in fighting that had apparently just fallen on deaf ears. The odd suggestion I made that she wrestles other women weren’t taken seriously. My crude attempts to make her jealous over women I worked with didn’t make her angry with them, although sometimes with me.

Jane doesn’t work out. She’s a nurse so is on her feet for hours at a time, which gives her body a certain firmness, but not comparable to a gym bunny. Even though she’s not particularly athletic I know from the bedroom that she’s quite strong.

I’m quite shy and I am quiet around people until I get to know them, unless I’ve had alcohol. If I’ve had even one drink, I open up massively becoming very chatty around men and very flirty around women. A good night out for me is a few drinks with friends and a good flirt with someone I know quite well. This is how the trouble started.

Vicki is a woman I work with that has a lot in common with me. We have similar interests, similar politics, and we both run. Every now and then we meet up for a run, which is usually as part of a larger group of friends. Now and then it’s just the two of us, usually followed by a drink before going home.

I flirt with quite a few of my female friends and generally they flirt back and it’s all harmless fun. We both enjoy the attention and then go back home to our other halves, no harm done in my eyes. Vicki is single and perhaps even a little lonely, so she took my flirting more seriously than others and wanted to take the relationship further than running and flirting.

I would have loved to have done so if I was single. It is rare to find someone that has so much in common, is attractive and likes me. I would even go as far as to say that if I was single I have no doubt we would have been together. I really wanted Vicki. When I said to her that I’m a married man so would never leave my wife, she said that was OK and she would probably prefer the freedom of that sort of relationship. Sounds ideal, I get to have my wife and a bit on the side who is not asking for more. Sometimes I’m glad I’m the kind of guy that can walk away from that, sometimes I wish I was the kind of guy that didn’t. We had “the conversation”, I said I couldn’t do it even though I really wanted to and I found her very attractive. I thought that was the end of it.

But it wasn’t. Vicky wouldn’t take no for an answer. She started sending sexy pictures of herself to my phone and I must admit I enjoyed receiving them so didn’t discourage her. It started harmless, she has a lot of tattoos and started by sending pictures of those. It wasn’t long before she revealed that some of the tattoos were in intimate places and she liked taking pictures of those while dressed up her favourite lingerie. Frankly I liked the pictures and was always careful to delete them from the messaging app on my phone, but not before making a copy my computer in a hidden folder. I didn’t consider it being unfaithful although I know Jane would have so it was very much a secret between me and Vicki.

Inevitably the day came that Jane became aware of these pictures. One Friday evening as Jane and I were at home in front of the TV starting our second bottle of wine, Vicki was bored and horny and sent me a picture. Jane saw that I had a message, who it was from and demanded to see it. I was caught red handed, but at least I had deleted the earlier pictures so as far as Jane knew it was the first time and totally unsolicited from me.

Jane insisted that I delete the message and give her the phone. She typed a message to Vicki to appear as if it was from me. “Hey, remember I’m married so please don’t send me any more pictures like this. In fact, we need to stop meeting up for runs, it isn’t faithful to my wife for me to see you any more.”

I knew that she was testing Vicki, waiting to see how she would respond. The response arrived within a minute. “Hey, I won’t tell her if you don’t. It’s time you make good on your innuendo, show me that big cock you keep talking about. Can you meet me tonight? x.”

Jane’s was furious and replied straight away. “Listen slut, this is Jane, his WIFE. Back off now. Leave him alone.”

By now I was just along for the ride. Vicki’s message and her lack of respect for my marriage had led to her being tire escort the enemy. My flirting wasn’t forgiven, I was still on the hook for that, but all of Jane’s aggression and anger had a focus – a 5’5″ brunette called Vicki.

Vicki’s response was unexpected. “There’s no need for that language. We both like the same guy, it’s time you shared him.”

Jane fired back “No! Back off now, I don’t share, back off or you’ll regret it.”

Vicki retorted “Those are brave words on a text message. I bet you wouldn’t be so confident face to face. I know where you live.”

Which of course she did, as we took it in turns to drive to our runs and drop each other off.

I couldn’t believe it, I’d never thought my flirting would lead to this. I had imagined a fight between these two women many times, never believing it could be more than a fantasy. The text message argument between them was an incredible turn-on, I had to somehow hide that from Jane whilst wishing that the situation would escalate to a real fight.

Jane’s reply was instant “Then get here and we will settle this, little girl.”

I was amazed, Jane had never shown this aggression to anyone in the whole time we had been together, let alone another woman. But not as amazed as I was when I heard the doorbell ring a moment later, followed by a hammering on the door.

Vicki had been outside the whole time. She had clearly intended to confront Jane from the outset, perhaps she had been out there for hours watching us waiting for Jane to have a few drinks and lose some of her inhibitions.

Jane swung open the door and the two women stood staring at each other. Both stood 5″5″ tall. Both were brunettes with long straight hair, Jane’s was a little darker than Vicki’s. Jane was heavier by maybe 14 pounds but Vicki was clearly more athletic with running giving her a firm ass and legs. Even knowing them both so well in different physical senses I couldn’t call who I thought could come out on top in a fight.

I felt obliged to try to calm the situation, although in truth I desperately wanted them to get down to it and start fighting straight away. Before I said a word Jane calmly said “Vicki, please come in, would you like a drink? We’ve got some wine open.” The shift in tone didn’t throw Vicki, she responded as if she was a long-lost friend at the door “that would be great hun, I would love a glass.” With that Jane motioned towards the living room and both ladies went through, Vicki kicking her shoes off in the hall.

Jane got a glass, poured the wine and handed it to Vicki. Both women drunk slowly and in silence, staring at each other.

I felt that at that point either one of them could have backed down and that would have been the end of it, but neither woman blinked before Vicki started talking.

“Jane, I’m not here to break up your marriage, but it’s clear from the way that he flirts with me that you aren’t giving him everything he needs in the bedroom. He simply wouldn’t spend as much time with me if he was getting what he needed at home. I want him, I don’t care about you or your marriage, I don’t want a relationship and I do promise to give him back when I’m done. In fact it might help your relationship if I give him what he needs, to take the workload off you.”

I couldn’t believe it. Vicki had never been so forward with me face to face, so stating this outright in front of me and my wife was extraordinary. To back up her statement she turned to me and kissed me. Only then did I become aware of the smell of vodka on her breath, but I didn’t have long to ponder the reasons for her new-found confidence as the kiss was enough to enrage Jane, who promptly grabbed at Vicki’s hair to pull her off me and threw her to the floor.

“What do you think you are doing?! Get off him you bitch” she screamed as she stood over Vicky. Vicki didn’t say anything, she just rose to her feet and both women stood face to face, tit to tit and toe to toe. I couldn’t help but think that Jane should have settled things when Vicki was on the floor, but it was too late now, she was back on her feet and they were both now angry.

As they stood opposite each other, each primed waiting for the other to make the first move, I got a chance to compare them. It was a warm August evening and both were dressed in short cool dresses and bare feet

Matched in height, Jane’s extra weight was more visible in her wider legs and rounder ass, with Vicki’s flat stomach accentuating her slightly larger breasts. As they both stood facing each other I wished I could tear off their dresses and have them there and then, but by now it didn’t matter if I was there or not. They had a score to settle and only after that would I benefit.

Even at this stage I didn’t know who I wanted to win. Of course, my loyalties are with my wife, but I have to admit that as much as it is a turn on to think of her winning a catfight and taking me as her prize, torbalı escort it is so sexy to think of her losing, giving it her all but being humiliated by another woman. I have fantasised about both situations many times.

As neither woman was an experienced fighter the outcome was unpredictable. I would guess that if Jane could overpower Vicki early in the fight she would have the edge, as she was heavier and perhaps a little stronger. If it didn’t end quickly though I thought that the odds would turn in Vicki’s favour as she could have more speed and crucially stamina.

I already knew that Jane hadn’t so much as had a fight in high school and suspected that Vicki was the same. I’ve seen enough catfight videos on the internet to know an experienced fighter from a rookie, and enough shock outcomes to know that it wasn’t always the better fighter that won.

At that point, I did interject. I wanted to see the fight more than anything, but not if that meant that police or hospitals would be involved. I managed to get the girls to settle on some ground rules that should hopefully prevent problems with either. First, they both took off all jewellery to stop any nasty accidental injuries and they both tied their hair up in ponytails to make sure they could see what they were doing.

They agreed on no punching to the face, no biting, and no drawing blood but they could punch to the body and slap anywhere they wanted.

They agreed that they would fight until submission for as many rounds as it took for both to agree who the winner was. I thought this would be perfect to ensure that the action could keep going. Either girl could submit to a hold or submit because of too much pain without immediately losing the fight. It would be a way to earn a time out, at the expense of losing a point to the other woman.

After the rules were agreed I was told by both women to sit down, shut up and stay out of it. I didn’t need any more encouragement than that, I shut the curtains so we wouldn’t be seen from the street and sat down to enjoy the show.

With that they turned to face each other, hands up and the women started circling, each sizing up her opponent and trying to gain an advantage but neither committing to the fight. I could tell Vicki’s head was stinging where Jane had thrown her down by her hair but it didn’t put her off.

Jane slapped Vicki across the face and with that the fight was on. Vicki immediately retaliated with a slap across Jane’s face and they traded slaps for a minute more, both concentrating on hurting the other and not doing much to block or defend themselves. Their cheeks were getting red and both women were hurting, with neither gaining much of an advantage.

Vicki then kicked out at Jane and tripped her, but Jane grabbed Vicki around the neck and they both crashed to the floor together side by side. They scrabbled against each other, legs pushing against each other and arms flying around to try to position themselves on top.

Eventually Jane managed to gain the upper hand and wrap her legs around Vicki’s and work her way to being on top, pinning Vicki’s shoulders with her hands. This left Vicki’s hands free to deliver three quick slaps to Jane’s face before Jane got wise and moved up Vicki’s body to pin Vicki’s arms under her legs in a classic schoolgirl pin.

Vicki bucked under Jane but the heavier woman maintained her position. I enjoyed the view as each dress began to ride up. I could see Jane’s red thong as she straddled Vicki and could also see Vicki’s black knickers as she struggled on her back. Vicki couldn’t move far but was desperate not to submit so kept trying to wriggle free. For each move she made, Jane just tightened her legs until Vicki eventually gave in. 1-0 to Jane.

Both women had a swig of wine and moment to rest before continuing. I could tell than Jane was enjoying the fight at that point, but at the same time Vicki was undeterred. She was ready to go and eager to get revenge for the pin.

They approached each other and Vicki tried a different approach, she jumped to Jane’s side and grabbed her hair and started pulling, trying to throw Jane to the floor just as Jane had to her earlier.

Jane retaliated in kind and they swung each other around the room trading advantage before this time Vicki let go with one hand and slapped Jane on her tits. Jane was surprised by this change of tactic and tried to retaliate taking her hands from Vicki’s hair but missed and gave Vicki the chance to trip her and straddle Jane.

The tables had turned but Jane’s extra weight gave her more chance to wriggle free and the women struggled as Vicki tried to pin Jane in the way that she had been pinned and Jane tried to buck and push Vicki off her.

Eventually Jane was able to reach up and grab Vicki by the hair to pull her to the floor, freeing Jane up to try to get back on top. This time Vicki was wise to the tactic and again urla escort tried something new, kneeing Jane between her legs and following up by grabbing at her dress and trying to rip open the front.

Jane was furious with this and responded in kind, leaving the fight in a curious limbo as both women took out their aggression on each other’s dresses rather than on each other. Unlike in the movies, both girls found it hard to rip the fabric but did succeed in stretching the dresses and exposing what was underneath. Jane had a red bra to match her thong, but Vicki had no bra so the stretching exposed her breasts to Jane and to me.

I hadn’t ever seen Vicki’s breasts but had imagined them many times. They were exactly as I had dreamt. Natural D cups, a little larger than Jane’s C cups, with small nipples that were hard as bullets. As a grown man of 40 my draw still dropped to see them, I will never tire of the sight of tits.

Vicki was aware that I could see them and shot me a smirk. Jane realised that she had just exposed another woman’s breasts to me and was visibly pissed off about it, especially as they were larger than hers. It put her off for long enough for Vicki to wrap her legs around Jane and start to squeeze.

Jane couldn’t push Vicki’s legs off of her even pushing with both hands. Vicki took the advantage and slapped Jane’s undefended face on each side before smothering Jane with her newly unleashed breasts. She smashed them into Jane’s cheeks as she crushed he ribs with her legs. The breast slapping didn’t cause Jane any pain but it was incredibly humiliating. After some time, Jane did submit, levelling the match at 1-1.

As the women separated and refreshed themselves with water and wine Vicki removed her dress entirely, leaving her wearing only black lacy “boyshort” style knickers. They left little to the imagination and showed off Vicki’s athletic runners butt perfectly. Jane was clearly irritated by this as Vicki said to her “now you can tell what he sees in me”.

This made Jane angrier, she pulled off her own dress and removed her bra throwing them both at Vicki. She stood in front of Vicky in nothing more than her red thong. Despite our years together I was still turned on by Jane’s body and loved to see her opposite another woman. Jane had the larger ass and Vicki the larger tits, both were sexy as hell.

This time as they approached each other they were clearly looking to hurt the other woman. Instead of slaps they traded punches to each other’s bodies. Neither were great at blocking and they were both starting to tire so the punches got slower. It was incredible to watch, with each punch reverberating across their bodies, with boobs and bums jiggling. It was painful for them and painfully erotic for me.

They came together, again locking one hand in their opponent’s hair and using the other to try to inflict damage to their body. This time they were topless so the natural targets became the breasts. They started with slapping and then started grabbing and pulling at each other, eventually releasing their grip on each other’s hair and focussing on their breasts. It became a titfight, with each woman trying to inflict as much pain on the other as possible and both crying out in pain. They dug their nails in to each other and twisted and pulled their nipples but it was a stalemate. They were each damaging their opponent and each getting damaged.

It was then that for the first time Jane changed the fight, releasing one hand from Vicki’s breasts to grab her knickers and pull will all of her might. Vicki screeched in surprise and pain and quickly followed suit with Jane’s thong. As Jane squealed in kind both girls landed on the floor and pulled at each other’s knickers, giving each other a painful wedgie. Suddenly Jane’s flimsy thong snapped, leaving Vicki with no leverage and giving Jane the incentive to pull harder on Vicki’s knickers. The pain was quickly too much for Vicki to bear and she submitted.

The match was 2-1 to Jane who celebrated by walking up to me naked and giving me a kiss. If Vicki wanted she could admit defeat and leave now, so Jane asked her “you lost, 2-1 to me. Are you ready to go home yet little girl?”

Vicki didn’t say a word, she just stepped back to the centre of the room, took her knickers off and threw them to me. Jane moved up to face her. Both women, once more face to face, this time totally naked. They both hurt from the earlier scrapes, both had red slap marks across their bodies and bruised tits. But neither had admitted defeat.

They were tiring and started slower this time. There was no slapping but they circled and grabbed hands in a test of strength. Both women were breathing heavily by this point, but Vicki seemed to have more energy left. As they grappled with each other with hands locked together each tried to gain advantage over the other with their legs, kicking out and trying to trip each other.

Eventually they both toppled on to the floor which invigorated them to fight like alley cats, scratching and slapping each other and even pulling hair to gain advantage. One woman grabbed the other’s pussy and started mauling it and in an instant, both were grabbing at each other’s most intimate areas trying to cause the other pain.

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