An Innocent’s Epiphany Ch. 04


“Well Becky, sounds like you had a pretty wild night,” Charlotte remarked, with a big wicked grin on her face.

My heart dropped, I knew that Rich had been unhappy about the way I had kissed him with my mouth full of his own cum, but I couldn’t believe that he had already gone and blabbed it all round the college.

“What has that tosser been telling everyone?” I asked her, looking round the deserted bar to see how many other people might over hear us.

“Well I hear you have a serious cum fetish thing going on, I mean facials, snowballs, gosh, wow, I had no idea. I bet you have suddenly risen straight to the top of the list of the girls that any of the guys want to go home with after a dance. Well except for the cum swapping bit that Rich described as the most gross thing of all time. I did think he was out of order though, blabbing it in the middle of the bar,” she giggled like a schoolgirl, obviously thinking about what I had been up to.

“What a bastard, how can he tell everyone that, now everyone is going to think I am such a slut, he doesn’t have any right to tell people that, I mean it is different for him,” I looked around the bar, wondering if people were already looking over at me judging me, imagining me with my mouth sucking Rich’s cock.

So I did not exactly become a hermit after the ball, but I did definitely stay away from the bar and was not seen at parties or dances that term. Even then when I was going around the college I still saw guys looking at me with cheeky grins, obviously wondering what their chances were with me.

In the meantime, I worked hard and topped all the grade sheets and tests. Perhaps my class mates might have heard about my evening with Rich, but soon the thing that they knew me for was that I was thrashing them whenever we were compared.

Eventually however I decided that I didn’t really care anymore, it is true that time heals wounds and I started to look back on the evening with a more measured view. The fact was that I had actually enjoyed the whole thing at the time, had revelled in sucking his cock, had loved tasting him and had really gloried in him pleasuring me with his mouth.

I also started to lust after sex again, I had been badly hurt by Rich’s betrayal but after a month or two of nothing other than self-induced orgasms, I once again started to look forward to finally fucking a guy for the first time.

I had lusted after Andy at first but had slowly got bored with him coming to terms with my attraction, then I had had my moment with Rich, but I think neither of us were considering that our relationship had a future.

I had also spent a lot of time working out, I had become a regular runner round the campus, ideally early in the morning when there were only other runners out there. I had passed a lot of time at the gym on the weights and running machines and the result was that I really looked better than ever before. My stomach was flatter and my arms and legs were lean and firm, my tits seemed super firm although really beautifully rounded.

After a few weeks of this renaissance in my sexual desire, I decided it was time to take some action, to rectify the situation. I signed up to a few university societies and spent a little more time in the bar after some of the events. There were a couple of guys that I had developed a bit of a thing with, mostly smiles and flirting, not anything major. They both obviously fancied me a bit, and I had no reason to think that either of them knew anything about my previous entanglements.

It was late in the evening after one of these events that I realised that Andy was sitting in the corner of the bar with some friends of his. I had not seen much of him since the incident at the beginning of term and I realised that I had completely got over the feelings that I had had for him. I could look at him now with no unrequited yearning, he was just another guy. I even wondered whether he hadn’t rather let himself so, a bit fatter round the middle.

One of the guys that I had taken a shine to, Nic was sitting in the bar with me, we were chatting about the piano pieces that we had been studying in the music block nearby. We were both decent pianists, not brilliant, but capable enough to make our way through some four-hands arrangements of some nice Beethoven. I adjusted my head so I could see across the bar, and saw Andy glance over at me several times, perhaps wondering what I was up to.

Nic was still engrossed in the conversation and had not noticed that my attention was wandering, I re-focussed on him and kept eye contact, giving every impression that I was hanging on his every word, while wondering half the time what it would be like to take him back to my room. Fortunately it was a mild evening and the bar was quite warm enough for me to take off the woollen cardigan that I had been wearing. I hadn’t intended to disrobe this much earlier in the evening, and was only wearing a tight white vest underneath together with a sheer white bra.

Nic looked decided surprised when I was suddenly siting Anadolu Yakası Escort there in front of him with a deeply low cut vest on, I watched his eyes wander down from my eyes, alighting on the gaps between my breasts, perhaps studying the edges of my breasts covered only in a thin light mesh. We continued discussing the relative merits of Mozart and Beethoven, although I think that his arguments were less well considered as he too considered what it would be like to take me back to his room.

I went to the bar and got us both a couple more drinks, it was quite late in the evening and guys being guys, there were plenty of sets of eyes tracking me across the room, drinking in my cleavage. Studying the lines of my tits, I could feel my nipples hardening at the attention.

“Hello Becky,” a voice greeted me out of nowhere.

Out of the blue, I was confronted by Andy standing at the bar. He must have got up at the same time as me and followed me, to where I was waiting for my drink to be served. He too glanced down at my breasts as I looked up to his head.

“Hey Andy, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Oh same old. Haven’t seen you around much,” he observed, as if nothing had happened between us.

“Well I didn’t want be around much for a while, I had a couple of bad experiences and decided to make myself scarce,” I glared at him, intent on making him aware of my views.

Unbelievably, he tried to put his hand on my shoulder at this instant, trying to re-kindle the physical relationship he had so obviously rejected. I shrugged him away, discarding his hand from my shoulder.

“Look Becky, I am really sorry about what happened before, I thought afterwards that I was wrong, and you know, if you have any interest in me at all. Well, I would love to see where it could lead to,” he commented with a slightly pleading air.

“Fuck off Andy,” I replied with a characteristically eloquent turn of phrase.

I saw his face drop quickly, realising that I really did mean it when I was rejecting him. He had obviously been harbouring a dream of re-kindling our relationship.

The barman passed me our drinks and I paid quickly then turned away from him and returned to sit with Nic.

“What was that all about?” he asked me, a quizzical look across his face.

“Oh just some old bastard that I used to have a bit of a crush on, but no more,” I replied confidently.

He looked rather uncomfortable all of a sudden, obviously wondering where he stood in the grand scheme of things. I was increasingly drawn to him, aware that Andy was still standing at the bar watching us both.

I leant forward, putting my cheek closer to Nic’s the front of my top falling away from my cleavage a little. I figured that he must now be able to see deep down my top, below even the bottom of my bra perhaps.

Nic obviously wasn’t quite sure what to do, on one hand I was essentially inviting him to look at my breasts, on the other hand we had never really had any kind of sexual interaction. He couldn’t quite resist the opportunity however, and I saw his eyes dancing down to my tits. I felt a spark of arousal zip through me as I realised that I was starting to get his attention.

I kissed him lightly on the cheek, pressing my lips lightly across his face and down to his lips. His mouth responded gently, and I felt his lips opening a little, his tongue flashing quickly onto my lips and into my mouth.

“Shall we go to my room?” He proposed quietly, I was unsure what to do, I quite fancied him and really wanted to walk out the bar with him, but on the other hand, wasn’t quite sold on him. I kissed him some more as I decided what to do.

After a minute or two, I decided that I was willing to see where it was going to go, that I was desperate for some intimacy and that I was happy to live with the consequences. He didn’t seem like he would go too far anyway, I thought that most likely I could stay in charge until I knew what it was that I wanted.

I stood up and took him by the hand, he did not resist, quickly following me to his feet. I smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek, affirming my decision with him. I felt his hand go around my side, and onto my back, gently pushing me towards the door. I willingly acquiesced to his suggestion and we left the bar with his arm firmly around me. As I walked out, Andy tracked me, a look of resigned glum acceptance as he realised that his time had truly passed.

“So do you really want to follow through with this, or is this really just for his benefit?” Nic inquired quietly as we walked out of the room.

“Sure, why not, why, you don’t want to?” I asked

“I absolutely want to, believe me,” he confirmed.

We walked quickly to his room and I slid inside the door as soon as he had unlocked it. His room was spotless and tidy, which I really liked, so much better than the nasty hovels that some of the guys seemed to live in. I turned to him as he locked the door behind us, before he slowly turned to face me, a grin slowly Kurtköy Escort spreading across his face.

I looked at him and tried to play it through in my mind, did I want to get involved with him, did I want to kiss him and touch him, sleep with him then finally go through with it all and fuck him? I played with the idea in my head, imagining what it would be like to undress in front of him.

My sexual arousal was definitely influencing my views by this time, I could feel my physical longing for intimacy almost begging with my head, demanding satisfaction. Nic put his arms around me and kissed me firmly on the lips, licking my lips lightly and then gently pushing his tongue into my mouth. I realised that I was passed the point of no return now really, there was no way that I was going back out on this now.

I decided that there was no point being backwards in my approach, that whatever happened I wanted to make sure that I got the sexual satisfaction for which I was longing, not to have to wait for my turn. I pushed Nic away a little and, looking him straight in the eyes, lifted my light top over my head. Unsurprisingly Nic immediately looked down at my breasts, studying my nipples encased in the sheer white material of my bra.

I undid my jeans as well and quickly slipped them down my legs, stepping out of them to reveal my sheer white knickers that barely concealed my neatly trimmed hair. I could see genuine lust now burning in his eyes, I am sure he would not even have been able to conceive of the possibility that I would be standing in front of him so exposed, even thirty minutes ago.

He ran his hands down over my body initially just over my arms, innocently just letting me enjoy the intimacy. Then, once he realised that I was happy to encourage him on, he grew more bold, running his fingertips over my stomach, then up to my shoulder and finally down to my breasts where he ringed my nipple that was valiantly trying to poke a hole in my bra. I luxuriated in the sensation of him gently pleasuring me.

I put my hands behind my back and unclipped my bra, keen to feel his flesh touching mine without any unnecessary intermediary fabric. His hands immediately took advantage of my naked breasts, each of them taking a nipple in his fingertips and tweaking them as they swelled up, free at last.

I groaned appreciatively, looking into his eyes as he in turn gazed down at my breasts, then down to my pussy. I was feeling hot now, and the familiar sensation of dampness between my legs was unmistakable. Seeing no reason to hold back, I slipped my knickers off and dropped them onto the floor next to my jeans. Nic just looked more and more amazed as I stood completely nude in front of him, smiling and egging him on to go further.

I think at this point he must have realised that I was inviting him to take me, to fuck me, to share my body with him. I stood and let his eyes enjoy drinking in my form, before sitting back onto his bed.

I had seen enough porn by this stage to know what he would like to see, and so I lay back, opened my legs a little and let him check out the neatly trimmed hair on the lips of my pussy. I put my fingers down to my clit and started to touch myself gently.

“Come on, Nic, get your clothes off. What are you waiting for?” I asked while running my fingers around and around my clit, feeling my orgasm approaching a little. The idea of sex had been so close to the top of my mind for so long that I was already close. I moved my fingers down away from my clit to prolong the feelings without getting too aroused.

As I watched him undress quickly, I brushed by clit with my fingertips running my fingers up and down my slit, first just one but then a couple side by side. I was really getting close to orgasm by this stage, my clit was screaming out for me to just focus my attention on it and give it the satisfaction that it deserved.

I was pleased to see that Nic looked really good with his clothes off, he must be a runner I was thinking as his legs were very lean and quite tanned for an English guy. His stomach was pretty flat too not exactly a six pack, but pretty decent muscle definition. His cock was great looking too, maybe 5 inches and a nice width, I was almost crying out to find out how it would feel as he pushed it deep inside me.

I lay back on the bed, my legs now quite wide open, my fingers ringing my clit. I could feel my face and chest hot with sexual arousal. I was very close to finishing, but I didn’t want to take it myself, but instead wanted him to provide the final impetus. He stood naked, looking down at me, his cock hard and just above horizontal, a bead of pre-cum just emerging from the tip.

“Come here and lick my clit,” I commanded, looking down at my pussy, wide open and oozing with juice produced as I watched him. He hesitated slightly and I suddenly wondered whether this was the first time for him as well. Maybe he had never even sucked a girl down between her legs. Well either way, I was not going to take no for an answer Pendik Escort at this stage.

I need not have worried too much, he quickly kneeled down on the bed and buried his face over my exposed pussy. I immediately felt his tongue licking up and down, sometimes over my clit, sometimes down to my opening. It was an exquisite sensation, and I gloried in it for a minute or two. As he wasn’t’ just focusing on my clit, I was able to put my orgasm off for a while, relaxing at the moments that he licked all round the entrance to my vagina.

Eventually, once his face had returned to my clit, I moved my hands down to his face and held him there.

“There, lick that more, suck it,” I demanded urgently.

He seemed to suck the whole of my clit into his mouth, running his tongue all round and over it as I exploded in pleasure, screaming, panting and grunting with gleeful satisfaction. My hands holding his face in place until I felt it dissipate and could finally relax.

Once he pulled away, I could see his whole face was covered in my juices, all round his mouth and running down his chin. Moving swiftly up to me, he kissed me passionately and I too was able to share in the slightly dry flavour. His tongue entered my mouth giving me a different taste, presumably from where he had been pushing it inside me.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked him once his kissing had subsided.

“I would, but, well,” he replied looking a little uncertain.

“It is my first time too,” I answered his concerns, trying to establish a virgin’s rapport with him.

“Really, but..” He replied, rather too quickly without thinking.

“But you heard that I was a complete cum slut who you presumed had fucked half the college?” I replied with a grin.

“No! … well I had heard a few things about you, you are right,” he looked super uneasy at this point.

“Well how about this, you can fuck me as much as you want, and then we can talk about you eating all the cum afterwards,” I winked at him, mischievously.

He smiled uneasily, but was obviously relieved that I had made light of the whole thing, my reputation and his assumptions.

His cock had shrunk slightly from it earlier glory, and so I pushed him onto his back, and leaning forward, took it into my mouth. I could already see a thin white sheen on the tip, and once in my mouth it tasted of cum. I licked the residue off and swallowed it quickly, then set about restoring its previous dimensions. It did not take long before I could feel it hot inside my mouth, throbbing slightly with his heartbeat, warm and huge, pressing back my tongue as I forced it deep into my mouth.

Once I pulled back from him, satisfied with my restoration, I decided that I was going to own this evening, I would be the one to take his virginity, and give him mine. I straddled him, my pussy stretched wide open, looking down onto his cock. It was hard to believe that he could fit that inside me.

“So you want me to fuck you then Nic?” I asked in a quiet whisper.

I could see in his eyes that he was desperate for me to take him. Desperate to enter me.

“Fuck me now,” he replied simply, with a smile on his face.

I took his cock in one hand, and with the other, opened the lips of my pussy wide. I could feel the end of him pressing lightly now onto my opening and I was glad that I was on top and able to control the pace. I pushed down slightly harder and felt my body give slightly, my lips pushed open to accept him. I felt stretched, and wondered whether there was some reason that I was not normal, that it really would not fit, but a little continued downward pressure and suddenly I felt my muscles relax and he slid inside me.

I exhaled a tiny scream as I felt just a minute pang of pain, before being enveloped in a glorious feeling of pleasure and joy. For a moment, I just wondered at my situation, completely naked with a guy for the first time, my breasts bobbing in front of him as he gently played with my nipples. My pussy wide open on top of him and for the first time, filled with his cock, deep inside me

Resting my hands onto his shoulders, I started to slowly rise and lower my hips over his, wondering at the sensation of him, sliding in and out of me. Nic played with my nipples, then moved one hand down to my clit and gently massaged it. I was mewing lightly at the dual pleasure of his cock filling me and his fingers playing with my clit. He was breathing heavily obviously enjoying everything too.

“I have to warn you, I might cum,” he said after a couple of minutes of my gentle movements, his fingers more urgently touching my clit, as if to try and get me closer too.

“Go on then, cum in me, fill my cunt with your seed. But remember what I said,” I was teasing him about it on one hand, but on the other, I was really enjoying being on top, having control, and the idea of him eating my pussy afterwards was starting to feel like a real thrill.

“OK. I don’t mind what you make me do,” he agreed readily. I couldn’t quite believe that he was agreeing so enthusiastically. At this point, rather than just reclining there impassively, he started to move his hips much more, not only was I now moving down onto him, but at the same time I could feel his cock rushing up to meet me. As our bodies met, there was an audible slap.

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