Locked up in Chastity


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

The goat perched anxiously on the edge of his bed, wanting even then, lips parted with a tiny gleam of moisture on them. It was strange, very strange, not something that he had tried before but the app-controlled chastity device held reverently in his paws looked more or less like any other one that he had worn before. It was not innocuous, not by a long shot, but Grayscale knew that it being able to be controlled by someone else, without even giving them a key or needing them to be in the local vicinity to him, was another kinky level of deviousness that would up the ante even more.

“Oh… To hell with it. Come on!”

He geed himself on the best he could, gulping hard, his ears flattening back down against his head, though they bumped into his small horns. Naked from head to cloven hoof in the privacy of his own home, he separated the device into two sections, groaning softly in the back of his throat as he lubed it up, slipping the part that went over his shaft into place. It was a snug fit but the lubricant helped at least a little, the second part fitting around his balls and then, softly and slowly, locking into place.

There was not even a click. It was deceptive and Grayscale’s heart fluttered anxiously, fumbling with it for a second, his phone chiming softly as the app synchronised. Maybe that was something that he should have checked first of all, before putting on the chastity device, but it was too late for that as he checked that he could unlock it from his phone. That was reassuring as it fit into place right where it belonged, the smooth, grey device blending seamlessly into his body, cool with metal but swiftly warming to the heat of his body. For it was there that it would stay until he decided, once again, to remove it.

He grunted, falling back on the bed, heat rushing and tingling to parts of his body that he rarely considered in such an erotic fashion. He was aware, seemingly, of every nerve-ending, how he tensed his muscles, thighs bulging slightly as he drove down into the heels of his cloven hooves. It was only a touch of sensation but it shifted the weight of the chastity cage on his shaft, a catch in Grayscale’s breath as he rolled his head back against the bed.

“Oh… Ohhh…”

It was tempting but he couldn’t take it off already, not when he had only just slipped it into place. And he had more things to do that day than to simply spend every last moment of Escort Bayan it in the bedroom.

He moaned, wriggling into clothes, though even that seemed more difficult with the device in place. His shaft tried to swell, tried to fit the space that had been offered to it, but he had to keep going, had to continue softly on with his day, more tentative in how he moved than before. There was something new in how it had to be gotten used to, the weight of it more symbolic than something that was going to stop him from actually moving around freely.

Chores. Shopping. He whimpered and squirmed all the way to the supermarket, shifting his weight constantly, eyes flitting back and forth as he stood behind a cart, breath lingering on his lips. Did they know? It was hard to imagine that all of those around him had absolutely no idea of what was going on with him, not when he felt it so viscerally, taking small, needy steps, trying not to jostle the weight around his shaft and balls too much. His crotch ached with the need to adjust himself into a more comfortable position but wearing a cage like that was not about being comfortable: it was about being restricted.

He felt it. The need came swiftly, submissive and heavy, drawing him down into a state that was almost sleepy, if not for the rampant horniness coursing through. Blood pulsed and pumped around his body but felt more restricted going to his crotch and where it was still needed, even if he could not swell, thicken up, firm up, give in to his desires when the cage was in place.

He couldn’t resist it the next day after work, which had been an experience in teasing distraction in itself. He was home and on the bed, a nice-sized dildo with a smooth length and slenderer tip (though not perfectly tapered) in his paw. With a hefty dose of lube, he leaned back against the pillows that he had piled up for his comfort, panting lightly, breath slipping over his lips at the same moment as the toy pushed up under his tail.

“Mmm… Oh…”

There were no words to be said when he was alone there, languishing in the tease of personal pleasure, taking time for himself that, sometimes, felt as if it was too difficult to glean. But that was okay as he lifted one leg a little more, a cloven hoof kicked up in the air, the bed bowing lightly under his slight weight. His cock tried to swell but there was simply nowhere for it to go as it filled the expanse of the chastity cage, whimpering and whining, his head falling back as the dildo eased deeper and deeper inside him.

It was just what he needed and a tease that stretched him, his cock trying to react even though his body was limited by the device. It restricted without changing anything about what was happening inside his body, leaving the goat huffing and puffing, twisting lightly back and Bayan Escort forth, humping and grinding on the toy more and more as his need grew. There was no holding himself back at such a moment and that was just why he needed the chastity cage to ensure that he was not able to push things too far, allowing his body to feel what could not be controlled.

He tried to climax but there was no drama about it when it was locked within him. Of course, Grayscale could have milked himself with the toy teasing sensually over his prostate, but that would not have been what he was going for. No, he needed that explosive burst of pounding orgasm, how it tore through him, made his heart beat race up into a frenzy, humping and grinding frantically, prey to anything but his own feral drive and instinct to cum.

“Mmmph… Oh, come on… Come on…”

He wanted it and yet he could not take it, whimpering, a touch of moisture at the corners of his eyes solely from the strain of it all. He wanted it, heart beat pounding so vehemently that it felt quite as if every beat was shaking the closed-up cavity of his chest. But his hips could not rock up hard enough to take the toy to such a point that he could push into a climax even with his cock caged, the flesh of his dick pushing out against the restrictive device where there was nowhere at all for it to go. It could try with all its might to swell and to grow but his body was no longer under his control, as much as he ached to unlock it already, to see what pleasures may be had if only he was free again.

Another day, he told himself, spent but not satisfied as he sprawled across the bed, fur matted, a goat very much in need of a shower. One more day… Then he would take it off and get some release.

That time could not come soon enough, checking the app on his phone for the “unlock” function, which was not as easy as he could find on the coming of the next morning. Grayscale frowned, scrolling through the menus again and again, even tapping “log out” on his smart phone, as if that could have been the secret key to getting out of the toy that was, at that point, a lot less fun than it had been when he’d begun.

“What’s wrong with this thing? Jeez…”

He gulped hard, shaking his head, phone pining with a new message. Without thinking, he welcomed the distraction, eyes immediately going to the screen and a number that he would soon be more familiar with than ever.

Can’t get it off, huh?

Grayscale froze. Who was that? How did they know that? Cold sweat trickled down his back, the lines of muscles darkening lightly where his body released the most heat.


Another message.

If you want to ever get that off again, you’ll do as I say.

Grayscale moaned, tipping forward, his head in his paws, rocking back and Escort forth. Still, his cock ached, needing release, his breath catching, whimpering under his breath.

No, no, no, no, no… He squeezed his eyes tightly closed against the reality of it all, his cock feeling more restrained than ever. It had all gone wrong, so terribly wrong — and he could not have even said why! His phone should have been secure! The app should have been secure! So, just how was it that someone had gotten hold of his details, gotten into the app, and even locked him out of it?


He hardly dared look. Did he dare?

The goat’s fingers trembled, phone clasped in their shaking hold.

Go to your door. There’s something special there for you.

He didn’t want to. But he had to. He tried, once again, tugging fruitlessly at the chastity cage, though it was no use. Grayscale grunted softly, peeking out his front door to find a small box on his step that had definitely not been there on his return home.

Trembling, he returned to his bedroom, dragging out his steps as if he could draw out the inevitable. What was inside could have been innocent if he had been alone and chosen it for himself but the pink, frilly pair of panties was designed to show off the chastity device — which was quite clearly shown by the lack of a front. Instead of a jockstrap that would leave his buttocks bare, his crotch was left bare, the chastity device easily visible through the hole when it was on the body of a fur.

Grayscale shivered. He didn’t want to check his phone for another message.

Put it on.

As if it would have been anything else.

He was already shirtless, so he didn’t have that side to worry about, slipping his shorts back down (he’d had to put something on to go to the door) and exposing his bare crotch. He squirmed in place, his need rising even though it was against his will, wondering if there was some way that the person on the other end of the phone, who now controlled his device, could see him there. They’d probably make their move when they had him even more under his control, for they held the fate of his cock in their paws, entirely without him expecting that such a thing could come to pass that day.

The panties slipped into place as if they were custom-made for him and he stood tall, unable to resist looking in the mirror, angling his hips back and forth to show off his figure. It could have been lovely, if not for his restriction, the epitome and picture of a slut on show.


The laptop turned on, Grayscale’s eyes wide, though it should not have been the most surprising thing to happen to him that day — at least not in the grand scheme of things. Open already to a cam site for streaming, an account had already been set up for him, the world shifting and turning, dragging him along with it as he reluctantly carried on.

You’ve got a show to put on, little goat.

Grayscale whimpered. So it seemed. But would they ever let him out of the chastity device ever again?

He wasn’t sure what he wanted more…

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