Cold Outside

Female Ejaculation

As the wind howled outside and the rain hammered against my window, I was extremely grateful for the cosy, mulled-wine-reed-diffuser-scented warmth of my student bedroom. Nonetheless, I gazed impatiently out, waiting for someone I’d wanted in my bedroom for the best part of a year.

Darci Morgan was easily one of the most attractive girls I’d interacted with in real life. Her silky, golden-brown hair perfectly complemented her almond eyes and softly freckled porcelain skin which glowed with health. She was a keen runner and very diet conscious, and it showed. She had a lithe, slim body, with small pert breasts and a beautifully toned ass.

We’d been close until about three months ago, when Darci decided to leave university. Needed a break from education, she said – like me, she’d come straight out of school. We’d only been good friends up to that point – I’d never been brave enough to make a move, despite how irresistible I found her. Though I obviously missed her at first, in a weird way it was kind of a relief to have her gone, because she was away from all the other friends and leering strangers who I knew wanted her at least as much as I did. Regardless, I’d got on with life after that, exchanging no more than the occasional friendly text.

But now Darci was down staying in my city for a few days. Visiting some of her friends, seeing the sights, that sort of thing. When she told me, I immediately saw a potential opportunity to have her like I’d always wanted to. Of course, I considered this quite an optimistic goal, but still, I invited her over for a visit. She’d agreed enthusiastically, and now here I was, waiting for her to arrive.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. It was a text, from Darci: “Nearly there. Can you let me in? :)”. I promptly left my room, descended the stairs enthusiastically and reached the door of my block to find her on the other side, hair soaked by the rain, coat pulled up around her neck. As I opened the door, she stepped in gratefully and shook her hair to remove some of the water.

“Glad to see you made it here alright.”

Darci smiled, “Yeah, it’s not a great day to be walking around outside.”

I nodded sympathetically, noting internally how the wet white shirt under her coat clung to her figure, deliciously highlighting the firm roundness of her breasts, “Let’s get upstairs in the warm. You must be freezing.”

We arrived in my room, the sweet, familiar scent of her perfume stirring my instincts as I took her coat and hung it by my door to dry.

“Sit down, sit down,” I said, gesturing to my bed, which had been transformed into a makeshift sofa with a quilted blanket and a couple of Ikea throw pillows. I sat in one corner, expecting Anadolu Yakası Escort Darci to seat herself a little distantly from me, but instead she planted herself right beside me. I could feel the warmth of her side pressed up against mine.

“So, how’s life been recently?” I asked her.

Darci frowned, “To be honest, pretty boring and lonely. I’ve not had much to do. That’s why I came up here.”

“I see.”

She explained how she’d tried several different jobs, but found all of her colleagues unpleasant or the working conditions unbearable. I couldn’t help but think she wasn’t all that great on the emotional endurance front, but of course I didn’t say that. I just nodded and “mmmd” sympathetically.

“Well, while you’re away from all that, you might as well at least enjoy yourself up here,” I said when she’d finished. Then I did something inexplicably bold, which was entirely contrary to what I’d come to expect of myself on the social courage front.

I put a hand on the back of her neck, and kissed Darci on the mouth.

Darci tensed momentarily in surprise, but as I continued the kiss, she relaxed and then responded in kind, snaking one of her hands around to the back of my head and pulling me in closer. Her soft, wet lips yielded sweetly to mine. She tasted like spearmint gum, and this close up, the scent of her perfume was intoxicating. I felt myself harden inside my jeans as I pushed her down gently onto the bed, never breaking the kiss, until she was laying on her back beneath me, her hands running through my hair. It was then that I pulled away to look her in the eye. Her face was flushed, beautiful hair a little tousled, and her eyes were now filled with such an irresistible mix of sweet vulnerability and hungry desire that I couldn’t help but move in again, kissing her harder this time, holding her hands down on either side of her head where she’d placed them in a posture of passionate surrender.

Leaving behind Darci’s warm, eager mouth, I planted gentle kisses on the soft skin of her cheeks, moving down over her jaw to the nape of her neck. Her hands moved up to eagerly run along my back as I kissed my way down to the top of her shirt, my lips brushing damp fabric and delicate skin.

Darci responded by reaching up to her shirt and hurriedly unbuttoning it. I moved off to allow her better freedom of movement as she removed first her shirt, then her cute, white, lacy bra. I salivated at the sight of her small, pert tits, which were even more perfect than I’d imagined, her little pink nipples hard with arousal. Before I knew it, my own shirt had been thrown to the floor and I was on her again, this time with one of those wonderful Kurtköy Escort breasts in my mouth, my tongue playing with her nipple even as I toyed with the other between my forefinger and thumb. She moaned softly, pushing her body up against mine.

By this point, my dick was rock hard, aching to be inside the girl who was gently writhing beneath me, her sweet perfume and arousal-induced sweat filling my nose with a heady cocktail of lust even as her warm, firm titflesh filled my mouth. Noticing the throbbing erection pressed against her half-naked body, Darci decided to take the initiative, trying to roll me off of her and onto my back. I willingly complied, and as I did so I felt her hand against my groin, sending waves of pleasure through my hard member as she rubbed and squeezed, her passion not diminished in the slightest by her inexperience.

I knew Darci was a virgin, and that she had virtually nothing in the way of sexual experience whatsoever. She’d confided this to me a few months before she’d left university, and by the sounds of things whenever we’d spoken, she hadn’t exactly gotten lucky since.

Nonetheless, clumsy though Darci’s efforts were as she struggled to undo my belt and unzip my jeans, the feeling of her warm, slippery mouth wrapping around the head of my cock was nothing less than heavenly. I couldn’t help but moan with delight as she experimentally licked my shaft inside her mouth. My hands slipped to the sides of her head, softly grasping at her hair as she moved her mouth further onto my erect penis, slick lips teasing me with their deliciously light touch. Then, sensually, slowly, she pulled back, tongue and lips caressing my length on the way. The warm, hungry, playful look in her eyes as she gazed up at me was every bit as arousing as the slow, sensuous blowjob itself. I gripped her hair tighter as the pleasure overtook me. Soon, it was too much. I had to fuck her, here and now.

I pulled my throbbing dick from Darci’s mouth, dripping with her hot saliva. I gave her another long, passionate kiss, before quickly unclipping her skirt and pulling it, her tights, and her little white panties off in one swift motion. I hadn’t thought it was possible for my already iron-hard cock to get any harder, but the sight of her wet virgin pussy between her slightly-parted legs, topped with a neatly-trimmed square of dark golden hair, soon proved me wrong. It was all I could do not to thrust myself into her immediately, but she was a virgin, and I knew I had to be gentle and patient.

I retrieved the bottle of lubricant I’d doubted I’d ever actually need to use from the bottom draw of my bedside table, and squeezed out a generous dollop onto my two fingers. Pendik Escort Darci panted with anticipation, completely naked, her expression making it clear that she was every bit as lust-stricken as I was. Without further ado, I gently ran my fingers across her tight, waiting pussy, causing her to quiver with pleasure and leaving behind a trail of lube mixed with her own natural juices, which were now dripping onto the sheet below. I eased in an experimental finger, causing her to wriggle her hips from side to side, giggling. Moving up to two fingers, I slid them in and out of her a few more times, making sure her virgin hole was amply lubricated for my entry, then withdrew.

Clearing understanding my intention, Darci spread her legs further apart and lifted her cute bum off the bed a little to help me inside her more easily. More than happy to oblige, I pressed my throbbing penis against her entrance, feeling those sweet little lips part, gripping the head of my shaft as I eased into her, resisting my powerful urge to plough into her, take her, ravish her with passionate force. Her mouth opened as she let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure at the new sensation, the guileless innocence of her expression only increasing my arousal. I pushed in further, her tight, slippery virgin passage feeling like a perfect fit for my pulsing manhood. Soon enough, I was balls-deep inside her as she gently panted and moaned incoherent words, lost in her own world of pleasure. I pulled back, the warm wetness of her pussy gripping me wonderfully as I began to thrust slowly in and out, her warm body beneath mine and her hands now gripping erratically at my back as she ground her hips against mine.

The delicious tightness of Darci’s pussy, and the reckless abandon of her lust soon began to bring me towards a climax, but then she pulled herself out from under me. For a moment I was confused, but as she got down on her hands and knees, arching her back to raise that perfect ass into the air, her intention become clear. I took a hold of her hips, and pushed myself back inside her now-dripping pussy, fucking her like an animal in this new position. The sight of her face-down in the sheets before me as I rode her, now thrusting in and out furiously, quickly brought me back close to the point of orgasm.

The sight of the beautiful hue of her hair, the smooth white curve of her back, the tight little puckered hole nestled between her toned cheeks and my hands gripping her sides were the last things i saw before I reached my explosive orgasm, gasping as a pumped spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum into her virgin womb. Lost in my furious rhythm, I kept going for a little time afterwards, even as my semen began to drip from her well-used hole. Pulling out, I kissed her deeply as I swept her up in a warm embrace, pulling the curtain to block out the rapidly-darkening sky and throwing the duvet over both of us. Warm, satisfied and covered in each other’s juices, we drifted off into a gentle sleep.

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