All Under Control Ch. 06

Big Tits

[Recap: Mina has asked Cam to put her into denial. Initially reticent, he has warmed to the idea. When Mina introduced the idea of hypnosis as a way to control her responses, they decided to see how far they could go in teasing and denying her. Looking after the boss’s latest building project, a high-end spa and wellness retreat, they have the run of the place before the first guests arrive, but instead of his poor, denied girlfriend, Cam finds himself sharing a bed with Bree, her sassy, sexy alter ego who, as it turns out, is not into denial at all. Exhausted, Cam froze her in position, only to fall asleep himself.]

I woke groggily, surfacing from strange dreams. I spread myself out under the covers and my foot made contact with a leg.

“Morning, lover.”

My eyes fluttered open and for a moment I was disorientated, in a foreign bedroom. There was a woman to my left, propped up on the pillow, phone in hand, blonde hair tousled in gorgeous disarray. It seemed to fit with my dreams. I was in a stranger’s bed, my body stiff from wild sex the night before. Regret gripped me: what the fuck had I done? Mina would be inconsolable.

The woman smiled at me, grey-blue eyes shining in such a pretty face, such a familiar face. Mina’s face. Everything dropped back into place and my guts clenched as I remembered how I’d finished last night. I’d turned her into a mannequin and left her posed beside the bed, but I must have fallen asleep.

“What’s the matter Cam?”

“Nothing. It’s okay. Uh, did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby. You looked startled for a minute there.”

Slowly, I sat up and stacked the pillows behind me, stretching my tired limbs. I wondered how long she’d stood there after I had frozen her in the dark, unable to move or think with the command I’d placed in her empty mind to count numbers down, endlessly, into a deep trance. I guessed that she must have surfaced at some point and slid into bed, but after how many hours? It seemed that she didn’t recall any of it, though: she was utterly unaware of being turned into a mindless mannequin and then completely forgotten about by her careless, sleeping boyfriend.

“No. It’s just… did you ever wake up and not know where you were?”

Mina tapped her phone screen and put it to one side. She rolled towards me, one hand on my chest.

“Did you think you were somewhere else?”

“Yeah. For a moment.”

Mina moved in for a kiss. I could tell she was already horny.

“With somebody else?”

I hesitated, but that seemed to encourage her.

“Were you fucking someone else last night Cam, behind my back?”

She placed her lips softly on mine, a long lingering kiss. When she pulled back her face became serious.

“You don’t have to lie.”

Mina picked up her phone and showed me the screen.

“That bitch filmed it all and sent it to me. You were having the time of your life, it looks like.”

“You’ve been watching it.”

“A few times now.”

Mina was watching me carefully. I felt a small surge of adrenaline; it cleared my head. The game was back on and she had clearly been contemplating it since she’d woken up.

“Why would you cheat on me with her?” Mina asked.

I took the phone from her hand and tossed it further down the bed. Caught red-handed, she was expecting a confession, a very particular confession.

“I’m not sorry,” I began, “I just met her in a bar a few weeks back. You were in denial and I guess I just needed something.”

“What? Tell me what she gives you that I don’t.”

“Fine. If you really want to know, I just liked the simple pleasure of fucking her brains out.”

Mina reacted to this, and I could tell I’d hit my mark. I needed to go further though.

“She’s such a good fuck. She’s wild and she’s got such a hot body. I just can’t help myself. She satisfies me.”

“And what about me?”

“What about you? You’re into denial. This should be great for you.”

“If you’re fucking her, what use am I to you?”

I stroked her soft, delicate cheek and looked deeply into Mina’s eyes. I knew what she needed from me; I knew what I had to do. Time to twist.

“I can still use you for oral, babe,” I said, gently, “That would work, wouldn’t it? You can service me some nights and then when I need something more, I’ll spend the night with her.”

Mina actually looked hurt. I continued to twist.

“Of course, I might stay over and have her again in the morning. You’ll be all alone in bed with your empty, neglected pussy, waiting for me to get home. Then I’ll tell you all about it, how she felt, the sounds she made, how I filled her.”

I kissed her tenderly on the lips, looking into her soft, wide eyes.

“I might even film it all so you can see how much she excites me. Her hot, naked body wrapped around mine as I give her all the pleasure that I make you go without. Tell you what, how about I make you masturbate to it when I have you doing your dildo training in the kitchen? Think of it as you own personal porn channel, starring your boyfriend and the hot blonde who’s replaced you in his bed. Good with that?”

Mina’s Maltepe Escort mouth hung open, a lost look on her face. Without waiting for an answer, I reached over to the bedside table and retrieved my phone.

“What are you doing?” Mina asked, nervously. “Are you calling her now?”

I laughed. “Think I should? Maybe I could have you stand in the corner and watch, but on the condition that you can’t touch yourself. Keep those fingers away from your needy little crotch. You wouldn’t object, would you? I’m pretty sure Bree would find it highly amusing, seeing you squirm with need while I slide into her.”


“Relax. I’m just ordering in some breakfast. You want some? There are only a couple of places on the delivery app.”

“You want to talk about breakfast now?”

“Sure. I’m hungry. I’ll just order for the both of us,” I said, swinging out of bed and grabbing my jeans from the floor.

“Where are you going?”

“Out the front, to wait.”

I saw that Mina was confused, struggling with the conversation. I wondered if I had gone too far, but the twin points of her rock-hard nipples under the sheet wrapped tightly around her breasts told me otherwise.

“Y’know, I might give Bree a call after all, also. There’s the pool, the sauna, oh, so many places to fuck her. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I… I guess not.”

“Good. Why don’t you stay in bed and watch a few cam-girls until I get back? Pick blonde ones, I want you to get used to watching videos that look like her.”

I zipped up my jeans and headed out the door, not waiting for a reply.

We had breakfast on the little balcony, looking out over the still waters of the lake. The day was fresh and clear and as I ate, I could feel my libido return. Mina was only wrapped in a sheet, toned legs emerging from a jumble of white cotton, blonde hair tied up in a loose ponytail.

“Nice view,” I commented.

“Yep. It’s a great spot.”

“I wasn’t looking at the landscape, babe.”


Mina was picking at her food.

“Not hungry?”

“Sure. I… I dunno.”

“What’s the matter?”

Mina put her food down and looked at me.

“When’s Bree getting here?”

I was surprised. “I hadn’t thought about it. I’ve made no arrangements.”

“I thought you had plans with her. The sauna.”

I shrugged, trying to make light of it. “I thought you and I could spend the day together,” I replied, “See what we get up to. You must want…?”

I left the question hanging.

“I’ve been in denial for over a month now, Cam, what do you reckon?”

I was puzzled. “What about last night?”

“You fucked Bree last night.”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“She did, I’m pretty sure.”

There was something complicated going on in Mina’s head. I needed to work it out.

“You felt it though?”

Mina shrugged. “Yes. But then I woke up this morning and now I’m thirty-four days in denial and aching for it. The video just made it worse. And then you made me watch those blonde cam girls playing with themselves.”

Her fingers balled into fists.

“You must be just about ready to burst,” I said. I knew what was coming, I knew what I had to do.

“Oh Cam, you have no idea. Watching you fuck her last night, I’ve never been so horny.”

I took the last bite of my breakfast.

“Eat up,” I said.


“Bree’s going to be here in a few minutes, and I don’t want her seeing my girlfriend sulking around the place. You’ll just ruin the mood.”

For a moment, Mina didn’t move. Then, slowly, she began to eat.

“All of it. Then come find me on the bed.”

I walked back through the glass door into the suite. Mina remained at the outside table, back facing me. I could tell by her body language that she was gearing up for a big day. It seemed incredible that we had got to here: I could tell how much Mina’s body burned for release, but instead she was submissively accepting the fact that she was going to be put under in a few minutes and be erased, replaced by a blonde nymphomaniac. The orgasms would belong to Bree, and when I brought Mina back around again, she would still be in sexual denial.

I set up the pillows so that she could sit up with a view of the lake but would be fully supported in that position when I told her to relax. I heard Mina behind me. Without turning, I told her to strip and get onto the bed. Mina did as she was told, sitting completely naked in front of me. I cupped her chin tenderly with my hand.

“It isn’t fair, I know. You’ve followed all the rules for a month and this was supposed to be the weekend you were released. I promised you all the orgasms you wanted, didn’t I?”

Mina looked at me, forlorn. “Yes, you did, Cam.”

“Do you think I’m breaking that promise?”

The corners of her mouth turned down. I could see the need in her eyes. “I… I don’t know,” she muttered.

I stroked her hair then let my hand drift down her body until I was cupping her slit. She felt warm and moist already, desperate for a release that she was beginning to realise would never Anadolu Yakası Escort come.

“I fulfilled that promise last night, and I will again today,” I continued, my thumb tracing over the firm num of her clit, making her sigh.

“Your pussy is going to get everything it’s been crying out for, all these weeks. I’m going to enjoy fucking you and I’m going to make sure that each climax is earth shattering, better than anything you’ve ever experienced. Does that sound good?”

Mina bit her lip, cheeks rosy as she fought the feelings that my thumb was engendering within her body. She could only nod.

“It’s just a shame you won’t be around to experience it.”

Mina’s face fell, her eyes wide, despairing.

“Tell m if I’m being too cruel,” I murmured, looking into her lovely grey-blue eyes.

For a moment, Mina seemed about to speak. I had pushed her to the very edge of what she was able to take. I let the silence extend, watching as her mouth opened to say the words. But no words came out. Mina had made her choice.

“Okay,” I said, “I need to send you away now so I can spend the day with Bree. You can watch, as before, you can even feel it if you want to, but you can’t interfere when Bree’s here. You’re going to have to go along with whatever Bree wants. You’re just in the passenger seat.”

Mina was watching me carefully. I had one last thing to say.

“You know that Bree won’t do anything that you don’t want, but she’s in charge. If you break the rules, Mina, I might be tempted to send you away completely.”

This got a reaction. “What?” she breathed.

“With Bree’s co-operation I could shut you down completely and spend the day with her. I’d wake you up some time later, after she’s gone.”

“I wouldn’t remember?”

“You’d have whatever videos Bree left for you, but that would be it.”

“Cam,” Mina said in a tiny voice, “Can you really do that?”

“Yes,” I answered, “Let’s begin.”

Mina seemed about to fight it. I could see her about to object, but then her body relaxed as she settled herself into the pillows, accepting what I was about to do to her. It took my breath away, how much control she was willing to give me, how deep this need ran within her. I had no idea how memory worked, but at this point I began to believe that maybe I could make her forget. Something deep inside Mina wanted it, to wake up sweaty and slick, not knowing how she’d gotten into that state, feeling the effects of sex that she couldn’t recall, feeling nothing more than the ever-present need for release even as her body had provided it to me.

“I want you to look out at the lake. See the waves on the water? I want you to watch the waves,” I began.

I watched Mina’s eyes focus on the lake in the distance.

“See how the sun sparkles off the waves? See how they move across the water, like ripples.”

Mina began to breathe slower, deeper as my words began to trigger the familiar response in her. I continued, in a low, even tone.

“So relaxing, just watching the waves move across the surface. Just focus on that. Relax. Deeper now.”

At the trigger word, I saw her head nod.

“Deeper now.”

She was struggling now to keep her head up.

“That’s right, nice and deep.”

It took a few minutes more to get Mina’s eyelids to droop, repeating the instructions to watch the waves and feel her tensions washing away. In truth, sitting by her on the bed, my mind was focused on her body: newly-blonde hair in a loose ponytail over one shoulder, then the full domes of her breasts. Her nipples were hard and prominent, calling out to be teased, but I resisted. I took her deeper into her induction. My eyes drifted down her body, watching the muscles relax as she sank down into her trance, her mind opening up to my words. I was struck again by the sight of her hairless crotch, the smooth, polished skin of her mons. Her pussy lips were already swollen and pink, a faint line of moisture glinting between them as her body became aroused at the feeling of slipping into mindlessness. Her toned, shapely legs begged to be stroked, but I held back. My gaze flicked back to her face, to her eyes, fighting to stay open as I spoke. It was time.

“Completely relaxed, completely empty,” I said. “The last traces of Mina washing away. Sleep.”

Mina’s eyes closed and I felt myself begin to harden as I looked at her perfect body before me, waiting for her commands. I picked up one of her hands and unfolded her index finger. Gently, I brought it into contact with her pussy.

“The finger moves up to your clit,” I said.

Mina obeyed, moving her finger to the top of her slit.

“You are completely empty now. Hollow. You’re yearning to be filled. Every time you feel your clit being touched, you will see a picture of Bree. It could be her in her blue dress, or a frame from the video. Then your finger will move down your lips and you will repeat the motion. Begin.”

Mina’s finger traced down her moist, puffy lips, paused and then worked its way back up to her clit again.

“Good. Every time you touch your clit, İstanbul Escort you see a picture of Bree and you feel a throb of pleasure. An echo of her best orgasm. But before you can cum, your finger will move down again, repeating the cycle. Continue.”

I watched Mina’s face as she traced a line down her pussy lips and then back to the top again. This time she gasped and her lips parted. The finger moved back down again.

“Good girl.”

I watched her expression changing with each stroke: the thrill of arousal as she touched her fingertip to her sensitive nub, and the aching disappointment as her finger moved back down her slit, away from the centre of her pleasure.

“Just concentrating on the feeling, on Bree,” I murmured, “Just focus on that. I’m going to give you some more commands now, which you will accept without consciously remembering them. They’re going to be in the background. You don’t have to concentrate on them, just on the feeling of your finger as it strokes you, the pleasure it’s giving you. Just let your mind open and take in my commands.”

I paused, watching her.

“So empty, your mind waiting to be filled with my instructions. Good girl. Deeper now.”

When I was satisfied that she had reached the right level, I began to whisper in her ear. My words were undoing the work of previous weeks, removing the blocks and instead allowing her to orgasm easily and quickly. Increasing her sensitivity, I told her how intense her orgasms would now be and how freely she would be able to cum when I made love to her. But the twist was, I was saying this to Bree now, not Mina. I intended that Mina would remain denied while her fiery, sexual alter-ego would be able to enjoy easy, spectacular climaxes. It would make for a very good video.

Satisfied that the pattern was established, and having learned from the previous night, I left her on the bed stroking herself repeatedly and went to get a shower.

I took longer in the shower than I should have, wrestling with the temptation to just throw myself onto the bed and fuck her. My manhood was rigid, taunting me. Eventually, I turned the water off and dried myself. Returning to the bed, I could see Mina’s finger still at work, now shining slickly with her juices. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see dampness on the sheet below. The scent of her arousal hung in the air. Mina let out a little gasp as her finger traced its circuit up to her clit and her body quivered.

I left her and got dressed. I had a plan. Her phone lay forgotten on the bed, so I picked it up and set a timer.

“Listen carefully,” I said, “You will need to obey. When you touch your clit now, you will feel Bree seeping into your mind, taking control. It will feel so good, after being so empty and so horny for so long to feel her filling you up. You’ll feel her slipping into your body, taking control of your limbs, her thoughts beginning to fill your head, her pussy craving me inside her.”

Mina’s finger touched her clit and she groaned, her stomach muscles feathering. I could tell that she was on the brink of orgasm but unable to push through. That orgasm now belonged to someone else: Mina was about to be denied her release again.

“When you hear the timer, Bree will open her eyes and feel wide awake. She will think of the sauna and filming a new video.”

I hesitated. Mina had gone very deep. I made my decision: it was time to find out how far we could go.

“Mina will go to sleep. A deep, dreamless sleep, with no memories of what happens while she’s asleep. She will only awaken when I tell her.”

It was a big step. It would only work if Mina wanted it to, but I remembered how she had watched the video of last night over and over. Making a new video that she couldn’t recall would be a whole new level.

I had to do the rounds of the complex. The timer was set for thirty minutes, so I worked fast, checking all the rooms and doing a quick lap of the perimeter. Everything seemed in order. I went into the back-office area and checked on the security system, determined that the next few hours would not be interrupted by false alarms.

Davis, my boss, had spent a lot of money on the security. It was all high-end stuff, with full colour cameras displayed on a set of screens in the darked room behind the front desk. Idly, I flicked through a few of the controls. There were a lot of cameras in the complex, and many had the ability to record sound. I noticed a tab that said ‘sauna’ and clicked on it.

The screen jumped to a display of the internal view, the wooden walls dimly lit by the single overhead light. Curious, I checked a few more of the tabs and felt a twinge of uneasiness. Yeah, Davis had a lot of cameras. I found another tab: suite three. I clicked on it and was treated to a high quality live stream of a naked blonde woman slowly masturbating herself on the bed. I heard her groan: there was audio. What the fuck?

My mind raced, and I began to panic. What if Davis had been watching us last night? What if he was watching my naked girlfriend right now? I spent a frantic couple of minutes working my way through the system until I found what I was looking for and my guts relaxed: storage not connected. The system was isolated from the complex’s network and the storage drive bay was empty. I guess whatever the boss had in mind, he wanted it to stay on the premises.

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