Love and Marriage


WARNING: I’m bent for black; that means that I’m straight except when it comes to black men. I guess with the limited terms available to us you could say that I’m bisexual. I don’t reject the label because I’m ashamed, I just don’t think “bisexual” does a very accurate job of telling the story. I a, turned on by all types of women; the only find black men attractive. I am still just as turned off by white men (or any other non-black man) as I was before interracial porn showed me that I’m not as straight as I thought I was. I don’t think that white men can’t have big dicks, I simply don’t find them attractive no matter the size; white, asian, latin, whatever. For me, it’s black men only. I don’t know why that is, but it is.

So… this story, like most of my stories, deals with themes of interracial sex and gay sex – strictly dominant black men and submissive white men. It also has elements of cuckolding and mild [implied] incest. If you are offended by any of these themes then you will probably not enjoy my story. If you want to read them anyway and write hateful comments, please feel free to do so.



I want a relationship like anybody else does, really: a partner I like and respect, who is smart, fun to be around, with whom I share common interests, and who feels the same way about me. But in the bedroom (not literally, of course, because everywhere), I would serve her sexually. I want to worship her feet, her ass, her pussy, her body. I would enjoy kissing her, kissing her nipples, her neck, every erogenous zone on her body. I would be as attentive to her less obvious areas as I could be; I would worship her body. I want to please her and I want her to not worry about pleasing me; making her happy, getting her off, is what gets me off.

There will probably be some times when she just wants to get fucked and instead of treated like a goddess she wants to be used like a slut. I can’t do that; I just don’t have it in me. That’s when we would bring in a few big black men to help.

We would each be useful in our own way, me with mine purpose and they with theirs. I would serve her, they would use her, and she gets to have it both ways… and I get to watch them; it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. As long as I get to watch, and as long as he’s black (or they are black), she could have sex with somebody else pretty much whenever she wanted. Hopefully I’d get to help; in my fantasies she’d let me go down on her while they fuck her, or she’d let me kiss her pretty feet while she rode his Big Black Cock.



I want a girlfriend who begs me for a threesome, and surprise me with a black guy. I want him to wear her out completely, for him to fuck her while I worship her. I want him to fuck her face while I play with her tits. I want to lick her clit and ass while he fucks her. I would really want to lay down and have her sit on my face. I want to eat her, and lick her clit, and have him get behind her,and fuck her from behind. …my tongue will accidentally brush his Big Black Cock, and his balls will hit my chin each time he fucks her. I want her to feel pleasure with him like she’s never felt with me. I want to watch her face as she reacts to the pleasure of his Big Black Cock.

I want to hear her moan, and watch her shudder when she squirts – for the first time – on his Big Black Cock… iI want her to cum from his Big Cock again and again while I licking her clit, my tongue sliding on his BBC many times while as he thrusts into her, rocking her body.

I want him to wear her out… but he’s not finished, he’s not satisfied yet, so i want him to turn his attention towards me and I want him to punk me out in front of my girlfriend.

I Escort Bayan want her to watch, shocked at my easy submission but even more shocked at how much it turns her on to watch the big black stud make me his white bitch. I want to taste her pussy off of his thick, veiny, Beautiful Big Black Cock. I want to lick his balls while he slaps my face with his Big Black Cock, while he looks at my girlfriend and explains that I’m his bitch now, that I, like her, am now a Black Cock addict…

He tells her that we are both his now, that we both belong to him and will serve him sexually however he wants, whenever he wants.

I really, really want for him to make me his bitch in front of her; I’d love to see how she reacted to me submitting , and kneeling, and worshipping his Big Black Cock for him with barely a protest. I submit to him so, so easily, kneeling for him and sucking, kissing, licking his Big Black Cock… she sees me being a Black Cock hungry slut, shaming her with my hunger for it. Then, even more shocking to her, she sees me being forced down on all fours, ass in the air… and it looks like I want it. I thrust my ass in the air for him, displaying it, like I want him to take it… and he does.

I wonder what my girlfriend would think, how she would respond to that, to seeing me fucked in the ass by some young black stud.

Mmmm, that would be great.



I want my girlfriend to not allow me to fuck her with my dick.. hand jobs only, or I jerk myself off. I get to eat her: lick her ass, feet, pussy…but there is simply no pressure on her to ever reciprocate. We’ll watch porn together and she always chooses interracial. While I give her head she tells me how sexy the black men are, how Big their Cocks are, how sexy they are, how superior… she comments, many times, on how much the woman must be enjoying that juicy, meaty, thick, Beautiful, Big Black Cock.

And every once in a while we mix it up. Every once in a while she’ll puts on some nice rough anal – interracial anal, obviously – and we get to role play. She straps on a Big Black dildo and she’s the hung black stud, and I get to be the chick.



I would love for you to watch me suck some superior black man’s Big Black Cock.

I would love for you to force me on my knees before him, pull his pants down slowly and giggle as his Big Black Cock bounced out and slapped my face.

I would love for you to encourage me to worship his Big Black Cock, teasing me while I kissed it, and licked it, and sucked it.

I would love for you to wrap your delicate white hands around his thick, veiny Black Cock so you could swing it, slapping my face with it, admiring how solidly his weighty Black Cock was smacking against my face.

I would love for you to tell me to lick his balls, to force my face between his thighs so I could lick them properly while you stroked his Big Black Cock.

I would love for you to suck on his Big Black Cock, then spit his pre-cum in my mouth.

I would love for you to grab my hair and force myself onto his Big Black Cock, forcing me to gag and drool and choke on his Big Black Cock, giggle at the noises I made.

I’d love for you to tell me all about black men’s sexual superiority, and tell me about how Black Cock is Bigger, Better, and more Beautiful.

I would love for you to tell me that the reason I became bi-curious after discovering interracial porn was because of black male superiority while I eagerly, greedily sucked his Big Black Cock.

I would love if you pointed out how hard my dick was just from the act of kneeling in front of a black man and serving his Big Black Cock, and how that just further Bayan Escort proved that black men are naturally superior to white men, that white men secretly (some of us not so secretly) desired to submit to black men.

I would love it if you teased me and told me that I could probably get off just by sucking on his Big Black Cock.

I would love it if you played with yourself while you watched a fit, hung, sexy black man used my mouth and throat for his sexual pleasure, if you touched yourself while you watched me bobbing my head up and down, a masculine man reduced to being a Black Cock hungry slut simply because, no matter how strong a white man is, he is naturally submissive to black men.

I would love if you got off on my white submission, on his black dominance.

I would love it if, when he was close to cumming, you pulled me off him, jerked him off in front of me, and laughed as he sprayed his load all over my face, aiming it wherever you wanted.



I want some muscled black stud at the gym to see through me and just be able to sense that, underneath my masculine exterior, I burn with an intense passion for Big Black Cock, and I yearn to submit to a superior black man, and suck Big Black Cock, and get fucked by Big Black Cock. I want this man to approach me in the showers. As he does, I can’t take my eyes of his large, swaying, thick Black Cock, and he smirks, knowing he owns me, knowing that I’m going to be so easy, an eager, submissive slut to his BBC.

He forces me to my knees; I soap him up, marveling at his rippling physique, soaping up thick muscled thighs. He rests a hand on my head, possessively, palming it with his massive hand,and I look at him in awe. I’m turned on by his black superiority, turned on by his black dominance, my white submission making my dick so hard for him. With one hand I reach down and start to slowly jerk off as I look up and see his massive, beautiful ebony penis, only semi-hard but still bigger than me. I grow hard staring at his Beautiful Black Cock, my dick straining in my hands; it’s as big as it’s ever been, bigger than average, but of course my white dick remains dwarfed by his superior Black Cock.



Sometimes when i jerk off I like to fantasize about serving some young black stud some decade younger than my own 30 (not illegal, of course) with a massive Black Cock that dwarfs my dick; I’m a little over 7 inches, so I’m talking 10 or 11, long and thick.

I just love the idea of those contrasts, submitting to a black stud so much younger than me with a much bigger dick… that’s just such a delicious scenario…



Or being a servant to some African king, some ripped African warrior, with powerful corded muscles, ebony skin gleaming with sweat. Tall, strong, and confident with a massive, thick, meaty Black Cock that hangs nearly to his knees. And I am privileged to serve him in every way… every morning I get to bathe him. He gets into a massive pool, naked and semi-hard, and follow. I run a sponge all over his entire body, ostensibly cleaning him but again and again I get distracted by his Beautiful Black Cock. I spend half the time marvelling at his black superiority, the proof of it swaying between his legs, undeniable. I, predictably, spend a lot of time washing his Black Cock – it’s really Big, there’s so much surface to cover… plus, I can’t help touching it as much as possible, playing with it. As he gets hard he uses me, not thinking of me as a person but rather as an inferior, there only to serve his needs, and so my face is lowered, his grip unbreakable; I couldn’t pull away if I wanted to. I don’t want to, but Escort it’s even more of a turn-on knowing that there is nothing I can do to stop it if I did. I get to take care of his ebony erection; I struggle each time to take it all; my mouth opens, lips struggling to stretch wide enough to allow him to use my mouth. Eventually he fits, after forcing his way in, and I eagerly, almost mindlessly, suck and worship his gorgeous, massive Black Cock. I gag and drool, never finding it easier to make it fit… and I’m enjoying it more than I ever could have imagined.



I really, really, really want a lot of big black men, like 5 or 6 maybe, to fucking run a train on me.. just enough so that when one is done using my ass and cums (in my ass, or pulling out and covering my ass, or face, or hair, or chest, with his superior black man’s seed) and the other finishes fucking my mouth and cums in my mouth, and rubs it into my face to mark me as his bitch, then two more come in, ready to use me. Then, by the time those two are done, I want more to be ready. If they can rotate in pairs, just 4 big black men in a rotation of 2 teams of 2, using me, spit-roasting me for hours at a time, marking me as their bitch by covering me in their cum, opening my ass and gaping it, visible proof of my status as all black men’s fuck-toy, stretching my lips, filling my mouth so that my drool drips down their Black Cocks, drips down my chin… that’s what I really, really want



My wife will be fucked by big black men on our wedding night.

She will kneel before several big black studs and suck their thick, meaty, Beautiful Big Black Cocks.

They will cum in her mouth, and each time this happens she will kiss me lovingly, deeply, sharing with me.

They will cum on her face, on her tits, on her ass, and I will obediently, eagerly, lick her clean each time.

She will not think me less of a man for it, but respect me more for being secure enough to encourage her to receive pleasure from other men.

She will love me more for being willing to share her; she will love me more for sharing her love for Black Cock.

That will not prevent her from teasing me or humiliating me, however, if she gets off on it.

After all I can please her with my mouth and tongue, but it’s true that I can’t (or won’t) please her IN THE SAME WAY that superior, hung black men can

The black men will use me as they see fit; whether b/c they are bi or b/c they just get off on making me their bitch in front of my wife, to demonstrate their superiority, to demonstrate how powerful BBC makes even white men into Black Cock sluts, or because of some combination of those factors. I don’t care why as long as I get to partipate too.

They can use my holes, they can slap me, they can have me get their Black Cocks hard and wet for my wife

After she is done sucking them off, they will fuck her in any hole she wants, as long as she wants, until she is satisfied.

The sexy black studs, most younger than me, will be in charge of satisfying my wife, wearing her out on our wedding night while I watch, jerking off, as sexy black men use my wife, all night long.

Our wedding night will not be about my pleasure (although little would bring me more pleasure than watching black men fucking my wife and me playing with their Big Black Cocks as well, when they allow it) but rather it will be about her pleasure, and their pleasure; I will be more than delighted to be allowed to watch, and occasionally join in.

When she is satisfied, they will have covered her body in their cum… and they will leave. I will lovingly clean her body and gently minister to her used, and abused, holes with my mouth and tongue.

I can think of no better wedding night; she will experience the pleasure of several black men using her as long as she needs them to. And I will get to watch, and occasionally play with BBC too.

I am a freak, and I need a wife who is too…

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