Later Discovery Ch. 03


After that first day and night, Phyllis and Mark have spent all their free time together. His home has been over 20 miles from hers; say 40 minutes driving. She has visited his place and they’ve stayed in nice hotels some weekends.

The theme of their friendship, and the centre of their excitement has been her firm and controlling underwear; and her tan nylon stockings. Girdles, the firmer the better. Black or white; no other colours seem to please them. Mark has dressed her for their times together, often taking girdles, stockings and bras from her cupboard and drawers; but also he has bought her new ones that she has enjoyed.

Phyllis has been happy with his ability to please her and his apparent happiness to be with her.

They have become a truly sexual couple and their age-difference has not once presented any difficulty.

After a few weeks together came their second progress-point. In fact, it marked another fantasy for Phyllis, dating from her earliest times when she desired to try every sensation for pleasure.

One evening, Mark was playing on her girdled body. He ran his hands over her figure and especially down her legs, contained in their fully-fashioned nylons; and attached firmly to the six suspenders.

He kissed her throat, her breasts through the long bra; he moved down to her waist and kissed her girdle, all along the bones over her tummy and so down to the bottom edge. Holding onto her figure, he moved his mouth to her clitoris and started the rhythm she always enjoyed so much. Her orgasm began in the distance, slowly creeping through her body from her breasts towards her groin.

But then Mark did something new. He was lying on her left side, and slowly he pressed the middle finger of his left hand into her wet vagina and moved it around before shifting it to her anus. Just as slowly he pressed his now-slippery finger into her bottom. Phyllis was partly startled by this development but also intrigued and pleased. It was something she’d always wanted her useless husband to do; just to feel the sensation and see what it was like. Now she knew and she liked it.

Mark liked it as well, and was pleased to feel the contents of her bowels. Hard, warm poop pressing on his finger-end. All his life he’d wanted a women who would take this pleasure while he felt at her excrement.

Then he opened out his hand and cupped her buttocks in his palm and fingers, while keeping his middle finger deep inside her rectum. He pressed his thumb into her vagina and she was completely held in his hand. He continued his licking rhythm on her clitoris. The sensations were overwhelming.

Phyllis had a flashing thought in the midst of her rising pleasure, “This is it. This is what it feels like to be filled back and front. I always wondered.”

And then her orgasm burst over her like a wave crashing on the seashore, with a new force and duration. It seemed to go on for ever and she just wanted him to stay resting his head on the bottom edge of the girdle, his mouth now nibbling her stocking-top and with his fingers still deep inside her bowels and vagina.

Mark, the clever lover that he was, sensed all this and stayed still with his hand under and inside her; until her spasm passed. As she subsided and relaxed, he withdrew his fingers, wrapping them in his own fist to hide any waste that had attached to it. Phyllis moaned contentedly and turned her head to one side, to rest on the pillow. Mark got off the bed, went to the wash basin and cleaned his hands carefully. He picked up the little hand towel from the rail on the wall.

Returning to the bed and lying next to Phyllis, he pressed the towel under her bottom and quickly wiped her, in case there was anything left of his ministrations.

When she seemed clean, he took hold again of her girdled figure and moved his hands down to her thighs. She opened her legs further and he gently lifted himself onto her, and entered her for his own pleasure. As he moved in and out of her, she looked up into his face, smiled and whispered,

“Do anything you want with me. You make me so happy.”

He came explosively in her and they collapsed together, for a short time, that is; before continuing their pleasures.

+ + + + +

The anal features of Phyllis’ discoveries evolved well. After only a few days, Mark produced Bostancı escort a set of graded butt plugs and introduced her to the first size. During their lovemaking one evening, he lifted it secretly from under the pillow, moistened it in his mouth and then slipped it into her.

In the middle of her other sensations, Phyllis became aware of the new intrusion. Not the feel of the usual finger. This was cool and more rigid. She opened her eyes and made a little sound of query, “Mmm?”

“Relax Phil and see if it gives you nice feelings,” he urged her; and so she did.

In fact, it was less than satisfying. Phyllis couldn’t work out why at first, but then realized the object was too small, too narrow.

Afterwards, she asked him, “Show me what it is.”

It was about 5-inches long and ¾-inch across, with narrower neck and a flat base about 2-inches across.

“Are there bigger ones?” she asked him and he showed her the entire set of five plugs.

“Hmm,” she pondered as she fingered them and weighed them in her hand, “I’d like to try that one some time.”

She gave him the third plug in the set; it was about 1½-inches across and 6-inches long.

“Are you sure? It’s much wider,” he cautioned her.

“I’d like to feel it definitely, pushing me a little and stretching me. Yes?” she asked of him.

And that is how it started.

Their later conversations led them to use bigger plugs in the set. Within a month, Phyllis was accepting in her anus a love-plug that was 2½-inches diameter and 7-inches in length; every time they made love.

For both of them, this development gave additional sensations and new pleasures.

For Phyllis, the slow insertion of the plug became part of her preparation for orgasm. Always she insisted that Mark should do it for her before dressing in her firmest girdle, her nylons and the long bra.

She then walked slowly to the bed, feeling the pressure inside her and the flat base pressing against her labia as she moved.

In bed, with Mark performing his “pleasure miracles” on her, she could feel the swelling inside her body. And then the overwhelming pleasure of his erection pressing against the plug through the thin membrane separating her two openings.

For Mark, the extra sensation was the hard plug pressing against him in his movements. The more vigorous his plunging, the harder it seemed to be and the greater pleasure he got from knowing as well as feeling it inside her; almost alongside his penis.

+ + + + +

After they had been together and taking pleasure for another month, Mark made a suggestion to Phyllis and backed it up with a purchase.

“I got something for you to wear. Would you wear this for me?” he asked quietly one day when they were looking through her collection of underwear.

“What is it?” she asked, and he presented her with a wrapped parcel.

Phyllis felt at it and noticed its weight. It clearly was not a woollen cardigan or a pair of jeans.

“Anyway,” she thought to herself, “he wouldn’t want me in jeans, surely.”

She unwrapped the parcel and found it contained a white satin corset. Not like her usual girdles, but a rigid boned and laced corset; like those she’d seen advertised in women’s magazines as a girl. And sometimes on period films, when saloon-girls or burlesque dancers had tried to look the part of an old-time mistress.

She spread it out on her lap and Mark reached over to touch it with her. It looked so smooth and innocent with its white satin cover-fabric. Then they ran their fingers over the bones and over the stiff busk fastening, with its row of pins and clips.

Phyllis turned it over and they saw the laces, like flat shoe laces, running through twenty-six pairs of eyelets down the back. At the bottom edge were six adjustable suspenders, broader than any on her girdles. Maybe they were 1¼ inch wide.

And they noticed that it was made with multiple layers of fabric. The inner layer, next to her skin, would be a strong cotton fabric. Later, they would learn that it was called coutil.

She looked into his eyes and asked, “I’ve never had anything like this. Will it fit me? How do we know?”

“I checked in the shop with your measurements and it should reduce your waist a little,” he explained, “When shall we try it?”

“Now. Anadolu Yakası Escort Let’s put it on me now,” she was intrigued and her eyes sparkled over an anticipated new experience with this man she had learned to trust and enjoy.

She undid the stockings from her girdle and unzipped it. After peeling it down and removing it, she stood before him in her stockings, panties and bra. Mark wrapped the corset round her but they found that they back lacing needed to be let out. It was her first lesson in corseting but she could tell it was not his first time.

When the lace was open sufficiently, he wrapped it around her again and clipped the front busk, and its six pins and clips. At that stage, the back lacing was very loose and the suspenders stuck out loosely. It was not elegant at this point and they smiled at each other.

Going round her back, Mark began to pull the laces through the eyelets. From the bottom to her waist; then from the top down to her waist, which created two loops of lace at that point.

“Is that feeling OK?” he asked.

“I can’t feel it. It seems loose. Does it go tighter, a little?” she encouraged him.

Mark recommenced the lacing from bottom and top edges, and soon the corset was clearly pressing on her figure. The gap at the back was about two-inches at top and bottom edges but at least five-inches at her waist. Mark knew what he would have to do, and decided to get her involved in the process.

“How does that feel? It’s open quite a lot at your waist,” he told her.

“Well, make it closer then, until I tell you,” she replied, still intrigued at the feeling and the new sensations on her skin.

Mark crossed over the two loops and exerted a leverage on the gap at her waist, so that it slowly reduced by a fraction at each pull.

“Stop now,” she said, and he did so. The gap was the same at top and bottom edges; about 2 inches. But the waist gap was now reduced to about three-inches.

“There’s a little further to go but let’s see how that feels for now,” he suggested, and drew the laces into a bow at the back.

He kneeled in front of her and connected her stockings, adjusting the broad suspenders until her nylons were taut and elegant again.

The corset didn’t reach as far down her body as her girdles. The bottom edge was just below the widest part of her hips; across her groin; just above the mound with its slight covering of curly hair; not holding her bottom at all which girdles always had done.

He pulled up her panties as high as they could fit, over the bottom edge of the corset and into her now-reduced waist. He walked around her, and she twirled for him to see her from all angles.

“It looks wonderful,” he said, “you look amazing.”

Phyllis felt at herself and was surprised to feel new shaping to her hips and waist. The corset was not overly tight, although she could feel it pressing on her more than any girdle. Most surprising was the shelf formed by her hips below her reduced waist. She pressed her fingers and thumbs into her waist and then smoothed down over the hips to feel the difference.

Then she pressed on her stomach and down to her groin; she was perfectly straight and rigid because of the steel busk fastener and the bones either side of it.

Then she made the obvious move and reached round to feel the opening at the laces. Immediately, she realised that the gap at her waist was bulging.

“Why is it open,” she asked him, “what size is it?”

“What is your waist measurement in your girdle?” he responded.

“I get them at 28-inches and I suppose they fit me like that,” she said.

“Well, this corset is made to 24-inches and it is open about 3-inches right now,” he told her, “so you are about 27-inches now. Not much pressure, is it?” he asked hoping for her to suggest a reduction. She obliged without knowing his hope.

“Take it in a little more,” she suggested and he did so, by one more inch or so.

“There. Your waist is reduced by about 2-inches. How does it feel?” he enquired.

“Feels nice. How does it look?” she faced him with bright eyes.

“Very VERY beautiful. You are beautiful. It makes you such a lovely figure. You are special,” he took hold of her waist and kissed her gently, “Will you be all right to lie down, Kadıköy Escort do you think?”

“Hmm. I think so. Come on,” and she led him towards the bed.

In her head, she knew already that he wanted to hold and handle her.

And she wanted it also, to see what it would be like.

For both of them, their sex and their talk that night was different and more confident.

For Phyllis, the new sensations of rigidity, smoothness and immobility enhanced the feeling she got from her hand on her clitoris and labia. She ran her hands over the hard corset bones and the smooth fabric; even harder ad smoother than her usual girdles. She felt again at her hard reduced waist and the shelf of her hips. It was exciting and hypnotic.

Her orgasm came quickly and with greater impact than for some days and weeks.

For Mark, the sensations were a new and enhanced mixture through his hands and his skin. He handled her waist and her ribs, held as they were rigidly and shaped.

He kissed her from her forehead to her knees including over her breasts, corseted figure and her stocking-tops.

As he entered her a short time later he was conscious of two new feelings. First, a slight extra tightness inside her vagina which he supposed was a little pressure from the corset on her belly. Second, a new immobility in her body; she didn’t move around so much as usual. She couldn’t; the corset was holding her straight on the bed with a different response as he pushed in and pulled out of her wet vagina.

He always came easily when making love to Phyllis but this time his climax and ejaculation was also more definite; like her pleasure had been.

They smiled at each other and both of them knew that a fresh chapter had opened in their loving relationship. From now, corsetry was to be central to their times together.

In fact, for Phyllis, it signalled a need for a new underwear collection.

“I like this corset very much,” she told Mark, “I think I’ll wear it to work sometime.”

“And I’ll get some more for you when this one is comfy and fitted nicely on you,” he replied.

“Yes please,” she held him and kissed him passionately.

Of course, it was only a matter of a short time until they combined all the discoveries they had made together. A typical evening or weekend together would start with undressing Phyllis from her girdle or corset of the day. She would shower or bathe quickly, and lie on the bed for Mark to insert the biggest plug she could take in her bottom. Strangely, sometimes she could accept a bigger plug than at other times. But they accepted that variability and she always encouraged him to insert the biggest possible on that occasion.

All the time that Mark was slowly pressing the plug into her, he would play on her labia and between her legs with his tongue. She would hold his head and press him into the location she wanted him to stimulate. They were careful not to bring her to orgasm too soon and she would pull his head back a little if she felt it approaching. And so the plug would slowly but inexorably press her sphincter outwards, and then move into the tissues of her rectum; until it suddenly would pop through into place. Phyllis always found this exhilarating and would utter the same little cry, “Aaahh” as it slid fully into place.

Then came the fitting of the corset. Phyllis was helped to stand, feeling all the time the stiffness and swelling of the plug backwards against her bowels and forwards against her cervix. As she walked, the familiar sensation returned and she needed to prevent the orgasm from returning.

Mark would fit the corset round her and lace it until it was tight on her but not closed. The stockings were attached and the lacing tightened a little more. Then the long bra that they always liked for their loving-times together. As soon as the bra was in place, the laces were tightened some more. As soon as she walked to the bed, only a few yards, came another tightening. And so it went on, every few minutes, until she was totally laced down to the waist measurement of the corset.

Phyllis could feel every sensation she had used in fantasy throughout most of her adult life. She felt full in her rectum, tight in her waist, smooth and shiny along her legs inside the stockings, the pull of the suspenders; and now she was ready to accept this man and his tongue and his lips and his penis. Whenever and whatever he wanted.

“I wonder where we’ll go next?” she asked herself as she slipped into her excitement and the oblivion from Mark’s activity on her body and the thunderous orgasm that came soon.

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