7 – Wax Museum


“Good morning, Amanda.  Nice to see you back in somewhat normal clothes for a day or so, I guess we’ll see.  I figured you could also use a little break today, as a treat.”  Dr. N. strode into the lobby seeming much more relaxed than the previous few days, like some weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  The only weight Amanda could think about was the weight of her head on the Miss Natalya’s lady parts, but that seemed to brighten her day more than dampen her spirits.

Amanda stood from her chair revealing that she was still indeed not as clothed as Dr. N suspected.  The doctor smiled as she walked over for their morning kiss.  Amanda inhaled her scent as she drew closer, then sucked greedily at her lips as they touched hers.  She needed this kiss more than she needed food it seemed to her, so it was with great disappointment that she felt the doctor break off and pull away abruptly.

“Perhaps half a kiss, for half an outfit.  Although I’m not sure which half leaves me wanting.  The tease of your modest top that still outlines your perfect breasts, or the wonderfully open present you offer in the bottom.  I guess you are kind of wearing the mullet of outfits today.  We’ll see whether that helps or hinders us as the day goes on.”  Dr. N chose some interesting phrasing in her comments but Amanda seemed to be pleased overall.  Or at least she didn’t think she was in trouble for any of it.

“Yes, Miss Natalya.  I wasn’t sure which way to go this morning, so I took a little gamble.  Plus, I never know what I’m going to find when I get in, and I’d rather prepare to have much freer access and fewer garments if I’m going to have to change anyway.”  Amanda said with a wink.  She was playing a little coy with the doctor this morning.

“I think we have just the one appointment scheduled today, so maybe we can make it an early day and get out after lunch today, does that sound good?” Dr. N asked a little playfully, and Amanda wasn’t sure how to interpret it.

“That sounds nice, I guess, but I’d rather spend time with you anyway than alone at home.” Amanda replied, with a little hint of a whine.

“Well, I think a break is good for us now and then, don’t you. Especially since we have a busy day coming up tomorrow, with three or more patients already lined up. And don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you soon.” Dr. N tried to reassure her assistant who had become much more than very close friend, for lack of better phrasing, as she really wasn’t sure what their relationship was. She probably should try to ask Amanda what she was seeking in it as well, so that they could come to terms with it and understand where they were going.

Dr. N walked into her office and settled in for the morning, reviewing more journal posts and cleaning up some patient notes from the previous days. She wanted to add thoughts that had come up since their sessions from areas she reviewed that seemed relevant. Mostly future questions and topics for them to discuss and ideas for how they can move forward on their own. She couldn’t be their therapist forever now, could she?

Time escaped her in the flurry of notes and scribbles she was working on so she was surprised when Amanda walked in with the eleven o’clock patient. Surprised by the time passing as much as she was with Amanda.

“Olivia is her to see you again, Miss Natalya.” Amanda was starting to break with protocol and had decided to skip with the doctor formalities as she was seeking more from their relationship now.

“Um, Amanda, were you not wearing something much different when I first arrived this morning? Something more modest?” Dr. N inquired.

“Yes, Miss Natalya, but I was feeling a little warm, so I took the top off. For some reason I feel extremely hot today, maybe I have a fever.” Amanda said, her doe eyes locking onto Miss Natalya’s as she bit her lower lip.

“We can check later, but for now take care of what you need to so that you can cool off.” Dr. N tried her best to sound concerned, but she knew Amanda was simply playing her usual game. Of course, it was working and Dr. N was getting warm herself.

“Yes, Miss Natalya.” Amanda retreated and closed the door to the office as she exited.

“Olivia, good to see you again. How are things with your son? I see he did not accompany you today.” Dr. N started.

“Oh, that’s still a mess but I’m trying to get through to him. We’ve made some progress, so maybe next time I’ll bring him.” Olivia responded, rather hurried as she wanted to get to her newest issue. “But, I’m not here about that today. I really have no idea where my mind is now after crossing a few lines. I think that I just need to hear that I’m still normal, assuming I ever was.”

“Normal is such a random word. Defining normal is like explaining the universe’s existence. If you treat other people with respect and inflict Maltepe Escort no harm, you’re as normal as we can hope for, I’m afraid.” Dr. N explained. “Unintentional harm cannot be prevented in many cases, so if you are thinking about your son, that isn’t all your fault. Please, continue with why you came here today.”

“Okay, let’s see how this sounds then and you can tell me whether you still think normal is difficult to define.” Olivia began. “So, I told you I had been getting together with some friends for a girl’s night out now and then, right? Of course I did, never mind me. Well, we got together the other night, three of us at least. One of the others had a crazy idea so we all decided to throw caution to the wind and follow along.”

“Interesting, so what was this crazy idea she had? It sounds intriguing.” Dr. N smiled a little, getting interested already from the sound of Olivia’s voice. Her anticipation of retelling the story made the doctor hopeful she was exploring some of her deep sexual repressions. She was determined to make a breakthrough with one of these patients soon.

“We had never even heard of the place she was talking about, so we just went along to this old abandoned warehouse. She said she had been inside several times so she knew it was generally safe and could find her way around the place. We weren’t all that sure when we got there, but once we parked around back and went inside, we relaxed a little. The place still has enough electricity running to it so that the lights work and everything. Plus, it’s in a part of the building you can’t see from the street so it’s not like anyone would know we were there.” Olivia continued, her voice starting to tremble slightly with anticipation, even just telling the story excited her.

“Sounds like a school prank from your description so far, why do you need my help?” Dr. N was hoping to get to the fun parts quicker, as she knew there had to be something.

“Understood, but the reason she brought us there might change your opinion. It turns out that the place was once used to make wax figures for museums, but had long since been abandoned. They just left most of the equipment there and since it had been covered it all looked brand new. My friend, Beth, had heard rumors about what they were doing before they shut down and she just had to find out. There wasn’t anything obvious that confirmed what she had heard so we started messing around with things a little, not really knowing what we were doing or what to expect.” Olivia continued, still not giving up any details.

“I’m still not sure wh-” Dr. N was interrupted as Olivia started.

“I’m getting there, I’m sorry, I’m either very good or very bad at story telling I have friends that argue for either.” Olivia interrupted, and tried to allay Dr. N’s fears that this wasn’t sex related. It was just taking her longer than she thought. She should have just started with the basics and then told it, but she was almost there now. “When we finally went to the back room, we saw what might have brought about those rumors. A wax figure reanimator. We had no idea what it meant, but since Beth had turned on the power earlier the wax inside the giant tank had melted and the machine was ready to accept input from the console.”

“That does sound intriguing, please continue.” Dr. N said now somewhat satisfied, and only more curious.

“We saw some basic instructions on the lab table next to the console and flipped through looking over what it said it would do. It was unclear to us exactly since some was in very technical language, but we could figure out the main steps. Having already started to feel the heat from the melted wax Beth had stripped down to her underwear. Our other friend, Erin, was one step further and just stood their naked, the heat seemed to be around and inside her already. I had never seen her that hot, but something had aroused her enough that she was touching herself lightly.” Olivia’s eyes were wider and she had reached a level of excitement that had Dr. N on the edge of her slowly dampening seat.

“That seems a little odd since you hadn’t done anything overly sexual yet. What did you all do next? Dr. N asked, excited by the sound of their tale now.

“Erin walked next to the tank and dipped her finger into the wax and then dripped it onto her nipples, moaning as she did so. I never expected her to be into that, but I guess we are all learning new things about ourselves.” Olivia said with a hint of uncertainty in her voice, obviously still questioning her normalcy. “What we did next started to blur lines. Beth challenged me to dip my breasts in the wax. At first, I looked at her crossly, but soon I felt like it was the most natural thing in the world and started to disrobe. Soon I was as naked as Erin and we both looked at each other in a way Anadolu Yakası Escort we hadn’t before. Erin was beautiful in the glow of the machinery and the steam coming off the hot wax.’

“Yes, that’s more like it.” Dr. N broke character from her soothing therapist voice for a moment, but then caught herself. “I’m sorry, please continue.”

“Well, I was feeling hotter as well and so I stepped up on a small stool and leaned over, holding my hair back and dipped my breasts into the wax tank. It was hot, but not burning. It felt like the warmest pair of hands gently rubbing my sore, aching nipples and caressing my breasts. It actually felt like there were hands massaging my flesh under the wax. After a few moments enjoying it I lifted them out and the wax cooled to form a perfect mold of my chest, which Beth came over to lift off. I felt the tug of the wax on my nipples and let out a long, soft moan. Beth smiled and said she knew we’d enjoy this night out. She wasn’t wrong yet.” Olivia paused because her breath became ragged as she was reliving the sensations. It was as if she could still feel them now.

“Oh, that sounds divine. I’m partial to very hot things myself, and that seems like it would soothe a few aches that I would love to take care of myself. What did you do next?” Dr. N was oversharing tonight as the story from Olivia was hitting a few of her buttons. Perhaps she had some new things to run by Amanda at some future date.

“Oh, it got better from there. Hopefully I can make it through the rest without needing to stop. I can’t get over the sensations from that night and have a hard time not fingering myself halfway through.” Olivia opened up and finally Dr. N felt like they were making real progress. “Beth kissed my aching nipples, then planted a play kiss on my wax boobs and tossed the wax back into the tank. But she wanted some fun too and managed to dip her ass into the wax and make a perfect mold of her cheeks and most of her pussy. The sounds that came out of her mouth as she felt the hot wax massaging her, were hard to describe, but they were like wild animals. We had to catch her before she fell into the tank and lift her to safety. The wax cooling into a perfect mold of her nethers as well. We were a little meaner and dripped enough onto her mound to fully encase her clit and her well-manicured little welcome mat. She loved to keep hers looking perfect and must have trimmed it just for the night.”

“I like a woman who takes care of things down there, shows she cares.” Dr. N continued with her own therapy as they went along. “And dare I ask what next?”

“Well. we tugged the mold off her bottom and she almost came from the wax pulling lightly at her swollen clit and lips, but her moisture helped it separate easily. I licked her juices out from the mold and tossed it into the tank again. We both kissed her better, and she squealed having two mouths on her at once. None of us ever expected girl’s night out to go like this, but we were all into it.” Olivia looked over at Dr. N, who was rapt, one hand sneaking down between her legs, just resting there at the moment, the gentle pressure she was applying, enough to soothe her until she could finish things later. Amanda was in for a nice lunch treat before their half day.

“Please continue.” Dr. N said, a hint of begging in her voice.

“It started to get weird next. We traded dipping and dripping wax on each other’s bodies, getting aroused more and more, but no one sure where to take it next. So, one of us decided to look at the lab book again and Erin just flipped a switch on the console that simply read START. The machine responded, whirring to life, wax bubbling until the surface seemed to bubble and gurgle more and a shape started to emerge. It stepped out of the tank and stood there as the wax cooled and held its shape, but the figure could still move. It looked a lot like us, so we assumed it took shapes from the discarded wax molds we made or from touching our bodies as we dipped them in. It was all red, as the wax was that color to start, with the shape of a face, but no discernable eyes. It stepped toward me first and held out a hand to touch my breasts, massaging them as gently as they had ever been, and I recognized the touch as what I had felt when I dipped them in. The figure was still warm from the wax and it’s soothing stroked against my skin drove my arousal even higher. The figure then turned to look at Beth, or at least to acknowledge her and walked up to touch her. The figure reached down to stroke her wet lips and brusquely ran a finger between her lips and inside. Beth almost came from the intense feeling of the heat and the prodding of their wax digit. She weakened and needed to brace herself against the wall of the tank.” Olivia needed to catch her breath, and pause to collect herself İstanbul Escort as she fidgeted in her chair and Dr. N saw her growing moisture soaking through.

“Please…continue if you can. You must be close by now. I mean to the main part of the story.” Dr. N was making no pretense about professionalism anymore. The thought of a hot wax sex doll caressing her and bending to her every desire was overwhelming her. Even Amanda, as good at pleasing her as she was, might not be able to compete with the wax sex doll.

“Yes, I am very close.” Olivia started, but paused, staring at Dr. N and not able to hide her desire anymore. “While we were all engaged with the wax figure, Erin was at the console playing with things. She flicked another switch and the tank started to go through its machinations again. Another figure emerged from the tank very much like the first, seemingly a second copy of our bodies. But, one slight detail came to light as the figured stepped out of the tank. Whatever Erin had selected had created a version of us, breasts, ass, pussy and all, but with a massive dick as well. We all gasped at the sight of the new figure. None of us would be able to anything with the massive appendage that was mounted between its legs, so we weren’t sure what to do. The female version of us motioned to have us sit on the floor next to each other as she knelt between our legs and brought us all to amazing orgasms with her long, hot tongue delving deeper than any of us had felt a tongue go before. She was finishing with Erin, who has been left for last, while she was fingering the others all the while in between. Just as Erin started to peak, the other figure climbed behind the female and plunged her cock into the first figure’s pussy. At that moment Beth gasped, feeling the sensations that the first figure was feeling and rolled to another orgasm without being touched. I felt my breasts being played with, as I still do right now, and my body was aroused almost to completion with nothing else. Erin could feel the massive cock slide past her lips and stretch her neck as the second figure throat fucked the first. Ever since that night we have had these sensations without knowing when or where they might strike as the two was figures continue to engage each other whenever the fancy tickles them. I’m not sure what we can do at this point.” Olivia finished, as she ran her hands under her shirt to soothe her breasts as her nipples were being punished by the sucking of the wax figure wherever it was now. She moaned and came hard, slowly catching her breath again.

Dr N. stared in amazement as Olivia let go and came right in front of her with seemingly now actions of her own. She wondered where that powerful magic came from as she was not familiar with it from any of her dealings. “Olivia, would you be so kind as to share the address of this warehouse with me? We may need to visit in order to get to the bottom of this.”

“Certainly doctor. I’ll write it down just as soon as I can think straight.” Olivia said, still breathless.

“And just to reiterate, there is nothing abnormal about any of your actions or desires, but I’m not sure I can say the same for those wax creatures. Please do not worry about any of your sexual cravings, give in to them and indulge. Although I suppose some of them are now out of your control.” Dr. N smiled her wickedest smile and gave a little chuckle.

Olivia collected herself and headed out of the office, unsure when the next attack would hit, so she hurried along trying to make it home safely.

“Amanda, dear, please come in here for me.” Dr. N called her dutiful assistant, her voice now the soothing, calming music that seemingly controlled Amanda.

“Yes, Miss Natalya.” Amanda walked in the office. Her outfit simply consisting of her lace choker and a garter around one leg, her glistening sex there for all to see and her hard little buttons atop her perfect breasts at attention for whatever action would come next.

“Would you please come over here and let me bury my face in those perfect little mounds of yours as you grind yourself against me until I say stop?” Miss Natalya was seeking simple comfort from her slave, as she was already hot enough to explode, it wouldn’t take very much to push her over.

“Yes, Miss Natalya. I would very much love it if you kissed my breasts and teased my hard nipples while I came for you. But, please let me pleasure you more today.” Amanda was begging for as much as Miss Natalya would give her.

“I think just a short time together today should suffice. I doubt you have even earned this much, but I am feeling generous.” Miss Natalya was trying to maintain control, assuming she ever had it to begin with. “Plus I have errands to run later today and I need to get going. Remember I said we had a light day today and we would leave early?”

Sadly Amanda remembered. She thought maybe the extra time would be well spent figuring out how to better behave, or misbehave, in order to please Miss Natalya. She did have one quick errand to run herself and since she had the time today ot would be good to get it out of the way.

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