Any Given Sunday.


Sunday afternoons were never very busy days at the mall and today was no exception. Keith had been working at Royal Sport’s for more than a year alongside the object of his infatuation.

Ann was the assistant manager and Keith’s boss. She was also the most amazing woman Keith had ever known and he knew one day she’d actually say yes when he asked her out. Keith had started stocking shoes and clothes in the back room and worked his way out onto the floor as a salesperson. He enjoyed being out on the floor working around Ann, instead of in the back room.

The two of them had become friends during their time working together and had become closer during that time. Unfortunately, Ann had been seeing someone else when Keith started working with her. Through sheer determination and a reluctance to rejection, Keith kept flirting with Ann until she finally agreed to go on a date with him. They went to see Beverly Hills Cop II and from then on things progressed to becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Both had graduated from high school and were looking forward to many days working together during the summer. Some days were better than others and today had been one of those days.

Keith and Ann had been working the entire day with only Brian to help them out. The day had been pretty quiet and the three of them spent the day harassing each other, shooting hoops and on the rare occasion when customers were in the store, made some sales. Five o’clock rolled around and Ann told Brian he could leave, she and Keith would be able to close up. Brian closed the rolling gate up front, cleaned up some left over shoe boxes and went in the back to punch out. Ann immediately started closing out the cash register and Keith went through the store and straightened up the clothing and shoes on the display wall, before heading to the back to get the vacuum cleaner.

Ann is a beautiful young woman with long red hair and even longer sensual legs. She always dressed professionally for work and today was no exception. Her sexy legs were accented by a dark green skirt with high heels and she wore a lighter green blouse to top it off. Keith had always told her how hot he thought she was and today they had flirted non-stop during work. She was busy with organizing the days totals as Keith made his way to the front of the store with the vacuum, but not too busy to pick up a rubber band and waiting till he walked by, shot Keith in the ass with a perfect shot.

“Oh, I see how it is”, remarked Keith as he rubbed his left cheek. Ann just winked at him, flashed her beautiful smile and went back to work. Keith plugged in the vacuum and began sweeping the floor while scanning for the rubber band and biding his time.

Finishing sweeping the floor didn’t take longer than 10 to 15 minutes and Keith was soon finished and headed to put the vacuum away in the back room and to find a good sized rubber band.

Ann was still occupied with the day’s final total and was sorting the cash when she felt the rubber band hit her square on her right ass cheek.

“OWW, that hurt!” she yelled.

“Not any worse than yours did me” replied Keith. “Sorry, I didn’t Bayan Eskort mean for it to hurt” he continued, “You know that, right?”

“Of course I do” replied Ann, “but it still hurt.” She frowned and made a pitiful face.

Keith walked up behind her and started to rub her ass where he shot it.

“Excuse me, but what do you think you’re doing?” Ann asked, appearing to be shocked.

Keith backed up not sure of what he should do next other than just apologize, “sorry” he mumbled. “Just trying to stop it from hurting, that’s all.”

Ann just rolled her eyes, smiled and said “well, it did feel better, thanks.”

“Anything else I could do to help?” asked Keith innocently, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, you can kiss it to make it better!” Ann replied, not thinking anything of it.

Keith decided that it was now or never. Until now things had been progressing rather nicely in the physical department and they had done some heavy petting and most recently had sex for the first time. He walked into the area behind the counter again and dropped to his knees behind Ann. Reaching out with both hands he ran them up her long sexy legs to under her skirt.

Ann was surprised, but she was also very excited. They had teased each other at work before but never had they done anything like this. She tried to concentrate on the work still sitting before her.

Keith, not sensing anything stopping him, lifted her skirt up to her hips exposing her pantyhose and the red spot on her right cheek. Damn, I shot that harder than I thought; Keith thought to himself as he leaned in and gave her right cheek a gentle kiss. Ann let out a little moan, which made Keith bolder.

Sliding his hands up to her waist, he reached the top of her pantyhose and began to ease them down, past her thighs and down to her feet. Ann raised first her right foot than her left foot to allow Keith to take her pantyhose off. “That feels better having those off, thanks” she commented coolly, trying hard to hide her excitement.

“I’m sorry about your ass, really I didn’t mean to hurt you…hope this helps” said Keith as he leaned in again and this time planted a long, wet kiss on her bare right cheek. Ann felt the thong she was wearing begin to dampen. “Is it getting warm in here?” she asked to nobody in particular.

Keith continued kneeling behind her, kissing her right cheek and then switching over to her other cheek; he began to lightly nibble on her ass. Holding her skirt above her waist, he continued to kiss, nibble and lick Ann’s ass, even as the mall cop walked by outside the store. The security guy paused to check in on Ann as she continued to focus on her work and seeing everything was ok, he moved on down the mall.

Keith slid her panties to the side and licked at her puckered ass, just a little lick, enough to cause Ann to shudder. He let the thong slide back into place as he planted more soft kisses all over Ann’s ass.

However, it soon began to become increasingly difficult to count money or balance the register, as Keith’s tongue danced all over her backside. She was terribly distracted and Anadolu Yakası Escort still with her skirt bunched up above her waist, Ann turned around and looking down at her boyfriend, she just smiled with a wicked grin and commented, “I think you missed a spot.”

Keith smiled back at her and thought, “How lucky am I” as he kissed his way slowly up her right thigh to the wet spot at the front of her panties. Keith licked up the outline of her slit to the top of her thong, then dipping his head to the right, nibbled his way from the middle of her thigh back to the dampness between her legs. He had never done this before with her, but had wanted to orally please her since he first laid eyes on her, so taking his time, Keith kissed every inch of the front of her thong until Ann’s hands found the back of his head forcing him to kiss her harder. Her scent filled his nostrils and Keith enjoyed the thought of giving his lover so much pleasure.

Caressing the backs of her thighs with his hands, Keith moved his hands up to her thong and hooking his thumbs on either side of her hips, slowly pulled them down to her feet. Ann stepped out of her panties and spread her legs slightly to allow her boyfriend better access. She had never had this done to her, but had heard about it and hoped it would be as good as she heard.

Keith stared at her pubic mound and admired its delicate beauty and matching red hair. He gently kissed Ann’s pussy for the first time, inhaling deeply to enjoy her musky scent. Keith took his time and kissed every inch of Ann’s pussy. Sticking his tongue out, he licked her lips from the bottom to the top, stopping at her clit and flicking his tongue side to side over her most sensitive spot. She tasted wonderful and Ann thought how terrific that felt, she hoped there was more to come.

Keith wasted no time in showing her more, not having done this before; he moved forward by instinct and what he had read in Penthouse letters. Using his left hand, Keith parted her lips and stuck his tongue inside her as deep as he could, using his tongue as he had his fingers in the past. Ann moaned quietly, but still holding Keith’s head, pressed him deeper between her thighs. He slid his tongue in and out of her moist center; enjoying the attention Keith was giving her, Ann closed her eyes and gave into the pleasure she was receiving.

Keith licked up and down Ann’s wetness, flicking her clit from side to side and stopping occasionally to suck it gently into his mouth, increasing the suction each time he approached her clit. Keith slid a finger up inside Ann to add to her pleasure, causing a small squeal to escape her mouth. As he continued to assault her clit with his mouth, Keith slid his finger in and out of her pussy, which became slick with her wetness.

Ann looked down at Keith and whispered, “Please don’t stop”; as he continued to give her oral pleasure like she had never known. Ann clamped her thighs together on Keith’s head and shuddered as he continued to assault her pussy with his hand and mouth, while having a small climax.

Keith sat back on his heels and stared up at his girlfriend, Pendik Escort “You are beautiful, you know that?” he asked as he stood up to kiss her.

Ann just looked at him, not really ready to taste herself, she asked him to go wash his face and she’d meet him in the backroom. Keith looked a little dumbfounded, but made his way to the bathroom in the back to wash his face, while Ann pulled down her skirt and followed him. Her pussy felt so wet and wonderful all naked under her skirt, she felt very sexy and smiled to herself as she waited for Keith at the desk in the backroom.

After washing his face, Keith exited the bathroom to find Ann leaning up against the desk in the backroom with her blouse undone and her bra off, skirt bunched back up above her waist again, smiling at him. He almost tripped as he ran to her, even though it was only a few steps away and they kissed hard as he wrapped his arms around her.

They continued to kiss, tongues dancing over each other, while Keith’s hand went back to work between Ann’s thighs. He slid two fingers up inside her and began pumping them in and out, while they kissed.

Ann’s nipples had become extremely hard and erect, begging for attention. Keith bent down and took first one then the other into his mouth, sucking them and gently biting each one, while he continued sliding his fingers in and out of her wetness. Ann began to kiss Keith’s neck and she whispered into his ear, “I need you.” She reached down and undid his pants, pulling them down along with his underwear.

Pausing only to reach over and grab the condom she had pulled from her purse, Ann tore the wrapper and slowly slid the condom on Keith’s erection. He had worked her up so much, that she desperately wanted him inside her. She sat on the edge of the desk and Keith grabbed her hips as she slowly guided his erection into her.

Once fully impaled on Keith’s cock, Ann wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper. She needed to feel him deep inside her, to be full. Keith slowly eased himself out then back in, continuing to move back and forth within her, as Ann kept her legs firmly wrapped around him.

The two young lovers continued to make love, as Keith bent down to suck on Ann’s breasts and kiss his way up to her neck, then mouth. Wet, hard, kisses and quiet little moans escaped their mouths as Keith thrust harder and faster into Ann causing her to bounce on the desk.

Keith was very close and he grabbed Ann by the waist and lifted her up in the air above the desk to allow her to feel all of him inside her. Letting her down hard on his cock, Ann squealed again as she felt Keith unleash his load inside her, even through the condom, she could feel his member throbbing.

Keith sat back into the desk chair, Ann still firmly on his lap and they shared another long, deep kiss. “Guess I should get back to balancing the register, before it gets too late”, commented Ann with a beautiful smile as she slid off Keith. He just sat there, watching her fix her skirt and put on her bra and blouse, thinking to himself how lucky he was to be with someone as wonderful and sexy as her.

“I won’t be long”, she said and she bounded out the door to finish her work. Keith got cleaned up and helped straighten up the backroom until Ann was done, they kissed each other goodnight as they stood next to their cars, then headed off their separate ways into the night.

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