Fast Enough but Not Fast Enough


I was supposed to be just picking her up so we could go out. When I got there, she was still getting ready answering the door wearing a short black silk robe. As I followed her in, I noticed she already had on black sheer stockings. I followed her into her bedroom as she told me it wouldn’t be but a few minutes until she was done.

I watched as she finished putting on her makeup and then with no notice or care of what it would do to me, she got up and stripped off her skimpy robe exposing her black silk and lace bra and panties and the black lace garter belt holding up the already noticed sheer black stockings. This was too much for me to take in and I was quickly on her before she reached the little black dress she had laid out on the bed to wear.

My arms were around her and I was exploring her body with my hands and kissing her neck while she halfheartedly tried to push me away saying we needed to get going. She finally gave up hear weak resistance as I pressed my erection into her back, and she turned on me with her vixen stare on her face before starting to pull my clothes off. Soon I was nude, and I moved her back onto the bed while pulling off the sexy black panties she had on. I looked in her nightstand drawer where she normally kept the condoms for our fun but didn’t find any. By then we were both too worked up to worry about it though.

“Just don’t pull out too slow.” she said with a grin. I wasn’t about to argue with that and quicky dove in. Going into her tight pussy with my bare erection felt incredible and it wasn’t long before we were both really getting into it. She just laid back and let me go to town thrusting in and out of her until I felt her tighten around me and scream in orgasm. I slowed down and let her orgasm subside but continued to thrust in and out.

I felt pretty good for a few seconds for being able to get her off so quickly but then the constant action in her tight pussy caught up Maltepe Escort to me. I suddenly felt my balls tighten and my cock swell. I knew I was close to blowing but didn’t want to stop pounding her tight pussy. A few more pushes in and out though and I knew I had to pull out. I had played too long and knew I was starting to blow.

“Oh no I’m starting to blow.” I told her as I began to pull out. We both panicked a little as I pulled out. I wasn’t even fully out when my cock began to pulse for explosion. “I’m cumming!” I moaned as my cock exploded.

She grabbed the closest thing she could which happened to be my boxers wrapped them around my cock as it exploded. I was out but barely as she got my boxers around me mere centimeters above her pussy as I blew. The orgasm was amazing even though I was wrapped up in the less than soft cotton of my boxers and she turned it into a pseudo hand job and jacked me until my balls were drained.

We both sat there for a second amazed at what had just happened. Then she said, “Oh my god that was amazing. Maybe I should get dressed in front of you more often.”

“I would certainly enjoy that.” I said with a smirk as she got up and pulled her panties back on.

She pulled on the little black dress she had picked out to wear and I helped her zip it up in the back and brush her hair out after our sudden sexy fun. We were then drawn back to the matter of my soaked undies.

“I guess I’ll be going commando.” I said simply.

“Oh no you can’t do that it would be uncomfortable with this.” she said tapping her finger on the end of my dick. “I’m sure I’ve got some undies that would fit you.”

“You mean panties?” I said confused.

“Well yeah, you know I don’t wear boxers.” she said with a grin as she began to dig through her panty drawer.

“I can’t wear panties.” I said as she was tossing panties around.

“Sure you can I’ve just got to find Anadolu Yakası Escort a pair that will fit you.” she said as she tossed another pair to the side.

“Oh, here they are. I was afraid I had gotten rid of them. Sorry they’re a little bit on the girly side.” she said but not sounding sorry at all but a bit amused rather.

She turned and was holding a pair of silky panties that at first glance didn’t look overly girly except for thin lacy leg and waist bands and a pink rose front and center under the waist band. A closer examination though showed that they had rows of white lacy ruffles on the seat.

“What the hell?! I can’t wear these!” I said exasperated.

“Sure, you can.” she said not even trying to hide her amusement and glee. Then she very noticeably moved her eyes down towards my groin area and said, “Your mouth is saying no but your penis is saying yes.”

I looked down and immediately started getting flushed from embarrassment. Watching her get dressed and seeing all her undies being thrown around had started getting me hard again.

“Come on you’ve got lots of less girly undies that I could wear.” I said with some desperation.

“Yeah, but they won’t hold your cock in, especially the way it is now.” she said still giggling. “These are the only pair of hip-hugger type panties that I’ve got that sit higher on the waist. Come on it’ll be sexy and fun. Do it for me.” Then she gave me her patented pouty face that she knew I had a hard time resisting. It had its usual effect and I reluctantly agreed.

She clapped and giggled with excitement and tossed the panties at me saying, “You’ll love it I promise. And maybe if you’re a good boy we can have some more fun when we get back later.” she added with a sensual smirk.

I slowly pulled the panties on as she watched with glee. Once I got them around my waist my cock already coming back to life after our sexy fun İstanbul Escort a few minutes prior rose to the occasion literally going full staff seconds after being pressed behind the silky panties creating a massive tent. She was right though, the higher cut kept my penis inside though, but not by much. Full staff my cock was less than an inch below the waistband.

More giggling from her as she said, “Looks like somebody likes wearing girly panties. If I had known you’d like it this much I would have gotten you to wear them a long time ago.”

I was red hot from embarrassment as she walked around me and getting a good look at my ruffled ass. “Very nice.” she purred as she rubbed my ass a couple of times before giving it a slap. Much to my surprise my cock twitched up front when she slapped my ass. She then came back around to my front and pulled me in for a kiss. “I like you like this. In panties and shy and embarrassed. We may have to do this more.” she said with a smirk as she kissed me again.

“Baby please. This is embarrassing enough.” I pleaded.

A sweet smile and another kiss and she said, “Oh don’t be embarrassed baby. You’re not the first guy to get hard wearing panties. Lots of guys have a panty fetish. I guess you’re just discovering yours. We can have fun with it.”

Then she reached down and cupped my erection inside the panties and began to stroke slowly. My knees buckled from the incredible teasing, and it took all my self-control to keep from blowing another load right then and there. After she added a couple of firm squeezes my erection was throbbing in its silky prison.

She then let my erection go and after stealing another kiss from me she said, “If you’re a good boy tonight I’ll finish what I started here.”

“Oh come on you can’t work me up like that and leave me hanging.” I said

“Part of being a panty boy means I’m in control of your cock when it’s in my panties.” she said smugly. She then tossed me my pants and said, “Now get dressed we need to go.”

With little choice I put my clothes on and tried to ignore the raging erection in my panties as we left to finally go out.

“It’s going to be a long night.” I thought to myself as we left.

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