Brother Spies on Sister


Growing up, my sister and I shared a bathroom located between our rooms. Being a year older than me, she thought it was hers and I was an unwelcome invader. Whether she was careless or just torturing her little brother, she used to leave he door ajar while she had her friends over, male and female. Once I began having girls over to my room, I returned the favor and left my door ajar.

Did she ever spot me watching in the shadows of the dark bathroom or was that the intention? Did she know I enjoyed her watching those times I’d detect her presence in the darkened shared bathroom?

She decided to attend a local college and returned home many weekends. College life agreed with her if her sexual appetite was any indication. I had just graduated high school and turned 18 when she began bringing home an athletic black guy on weekends when mom and dad were out of town. I’m sure they wouldn’t have cared so I’m not sure why sis did it.

Our local electronics store had a terrific sale on small memory card camcorders. While my summer job paid decent wages, I was saving for tuition, books, and most important, parties. Getting the camcorder so cheap was a stroke of luck. I picked up an accessory package with tripod, case, and two memory cards. I couldn’t wait to record my sister’s antics.

That weekend my parents went to one of their many out of town functions. Both were very active in their chosen professions, the associated societies of the professions, and various volunteer opportunities. I thanked their civic mindedness as I darkened the lights in my room, opened the door to our shared bathroom, and set up the tripod with camera peering through the cracked door to my sister’s room. I hit the record button.

I had heard her come in not a minute ago and already the beautiful black stud had her top off and was licking and sucking my sister’s ample breasts. I say he was beautiful because he had the delicate features os a girl though his body was ripped. I’d been half tempted to see if he had a younger sister.

My sister arched her back, thrusting her breasts at his face as his lips and tongue worked magic as he worked magic judging by her moaning. Her hands played in his short cropped hair as he held her with his arms around her waist.

She pulled him up for a kiss then peeled off his tee Bostancı Escort shirt revealing his rippling muscles. That guy had to spend hours in the gym to achieve that look. She kissed his chest, her hands caressing his well defined muscles. She kissed and licked slowly lower. I because painfully aware of the huge bulge in my paints just before sis leaned back to unbuckle his belt followed by unbuttoning his jeans. I heard the sound of his zipper as her teeth pulled it down, her eyes looking up and locked with his.

She peeled his jeans down and freed his huge black cock. Fully 10 inches and a bit thicker than average. Sis let her hair brush against it as she untied and removed his shoes and socks. Freed of his pants which she tossed on the chair, she turned her attention to that chocolate stick.

She licked her lips then flicked the engorged head with her tongue tip. It throbbed and bobbed until she reached up, closing her hands gently around the shaft. Gently stroking, she engulfed the head and some of the shaft with her pink lips. Working hands and head in unison, she bobbed up and down on the shaft. Soon he was moaning, tangling his fingers in her hair, encouraging her but not trying to force the action.

“I’m gonna cum” he moaned all too soon. By way of answer my sister redoubled her bobbing up and down on the shaft. I watched as he grunted, imaging that first spurt of milky white cum erupting in my sister’s mouth. She slide his cock out until the tip rested on her cupped tongue while she continued to stroke his massive cock. I could see the ropes of cum shooting into her mouth. As his contractions slacked off she sucked the head back in. I could see her cheek bulge as she bathed it with her tongue. Certain he was finished, she let it slip from her mouth while still stroking it. She looked up at him, allowing him to see her mouth filled with his cum. She swallowed every last drop.

At that point I could take no more. I hit the record button to stop recording, quietly folded up the tripod, and retreated to my room to shine on out while I watched the replay. I could feel what he was feeling, came into tissues when he came in her mouth on the video. I plugged the camera in to recharge while planning to capture more of my sister’s carnal desires on tape.

The next Ümraniye Escort morning I was up before they were. I put on the coffee and began scrambling myself some eggs. The couple soon showed up, lured by the allure of freshly brewed coffee. The both wore the glow of freshly fucked young lovers. I gave them the ready eggs and put more on. We chatted about my upcoming college courses and campus life. My sister announced she needed to run some errands and would be back before lunch depending on the how crowded the mall was.

Malik, her boyfriend, went to the living room and turned on a sports channel. I went back upstairs and could help myself. I picked up the camcorder and retired to the bathroom to shine one off on the throne. Again I marveled at my sister’s skillful crosskicking as I watched the ten minute video. I neared ejaculation as I watched him near it on the tape. Then the bathroom door opened.

“Oops.” Malik said, having caught me with my cock in hand as the first spurt broke free. He reached down, took the camera from my hand. I wanted to shrivel up and die of embarrassment as we heard him tell her he was going to cum. “You liked what you saw?” he asked.

All I could do was nod. Words can’t capture just how embarrassed I was.

“Have you wondered how my dick felt in your sister’s mouth?” he asked. “How it felt as it slid in and out between her lips?”

“I’m not gay” I managed to squeak out blushing even deeper than I had when he opened the door. Truth be told, I was fantasizing it was my mouth on his black cock as I worked my erection.

“Get it out man” he ordered, “or I show this to your sister.”

“What?” I stammered. My heart was racing faster than the first time I’d made love to a girl. The same fear and curiosity was there too, multiplied fourfold. “I’m not gay” I tried to insist though more then anything I wanted that big black cock in my mouth. I surprised myself with that; I was afraid of the unbidden desire.

“Pull my dick out and kiss it, that’s all I’m asking” he said softly. “If you don’t, I’ll tell your sister. If you don’t like the way my dick feels in your hands, we’ll forget about this. So come on dude…”

My hands took over for my numb brain. Starring at the bulge in his pants, I unbuckled his belt then unzipped his jeans. Kartal Escort I pulled the jeans down around his knees. “Go on” he urged when I hesitated. I grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down to meet his jeans. His engorged cock bounced off my cheek as I did. “Wrap your hands around it and kiss it. That’s all I’m asking.” he encouraged.

My hands wrapped around his shaft, softly stroked it. I had never touched another guy’s dick before. It was wrong, forbidden, taboo. His hand softly rested behind my neck, lightly urging my lips to kiss the beautiful head. I kissed it softly, felt it throb. His hand left my neck. I looked up at him to discover he had the camcorder going. My lips parted to encircle his cockhead while my mind raced. What the hell was I doing.

I continued to look up at the camera lens as I sucked his luscious beautiful cock. Thinking of what I love my girlfriends to do to my cock, I bathed the underside of his with my tongue. I swirled his cock around my mouth as I bobbed up and down on it. His precum was unexpected and turned me on even more. Suddenly more than anything else in the world I wanted him to explode in my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum” he announced and I kept up my pace. Soon his first spurt hit the back of my throat and I almost choked. The next rope landed on my tongue as I struggled to swallow the cum at the back of my throat. Somehow I managed to swallow all his cum without gagging or throwing up. I kept sucking even as his dick went flaccid between my lips. “You’re a wonderful little cocksucker.” he said before taking the memory card from the camcorder and handing it back to me. “Thanks” he said while pulling up his pants and zipping up.

I went back to my room and soon my hard dick was in my hand as it went wild. I couldn’t believe I’d sucked a cock and no way I could believe how much I liked it. Eyes closed in memory, the taste of his seed fresh on my lips, I came again quickly. And maybe it was the hardest I’d ever cum. I opened my eyes and reached for a tissue to find him standing next to the bed.

“You enjoyed that” he said. Such a simple statement. “Here’s your memory card. I just wanted to dump it on my laptop” he explained, handing it back to me. I slid it home in the camcorder, turned the camcorder on, and handed it to him. I sank to my knees, freed his cock, and went to work on it again. He recorded as I coaxed it back to life and enjoyed my second load from his beautiful cock.

{Author’s note: Candid feedback will encourage further development of the story. Thank you for reading it.}

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