Her Taste for Transformation Pt. 03


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t keep myself hidden for a single moment longer. Oh, how I wanted her, me there merely standing at the side of the room, watching just how realisation slowly dawned upon her, that her fantasies were coming true. Of course, I didn’t make it comfortable for her, giving her the weight of her cock fingers to contend with, the weakness that came from having the muscles stripped away. More blood too had to go into the cocks that I transformed her fingers into (a much better use for them, in my opinion, which was the only one that mattered), so it left the rest of her a little weaker too.

How sublime.

Yet I would not stay hidden, even if transforming her, against her will, had been the best possible way that I could have thought of to introduce myself.

I let the invisibility spell fall from me, standing there in my succubus form, the curved horns on my head denoting me as something “other” from the human world, my skin a pale blue-grey. It looked a bit darker in that light, but the moment was not for me. Well, it was for me to enjoy, but it was more than that, for my focus and attention was on her, Ember.

She didn’t know how important she was, everything that she was going to symbolise to me. But she didn’t have to. Even then, I revelled in her innocence, the lack of scope she was going to have in life, my fingers already itching, much like hers had, to press forward, to rush the transformations, to go through everything that I had been turning over, again and again, in my mind.

“Little one,” I purred, though it was a darker, colder kind of purr than any that I had offered Gale. “Turn around.”

Ember gasped and whipped around, though her chest and her hands threw her off-balance. Her centre of balance should not have been thrown off all that much by those changes, but I could not stop myself from laughing as she toppled out of her chair, onto the carpet, grunting, heaving, on all fours.

“What…” She seemed to be struggling to get the words out, though I didn’t blame her for that. “What’s…happening? Who are you? Why are you in my room?”

Her voice arced into a screech, eyes intense, but I was hardly intimidated by her in the slightest. Everything was right, for me, the world under my design and control. I drank down the fear in her eyes, the sheen there, how her fingers wobbled with yet another orgasm, spurting thick cum into the carpet.

Her voice shifted into a moan. She’d have to get used to orgasms like that, yes, considering how much it was going to affect her life, going forward. It might not even be considered all that much of a life to those in the know, but it was not all bad. I was going to give her everything that she could have wanted, after all.

“Why, we’ve already been introduced, pet,” I said with a smirk, looking down at her. “But not by name. Sylvia is the name you should know. But you should already know everything you need to know about me, for I’m the succubus you were speaking with only earlier.”

I pushed a little more power into Ember’s breasts, feeding them, making them grow, making them swell, pumping them up larger and larger until her pyjama top strained around her shoulders, popping down the seams. Ember grunted, though, even then, I could not quite tell just what was making her grunt.

It was better that way, challenging her with transformation after transformation, though I wanted to see her squirm again. She looked to be getting far too used to the cock fingers and balls and the weight of her new tits for my liking.

I had to make it worse for her. I had to make it uncomfortable. Transformations like that, or curses, to use the technical term, were never meant to be easy for anyone. She gaped at me as I heightened her alarm, the bond between us growing as I got to taste her fear, how delectably it danced on the tip of my tongue. But her arousal too was there and I wanted to see exactly how far I could push that as her face became my next target.

There was nothing quite like seeing how her face changed — the expressions, not the changes I was pressing into her, insisting that her body conformed to exactly what I wanted it to do. Little bumps appeared all over her face, as if they were pimples, though they were dark in colour, swelling quickly, though they started small, very small. Ember howled and cried out, clawing at her face, rubbing at them furtively, though she could barely get up from the ground already. Her pyjama top hung open Kartal Escort around her chest, though still covering most of her breasts, which was a shame for me, as the seams splitting had, at the very least, made it so it billowed out and covered her larger tits.

No matter. I would have my fun with her breasts in a little while. Her face had to be taken care of first, pulling shape into those cocks as I worked on distorting her glorious, beautiful face. It would not be pretty by the time I was done with it, though the hunger to see that beauty stripped from her was not something that I was familiar with.

I would explore that later as Ember sprawled and moaned, lips parting, trying to contain all the cocks draping from her face. She probably didn’t know what they were yet, for they didn’t much look like penises, not at that time, thin and spindly, for I was drawing on several at once. On her cheeks, her forehead, down on her chin, even one between her nose and her lips. There was too much to play with as I tugged her skin back and forth, watching as she moaned and tried to rub at her own face, though she only succeeded in smearing pre-cum across her face.

“Don’t worry, pet,” I crooned. “There’ll be plenty more where that came from.”

I wanted her to enjoy it too, in a sick, perverse way. I wasn’t going to stop, but it made sense for her to like it, to enjoy it, considering just what she liked. I’d seen it all online, after all: I’d done my research. I’d seen the transformations she was into and I pushed the cocks out more and more from her face, watching as they throbbed with blood, so very obviously tingling.

Ember’s eyes locked onto herself in the mirror and I laughed, not caring if she heard.

“Do you like how you look now?” I asked. “This is what you wanted, after all. And, just to say it right now, you do know that curses cannot be taken back?”

I wanted her to know how far gone she was, that she was failing, fading, completely and utterly broken — or, if not, well and truly on her way there. Her lips tried to twist, twisted arousal curling through her, and I sucked it in with a deep, shuddering breath.

Oh, that was special, that was exquisite. I gave more shape to the cocks, pairing them with balls, though I wanted to focus on one thing at a time. I could have overwhelmed her with everything at once, but, well, it was there for my enjoyment too. I didn’t have to give her everything for her benefit as the throbbing, phallic flesh sank down under its weight, the head drooping, so that they acted like they couldn’t even fill with enough blood to stay erect. It was just a feature of their weight, of course, but I wanted to give her that impression, grunting softly, letting the heavy balls droop beneath.

“One set of balls for each,” I teased her openly, sitting in her comfortable chair, a plush chaise that looked like it had hardly even been used. “That shan’t be enough for you, but, dear, I’ll make sure that you’re well taken care of. I’ve already done the same for Gale, after all.”

Ember groaned and rocked forward as if to reach out and touch the mirror, but didn’t manage to reach it as her cock fingers ejaculated suddenly. Cum splattered the reflection of her face in the mirror, dripping and drooling, running down the reflective surface as if to highlight what a sexual deviant she had become. The cocks that pointed more upwards only succeeded in shooting cum up high to splatter down over her face, running down between the cocks and balls that were still growing, the cocks still the most dominant feature on her face.

The horse balls swelled and plumped out slowly, as if I was taking my time in filling them with drop after drop of seed. Her breasts, however… Hm, I could do plenty with those and I was more than sick of having her pyjama top in the way. That was something that I wanted to see rip and tear, to show the full roundness of her tits, but I could add more to them still.

While she was still groping and pressing her cock fingers over her face, rubbing the multiple dicks against one another, I focused on transforming her breasts.

Like Gale, she deserved multiples. That had been one of the biggest fetishes that Gale and she had talked about on the social messenger things, how they wanted their entire fronts to be overcome with breasts, far beyond any kind of size that could at all be deemed natural. Her natural pair were the first to grow, expanding out slowly but surely on either side of her body, but I added another two below. The flesh pumped up patiently, taking energy from her body, though I had to take more substance from my magic too, all to make them grow and grow and grow.

Ember squirmed and wriggled, but the fresh weight there only shoved her down closer to the mirror, her tits weighing her down. But there was only more to come, so much more that I wished that I could tell her, though I wanted Gale to experience it all for herself. It was better that way, so that I could see it all through her eyes, to experience it all through Tuzla Escort our bond. They were hardly the sort of things that I would ever have wanted to have done to myself, but I yearned for her change, her curses, to feed on that twisted horror-pleasure.

Her breasts swelled, though the lower two pairs were smaller than the uppermost pair. I’d have to make sure they caught up with the top ones, but I could only do so much there and that was okay too. There were simply too many things to catch my attention with her body and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

But Ember, surely, had more to say about it as her balls grew heavy, dangling from her chin, adding to the weight of the cocks.



I fought against the bulging penises rising from my face, though I knew what they were that time, after being faced with the horror of watching my hands transform. Knowing that made it even worse for me, my breasts so big that I had to tip forward, ballooning out and rising against the torn front of my pyjama top.

“No… Please…”

At least, that was what I tried to say. The horse cocks throbbing on my face made it difficult to talk, even then, despite the pleasure their ardent throbbing gave me, the drooling, dripping cum slopping down my face. They stretched, the skin pulling uncomfortably, so taut that it was hard to think about anything else, losing control, though the moment was one that a part of me lusted for, all the same.

If Sylvia, if that was even her real name, was not there, perhaps I would not have thought that it was real. Yet, unless I was losing my mind, everything was real, very real, panic blooming in my chest. It clawed and tightened around my chest, clenching around my heart as if it sought to stop even that beat, but there was nothing my body could do about anything.

It was out of my control. And she was there, staring down at me, letting me know just how far beneath her I was, how I was under her control.

Did I want that? It was there, the arousal — but that did not translate to true desire! I moved my lips with a groan, trying to force words out, but the cocks still came, blooming from my chin and tugging my lips down. They didn’t seem to delve into my face deeper than the surface layer, but they did not need to. They took all they needed from my skin, the tips flaring and thickening up, itching as my face was forced to accommodate more and more balls.

No! It wasn’t right! It was wrong, so wrong and I didn’t want it! She’d gotten it wrong, it was all just a fantasy! I couldn’t live my life as a cock-cursed monster!

“How about some breasts on other parts of you too?” She suggested, twirling a finger in the air, as if that was enough to show exactly what she was going to do to me next. “You can have more, you know. You don’t only need to have them where they’re expected. Gale liked to have them all over… But you’ll see her for yourself soon enough, I wager.”

I didn’t get a choice in that matter, not as my flesh tingled and I twitched uncontrollably. I didn’t know that my fingers were not waggling because I wasn’t moving them, but because they were throbbing with cum. Everything was tied to her — and I didn’t even know who she was!

My head rang with questions — but namely that I didn’t know whether everything that had happened to Gale was true or not! It was just what I’d been told and I didn’t know anything more, just what was fed to me. Maybe as the succubus, if that’s what she really was, was there, surely that answered my question, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it, not then.

I moaned, the largest cock on my face dragging my lower lip down so that I had to put in a lot of effort to talk, to say anything, even to moan as anything more than a gargle.

“Mmm… No…” I forced out the words, my tongue thick and heavy in my mouth, as if so much energy was going into my changing body that I couldn’t even keep the parts of it that I liked together. “Stop… I can’t… Nooo… Nnngghhh…”

My words were swallowed in a groan, though a shake of my head didn’t do me any favours as it made the cocks wobble all over my face. Breasts swelled down my front, my natural pair and two more, pushing out against my pyjamas until they exploded through and ripped the fabric. Still, the cotton managed to hide them partly from my view, swinging back and forth with the shift of my body as it hung from my shoulders.

My body wasn’t meant to be like that, not even as the tingly, numb patches on my back and one shoulder came to fruition in more breasts still. The cocks spurted on my face, bouncing and jiggling before my eyes, though my eyes didn’t know where to go, even as I took everything in, looking in the mirror.

It wasn’t me, not even as the slick pre-cum set my hair clinging to some of them, as if it was merely sweat at the nape of my neck. But it was so much more than that, my body so hot and so cold with fear at the same time, cruel arousal blistering up against that horror.

I didn’t want to be turned Anadolu Yakası Escort on, however, not as the cocks bounced and wobbled, the breasts on my front growing, large and round, so much so that no normal clothes at all would have fit me with those on, swelling out to either side of me, taking up space. A woman did not often take up space like that and even that struck me as odd, snatching my breath, heaving and grunting, only grateful that my ability to breathe had not been obstructed yet.


There was that promise, that threat, hanging in the air like a heron poised to strike, waiting to snatch up the innocent wee fish from the pond.

I tried to struggle upright, ignoring the strange stretch of my skin, how it felt like it was pulling taut all over my body. I yanked away from it, refusing to believe it, not wanting to linger there, though the succubus only smirked as I blinked, a cock bobbing back and forth across her image, a smeared, blurry reflection in the mirror. It was hard to even recognise her there, though I couldn’t get up onto more than my knees, wriggling and whining as the weight of a breast swelling from my shoulder, becoming my shoulder, shoved my balance off to the side again.

The ones on my back, two on the upper and a random one on the lower, didn’t do much to balance me either. They itched and made me arch, trying to get my cock fingers around to scratch at them, but, well…that didn’t go very well. I groaned and tried to shake my head again, to tell her, through some means, that I didn’t want it. The cocks jetting off from my face, dripping and drooling with cum, told another tale, however.

Arousal… Unwanted, unbidden, confusing everything, tangling hot with cold, but not in a way that one negated the other.

“There…” The succubus crooned, rocking back on her heels, wearing heels, as if she was pleased with all that she had done so far, power radiating from her in a way that would have made me weak at the knees if I had not been in such a predicament. “Isn’t that better?”


I managed to force out the word, huffing and panting, trying to suck in all the air that I could through my nostrils. My mouth needed to rest, my lips sore already, giving me the rather odd feeling of being cracked, though I had only applied lip balm that morning.

“How about a little more then?” The succubus — was it Sylvia? — said. “Hm… Oh! This was a fabulous one from your little chats with Gale, I’m sure it will very much appeal to you!”

Was she trying to do things that I wanted? Of course, I could understand that, in a twisted sort of way, considering that I had very much fantasised about those things before. I had taken my time, on my phone, even in voice calls with others that liked the same things, roleplaying via text on screens… I had done a lot of it. Hell, I had even been doing some of it earlier that day. But it was different when it was reality, when it was all happening to me without realising that it was being forced on me against my will.

It was hot… But it wasn’t hot either. Not then. Oh, but I didn’t know what to think, not as my breasts ached with sensitivity, prickling itches tingling, forcing more horse cocks from my body. I could see how they started to swell, two cocks for every tit, framing me on either side, though those were pinker than the rest, some with a little mottling on them. I didn’t think that that was all that common — I couldn’t say that I had had all that many encounters with horses, I just liked the cock fantasy and that was about it then — but it wasn’t up to me to say.

The heads of the cocks formed first, as if they were worming their way from my skin, though the horror gripping my heart snarled and snapped, adrenaline coursing through. Fight or flight was a serious thing and I could not freeze, even if there was a part of me, looming in the back of my mind, that knew there was nothing I could do either, not even then.

She had power. I did not.

What more was there to say?

Helplessness washed over me, though I didn’t want to pause there, didn’t want to linger in the consideration of it. I couldn’t be helpless, I had to do something, anything, to fight back.

Turning from the mirror — it was only making my insides twist uncomfortably to look at the growing, swelling, throbbing cocks sprouting languidly from my body — I crawled towards her. Yet even then, my cock fingers drooled and spurted, cum soaking into the carpet, tricking me with tantalising waves of arousal.

“Please… Please…” I worked hard to form the words, lips moving slowly, begging her, though she seemed to tower over me, standing there imperiously, back pressed casually against my very own bedroom wall. “I don’t… Stop it!”

I didn’t know what else to say, though she looked down at me as if she didn’t realise what she was doing.

“Dear,” she said, her tone coming across just a little bit gentler than before. “You do want this, don’t you?”

I shook my head, slamming my cock fingered hand down into the carpet, but all that did was make jets of cum shoot off across the carpet, my whole body convulsing in twisted orgasm. Fuck, that was hot, to see the streaks of semen splattering the furnishings, already having cum so much. I had been waving my hands around rather a lot, to be fair.

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