Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 02

Eating Pussy

Gus rose from his seat and examined today’s personal pair closely once again. Nice, big, pale white tits; flawless skin; small, bright pink nipples; probably 20 years old at most. A definite 4 star model. He grinned. Maybe he should try to make those little nubs a bit larger.

He moved the nozzle of the new air-conditioning a bit so it blew straight on the soft, dangling twins. Gus slapped them hard, watching them jiggle and bounce.

Now on to the ones for the guests. He grabbed the pair hanging above seat 2, roughly squeezed the white flesh. Gus had perfected his grading procedure over time. It was important to look for flaws like unsightly veins, stretch marks or, god forbid, tattoos. But it was also important to test how taut and springy those sacs were, check the swinging properties, the texture, even the bounciness when being smacked.

He had developed a detailed routine which he now meticulously applied to every single pair in the bus. Gus grabbed the long, brown nipples and squeezed them hard. Then, with a quick yank, he pulled them downwards and carefully observed how they stretched. He heard the screams above. Good. When he released the now hard pokers, both boobs quickly sprung back and jiggled pleasantly.

Those were young ones, nice and stretchable, probably 22 years old. He lightly slapped their underside until they blushed in a bright pink. A 3-star pair, he decided, nothing spectacular. Average size for their service. Of course, much larger than the typical girl on the streets, but this bus was always stacked with really big ones. So yes, average size, but a pleasure to squeeze. He put one of the cotton sacs over each boob, a yellow one showing the 3 star grading, and pulled the string around the base as tight as he could.

And so each and every pair was measured and graded by the driver. Soon, bright colored bags hid the bouncy treasures and made the cabin look like a room decorated for a birthday party, with colorful balloons hanging from the ceiling. Gus smiled. What an easy way to show the guests which of those were real quality boobies. Black bags designated a 1-star score, blue for 2-star, yellow for 3-star, green for 4-star and bright orange for a breathtaking 5-star grading.

Finally, the bus was prepared to leave for the guest pickup. The driver mounted his seat, went through the checklist and pulled the levers one by one.

Surprised screams from above. The girls surely were not prepared for the new safety feature! The driver laughed heartily, grabbed one of the dangling tits above his head and let his fingers sink into the warm flesh. What a truly fantastic job.

Even Erin was irked by the sudden, cruel squeeze.

“This… is new!” she panted, “What the fuck are they doing?”

“Don’t know! My tits hurt like shit though.”

The driver dreamily looked at ‘his’ boobs dangling above his head. What a lovely pair! He really liked using big, bouncy tits for stress relief during traffic jam, or when he got really angry and needed to punch something. And they were great fun to play with during a long, boring ride, too! Sometimes he even used them as handles if the road got too curvy! He adjusted his seat, smacked his personal set once again and yelled, “Ready for departure!”

Alice squealed from the impact. When she found out that her assignment was the driver’s seat, she thought she finally got lucky. The driver had to pay attention to traffic, was busy all the time… he had to drive, for god’s sake! But that man was mean! He had groped her the entire time during the wait as soon as her tits had been yanked through those holes. And then he started pulling, even biting her! And now the slaps! She really hoped that she would get some rest once they were on the road!

Grinning happily, the driver delivered another hearty slap to his two personal stress relievers and watched them jump and sway. He marveled at the handprint he had just left on the flawless white skin. What fascinating objects! He looked at the watch and sighed. Time to start the engine and get on the road.

The bus roared to life, blasts of black smoke shot out of the rusty exhausts. And slowly, with a lot of squealing and wobbling, the Jumping Melons vehicle headed out of the parking lot.

“Careful, we’re driving!”

Every single girl frantically searched for something to hold on. With their boobs being the only real fixture, it wasn’t easy to stay in place. And slithering around on that hot metal floor, rotating around those stuck boobs, was the very last thing anybody wanted to experience. Unfortunately, that was rather difficult to avoid. And the driver was everything but gentle with the bus.

Lily screamed in pain as her sliding body cruelly yanked at her half-through titties. Bloody hell, this was painful! She looked at Erin with wide eyes, “Is it supposed to hurt like that? I can’t believe my tits are still where they belong!”

Erin laughed, “Not really. You need to stabilize yourself. Use those support straps at your sakarya escort hands and feet. And if your udders really are only partly through, there is no way this won’t be a pain!”

Lily searched for those support straps. She found one at her right foot and another one at her left hand, both of which she instantly grabbed to secure herself. The others were either broken or missing. She pounded on the floor and yelled, “Pull my tits through, fuckers!”

And then the bus made a sharp left turn. Lily, with most of the other girls, screamed even louder.

Richie sat in the lounge of Jumping Melons and waited for his ride. He really looked forward to the trip. It wasn’t the first time he chose the company for travel. Sure, the bus was crap, but they had stellar entertainment. He smiled as he thought about his last trip, about the fat, black tits he mauled for hours. This time he even paid extra for free seat choice. And he already bribed the driver for a bit of special service.

He looked at one of the large metal boxes in front of him. Unbelievable, that his engineering department asked him to bring a box of tools with him. Mostly metal brackets for pipes, rubber fittings and whatnot. Why did he agree to that? What a pain to carry those around!

“There they come!”

The rusty old bus screeched to a halt right in front of the building. Richie could hear the girls screaming. He chuckled as the rows of bagged boobs bounced and swayed slowly to a halt.

The driver jumped off, ran towards the lounge and asked, “Mister Richie Sowee?”

Richie raised from his luxurious armchair and nodded, “That’s me!”

The driver politely complimented him to the creaking bus and opened the main cabin door.

“Glad to have you as our guest, Mr. Sowee. As you can see, our vehicle is already fully stacked. The choice is yours!”

“Any recommendations today?”

The driver grinned, “Plenty of nice ones this time. For example, we have a pair of young British tits, milky white skin, lightly freckled and phenomenally well developed in row two. Right next to her we have a pair of Mexican origin, 22 years old, milk-chocolate colored, fat, brown nipples, tight and a real pleasure to squeeze.

“Then, in row four, there are some pleasant Irish torpedoes with red hard pokers, next to a pair of fat, all-American pillows, probably grown from burgers and fries. They’re a bit pale and rather squishy. Real hangers.

“In row five we have a delicious pair of Austrian mountains, springy and with a nice jiggle. Long, hard nipples on that one. Perfect for a bite or two. Really spectacular those boobs! And then there is a gigantic, well-tanned pair of knockers of Russian origin, I believe, in row six.

“In row seven we have a nice set from Norway with milky white skin, spotless with almost invisible little nubs. And next to those there is a young dark-chocolate pair with almost black nipples directly from the beautiful island of La Reunion.

“Oh, and we have an actual milker today, too! Last row at seat 33, local origin I believe. Colored like a nice cafe latte, a bit bloated and hard because of all the milk, but still good for a nice workout. Probably filled to the brim and about to burst. I would recommend to wait with the draining a bit longer though, especially if you like those balloons taut and springy. Might be a nice option for some experiments with a bit of rope and some clamps, which we, by the way, already supplied to keep them from leaking.”

Richie watched with interest. He never had milk-filled boobs before. Maybe worth a try!

“And finally we have a wonderful pair of Scottish origin, absolutely spectacular, at seat 32. Their owner was actually too cheap to buy the recommended shirt and convinced staff to assign her a seat totally inadequate for her size. Look at them! See how they bulge out of the ceiling back there? The openings are way too small for her fat tits! They’re already puffy and red, too! And I think they’re not even completely through the openings yet. If you take that one, I can open the locks for you right before we start. You could try your luck yanking them through. Would give you a bit more of that delicious flesh to play with!”

“May I have a look?”

“Certainly, Sir. Please…”

Richie entered the main cabin. What a sight! 32, no, 33 pairs of large, wobbly tits wrapped in colorful bags dangled from the ceiling. Mostly orange and green today, some yellow and one blue. No black. Looked like a good selection.

He could only imagine the view once those bags were gone and the bus drove down those rocky country roads! To see so many boobs jump and jiggle! He lifted the pale pair at the driver’s seat and judged their weight. Heavy. Delicious. This must be paradise! Bouncing boobs in all shapes and colors!

“Nice pair you got here!”

“Indeed. But there are much better ones hidden under those bags!”

“Care if I take a look at them? I certainly trust samsun escort your grading, but I would prefer to form my own opinion!”

The driver smiled, “Sure, go ahead, Sir! Take a look and select the ones you like most!”

Richie went to the first row and removed an orange colored bag. Utterly Unbelievable! How did this company find those girls? Richie had rarely ever seen a woman that size in the streets! And the ones here were all freaking enormous! He squeezed the warm, jiggling flesh, touched the spotless, young breasts and marveled at their sheer beauty.

The happy man closely examined every single pair in the entire bus, first removing the colored sac, then squeezing the now revealed, warm melons. He tweaked the little, hard nipples, pulled at the soft udders and slapped the quivering flesh. Finally, he wrapped the sac around each boob again and proceeded to the next one.

Sometimes he stopped and listened, hoped to hear the girls upstairs squealing. And he hadn’t been disappointed by the reaction. Especially the slapping triggered significant squirming and some rather vocal complaints from above.

By far the best pair was in the last row. Taut, springy balloons, light tan lines just above those perfect little nipples… and no shirt sleeves! Those must be the ones from Scotland, only partly pulled through with plenty of more tasty tit-flesh hidden behind that rusty metal! And next to them, caffe latte-colored titties bursting full of milk! Pure perfection!

Suddenly he heard a knock from above. A decidedly Scottish voice squeaked, “Pull on my damn tits, fuckers! I’m only part way through those fucking holes and it hurts like hell! Please?!”

“Is the bus fully booked?”

“Not yet, Sir. We have still one seat available.”

“Then I’ll take an additional one today. Seats 32 and 33 for me, please.”

“That’ll be another 5 star, right? That would be 500 then.”

Richie handed over 600 and added, “For your services. And can you take that rocky downhill road to Ma Kan instead of the highway? Make sure that all curtains of the cabins are open before the descent, I really want to see those 33 pairs fly today! Drive hard and fast. Make them bounce for me like they never bounced before!”

“Not a problem, Sir!” the driver grinned. Getting paid for what he liked best! What a great way to start the trip!

“May I also suggest the ‘road’ to Tat Mak instead of that boring new highway? It will cost us at least one or two ours. It’s a muddy hellhole. The bus will bounce, skid and slither. You will have a spectacular show! If you have never experienced driving down an actual riverbed…”

“Sure. Again, make sure all curtains are up. And you said seat 33 is lactating?”

“Yes indeed. Those tits are a freaking mess! Any food for you today, Sir?”

“Absolutely! The hot chicken soup and your special ice cream as dessert. Make that an extra large bowl with some additional ice to keep it cold. And maybe a white Russian or two. A bottle of Scotch would be fine, too. And the biggest pot of hot black tea you can find for the night. For breakfast a big bowl of simple muesli should suffice. And a large pot of hot coffee. You don’t need to bring milk as I will have my own source.”

“Very well, Sir. Should I set up your compartment now?”

“Later. I would like to see the other guests play with their toys first. Make sure the curtains will only be available after the first hour.”

“My pleasure, Sir.”

Richie watched the other guests enter the bus. Everyone excitedly removed the colored sacs, touched the naked, dangling tits and tried to select the best pair. The price depended on the grade, and it appeared that most guests were willing to pay extra. Soon, the bus was filled with men. Well, not all were men. There was also a pair of young women just two rows in front of him, laughing hysterically at the bloated, jiggling boobs over their seat,

“Could you believe this? Tits in your face! And look at those gigantic pairs! Where do they get those? They all look natural! I would kill to have a pair like that!”

The blonde woman groped the dangling tits in front of her heartily, “Graded as 4-star… I would give them a solid 5! Those feel great! What do you think, does the girl enjoy being groped like that? Do you think I can make her come from tit stimulation alone?”

“I heard it’s possible. Worth a try! If you’re successful, I’ll let you play with my own tits, too! But they are much smaller…”

Bright laughter. Richie smiled. Yes, this trip was special. He reached for one of the dark brown tits above his seat and removed the clamp. His smile widened. The driver was right! That fat sucker drooled milk. He let the clamp close again around the little nub and thought of the endless possibilities he had to entertain himself during the 12 hours ride.

“14 hours or more,” he corrected himself, thinking about the detour they would take. He grinned mischievously. şanlıurfa escort Plenty of time to test some of his theories!

The bus jerked and jumped as it slowly roared to life. All passengers had boarded and acquainted themselves with the entertainment features. Idle chatter and bright laughter was everywhere, while the girls on the upper deck moaned and cursed from all the pulling and groping.

“The first few hours are always the worst!”, gasped Erin knowingly, “After that they usually get bored and you’ll have a bit of downtime.”

“Ugh, I so hope you’re right!” squealed a girl in row 6, mine is having great fun slapping my udders! And it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon!”

“I have a biter!” complained a girl in row 3, “He sucks at my nipples until they are hard and then fucking chews on them!”

“Better than a puller like mine!” groaned one in row 5, “That asshole apparently wants to rip my melons off!”

Richie watched his four treasures bouncing around. What a mesmerizing sight. A knock above caught his attention.

“Please, pull me through!” the girl yelled.

Right, the driver promised him already to help. Time to relieve her a little. He opened his large bag and searched for the pipe clamps. He really loved those suckers. Metal bands that you could tighten with a simple screw! And then those chains with embedded ratchets that shortened them as needed! Perfect for what he intended to do. And he even had a battery-powered electric screwdriver with him! Thank god his team had asked him to bring those supplies along!

Soon, all necessary tools were laid out on his little table. He first pulled one of the chains with embedded ratcheting mechanism through a loop-formed metal pipe that was part of the base of his seat. Then, he put an open pipe clamp through the two ends of a chain and reached for the first trapped melon. He closed the clamp and pushed it over the quivering tit until it was flush with the ceiling. Finally, he tighten the clamp with the electric screwdriver until the trapped flesh beneath the band turned white. A shocked scream and a barrage of curses told him the girl’s feelings. But it was all for her best. He repeated the entire ordeal on the other side.

Lily was howling. What the hell did that lunatic do? Her tits hurt like never before!

Then it got even worse. Something pulled on her trapped melons so hard she feared they would rip. These weren’t a guy’s hands, these were the claws of a monster!

Richie tightened the chains with the ratchet until they all were strung up like a cord. Everything was prepared. Time to ask the driver for a favor. He admired the deformed tits in front of him, let his fingers follow the lines of the taut flesh. What a beauty!

His eyes lingered on the brown, milk-laden twins for a few moments. He always wondered if milk could be expressed by just squeezing the tits themselves instead of sucking on those nipples. Maybe he should try emptying them without touching those hard nubs? Well, first he had to pull that cheapskate through.

He thought about the weird favor one of his subordinates asked him to do. “Can you take those crates with you?” Maybe all those clamps would come in handy now. He had something to discuss with the driver.

Richie raised from his seat and grabbed a tit to not tip over. The ride was rough and jumpy, and he’d better not fall on the floor. He reached for another tit the row in front of him and held onto it for balance. And so he did one step after another, using the dangling boobs close to the aisles as handles. It was fascinating how different they felt when he sunk his fingers in them!

Thankfully, the other passengers were cooperative and let him use one of their personal entertainment devices to hold on. Everybody was curious what he was up to when he finally grabbed hold of the driver’s pair and whispered in his ears.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the driver announced, “I will quickly need to open the securing mechanism as one of those dangly pairs is kind of stuck in limbo. So you better hold your pair in place if you don’t want its owner to pull them out. To help you with this, our kind special guest will provide you with the necessary tools. He assured me that you can use them during our entire trip. Just make sure to return them at the end. Unfortunately, we will have to briefly stop to get those out of the luggage compartment.”

A stop! Maybe a bathroom break? Lily wondered if she should try to get out. She could use a pee, but it wasn’t urgent yet. Maybe next time.

Richie personally distributed the pipe clamps to every passenger, two for each. He told everyone that two electric screwdrivers would be passed around and everyone would have enough time to affix those brackets around their personal pair. Soon, the bus was on the road again, and the stuffy air vibrated from the grinding noise of the screwdriver.

“What the hell is going on?” howled a girl in row one as her tits suddenly got compressed further, “I’m squeezed tight already, suckers!”

“Ugh… this is not good!” squealed her neighbor as the clamps bit down on her, “What is this?”

“Something similar happened to me on my last ride,” groaned another girl, “I think those are pipe clamps, like the ones used to fix metal piping in place.”

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