Crocodile Tears


The front door creaked open as he entered the dark house. “Sheila? You home?”

There was only one light on, in the back of the house. After closing the door behind him and locking it, he began toward the light. She sure didn’t live in the most hospitable of neighborhoods, he thought, as he remembered the few disheveled houses, and the yelling occurring before the few upright seeming habitats. Going down the hallway, he heard soft sobs coming from the sole illumination in the house. The angelic beacon became a simple doorway as Josh’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. The sobs became a little louder as he stepped into the room. “Sheila, are you ok?”

Her head was bowed down, and she gasped, glancing up at the doorway. Her raven hair just barely curled at the ends, accentuating her perfect white skin. Her hazel eyes looked like glowing embers in the harsh light. Josh didn’t notice until much later that despite her sobs, Sheila did not have one tear stain on her face.

Josh took a seat on the bed next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. They had been friends for a very long time, and he had never known her to be the emotional sort. Much like him, she was a stoic who did well to hide any feelings she had. He listened to her breathe for a second, noticing that each breath was short and shallow, but very quiet. As if she didn’t want him to notice. She looked out of the corners of her eyes at him, the fire of her soul burning into his body.

Normally, the only interaction he had with Sheila was on the internet. They had been friends for a long time, but he had been going to an out of state college, and his old affairs hadn’t really seen him properly for over a year. Sheila had never been a social butterfly, so he saw her even more rarely than some of his less appreciated pals. While he had made the decision to continue abstaining from romantic relationships with the fairer sex, he had forgotten how enticing Sheila was. Everything about her made his physical form hum to that natural emanation of youth.

He put his mind away from putting his lips on her. He respected Sheila too much to try something like that. Especially after she had told him so long ago that she had loved him. And he knew she hadn’t been lying, that in her lovely life she had never said that to another soul. Besides that, she had been the only half-assed normal person to have any feelings for him. However, he just didn’t have those feelings for her. She was too liberal, too unchristian, too pretty. He wanted a conservative, Christian, just shy of plain girl to spend his life with. After his stint of bachelorhood finally died around 26, and he succumbed to his own carnal desires.

Watching her grimacing features, he saw her painfully put her arm up, presuming to touch his hand. He felt her fingers slide over his wrists, warm and soft. Then he felt cold, hard reality hit him, like jewelry was sliding on his skin. Josh knew it wasn’t one of Sheila’s bracelets when he heard the click and felt the band snap over his wrist. She threw his arm and with it pulled his body down on the bed, making sure to place his hand between two bars on her headboard.

Out of surprise and reaction more than common sense, Josh reached for his entangled wrist. Sheila easily secured his other arm above his head. She straddled him, a smirk on her features. Maltepe Escort Her hair was hanging down like a black silk curtain on one side of her face, tickling the sensitive skin on his neck. He bucked up to throw her off, but only succeeded in watching her close her eyes and moan. When he saw this, Josh knew the battle was over. His cock was betraying him and growing because of her willingness and actions. Her smile widened, and she tenderly bent down and kissed him.

A true stoic all the way, Josh kept his lips hard and uninviting. She implored him to open his mouth to her, to surrender to his passion, but he declined. Pulling away from him, her eyes looked down at him accusingly. “This is not a battle of strength, Josh. This is-“

“You trying to rape me. Yes, I realized.”

“Oh no. I’m not trying to rape you. That would imply a factor of my not being successful.”

She snickered and buried her lips on the flesh of his neck, slowly tasting him, laving his skin in her desire. Josh’s own mouth hung slack, his eyes closed, focusing intently on her- but then logic had to rear its ugly head once more. “You could be arrested for this, Sheila.”

“Could is such a relative term. How would you prove that I raped you? Actually, after this was done, I could always throw myself into something, wear those manacles for a moment or two after cleaning them, and profess that it had been I; yes, unfortunate I; who had been raped by the sexually repressed Sir Joshua of Rochester.”

Making her point, she ground down onto his hardened member, inciting a groan from him. “Don’t deny you want this.”

He made another inarticulate sound before shaking himself back, “I don’t deny I want to have sex, I do however deny wanting to have sex with you.”

Sheila came to with a rather offended shriek and broke the tender gyrations to slam her pelvis unabashedly into Josh’s. He gave a painful groan, but stifled himself by biting his lip. “I can make this good or bad for you, Josh.”

“You’re a rapist, Sheila. Does it matter what I feel?”

“Mm, yes. The better you feel, the better you will make me feel. Besides, I think after so long of you putting up with me, I’m sure you have a little bit of a masochist in you. You want me to take what I want from you. This way you don’t have to say that wanting sex was your choice, someone forced it on you. You can reconcile your physical urges to your spiritual knowledge.”

The raven-haired sorceress let her tongue travel over the main vein in his neck, his cheekbone, then down again over his clavicle and the dip between that and the edge of his shoulders. He didn’t notice until the shirt was almost completely unbuttoned that there was a slight chill in the room. He definitely noticed the chill when her nipples bore into him before being submerged in the rest of the breast being pressed down on him time and time again. “Do you love me, Josh?”

“Fuck you.”

She murmured it out in a sensual growl, “In good time.”

“How are you going to do this to me in good conscience?”

A strange giggle came from her as she rested her forehead on his solar plexus. He felt her hot eruptions of laugh on his skin, tickling him again. “Not in good conscience, Joshua. I’m going to know I’m a rapist. I’m going to remember. But, Josh,” she Anadolu Yakası Escort let her eyes raise to him and he was again struck by her sheer power, “I’ve done my hardest to restrain myself. I’ve needed a man for so long. I just can’t control myself anymore. And it was either you or some random man that I feel no attraction to. I’m,” she paused, her eyes showing true pain this time, “genuinely sorry that it has to be you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

As her slight fingers fumbled with his belt and zipper, the rustling of the fabric against his cock and just the simple sight of Sheila and her well-endowed cleavage over him made his balls tighten. Before she could even remove his pants, he had creamed in his boxers. She instantly noticed his deflating organ because of the arch of his back and his strained composure as he came. “Dammit, Josh!”

“I’m sorry!”

Her eyes flashed back up at him, and she raised herself, then leaned down on him, covering him completely with her body. She possessed his mouth hungrily, and this time garnered a response from the unyielding boy. Letting her body once more bang against him rhythmically, she then sat up, and pulled her shirt over her head, knowing he would approve of the visual stimulus. Josh strained against the handcuffs, desperately wanting to touch her, to grope the white flesh in front of him, to fondle the secluded twins bunkered in their holding cells.

Sheila wanted to let him go, to let him free, but had that small doubt that if he knew it was now his choice, he would choose to let her alone again. She needed to seal the deal before he would really be compelled to fuck her. Going down again, she removed his pants and boxers, the speed relying heavily on the fact that he lifted his hips, facilitating the unclothing. Her head once more was poised over his cock, which couldn’t help but salute again at the sheer sexuality facing its higher brain. Experimentally, she enveloped the head of his cock in her mouth, causing Josh to hiss in response.

Jumping off the bed, Sheila unfastened her own pants, and took them off. The gone khakis showed bare skin, and the fact that she refused to wear underwear. She unclasped the back of her bra and slid it off her front. Putting her arms out to display her body, she turned to let Josh examine her. He studied it carefully, remembering every facet. Her shoulder blades rolling below the skin, the slight, tight jiggle of her ass, the firmness of her breasts. Sheila was not skinny, she was a buxom brunette, and God-help him, he was enjoying it.

She pounced back onto the bed, and they finally felt each other, skin to skin. “Let’s bring this three pages of foreplay to an end.”

Her pussy had been hidden to him from the standing position because of her pubic hair, and still was, although now it was pressed against the head of his cock, and she was so wet it was as if she could just slide onto him. Sheila let her heavy breasts heave on Josh’s chest, and he ached to taste them as well as have her on his dick instead of his rough hands. Positioning herself over him, she stopped before plunging down. Looking at him with a small smile, she said, “This is gonna hurt.”

She impaled herself fluidly on him, and Josh only felt the barest sensation of something prohibiting him from further entry İstanbul Escort until she had torn herself on him. The smallest mewl came from her clasped lips and clenched eyes, lifting herself up, Josh watched entranced at the crossroads where their bodies met. A trickle of blood ran down his shaft from her and it hit him. He had deflowered her. He had broken a virgin. After a few more slow strokes, the pain subsided. Famished, Sheila began to ride Josh with a new determination.

He was glad she began talking so he had something else to concentrate on. Otherwise, he could have come again far too soon. “I believe in God with everything in my being. But I’m not Christian enough for you. I read the scripture more than any bible-thumper I know, but they are so much better than me because I don’t think Jesus Christ is my personal savior. I think people have the basic right to fuck their lives up, but that just makes me liberal. I want to help the poor and downtrodden as much as possible, I want to ensure private rights so that closed-minded people like you can continue to be closed-minded to the rest of us for the rest of existence. But that makes me a liberal hedonist. I… I deserve …”

A small drop of sweat on her neck steamrolled down her, and forged a path down between her glorious breasts. Sheila bent down, still thrusting down on him, fucking him with everything she had. He was very aware of the friction of her tight cunt on his engorged cock. Her huge breasts mashed into his body, and he kissed her truly. Josh had tried to deny any attraction to her for so long, thinking that they were too different to be together. That he was too different to love anyone after that first had broken his heart. True, their philosophical standings had some differences, but they had everything else in common. They had been friends for years, withstanding a long period where Sheila had ignored him while trying to control her feelings for him. And she made something appealing to him that no other woman had been able to. She made him appreciate being between the thighs of a beautiful female.

Obviously, the last time between a woman’s thighs had been too traumatizing to reenact. His balls were beginning to tighten again, and Josh thought that she ought to really get on with it, or he’d come to early. “God, Sheila, you’re making me come.”

She laughed, and shrieked at the same time when his cock banged against her cervix roughly. He watched fascinated as her fingers began playing with her clit, swirling it until her ragged breaths became moans. Josh felt her shudder, and her already tight pussy gripped tighter on his dick as he came. It was like nothing he had ever experienced, feeling her clamp down on him, like there was finally a home for his orgasms. Spurts of come filled her inside, and she collapsed to him fitfully. For a moment, he was content with her body on him, being able to smell her hair, and have her skin pressed against him.

The moment she moved from him, he felt like part of him was missing. She grabbed the keys, and got back on the bed. She unlocked him, then turned away. “I deserve to go to jail.”

He threw the handcuffs to the floor, wishing he had been more courageous and didn’t need a woman to tie him down to get his brains fucked out. Josh laid behind her, pulling her to him. “You don’t deserve to go to jail. However…”

His erection was felt well on the back of her thigh. Josh leaned to her ear, and whispered in it, “I do deserve like retribution.”

He pulled her to her knees and elbows, positioning his cock just behind her ready pussy. “Do you love me, Sheila?”

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