Made Over Ch. 03


This story involves forced cross dressing, gay sex and bdsm scenes. Don’t read if not into these scenes.


I had met a man in my apartment building and he had invited me to join him at a club he goes to in LA. I was a naive boy from Kansas attending USC and I had no idea what I was getting into. The club ended up being a gay leather bar and before the night was over I had been turned into a cock sucking fagboy. I had my face covered with cum and then taken to his house where I was punished severely and caged up for the night. The next morning I had been made to shave off all my body hair and dress up like a flaming fagboy. Then I was displayed to a couple of his friends and he gave me to one of them when he didn’t think I was showing him proper respect. That man had taken me to the dungeon and had given me a very hard lesson in being a proper fagboy. He then dressed me in tight hot pants and a fluffy top wish covering my pecs and was taking me back upstairs to my Master.

He open the door and leads me out into the living room by my hand. I am taking small steps, swishing my ass and trying to act like the boys in the video I had seen. We go into the room where my Master and his other friend sat. He releases my hand and pats my ass.

I look over at Master, then I slowly walk over to my Master, my eyes down at the floor. In the most faggy voice I can muster, I start, “Master, I’m so sorry I was such a bad boy earlier. I want to make you proud of me and do whatever you want me to do to please you. Please forgive me Sir, please.”

“My, my, just look at you,” he responds. “What a pretty little faggot.”

Feel my face getting red, but scared to death of these men. I really don’t want to be punished anymore. “Thank you Sir,” I answer. I put my finger up to my bottom lip, pulling it down a little as I look up and give him what I hope is a very seductive look. I open my mouth enough to let him see me give my finger a little kiss. He reaches out towards my crotch and I jerk back a little but stop quickly.

His hand touches my smooth crotch, the hot pants are so tight that my cock is pushed up between my legs tightly. “What is this?” he asks as he rubs my smooth crotch.

“It’s my cunt Sir,” I tell him knowing that is what he wants to hear. His hand feels so strange rubbing me there but realize it doesn’t feel bad at all and feel like I want him to keep doing it but surely I don’t, do I?

“Good boy, or is it girl?” he says and his friends laugh.

I then hear them tell him they need to get going and a feeling of relief comes over me. Can this be the end of this, I wonder? The men get up and then Mike tells me to go tell his friends goodbye. I walk over to the man who had worked me over in the dungeon. He grabs me and pulls me close to him and kisses me deeply. His tongue deep in my mouth as his hands grab my ass cheeks and pull me against him. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my crotch and realize I’m pushing back against him. I moan as he breaks the kiss.

“Don’t forget to tell your Master what other duties you want to do for him” he says,” and I remember him telling me that I was to offer to let my Master use my mouth whenever he has to piss. He then releases me.

I look at the other man. I see contempt on his face. “Forget it faggot, I’m not into sissies, I like real boys.” His comments remind me what I have become and the reality of it hits me again. The two men leave me alone with Mike.

Mike looks at me. “Well, what do you want to tell me boy?”

I look down embarrassed. “When you have to go, you can do it in my mouth if you want to Sir.”

“You want me to piss in your mouth, fagboy?” he asks. “Do you want to drink it all down for me?”

The thought of it sickens me but fear overcomes all and I answer. “Yes Sir please.”

“Alright boy, since that is what you want, I don’t want to disappoint you,” he answers. “We need to go out for awhile now boy.” he says. “Guess you don’t want to go out dressed like you are, even though you look pretty hot.”

Panic hits me when you mention going out but relax a little when you talk about me being able to change my clothes. “Where are we going Sir?” I ask.

“Don’t you fucking worry about it, get into the bedroom and strip boy,” he orders. “Hurry your little ass up.”

I go to the bedroom and remove my clothes. Look at myself in the mirror. I look so strange with no body hair. As I look down, realize my cock is still tucked between my legs since it was pressed so tight up into my crotch. I reach up and pull it down. It looks so small and wrinkled. As I look at it, I think about how different it is from the men whose cock I have seen the last couple days. Are they right? Am I less than a man?

The door opens and Mike walks into the room. “What the fuck is that hanging between your legs,” he booms, “if you know what’s good for you, you will put that fucking pencil dick out of my sight.”

I quickly tuck it back between my legs and close my legs enough to keep it trapped there. Bostancı escort “I’m sorry Sir, I’m sorry,” not knowing how wimpy I sound.

He moves close in front of me. I feel so nervous as he takes my hand and pulls it down to his crotch. I can feel his cock through his jeans. My hand stretches out over the length of it and I press down lightly to feel it better.

“You like it, don’t you boy?” he asks of me.

Embarrassed to look up at him, I answer, “Yes Sir, it’s so big.” He release my hand but I don’t move it and slowly move my hand so I can feel his cock better. Can feel the heat of it through his jeans. “Yes, I like it,” I say again softly.

“Do you want to do more boy?” he asks quietly.

He puts one hand behind my head running it through my long brown hair. It feels good. He makes me look up at him. “Yes please Sir.”

“Tell me what you want sweetie,” he questions.

So hard for me to say but I know what he wants to hear and as hard as I try not to, I really do want to do it again for him. I answer softly, “I want to kiss it Sir.”

He pulls me closer, and asks, “Tell me what you really want to do boy. Tell me what you really want,” his breathe hot in my ear.

Not having to face him when I say it makes it easier and I need to tell him, don’t I? “I want to suck your cock Sir, I want you to cum in my mouth.” Moan as he pulls my hair pulling my head back and then licking up one side of my face. I moan as I squeeze his cock “Please Sir.”

He suddenly just releases me. “No boy, you haven’t earned it,” he says coldly. “I told you we were going out didn’t I?”

Standing there, shocked, especially when I realize how disappointed I am that he isn’t going to let me suck his cock. Standing there embarrassed at the way he made me beg to suck his cock. He did make me, really he did.

He hands me a pink thong and I put it on. It is very tight but wide enough in the crotch to hold my small cock pushed up between my ass cheeks. They feel so smooth and silky. Then he throws me a pair of black pants. They look way too small and are made of some stretchy material. “Put those on boy,” he orders.

I look at them knowing they can’t possible fit but I stretch it out enough to get my legs into the legs on the pants and start pulling them on. They stretch enough to pull up my legs and after a struggle I have them up as far as I can. They have a hip hugger type fit, are skin tight and when I look down, realize they end right below my knees. Look like capri pants I have seen on women. My crotch is smooth and when I turn and look in the mirror, the pants hold my asscheeks up giving me a round bubble butt. They are so tight you can see them pulling into my asscrack a little shaping each cheek.

Oh god, I think, he can’t make me go out like this, can he? Then he throws me a pink tshirt. I look at it and see how short it is. I put it on and try to get it on right. It is so tight, it shows my little pecs clearly and the material is thin enough, my nipples show clearly. It stops right below my pecs showing my smooth stomach. Then he points to the dresser and beside it is a pair of high heel pink tennis shoes. Definitely shoes made for a girl. I don’t hesitate, hot wanting to anger him and go get them and set down and put them on. They make me stand different and when I look in the mirror it looks like it lifts my legs out and ass even more. Realize I’m turning, looking myself over as he watches.

“You look so pretty Stevie, don’t you just love the way you look,” he asks.

Thinking carefully before I answer, I answer in a really faggy voice, “Oh yes Sir, I just love the way it looks.” My mind so confused. I can’t like the way I look, can I? Nevertheless, I do keep looking at myself in the mirror.

He comes over to me, “Pucker up sweetie.”

I pucker my lips and feel him putting lipstick on me and then his fingertips rub something on my eyelids. He puts some mousse on my hair and combs it back and then pulls some down over one side of my forehead and almost over one eye. Then I feel him put a necklace around my neck, it feels like gold since its rather heavy. He then leads me over to the mirror. I look at myself. Lips pink and look so wet, hair looks wet and fem, looking at eyes, see pink glitter on my eyelids. Then I look down at the necklace. It is gold and about 3 inches long. It is in the shape of a hard cock with two balls.

I panic, and turn to him “Please Sir, please don’t make me go out like this please.” I start begging. “I will suck your cock Sir, you can fuck me, I will drink your piss, but please don’t make me go out like this.”

He looks at me. “Do you think we need to go back into the basement Stevie?”

Remembering the pain and how unbearable it is and how fearful of that place I am, I answer, “No Sir, please don’t take me there.”

“Its your choice Stevie, you tell me where you want to go,” he says coldly.

Feel like I’m about to cry but know I can’t go back down there. “I want to go out Sir.”

“Walk Anadolu Yakası Escort for me Stevie, show me how much you want to go out and be a good little fagboy for me,” he says to me.

Knowing his intentions of displaying me as a faggot but what choice do I have. I start walking around the room and as I do I start swishing and trying to imitate the boys in the video. Feel so weird to be swaying my ass and taking such small steps, one foot nearly in front of the other as I walk. As I do this, he puts on a pair of black leather slacks, black boots and a tight black tshirt. On the front of the tshirt are the words. ‘The Bitch Belongs to Me.’

He leads me over in front of the full length mirror. Standing slightly behind and to the right of me what do you see Stevie.

Staring at the image, studying it and finally say. “I see a dominant man Sir, a real man.”

“And what else do you see boy?” he asks.

“A sissy fagboy Sir,” I answer softly.

He softly pulls me back against him. I can feel his cock as he pulls my asscheeks against him. It feel so hard.

“Don’t you look pretty Stevie?” he asks as he presses against me.

Embarrassed to admit it but do think I look kind of pretty. But I also realize it pretty like the flaming fags I used to look at when I first came to LA. Not able to stop myself, I start pushing back against him, moving so I can feel his cock pressing into my ass crack. Finally I answer, “Yes Sir I think I look pretty.”

“And why are you wearing that necklace Stevie?” he asks.

Grinding against him, I look at him in the mirror. “Because I like cock Sir.”

He reaches down and rubs my smooth crotch. “Isn’t it so nice not to have to worry about your little cock?”

I feel his hand move to my crotch and he presses between my legs. “Yes Sir,” I moan loudly as he presses me back hard against his crotch.

“What do I feel Stevie?” he questions.

“My cunt Sir,” my breathe ragged. “I will suck you Sir. Can I Sir please?”

“No Stevie, no you can’t be a cocksucker right now, we have to go out,” he tells me as he eases me away from him. “Its time now.”

I notice its about five in the afternoon when I see the clock as he leads me from the house. The bright sun makes me squint as he leads me to his car. Its so embarrassing to be outside dressed like this. Quickly get into the car, lowering myself in the seat and then lower my face hoping people won’t be able to see me clearly. He drives off and after driving for a while, I notice that he is getting closer to the campus where I attend school.

“You have been having trouble in your math class Stevie,” he says. “That’s not acceptable.”

How does he know this? I wonder how many things he knows about me. It scares me how badly he can fuck with my life. How did this happen to me? Two days ago I was a straight college student just trying to get by in the big city and look at me now. How did this happen??? He starts driving onto the campus. I can’t stand it, starting to panic. “Please Sir, please don’t let others see me here,” I plead. “I have to go to my classes and all that.” Panic overwhelming me, what am I going to do??

He parks in front of the math building and looks at me. I start begging him not to make me do this. “You are going to be a good girl for daddy, aren’t you Stevie?” he asks me.

“Please Sir, please don’t make do this.” I beg of him almost in tears.

“Its Daddy, sweetie,” he says coldly, “and you don’t want to make Daddy mad do you?”

Knowing how he can fuck with my life, I look down and softly tell him, “No Daddy.”

He gets out and comes over to my side and opens the door, offering his hand to me. I take it and he helps me out of the car. I’m panicking a little, looking around to see who watching. There are a couple guys standing nearby, looking at us and see one couple holding hand walking our way. I try to let go of your hand but you hold mine tight in your hand.

“Behave yourself unless you want Daddy to spank you right now,” he says loud enough for the two boys to hear.

Embarrassed, I look down.

“Do You???”, he says again loudly.

“No please,” I say, head down, so embarrassed.

He lifts me head making me look at him. “Now tell Daddy that you are going to be a good little sissy for him.”

The two guys are just staring at us and the couple has stopped and are watching too. So scared I answer him, “I will be a good sissy Daddy.” My face feels like its on fire. He starts leading me up the sidewalk where we have to pass the two guys. Smile at them and say hello, I hear him tell me under his breathe.

Oh god, I can’t believe what is happening but as we approach I look up and force a smile to my lips and say hello softly. They just stare at me as pass them. After we have passed, Daddy stops me and makes me looks at him.

“If I hear your voice like that again, you will regret it sissy. You know what you are and I expect you to behave properly. You will sound like a sissy faggot, Kadıköy Escort you will walk like a sissy faggot and you will act like a sissy faggot. Do you fucking understand!!!” he lectures.

“But Sir…” I start to say when his hand slaps my face sharply. It really stings and I realize I’m starting to cry.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND???” he says loudly.

“Yes Daddy”, I answer, realizing I forgot to call him that. Trying to stop crying but still feel tears running down my cheeks.

“Show me,” he says as he leads me down the sidewalk toward the math building.

I follow, him holding my hand again as I try to walk like the boys I saw in the video. Taking small steps, swishing my ass, placing other hand on my hip. I must look so fucking queer, I think to myself. Its Saturday so not many people around but the few in the building we see, all stop and stare at us. I’m so humiliated and keep me eyes down not making eye contact. He leads me into my math professor’s office. How does he know all this, I question again. My professor is sitting behind his desk. He is about 50, 6 foot tall, black hair and in good shape.

He stand up, ‘Hello Mike” he says shocking me that he knows the man I’m with, “and who the little cutie?”

“Hello Dan, good to see you again,” he answers. “This is my newest little sissyboy and he is cute, isn’t he?”

“Yes, where did you find him?” he asks.

“Oh, he found me online actually, begged to be my sissy,” he answered. “Told me how much he wanted to be a total cunt slave. Didn’t you sissy?” Daddy says looking at me.

Realize my professor doesn’t recognize me, after all it is a pretty big class. “Yes Daddy,” I say softly in as fem as voice as I can.

Dan laughs, “I should be so lucky, a guy can’t have too many sissies.”

Daddy laughs as he answers, “Well Dan maybe you should be more observant. This little sissy is in one of your classes.”

My head goes lowers as I hear this. I can’t believe he told him even though I realize the professor is into same things

“Go introduce yourself Stevie,” Daddy tells me.

Slowly I walk over in front of him. “I’m Steve Watkins, Sir.” He looks at me looking me over good.

“Maybe if you got down on your knees, I would recognize you easier Stevie,” he tells me.

I look over at Daddy and he nods his head so I slowly sink to my knees in front of him.

“Now look up at me Stevie,” he tells me.

I look up at him and his eyes bore into me but I continue to look at him.

“Open your mouth wide sissy,” he says next.

Embarrassed, I do as he says.

“I don’t recognize him Mike.” he tells Daddy. “This faggot must have never sucked my cock or I would recognize him like this.”

“No Dan, I don’t think he has, but he told me he thought about sucking you all the time, didn’t you Stevie?” he asks.

So humiliated but nod my head up and down.

“Matter of fact, I got tired of hearing him talk about it, so thought maybe I could kill two birds with one stone. I know Stevie isn’t doing too good in math and I know how much you like sissy faggots so thought we should visit you,” he explains.

“Is this true Stevie?” he asks me taking my chin in his hand making me look at him.

Knowing what Daddy is doing but I can’t make him mad, I can’t. “Yes Sir.”

Dan looks at Daddy, “I can’t just give her a good grade for sucking my cock,” he tells him. “That would be more like a reward for the sissy but….”.

“You are right Dan, please continue,” Daddy says.

“Stand up young lady,” my professor tells me.

It seems so unreal to be referred to as a girl but I get up. He lead my over to his desk.

“Pull your pants down to your knees sissy,” he orders.

My daddy sits down in a soft leather chair and watches as I struggle to pull the tight pants down to my knees. So scared, what if someone was to walk in. Know the door isn’t locked. I finally get them down to my knees. See him lick his lips as he looks at my bright pink thong.

“Ok Stevie, bend over my desk and grab the other edge, if you know what’s good for you, you will not let go.

I do as he says. Thinking about how it just gets worse and worse. I hear Dan open a drawer and take out something. Suddenly an a loud noise and then the pain hits. He had just hit my ass so hard with a wooden ruler. I cry out loudly then realize someone might hear me. Then two more. WHACK!! WHACK!! OH GOD!! The ruler really hurts bad but I keep myself from crying out too loudly.

“You will sit in the front row from now on Stevie with the other girls,” he tells me.

When I don’t answer promptly, WHACK!! “YES Sir”. I cry out.

“You will giggle, play with your hair and be a perfect sissy boy. won’t you Stevie?” he says sternly as once again the ruler comes down hard, catching just the bottom of my ass cheeks. I start sobbing and soon I’m crying hard. If anyone asks your name, you will tell him that you like to be called Stefi,” he states. “You will sign all your papers as Stefi.”

“And after class you will come to my office,” he states. “Tell me why you will come visits me each day.”

Sobbing loudly, I answer him, “To suck your cock Sir.”

“That’s right sweetie, now asks me for three more swats then you can go to Daddy,” my professor tells me.

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