Carful Consideration


I was a bit nervous when I realized he was planned to go all the way with me. He was a big guy and I sincerely wondered how I was going to take all of him in. Now I’ve seen them before, felt them run their hands over me and even let them take a peek under my hood, so to speak, but I’ve never had anyone inside of me before.

Yeah I’ve heard the banter about it, all kind of talk about how smooth they were or how painfully large, or in some cases how comfortably small. Some friends told me that on their first time it was just an initial shock and then it was wonderfully ecstatic as they tooted their horn about the wonderful climax. But then other friends talked of the seemingly incessant grinding as they endured the entire way until finally, finally the guy got to where he was going.

What is a girl to do? I mean, “It’s wonderful,” “It’s disgusting,” “It hurts,” “It didn’t hurt,” was all I heard. Some told me how messy it was and one of my friends could only talk about the incredible stench of it all. Incredible stench? What the hell? And to think this is supposed to be Maltepe Escort enjoyable.

But then I see one, watch the lithe way he moves, eyeing me like I’m the only one in the world for him. I know the next one down the row will get the same look, but I can feel my juices flowing for those moments he looks me over. And then there’s the touch, the faint feel of fingertips as you can hear his breath quicken a bit. Sometimes there’s that incredibly enticing whisper, as his hands become firmer, his need more driven.

When I think of all that I have to wonder how it would lead to something painful, or disgusting or heaven forbid, stinky. Some of my friends tell me how with some, after the first time it’s all downhill, once you’re conquered they lose interest. Others talk of the short honeymoon period, the wonderful spin of that time followed by the dents and dings of familiarity and finally boredom of it all.

I’ve heard of the bastards that simply trade us in on the newer model as they tire of us or as we wear out. Now these guys are getting heavier, Anadolu Yakası Escort going blind, fucking shedding their hair over everything and they simply toss a fine, perhaps just a bit beyond prime, piece of machinery like myself away. I simply wonder, is it all worthwhile?

Ah, but just the thought of feeling him inside me for the first time, the smooth motion of him as he slides in and out, as he stretches me out for all I’m worth and then slows to caress me around the curves, the bump and grind as we sweat in the heat, dripping all over each other. Yeah, the wet, slippery thought of him, under my hood, covered with my hot juices, or sliding under me to tickle me just where I’ve got to have it.

“Yeah, gently twist that knob baby, twist me till I flood you with my wetness. Feel it coat you, ooze over you and finally dry on your skin,” I moan silently, wishing I was the type of girl that could say these things with him inside me.

“Come on baby, take me where I need to go,” he’d shout while deep inside me. I’d listen, and go just İstanbul Escort as far as he wanted, as long as he wanted, provided he made sure to keep filling me up. I know I can’t get enough as he dumps his wetness deep inside me.

You know, I’m not a whore, a road girl, but for the right one I’d open my doors wide and rev my engine just to feel his hands on me, to feel him slip his fingers into me, prying me open just to slip inside. “Rev me baby, give me all you got. I want to feel you, every inch of you creeping inside of me. Yes… yes.”

“Hey wait, what’s this? You’re going to leave me hanging here, all revved up and ready to roll and you just step out? Sticker shock? What the fuck is that? Yeah it’s a lot, but look at me, look at me, I’m worth every penny. Hell, I told you I wasn’t a whore, I don’t open my doors to everyone, but you come along, tickle me a bit, slip a finger into me and then say I’m too expensive… of course I’m expensive, I’m pure, never been touched, I’m a virgin. Oh go ahead, look at that one. Well I can tell you honey, you certainly aren’t her first, no she’s been down the road many times before.

“Of course she’s cheaper, hell she’s been used by half the salesmen in here. Okay, just go play with her, you deserve each other.”

Damn, I tell you, sometimes it just no fun being a car, especially a virgin one.

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