I Think my Boss Needs to Pee Ch. 02


Mary-Ann wanted to cry. Her checks burned with embarrassment. She wanted to address Karenna but she couldn’t find the words. She turned to her protégé and could only muster a weak tone of voice

“I..I…I’m sorry…” That was all she could utter

Karenna was shocked. Her mouth was agape, and attempting to stay modest, she covered it with her hand. The palatable tension didn’t help Mary-Ann as she felt her eyes start to well up with tears. She tried to cool her burning cheeks with a quick fan of her left hand. In a defeated voice, she tried to gain some control of the situation.

“I was dying this morning and…the meeting was so long…” her voice trailed off again. Rather than taking the conversation back into her court, it only served to deepen her embarrassment. It was Karenna’s turn to speak.


That was all it took to push Mary-Ann over the edge. She tried to stifle it, but Karenna could hear a distinct, high pitched whine as her boss choked on her tears. Mary-Ann was red in the face, tears streaming down her cheeks. She put her head in her hands, her blonde hair doing nothing to cover her now bright red face.

“Is-is it really bad?” Karenna asked out of curiosity more than anything

“I-I think so…” Mary-Ann choked out through tears, her hands still over her face

“Let me see.” Karenna spoke with more confidence than she actually had


“Let me see the damage.”

Either out of submission or her own discovery, Mary-Ann complied. Wiping her tears first, she walked a few paces back to Karenna’s desk. Looking behind her towards the door, she made sure no one was coming in. Gingerly, she slowly lifted her beige pencil skirt. As she did, she revealed more and more darkened streaks along her ruined pantyhose.

Karenna had her eyes trained on her boss’s crotch, anticipating the moment when her panties would be revealed. She let out a quick breath, excitement taking over as Mary-Ann’s black panties began to show. Karenna could feel herself getting wet. The hottest experience of her young life unfolding before her.

Karenna could see the outline of her boss’s outer lips. The dark fabric of her panties hid the direct wetness, but the still damp material clung to her privates like a bandage covers a wound. Using the pen she still held in her hand, Karenna used the back end to lightly touch one of the damp streaks of Mary-Ann’s pantyhose. She softly traced her way back to its source. She spoke in a low tone, sensuality taking over.

“You really had to go, didn’t you boss?”


Mary-Ann felt butterflies in her stomach. A sensation not unlike being with a man. Her embarrassment and tears washed away and gave rise to a new, sweeter feeling.

“I was so desperate…” Mary-Ann matched Karenna’s tone

“Mmmm…I’ll bet you were. You wanna know a little secret?”

“What’s that, Kar?”

“I really, really had to pee this morning. This could have been me.”

As Karenna’s pen nearly reached Mary-Ann’s panties, the reality of what they were doing hit her. Shoving Karenna’s hand away, Mary-Ann regained her composure. Swiftly, she shimmed her skirt back down over her ruined pantyhose.

“Um, yes, well, I’m glad it wasn’t….I uh…I have to go change.”

“Of course.” Karenna backed off “Do you have anything to change into?”

“Yeah. My gym clothes, I can wear them from this morning. Mary-Ann paused “I was about to go get them”

Karenna nodded, attempting to return to a normal conversation. Maybe she should try a joke. But before she could say anything, Mary-Ann quickly turned back towards the doors and walked towards her car.

Mary-Ann hurried as quickly to her car as her heels would let her, their dampness causing her feet to slide more than usual. She opened the back door of her SUV and started rifling through her gym clothes, collecting her workout undergarments and shoes as well. There was no one around, and as her bladder had refilled from her disaster, she felt the urge to pee again. Though not nearly as bad as before, she still had an uncomfortable thought flow into her mind.

Pee here. No one can see you. Your clothes are already ruined, what does it matter? Let go. Through your panties again.

She physically shook her head, as if trying to free herself from her own mind for a moment. She reached to the glove box in the front seat, a stretch from where she was standing, and grabbed her makeup kit from the compartment. She hustled back to her office, Karenna still looking at her from her desk through the glass. As Mary-Ann reentered the building and turned toward the bathroom Karenna tried to lighten the mood.

“Bathroom’s that way” She grinned a bold grin.

It didn’t help, Mary-Ann put her head down in shame and felt her face glow in embarrassment again. Entering the bathroom, she took off her heels and attempted to peel off her ruined pantyhose. They stuck to her legs. Her urine had acted like an adhesive, and Mary-Ann struggled to peel them Bostancı Escort off at first. Once she finally rolled them down, they fell onto the tiled floor with a heavy slap. Her black panties were stained with her pee though the damage wasn’t all that visible. She scratched at her thighs and walked to the toilet, leaving on her panties. Another thought entered her mind.

Pee them.

This time Mary-Ann put up less resistance as she sat down on the toilet. She observed her soiled panties and pulled them closer to herself, wedging the wet fabric through her pussy lips. She felt as shiver go up her spine and for the first time in her life, attempted to pee through her panties. She relaxed and expected to feel the same warm sensation she had just experienced a few hours ago. Nothing. She closed her eyes and attempted again to relax. Nothing still. She had to pee, and yet, nothing. She tried a third time, but this time she let go of her panties and pushed. She visualized pushing her bladder beyond her mental barrier and this time felt a rush through her urethra towards her pee hole. Then it stopped. It was as if she could feel her pee right at her opening, waiting to get out. But she couldn’t. Or so she thought. A quick warm spurt rewet the fabric of her panties. But it stopped. Before any urine even hit the toilet water, Mary-Ann tensed up again. Then it hit her. She was sitting in her office, attempting to pee her panties for the second time that day. Sanity kicked in again as well as a wave of desperation and she pulled her wet panties to the side, her pee jetting out this time and splashing into the bowl with incredible force.

As she held the fabric to the side, she felt drops of pee splashing against her fingers. She almost felt like putting her panties back on now that her urine was freely flowing. As her stream began to dwindle, and arc back towards her opening, she removed her hand and let her panties slide back towards her small flow. Feeling as though she only had a little left she pulled her panties back over herself. Again that warm sensation pooled around her nethers and this time, a few drops made their way through the tired fabric and into the bowl. She stood up and wiped her tights down with toilet paper, but instead of wiping herself, she simply slipped off her panties.

They too hit the floor with unusual weight, and reminded Mary-Ann of her accident. Bunching her panties and pantyhose back into a tight ball, she threw them in the corner and removed her work clothes. Seeing her nude body in the mirror, she almost felt like masturbating. She didn’t, but she felt horny. As she grabbed her gym clothes she saw her wet panties again and felt ashamed. Perhaps her arousal was just to cover her predicament, but either way, she still had to get back out there. She slipped her pink panties on, along with her grey spandex and white tank top. She fixed her makeup and threw her hair back into a ponytail. She almost felt like herself again. But then she picked up the ball of undergarments that she had uncontrollably wet herself in. Now that she held them, they smelled like pee. She tried to hide them by wrapping her blouse and skirt around them. She didn’t care if these got wet, they were all going to the cleaners.

She couldn’t grab her heels in the ball of clothes and had to leave them in the bathroom for now. Exiting the small room, she felt a sense of relief that Karenna was the only other person in the lobby. Explaining her actions quickly, she mentioned

“I left my heels in there.”

The quick line led Karenna to assume that her boss wanted her to help. Tossing her pen down, the black protégé walked herself towards the restroom.

‘Is she really playing this game with me?’ Karenna thought, aroused at the idea ‘I thought she was into guys.’

As Karenna opened the bathroom door, her boss’s heels were staring back at her, right in front of the toilet. Picking them up, Karenna could feel the dampness of the shoe. Though they were black, the small splatters and stains of Mary-Ann’s harsh urine were still on the outside and the acrid smell of piss had mixed with the scent of her feet from the day. Noticing that some pee had pooled in the heels, Karenna poured them out into the toilet.

The act of pouring out her boss’s piss into the toilet was not lost on Karenna. While some might have been disgusted, Karenna was aroused. Wet and horny from just the thought of how shameful the act was, Karenna almost felt jealous. Why couldn’t it have been her?

Burying the thought and her sexual desires, she carried the shoes outside, and handed them back to Mary-Ann. As she took them from Karenna, she was surprised

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Someone should do something nice for you with the day you’ve had.”

For the first time in a while, Mary-Ann smiled “But didn’t they have-“

“It’s fine.”

Mary-Ann nodded, turned and left. She had properties to get to, and tension with Karenna to ignore.


It Ümraniye Escort had been quiet for a while. Without clients calling or walking in, Karenna was free to study. Though she did very little. The events of the day still ran through her mind, and the more they did, the more aroused she’d become. Absent-mindedly, she was grinding herself into the corner of her office chair, slightly stimulating herself. Biting her lip, she paid little attention to the words on the screen. Suddenly, her phone buzzed. A text from Mary-Ann.

“Could you also make an appointment to get the carpet in my office cleaned? 🙈”

“Yeah no problem”

“Thanks! You’re the best. Don’t say anything about it please I’m so ashamed”

“You were cute about it though.”

The last one was risky, and Karenna knew that. Still, she sent it, not really knowing how Mary-Ann would respond.


Before she turned onto the highway, Mary-Ann pulled her SUV into a gas station. She knew it looked odd to be dressed in workout clothes and have her expensive purse with her, but as she walked into the convenience store, she felt a little devilish knowing that of all the patrons, only she knew why her outfit didn’t match her purse. Aside from gas, she was hungry, hungry enough to order from the fast food counter. She debated with herself on getting the large water cup, but with how salty her meal was- plant based or not, she knew she needed it.

After paying for her food and gas, Mary-Ann began to fuel her car when she got a call from Karenna.

“Hey boss, the steam cleaner can’t get here until next week. Is the carpet going to be ok?”

“Um” Mary-Ann’s face blushed with embarrassment “No, probably not.”

“What should I do then? I can’t find another local place.”

“I’m not sure, I just know it can’t be good for it to sit like that.” Mary-Ann’s SUV was filled and she climbed back inside the cabin.

“Did you ever have a pet or something? I mean…”

“What do you mean?” Mary-Ann felt a flash of anger

“I’m just saying I never did! I don’t know how to treat a rug like this.” Karenna wasn’t sure if she should apologize or feel miffed that her boss was angry at her for not knowing how to clean piss out of a carpet.

“Look, just ask the internet.” Mary-Ann felt herself getting hysterical as her embarrassment had turned itself into misplaced anger at Karenna. She attempted to apologize “I’m sorry, could you just figure it out yourself?” It sounded more forceful than she wanted.

Karenna was silent for a moment “Alright”

Mary-Ann thanked her and hung-up. Disgusted with how she just acted towards her protégé, she tried to block it out of her mind. Before she could start her car, she read her text messages. She had one from Karenna about an hour ago. Smiling as she read it, she responded and began to drive down the highway.


How to clean piss out of a rug

Karenna searched the question on her work computer, there was no way she was typing that phrase into her personal phone. She perused through a number of articles on dog and cat training, with the underlying ingredient appearing to be baking soda.

How to clean your boss’s piss out of her rug after she got mad at you for pissing herself

Karenna erased her next query before even hitting “enter”. She couldn’t help but type out her anger, if only for a moment. She refined her search

How to clean human piss out of a rug

She again found baking soda to be the most common answer, as well as another person suggesting Himalayan salt, but she still cobbled together a list. Her phone buzzed. It was Mary-Ann. Responding to Karenna’s text


‘What the hell does that mean?’ Karenna shook her head as she left to pick up cleaning supplies.


Mary-Ann finished her lunch and was nearly done with her water cup as she barreled down the rural highway. Her silent driving was broken by a call back from Karenna.

“I think the best bet is going to be baking soda and disinfectant.”

“Ok.” Mary-Ann wasn’t sure why Karenna had called just to say that

“Should I put it on the business card?” Oh. That’s why she called

“They count as office supplies, sure.” There was a pause. “I’m not really angry with you. It’s just not something I’ve had to ask of you before. Or thought I ever would have to.” She swallowed in shame, hoping to drown her pride too. Karenna didn’t respond. Mary-Ann continued

“It’s just that I really had to go when I got in this morning. And we were so busy…” The silence weighed down on the conversation. Mary-Ann broke through the last of her pride.

“I really just couldn’t hold it anymore. It started coming out, and the only thing I could do was try not to get it on the chair. You’ve done nothing but help me through it, you’re gone above and beyond.” Mary-Ann started to feel an overwhelming scene of thankfulness for Karenna and started to tear up at the Kartal Escort experience of her morning.

“I mean, I’m shocked this happened, but I’ll give you this one.” Karenna waited a moment. “You know I meant what I said?”

“That I was cute?”


Silence. Karenna decided she had gone too far. “Alright, let me get these things for you and I’ll be on my way.”




The two didn’t know it, but they were smiling on each side of the phone. Mary-Ann finished her water cup and continued towards her rental property.


Karenna packed up her personal items from her desk and walked out the door, noting that all of the pee talk with her boss and her soda from lunch had begun to make a move on her own bladder. The general store near their office park was not that far away, and she knew she could wait until she got back to their office bathroom. She put her purse down in her passenger seat as she fell into her sedan. As she pulled out of the parking lot, she was surprised at the amount of traffic that was in the lane she needed to cross into. Instead she took the traffic lane in the opposite direction she needed to go, just to be able to get onto the road.

Taking an extra ten minutes just to find a suitable place to turn around had caused Karenna to change her plans. Even though she hated the idea, she was going to use the toilet at the store. After witnessing Mary-Ann’s accident, it seemed like a better call. The store was just a few moments away, but the nearly standstill traffic had also caused Karenna to doubt she should fight it on the way back.

As Mary-Ann passed through the small downtown just outside her rental, she felt her bladder call out to her again. Normally she would have tried to wait until she got back to her own home, but today’s ordeal had shifted her behavior. As she cut through the residential streets in this rural town, she finally pulled into the parking area for her small double duplexes. Both Donovan and the contractor for the air conditioning unit were already there. She would have to wait to use one of the duplex’s toilets.


A half an hour had passed and Karenna could finally see the sign for the discount store. With her need having grown in that time, she was happy to finally see relief in sight. She was happy that her need was not so great that she had to hold herself, but Karenna quickened her pace as she entered through the sliding doors.

As Mary-Ann stepped out of her vehicle, she was greeted by a number of small lawn signs stuck in the grass facing the road. Each one with a hashtag or website address that she was unfamiliar with. Donovan walked over an extended his hand to shake.

“Just in time, thanks for coming out so late.”

“What’s with this?” Mary-Ann gestured to the signs

“Someone must have put them in.”

“One of my tenants?”

“Not sure, haven’t asked. I could take ’em out if you want.”

“Find out if its someone here first. If it is, I’ll talk with them. Otherwise, I’ll need you to take it to the city.”

“The city?”

“It’s illegal to put signs in someone else’s lawn. No idea what this one’s for but I don’t want it.”

Donovan studied the signs. He squinted to read the print.

“Oh. This is for that mechanic.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Yeah, he was working, and someone came up and shot him.” Donovan made a gun gesture with his finger.

“Bang. Yeah, everyone ’round here is tore up about it. Nice guy. Or was.”

“I still don’t want a hashtag in my lawn.”

Donovan put his hands up to feign submission. “Alright. But you might get some resistance.”

Mary-Ann shrugged. Donovan led her to the man delivering the parts. She signed off on the delivery and paid for the part. As the man climbed back into his van she turned to Donovan.

“You dragged me out here on a two hour drive for this?”

She followed him as he walked over to the malfunctioning air conditioning.

“Not my policy on the signature thing.” He opened a flap on the side of the unit and started to work on the issue.

“But if this was all you needed me for, couldn’t you have just sent the paper work over to me?”

“You don’t take faxes.”

Mary-Ann was beyond irritated “Because its 2023. You could have just scanned it and sent it in an email.”

“Then how would they know it was you?”

“Because I’d have a copy in my inbox.”

Donovan stopped working for a moment. “Oh yeah. Sorry, I was just trying to get this done today.”

Mary-Ann rolled her eyes. If Donovan wasn’t such a handy man he’d never have been hired. But an honest man was hard to find these days. Still, she now knew about the unwanted sign and could use it to ask for a bathroom. Her need had continued to grow as she had been standing outside.


Karenna held the box of baking soda close to her as she scanned the shelves for disinfectant. For the highest shelves she needed to stand on her toes to figure out what items they had.

“Can I help you with anything?” A thin man in a monotone voice asked

“Could you tell me where the disinfectant is?”

“At the end of the isle. May I ask what brand you are considering purchasing?”

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