Loaned Out


Yesterday Lady Valerie loaned me out to her friend. Terrified beyond belief, I drove to a large hotel, rode the elevator up to a large suite and ordered to undo my pants and prove I was wearing panties at the door. I was scared about being scene in the hall worse the humiliation was turning me on so much my clit got hard. Lady Valerie had taken my chastity off earlier so I could not control it. I didn’t know why Lady had done it but I knew at that moment.

Lady Valerie’s friend “ma’am” was now holding the chastity device in her hand.

Ma’am then ordered me to put it on, I went to step into the room and she stopped me telling me to put the device on there in the hallway. I balked and hesitated begging her not to make me do this here. As Lady Valerie always puts on my chastity I’m not good at it and I was so ashamed. Ma’am squelched all of that with one sentence. ” you don’t have to do this you can pull up your pants and walk away right now, this doesn’t have to happen you can head right home to Lady Valerie and explain to her why you aren’t in chastity and home early.”

I locked the device so fast I actually hurt my little hardening clit. Ma’am made me crawl into the room leading me to the bathroom. She asked if I ever had a enema before. I said no a smile crept across her face as Ma’am told me “strip and assume the slut position in front of the toilet.” (ass up face down back arched) I quickly stripped and got into position. Ma’am was suddenly quiet everything was quiet the only thing I could hear was Bostancı escort my breathing. Then I felt the cold against my puckered asshole. She pushed some kind of probe into me, I sadly moaned like a little girl. the next thing I heard was a click and then I felt my body filling up. it felt like it was trickling down my stomach. amazing the things your mind will tell you.

Now as I filled up taking the bag Ma’am reached down and checked my sissy clit and remarked how fast it started leaking. i told her “I’m sorry Ma’am i can’t stop it i haven’t come in a month. It always leak when sissy is excited.”

Ma’am laughed locked off the enema and told me to empty myself out into the toilet. As I stood all the water moved making my clit ache and leak more. as i moved to the potty i asked Ma’am to excuse me. She slapped my face so hard I cried and told me this was her suite not mine she would be where she wanted. I was to do my business. i quickly and quietly sat down and emptied myself while she watched my poor clit went insane leaking and twitching I was so turned on it caused me to shudder constantly in front of Ma’am she laughed at me. When i was done we repeated the enema 2 more times until she was satisfied i was clean.

Then I was dragged to the bed. Where she took off her spaghetti strap top and bra putting them on me. Then lifted her skirt exposing a large odd shaped dildo. Ma’am smacked my face and told me to suck her cock until it came down my throat.

Before i could Ma’am started Anadolu Yakası Escort throat fucking me as she told me to get used to her toy its from bad dragon and she had a lot here. I later found they were all Dog cocks. Lady Valerie and Ma’am thought I should learn what “knotting” is.

As Ma’am fucked my face she pushed a valve on the cock and it started leaking out cum shooting its load in my mouth and on my face. At that point Ma’am stopped long enough to take a pic on her phone of my cum covered face and the cock in my mouth and send it to Lady Valerie.

Satisfied my mouth had been raped enough Ma’am stood me up slid a school girl skirt up my legs and told she only fucked girls.

Ma’am lubed her fingers and started fingering my pussy roughly trying to fit her whole hand in. when I screeched like I was dying Ma’am finally stopped her finger assault and switched to prostate massager to milk me a bit. i started leaking instantly as she wiggled it in me. Ma’am told me to keep from making a mess she put a cup under my clit. When she was done it was half full. Now i thought i was finally going to be free of Ma’am. Was i wrong? Ma’am kept me in the slut position and cuffed my hands behind me leaving me while she set up. i couldn’t see what happened next but I felt it as Ma’am lubed up my ass pussy with my own milking and started to force her new cock into me. at that moment i wished it had been her hand again.

i felt a pop as she got the head of a very large toy into me Kadıköy Escort and started fucking hard. i was sure i was bleeding and dying all at the same time i felt full hot proud to handle it and 10 times more horny from the milking not releasing my frustration.

Then Ma’am leaned into me hard and I felt the dildo expanding as the knot hit my pussy. i screamed it won’t fit as she added lube hammering the knot into me i begged her to stop. That’s when the knot slid in and the pain stopped. It suddenly felt amazing and stretched. Ma’am slapped my ass and said good girl. Un hooking herself from the cock she left it in me.

i could see her walk around the room as she told me to lay on my back. Not to worry that cock won’t fall out now that the knot is locked into you.”

Ma’am came over with a glass of something and put it against my lips. I could smell it and knew what it was instantly i kept my mouth shut not wanting the cum in the glass in me.

Ma’am spoke “open your mouth cunt. This is your reward. It’s a real man’s cum my bull fucked Lady Valerie for an hour to give you this treat.”

i shook my head no for a second before Ma’am grabbed my balls squeezing them until I screamed. And she poured the glass of cum into me; chocking I swallowed it all down and glared at Ma’am.

Yet another mistake, Ma’am slapped my clit for the next 5 minutes teaching me respect and my place. I was then stood up un-cuffed. And told to get out. Not to fix anything. Just leave the hotel in women’s clothes cum on my face and dildo stuck in my ass. I limped out, leaking cum everywhere as i went. i love the abuse and humiliation

i rushed to my car and as I sat down I jumped up hitting my head. I now had to drive to Lady Valerie with a huge cock in my ass that wouldn’t let me sit down.

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