Lindsey’s Beautiful Feet Ch. 01-03


I thought I’d share a story or two about a girl I knew and experienced when I was in my late teens. Lindsey was an old friend of mines girlfriend/future wife whom I was also very matey with. She was extremely down to earth and a fun to be around kinda girl who was about 5′ 7″ slim with long mousey blonde hair.

My friends and I often used to get together round each others houses to smoke some puff and listen to music/watch movies till the early hours of the morning and that is where the fun and new novel friendship between Lindsey and me began. She used often used to sit there wit her sexy bare feet on display and being young with a growing penchant for female feet I couldn’t help but watch her out the corner of my eye flex and move her beautiful feet around.

As time went on I noticed she would often sit next to me with her feet tucked up in between us and play with them or if I was sat on the floor she would sit in a chair next to me with her legs crossed rocking and flexing her sexy feet right next to my face, all I could think about was sucking on her cute little toes and soles. I sort of had a clue that she knew I was transfixed with her feet by the way that when we were in the same room and we made eye contact she’d smile at me whilst slowly wriggling her sexy painted toes or slowly rub one foot with the other. Even so I did my best to keep my fascination as discreet as possible.

One night whilst round my friends house it was my turn to make the teas and coffees so I went to the kitchen to ‘make a round’ and see Lindsey had followed me out to help. Whilst making the drinks she whispered to me “do my feet turn you on then?” Realising I been caught out I panicked and tried to pretend to not know what she ment and try and dig myself out of the hole I’d just dropped into but she interrupted my stream of stammering bullshit by saying “don’t worry it’s cool and I won’t tell if you don’t” with a big grin on her face. I was kind of upset and levelled with her and told her I felt ashamed and such a bastard to be secretly perving over one of my mates girlfriends which she tried to reassure me that it cool but after making the drinks I made my excuses to my mates and went home early.

After that night i decided that things had gotten a little out of hand and some time away from my friends was what was needed. This didn’t last long as a couple of days later my mate and Lindsey turned up unexpectedly for a coffee, a couple of joints and a ‘catch-up’. Whilst the three of us were about to sit down I couldn’t help but notice that although she was wearing jeans and her well worn trainers I also noticed her ankles were clad in dark sheer nylon. My cock instantly was half hard at the prospect of seeing those hot nylon clad feet and sure enough once we had settled down in front of the TV with a drink and a spliff she kicked off her trainers and started to show off her feet to me in her own discreet and innocent way. I sat there trying my best to conceal the raging hard-on I had whilst being mesmerised by those cute gorgeous feet of hers. As time passed my mate got up and went to the toilet, as soon as he’d left the room she beckoned me to come over quickly to her. I reluctantly approached her with a throbbing bulge in the front of jeans she reclined and raised one of her beautiful feet towards my face, I lost control of myself and pressed my mouth and nose against the bottom of her toes and gave it a couple of long slow kisses noticing as well how sexy her foot smelled. I looked up to see she had a cheeky evil little grin on her face. I then felt her other foot start to rub my painfully throbbing cock and balls, I was so ashamedly aroused I came instantly in my trousers and had to quickly sit back down before my mate caught me with a face and groin full of his girlfriends feet. Although I spent the rest of the evening trying to act normal but with her constantly showing off and teasing me visually with her feet and the inside of my jeans leg coated in spunk I’d just enjoyed my first of many naughty encounters with Lindsey.

The next next encounter with Lindsey happened about a week later when she turned up alone, unannounced Bostancı escort and in her uniform (she worked for a well known supermarket). Surprised and a bit wary I invited her in, put the kettle on and asked her if there was a reason for this unexpected visit. Her reply was because her “feet ached and I knew you’d be sweet and massage them for me Hun”. Even in just her uniform she looked sexy wearing her tan coloured tights and sensible shoes. I was going to ask her if my mate knew she was here but with the thought that I’d soon be playing games her pretty feet, my dick became hard and the pangs of guilt soon took a back seat.

She asked me to take the tea into the front room whilst she went to the toilet. When she came back I noticed that she was no longer wearing her tights or shoes, Seeing this she smiled and asked if I fancied a joint together and picked up my small ‘goodies’ box from the top of my tv. Lindsey the sat next to me and plonked her super-sexy feet in my lap and began to roll a spliff. I’d never given a foot rub before but I’d often seen it done and picked up one of her sexy feet and started to mimic what I knew. Lindsey’s foot was soft, warm and the sexy smell instantly filled my nostrils, this heady combination made my cock throb and my balls ache. My maverick massage must of been okay because she groaned and in low sexy voice said “that feel good Hun” and was squirming slightly in her seat.

I sat there massaging her gorgeous foot whilst she took long drags from the joint when she then lent forward and put the spliff between her big and second toes, with a wickedly sexy grin in her face she raised her foot to my face. Before taking a drags from the spliff between her beautiful toes I started at her heel and kissed my way slowly up the sole, inhaling the hot sexy scent from her perfectly sexy foot. She gasped and softly moaned whilst I orally explored her sexy foot. I eventually reached her toes and took a long drag off the joint whilst she giggled and sighed heavily. In between drags I kept up massaging the other foot whilst slowly sucking her toes and gently biting/sucking on her soles without trying not to have another accident in my jeans again. By now the mix of cannabis and her sexy feet was having its desired effect on both of us and it seemed she was just as horny as i was.

Taking the spliff from between her toes she placed it back in her mouth and stood up and walked over to an armchair and lifted her skirt up around her waist and laid back in the chair with her legs spread open and over the arms of the chair. The sight of Lindsey in this position had my hard cock leaking precum and I’d hadn’t even touched it yet. She reached down and slowly spread her pussy lips open revealing her pink glistening wet and shiney with juices which had appeared to have run down and coated her anus making that glisten too. She stuck one of her sexy little tootsies out at me and wriggled her toes, knowing what she wanted I took my place in front of her and began to kiss and lick the underside of her toes which still smelt deliciously sexy. Whilst I was orally pleasing her feet I watched as Lindsey with her eyes shut was softly moaning as she played with her soaking wet pussy. I wanted to lick her pussy too so I started to kiss my way up her ankle and the inside of leg before she moaned loudly, stopped me and whispered “no sorry Hun, you know that belongs to Bobsy”. Frustrated but fully understanding I retreated back down her leg to service her gorgeous foot whilst she returned to playing with her wet horny pussy.

It seemed like I had been perving on her feet for ages before she stopped playing and announced she needed to be getting home. I could have spent hours at her feet watching her play and she knew I was disappointed at ending it there and not being allowed to eat her pussy. She smiled and said as she put her tights and knickers back on that we’d have to do this again sometime soon which I was more than ready for. I see her to the front door to say ‘goodbye’ and ‘thanks’ when she turned round and offered the fingers she’d had played with her pussy with to my nose and mouth which I slowly enveloped Anadolu Yakası Escort with my mouth and sucked slowly on tasting her hot pretty pink sex. I then felt her other hand gently grab the bulge in the front of my jeans and began to rub and squeeze. Again this was all too much for me and again I shot another load of hot spunk in my jeans. She stopped, hugged me tightly and kissed me before leaving me standing there with another wet leg.

About a month and half passed since Lindsey and me had shared that mind-blowing but short liaison. Although we’d spent time together it had been with the company of our friends. That still didn’t stop her knowingly teasing me with her beautiful feet. On one occasion she wore a very short black skirt without any knickers on and spend the best part of that night flashing her hot pussy and sexy bare feet when she could without making it blatantly obvious, whilst I sat there stunned and horny.

One night whilst making tea and coffee for everyone, we talk about this little situation between us. I told her how amazingly sexy I found her and how much I loved being teased as well as playing and sucking on her sexy feet. I also reminded her how much I wanted to eat her pussy and she said she would let me but reminded me that it was for her boyfriend only. This was frustrating but I told Lindsey how thankful I was for what she had given me and how much I wanted to have another ‘one on one’ with her. She winked/smiled and explained that my mate had a works party to go to next tuesday and she may pop round for a little fun. At this news my dick became instantly hard much to her amusement.

Before that Tuesday she phoned and confirmed that she’d be round for some fun and I could only wonder and fantasise about what would occur.

That Tuesday night I sat listening to music whilst smoking a joint, waiting for her to arrive wondering what Lindsey would be wearing. I didn’t have to wonder for too long when I heard a knock at the door and there she stood with her handbag wearing just a pair of tight black Lycra shorts, a tight vest and her worn in trainers. I invited her in and she gave me big hug, as we embraced I noticed she wasn’t wearing perfume and her natural scent filled my nostrils making me even hornier than I was. I passed her the joint I was smoking and went to the front room, she sat in the armchair with both her feet dangled over one side and I watched her slowly puff away on the spliff while she lifted one of her trainer clad feet towards me. She grin and said “take it off Hun there’s a little surprise under therefor you”

As I slowly slid off her trainer I noticed much to my growing arousal that she was wearing a sheer dark coloured nylon pop-sock. Her foot looked so very sexy with it on and I think she could tell how much this turned me on by the stupid glazed expression on my face. I knelt down next to the chair as she kicked off her other trainer and placed her sexy feet against my nose and mouth, in doing so I noticed that her feet smelled a lot stronger that the previous two encounters but nonetheless I was smitten and began the long slow kisses up and down each nylon clad sole and underneath each of her cute toes that we both enjoyed. I looked up to see she had a her eyes closed with a smile on her pretty face with one hand down the front of shorts playing with that hot wet pussy of hers, Lindsey noticed I’d stopped playing with her feet and was watching her masturbate. With a cute giggle and a big sigh she again pressed her feet against my face and purred “are they stinky hun?” I nodded dumbly and went back to work on her cute smelling tootsies again this time slowly peeling her pop-socks off her feet one at a time before taking a sexy toe in my mouth and sucking hard and slow on it then slowly kissing down and up her sole before sucking the next one. Judging by the moans and gasps that she made whilst she played with her pussy and I worked on her feet, this was getting her off in a big way.

Lindsey sat in the chair, her hair was all over the place and she looked hot and sticky. She re-lit the joint that had gone out and started to Kadıköy Escort puff on it again. I had the raging horn and wanted to try again to get her to let me eat her pussy (a previous attempt had resulted in her saying ‘no’ her pussy was only for my mate) and started to kiss my way up the inside of her sexy legs. She again stopped me and reminded me of who her pussy was for, but then she began to slide off her lycra shorts and adjusted herself in the chair so her cute little bum hung off the edge of the chair and then spread her long beautiful legs wide open.

My face was inches from her wet pink pussy and tight little anus and her hot sexy scent had me nearly cumming in my jeans again. She then gently guided my face against her hot sex so my nose was pressed against her wet pussy and whilst she gently stroked my head I inhaled her beautiful scent. She whispered “Is that nice Hun?Do you like the smell of my hot pussy?” To which all I could do was again nod dumbly but fight the almighty urge to lick her hot wet pussy, we laid like this for a while and she then push my head further down so my nose was pressed against her tight little anus. She again whispered to me “do you like the smell of my bumhole too Hun?” As I inhaled the hot raunchy scent from between her spread cheeks she had started to play with her pussy again whilst softly moaning. I took the plunge and started to gently kiss around her anus before starting to flick my tongue around it, Lindsey began to buck up and down and in between moans she said “that’s it! Lick and suck my little bumhole Hun!”. I followed her instructions and started to lap, kiss and suck at her tight little anus slowly whilst she repeated let out a loud giggly-moan.

Lindsey pushed my face away from her hot sexy bum, sat up and pulled off her top leaving her completely naked. “I’m going to give you a reward for being such a naughty boy with you tongue Hun”she said as she ran the tips of her fingers over the throbbing bulge in my jeans before squeezing slowly making me gasp from a mixture of pain and pleasure. Lindsey patted the armchair and told me to sit, as I sat down she got on top facing me and hugged my head gently so my face was pressed into her small but beautiful titties. She also lowered her crotch on to my crotch and began to grind and rub her pussy slowly against my painfully hard dick in my jeans. I was in heaven as I could feel the warmth from her pussy against my crotch I began to kiss her titties before sucking one of her puffy nipples into my mouth. Lindsey gasped and moaned loudly as she began to dry hump me harder and faster, she then put her mouth to my ear and whispered sexily “That feels nice Hun! I so wish you could fuck me Hun whilst sucking my toes and soles”. I was at my tipping point and I had to stop her and stood up before I cum in my jeans yet again, Lindsey gave me a sympathetic look, put her pop-socks and trainers back on and led me by the hand to the bathroom.

She ushered me to stand in front of the sink and stood behind me, I felt her press her warm athletic body into mine as she reached around and undone the front of my jeans. My hard cock instantly sprung out much to her amusement and she gave it a few playful slaps then with one hand she began to stroke my hard dick very slowly whilst with the other hand slowly squeezed my balls too, lots of pre-cum instantly started to leak from me and ran down the back of her hand. Lindsey kept me hovering around a massive orgasm for ages but never did let me cum properly whilst she expertly stroked my cock. After washing my leaky mess from her hands she announced she’d must be going as her boyfriend might come home early and wonder where she is. I begged her to stay for more fun but eventually I relented but before she left Lindsey hinted she may pop back towards the end of the week and this time she may bring a girlfriend from work……

Even whilst at work, home or round at a mates I couldn’t get the other night with Lindsey out of my head or the prospect of her and her girlfriend turning up for some nasty fun. On the Thursday afternoon I got a call from Lindsey telling me she would be round after work and she was bringing Stacey along too, I asked Lindsey if Stacey knew about what we’d been up to and she apparently told her everything and Stacey couldn’t wait to meet me! My dick was once again hard as rock at the thought of not just playing with one but two beautiful ladies at the same time!

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