A New Fetish


My wife of 22 years still has that wonderful ability to surprise me. Since she had been a stay-at-home mom while we raised our son and she had developed a little part-time job writing papers for lazy college students, she still stayed at home. She had her historical society (old men and old women fretting over old buildings for no apparent reasons as she had once defined it) and her Bunko group but when I got home early, as I had today, I would usually find her home.

And she was home today. I could tell by her oldies playing pretty loud on our stereo. So I kicked off my shoes and cat footed through the house. She was always so cute when I snuck up on her and startled her. I could count on her sudden little scream and I made sure I was clear. Another thing she did was martial arts, and she had a whole rainbow of colored belts.

She wasn’t downstairs so I padded up to where our bedroom was and peeked around the doorframe.

She was in the bed, naked on her back, her legs parted, knees raised slightly, and I could see the pink end of BOB, her inflatable vibrator or, as she referred to it, her battery-operated boyfriend, peeking out. Her nipples, oversized on her breasts, fallen and flat since, over my objections she had let them go dry after our son got off the tit, were clamped with the shiny chrome clamps that had been her birthday present when she hit the BIG 4-oh.

And she was Kartal escort picking her nose.

Okay, who among us hasn’t done that? But she was really mining in there.

Her hips were rocking and her womanscent was redolent in the air.

As her finger came out of her nose she brought a clear string of snot with it.

I watched, fascinated, as she slowly pulled the thick clear string, stretching it.

I’ve always had a bit of a voyeuristic streak, and this was getting to me.

I felt myself getting hard, and liked the sensation.

As I watched, she touched the string with her thumb, separating it into two, and then again, until she had a little clear web of snot stretched between her thumb and forefinger.

And then she opened her mouth wide and licked them clean.

I watched for a couple of minutes as she picked her nose, played with the snot, and then ate it.

I was so goddam hard I hurt.

I stripped my clothes off, very quiet, in the hallway.

And then I put my finger into my own nose, not picking, irritating it until I got it running. I felt my snot, warm and thick and slick start to flow and when it had run over my lips I walked into the room.

She had a foot-long string of snot that she was shaking so it wobbled just above her open mouth, just out of reach of her extended tongue.

“Have some of mine,” I said, as I entered Kurtköy Escort the room.

She started, but she didn’t try to do anything stupid like pretend she wasn’t doing what she so clearly was doing.

We have indulged each other’s fantasies and fetishes for over two decades now, so we were pretty far past shock.

Instead, she smiled, slurped up what was hanging from her finger, and said, “yummy.”

So I crawled up onto the bed and straddled her, not making any attempt to enter her. I just leaned forward, letting the string of my own snot hang free.

She smiled, a very happy smile, and touched my left nostril, the one that wasn’t running, pushed it shut, and said, with a little giggle, “blow.”

I huffed out a breath, not hard, not to clear my nose, but to increase the flow. And it worked. The thick rope of snot hung farther now, almost touching her lips.

“Again,” she said, and I did.

My snot was puddling thickly on her lips now, and she kept her mouth closed.

She pulled me down for a kiss.

It was a good kiss, slick and sticky and salty. A very good kiss.

When I broke the kiss our mouths were connected by a sheet of snot.

She giggled and rolled me over, using that leverage she understood better than me.

“It’s called nasophilia,” she said, her finger in her nose until it was running again. He closed her left nostril Pendik Escort with her finger and blew softly, encouraging that clear string.

“Open your mouth, baby,” she said, and I did.

She huffed out another breath, and a third, and the thick clear rope hung almost to my open mouth.

“Say please, honey,” she said.

“Please,” I said.

She lowered herself, slowly, and I accepted what she offered. It was warm and salty and thick and slimy.

I liked it.

This time she blew her nose, hard, one nostril closed and then the next, spraying my face.

When she started licking my face I felt the sudden tension in her body as the vibrator did its work.

“Oh, Jesus,” she cried as she came, in waves.

My right hand was on her ass and my left was playing with her nose, teasing out more snot, rubbing it onto her face and into her hair.

She blew her nose into her hand and reached back, lubricating my cock with snot, before she lifted and then settled, accepting me anally.

“Blow, baby,” she said, her finger closing a nostril. I did and snot was blown across my mouth and chin.”

“Again,” she said, covering the other nostril.

She was cumming in waves then, and I was trying to maintain my control.

But I’m a man and my nerve endings work, no matter how much I tried, and I came, making her cry out with satisfaction and a bit of frustration I thought.

“Oh shit,” she said, “I think I could get used to this.”

I laughed softly and said, “I know I can.”

She kissed me, very softly, and snuggled against me as I softened and slipped out.

We dozed then, noses running freely.

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