Knicker Teen: Anna’s Debut


Anna’s Debut

Anna was the happiest she had been for months. She left Phone-Store proudly carrying her own state of the art mobile phone. She had chosen one with a camera and video facilities similar to the one Alan had. She decided to take it home immediately where she would charge the battery while she was out finishing her shopping.

This is good life, she thought, everything changing and happening so fast. Her heart fluttered as she remembered the events of the past few days. She somehow felt a freedom that she couldn’t explain, as though some part of her were left behind and a new, exciting self was beginning to emerge.

At first she had felt a little shocked at what had happened – agreeing to take part in a porn film and particularly having sex with Alan and Jenny at the offices of Dream Machine Productions. She hadn’t done anything like that before, in fact she hadn’t much of a sexual history let alone a threesome involving a lesbian. She felt a tingling between her legs as she remembered. She had really liked the taste of Jenny’s pussy and wanted the taste again. She felt chills running down her spine as she opened to the thought that she was bisexual. The thoughts, she noticed, were making her wet. She again pictured in her mind Jenny’s soaked wide open cunt as she lapped at the milky secretions.

She was very wet and horny when she got back to her room. She switched on her portable radio, tuning in to a pop station. She sat on her bed and tore open the package. She quickly thumbed through the instruction manual and inserted the sim card into the phone and checked carefully that she put the battery the right way round. She literally jumped for joy as she saw the battery icon flash into life.

‘Good, I take knicker picture later and text them to Alan.’ She said aloud to the room. ‘Get his cock excited.’

She parted her legs and put her hand up her skirt, easing her knickers aside with her fingers. She could feel her wetness in the damp gusset. Alan would like that, she thought, slipping a finger between the folds of her labia and pushing it inside knuckle deep. She pulled it out and inspected it, delighting at the sticky white juices. ‘I spread it in my knicker,’ she thought as she smeared it into the fabric, and then, tugging her knickers further aside fingered herself again, this time licking the love-cream from her fingers. ‘M,mm,’ she sighed. She traced her fingers around her clit as it started to swell. She drew back her prepuce and softly rubbed the exposed love-button with a sharp intake of breath. Her legs jumped with the sensation of electric shock that spread between her legs. Her nipples were now hard, erect, and tingling.

She wanted something inside her, a cock would be lovely but she was alone. She thought of calling Alan and suggesting he come and fuck her but she hesitated, feeling slightly shy, and anyway the batteries on her new phone required a minimum of four hours. No, she would send a text later with a photo, knicker and pussy she thought.

She opened her purse, more money than she had ever had. ‘I go to sex shop, buy things for my cunt, dildo and things to make me cum.’ she whispered to the room.

She went down the stairs from her room to the kitchen. There was a fancy bottle of olive oil that someone had brought from Italy or Greece with a twisty bulbous neck. It had remained unopened and that, she thought, she would use to fuck herself with now. She washed it carefully and thoroughly, stopping to rub Escort Bayan her fanny through her skirt and knickers in anticipation.

Back in her room she unfastened her skirt and took her knickers off. She noticed the milky stains in the gusset. She placed the bottle on the floor and fingered herself before squatting over it, pulling her cunt lips aside and lowering herself, easing the neck of the bottle inside her love-tunnel. She felt the bottle-neck filling her up as she squatted lower and lower, it felt fantastic! Anna noticed her cunt-creamed knickers which were lying exposed on the arm of the sofa. She wanted to cum and so she went to work on her clitoris with her slender fingers as she squirmed on the bottle of olive oil. As she fingered herself she relived the taste of Jenny’s soaking vagina, the thought of which had her squatting so deeply on the bottle that its shoulders were the only barrier to taking it deeper. Anna felt so close to her orgasm now, ‘Ooh, yes, I like,’ she murmured, ‘I want fuck, I want cock. M,mm, yes I want pussy, oh yes, yes I want it.!

Two hours later Anna was inspecting the wares of Summer Pink, a sex shop in Soho. The bottle had been good but she was aware of the danger involved and she had resolved to play carefully so she was surprised to see the glass dildo’s on display along with the plastic, rubber and silicone. There was one shaped like a cock with a dagger handle which she thought rather expensive at seventy five pounds but it was irresistible, she couldn’t wait to get it home and up her cunt. She also bought a ‘rabbit’ along with two soft silicone probes, one small and one a realistic cock size. Her final purchase was a long thick double-ended dildo and a set of anal beads. Even though a short while ago she had ridden the bottle, she felt her nipples tingle and she was so aware of the juices seeping into her knickers.

‘Have fun,’ said the assistant as she placed the toys into a plastic bag. ‘And this is a free gift,’ she added with a smile, placing a bottle of lubricant on the counter, ‘you’ll need that!’

Anna ran up the stairs to her room two steps at a time. The phone should be ready she thought, and she couldn’t wait to play with it and her new toys. It was difficult to decide what to do first such was Anna’s excitement, the phone or the toys. She emptied the contents of the bag onto her bed. She grabbed the smallest of the dildo’s, reached under her skirt and pulled the wet crotch of her knickers to one side and eased the dildo inside her soaking cunt, and then she readjusted her knickers to keep it in place.

‘Oh yes nice.’ She said to herself as she rubbed her mons through her knickers.

The battery icon on the phone displayed that it was fully charged.

She sat on the bed with the phone and instruction book, the rubber cock tight and deep in her fanny. She flipped through the pages and turned on the phone. It made her jump when a welcome-to-the-network text arrived. She looked at the how to text pages and when she felt familiar with what to do she turned her attention to the camera instructions. For a few moments she felt dismayed that it might be too complicated. ‘Menu not so easy.’ She said to herself.

Soon she discovered that the screen would swivel so that she could look at the image she would capture. ‘Ah, yes!’ she cried, ‘Now just need to turn on camera.’ It took another ten exasperating minutes of pressing buttons before the screen came alive, the lens was directed Bayan Escort at the bed and Anna found herself looking at an image of the sex-toys strewn on

‘Yes! I photo the toys!’ She exclaimed. Looking once more at the instructions, Anna pressed the illustrated button and was delighted with the instant flash and way the dildo’s were now a frozen image on the screen. ‘Now I photo my knicker.’

She lifted her skirt and lay back spreading her legs. Angling the camera and adjusting the screen Anna took the first picture of her knickers, the base of the dildo forming a lump in the crotch. Next she pulled her knickers aside and photographed her gaping wet fanny with her glistening labia sucking on the dildo. She was feeling so hot and so full of lust that she couldn’t prevent herself from pulling back her prepuce and fingering her engorged clit. She let out a deep sigh of pleasure. She put the phone down and took hold of the dildo and slowly began to pump it back and forth giving herself a slow fuck. She stopped and withdrew it and held it up to inspect it. It was covered in her thick milky cream. Hungrily, she sucked it into her mouth tasting the ambrosia of her own sex juice and remembering again how sweet Jenny’s vagina had tasted.

She reached out and picked up the larger, cock sized toy. This time she just pushed her knickers down so they were tightly stretched between her thighs and rested the dildo on the taught gusset. She took three or four more photos, knickers up, knickers down, knickers pulled over, dildo in and dildo out.

Her cunt was throbbing, and her heart beat had quickened, her nipples hard like bullets straining against the fabric of her sweater.

She didn’t want to cum yet, she wanted a climax after she had sent some of the pictures to Alan, hoping that the photographs would prompt him to take his cock out and play with it.

After another ten minutes Anna had it figured out, how to text and attach picture files. She was delighted to find that the camera had a ten second timer. She would do more pictures of fucking herself with the toys later, hands free! She installed Alan and Jenny’s numbers into the memory. Then she composed a short text; Hi, I’m showing my knicker – and am doing my pussy with toys! I am having cum soon.

She selected send and felt a further thrill at the thought of her dirty picture flying through the air. She composed another brief text; Knicker to the side with dildo in cunt. She pressed send again and felt her clitoris throbbing, it was intoxicating.

A few moments later the phone rang, it was Alan.

‘Fantastic pictures Anna!’

‘Alan! Good, you like it?’

‘Very much, I can use it in the film, have you done anymore?’

‘Yes, I got toys to play with my pussy.’

‘Lovely Anna, when we’ve finished talking send me some more.’

‘Is your cock excited?’ She laughed.

‘I’ve got my cock in my hand Anna, looking at your knickers and your pussy.’

‘I bought special toy, glass cock with dagger handle, like little sword.’

Anna heard Alan’s sharp intake of breath. ‘You like that?’ She asked.

‘Fuck yes, I like it – fuck yourself with it now.’

‘Wait, I put it in, it is still in wrapping.’ She heard his laughter.

Anna tore at the box, breaking the plastic cover. She grasped the handle and pulled it free, it felt weighty in her grip. The glass was smooth and luminescent; the cock-head looked so inviting, thick and bulbous, Escort shining in the afternoon sun. She pulled the rubber cock out of her cunt and threw it on the bed and picked up the phone.

‘I got it, I put it in now.’

‘Yes baby, get that thing up your pussy.’

Anna introduced the tip of the dildo to her vagina, but she felt resistance of the glass sticking to her long, thick labia.

‘Please wait Alan; I must use lubricant for my pussy.’

‘Oh fuck Anna, just do it! Get that glass in your cunt!’

‘Are you playing with your cock?’

‘Oh yeah, Anna, I’m wanking it!’

‘I wish you were here for me so I am having suck your cock.’

‘Oh, fucking Jesus, Anna!’

‘You make spunky?’

‘Oh fuck!’

‘Send me spunky picture please.’

‘Oh Anna, fuck, you are such a fucking turn on!’

‘I like it.’

‘Please Anna, get that dildo in!’

‘Does that cock feel like my clit? All ready for firework?’

Alan was beside himself, Anna was doing the best phone sex ever. He had started out wanking slowly but now he was pumping his dick furiously, edging his way inevitably to a fairly quick climax and he knew that for all his experience he couldn’t hold off.

‘What are you doing?’ He breathed into the phone.

‘I am on bed, knicker down, squatting on dildo.’

‘Oh fuck!’

‘I am having fingering my clit.’

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake!’

‘My knickers very dirty.’

Anna cradled the phone between shoulder and ear and reached down, both hands free, and squatted lower, taking the last five inches of the glass cock all the way to the hilt.

‘It is now all inside, I play with my clit,’ she whispered.

‘Fuck, I’m gonna cum!’ Alan breathed hoarsely into his phone

‘Me too, soon.’ Said Anna, pinching and pulling on her clit.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck yes!’ She heard Alan cry.

Alan’s leg muscles stiffened as he arched his pelvis out of the chair and a string of spunk flew high into the air. ‘I’m cumming Anna, I’m cumming!’

‘Yes, spunky! Do spunky for me, make spunky picture now.’

Anna bounced up and down on the glass shaft, riding it for all her worth.

Alan blew another pearly string of cum, this time over his right trouser-leg.

‘I want it suck my clit Alan – I want it finger and fuck my cunt please, I want it lick Jenny’s pussy!’

Alan spunked again and he felt so fucking hot. He lay back in his chair and relaxed into bliss. This girl blew all the rest away.

Anna now collapsed onto her back, gripping the handle of the glass tool and fucking herself hard. She played with her clit with her free left hand, doing it this way and that, pinching it, rubbing it gently with just one finger, circling it with two. At one point she tried to get a couple of fingers in her cunt but the thickness of the glass rod prevented her. She settled for ramming a finger up her anus, juiced up with the lube and her own fanny cream. She continued to finger herself this way, the glass in her cunt and her finger up her arse. She let go of the handle of the dildo and worked herself into heaven, cunt full, anus fingered, along with the sensational way she was massaging her clitoris.

Alan, having composed himself, heard Anna’s muffled moans of sexual ecstacy.

‘Oooh, fuck, yes, I need cock. Yes please God give me cock – Oh, oh, oh, yes please, oh yes, suck my clitty – Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh, ah haaaa, ahaaaaa, Ohhhhh, unh hu, Aaaaaaah, yes Ahhhhhhhhhh!. Now she was screaming, ‘Fuck me, yes fuck me, yes fuck me, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh baby, fucking yes, Ahwow, ahwow, ahwow, uugh, Ugggggggggggggh!

Anna drove the glass dildo deep inside and collapsed back, sated in pleasure.

To be continued…

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