May Flowers


(Warning: This story contains frank description of menstruation and menstrual sex.)


All she wanted was some fucking M&M’s. It had been three days, into the warmest day in May, so far. She had masturbated thirteen times, hoping an orgasm would diminish her pain. It didn’t seem fair that the week she had off, be spent in agony. She had tried everything to distract herself, and all she wanted was some goddamn fucking M&M’s.

They couldn’t go anywhere, at least not without a mask. The places you could go, were not worth going to.

Kayla lay in bed, trying to complete her Mandarin lesson. Ironically enough, the lesson was on travel. Seemed pretty futile given that she and Sam wouldn’t be getting in a plane anytime soon.

The heating pad was doing next to nothing for her torment, as was the pillow under her lower back.

Milo was grooming himself noisily on her lap. She gently pushed the furry grey cat off the bed in irritation.

She had taken half a bottle of aspirin in three days. It hadn’t touched the pain. Her tits were sore, as though someone had been hitting her in the chest nonstop without her notice. If there was a rope, she was at the end of it.

It had never been like this. Wondering if her IUD had moved on her, she pulled up information from her phone. There was little to no bleeding. A doctor’s appointment was impossible to get, at the moment. She refused to go to the ER at her work given the chaos.

She noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Thinking her husband Sam was just getting some weed to go smoke in the backyard, she ignored it.

Their landlord was fairly lax, and the other two tenants were smokers themselves. There was never quarreling about it. Massachusetts had made marijuana legal in 2016. They just needed to be far apart for the time being. Sam always elected to smoke in the gazebo. It was an unspoken rule that if the neighbor’s children were out, no one smoked.

Kayla turned back to her phone reading about Chinese characters for types of transportation. She felt a sudden twinge, as her nipple was twisted through her shirt.

“Fuck you, Sam!” She said wincing, holding her breast.

He smiled mischievously. “You feel any better?”

“Now I don’t!” She said with visible irritation. Her nipple was so sensitive. Though, she had to admit to herself that part of it felt nice.

“I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t think they hurt that much.” He said rubbing her left tit.

“They do. Everything hurts. Muscle aches are one of the symptoms, and I just hope I didn’t bring that shit home.” She said concerned. She didn’t think she had the virus, but where she tested for it at work you couldn’t be sure.

“Do you Escort Bayan want me to give you a massage?” He said, his hand trailing softly along her left arm and making her skin break out in goose flesh.

“Can you be gentle?” She asked with reservation.

“Yeah.” He said gesturing for her to move over. They stored the heating pad, after turning it off, and put the pillow next to the headboard.

She stripped down to her small, pink, cotton panties. Of all of her comfortable underwear, Sam liked these most. They hugged her ass perfectly.

Rolling onto her front, she set her chin on her forearms. She could feel a cool breeze from the window he’d opened.

Sam straddled her legs from behind. He began kneading her shoulders and upper back, towards her trapezius muscles. He worked his hands over her scapula muscles by her armpits. She let out a heavy sigh, tickled by the gesture.

He moved lower to her mid back and latissimus muscles, applying more pressure. She grunted at this. Most of her tension was always in her lower back. Anytime he gave her a massage, he tried to focus there. He applied even more force on her lower back, and she exhaled in relief. Pleased with her response, he continued.

He had been massaging her lower back for sometime when he took notice of her ass. He found his hand reflexively moving over her lower back to massage and palm her hips.

He heard a quick exhale through her nose, but she did not protest. He had to resist the urge to grab or spank her.

He moved his hands towards her lower back, delicately tracing his fingertips. He could hear her breath whistle with sharp inhale. She liked this.

He felt himself grow in his loose gym pants. He positioned himself higher, lest she feel his growing desire. This wasn’t suppose to go anywhere. She didn’t feel well.

She only got her period twice a year or so, with the iud. He remembered when they first began dating it was a source of shame for her. For all of her talk of feminine empowerment, she still fell into the same self-hating traps other women did.

To be truthful. He liked it. She was wetter than usual, she seemed to cum harder for him and was more eager to please. He almost missed it when she got new birth control. Blood usually bothered him, but her blood didn’t.

She looked so content, the overhead light illuminating her face. She let out breathy sighs as he continued to rub her back. He felt guilty, his cock was so hard and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass.

Softly he brushed his fingertips up her back, to massage the muscles around her neck. She shivered, letting out a small moan.

He couldn’t help himself. He ground his pelvis into her Bayan Escort fat ass. He felt a small pulse of pleasure as his dick grazed along her thick right cheek.

She was looking back at him now from her prone position. His eyes were met with a thick lidded expression. He wasn’t sure what do. She was his wife. Surely she would understand that this sparked arousal. It was natural.

He gripped his dick over his pants, exposing the outline of his interest to her. She turned back to rest her chin on her folded arms, shimmying herself back into her position of comfort, silently.

He wasn’t sure if she expected him to continue as before, or if she wanted something else.

He studied her body. Gazing at her curves, at the slope of her spine, and noticing the dappling of moles on her pale skin. He found his eyes were drawn back to her round ass. He could see her exposed cheeks, bared to the light from underneath the outline of her panties. The cleft of her backside was visible from beneath her underwear.

Reflexively, he thrust forward again, feeling the embrace of that cleft. He exhaled in satisfaction, and quickly stopped to observe her reaction.

Still she did not resist, or thwart his effort. His legs lurched forward once more, and this time his contact was reciprocated. Kayla perked her ass to meet his cock. At this, he moaned.

He could see a small smile play on her face, her head turned to the side. With that, he kept going. Dry humping his wife, over her little pink underwear, in perfect synchronicity to the movement of her hips.

He desperately wanted to get inside her. Leaning forward as their bodies undulated he asked. “Are you okay with where this might go? I really want to fuck you.”

She turned her head to that side with a sly grin, flattered. “Sometimes a hard fuck helps with the pain.” She said with a sigh.

With that, he pulled her onto her back. Kissing her hard on the mouth, he let her tongue find his. His hands moved over her swollen breasts, massaging them gently.

She swooned as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. He kissed her neck and whispering in her ear, he said “Let me make you feel better.”

He tugged at her panties, pulling them down over her fat ass, and noticing the panty liner.

“What will we do about the…” she said, her eyes wide. She whispered “mess?”

Sam got one of the older blankets and folded it. She arched hips, bringing her bottom off the bed. He placed the dark blanket under her and lay down beside her.

He ran his hands down her stomach, finding her slit with his middle and forefinger. She mewled as he pushed both fingers inside her and rubbed her clit hard with his thumb.

Her Escort legs tensed and he was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure, as he fucked her with his hand. She was so wet, as he had expected. He couldn’t wait to be inside her.

She writhed against his grip on her cunt. Panting hard, he could tell she was close. Her pussy suddenly began gripping his fingers in spasms. She cried out. Feeling her gush against his hand he fingered her harder.

She whimpered coming down from the high. For good measure, he ran his fingers over the top of her mound, hearing her breath hitch from sensitivity.

Sam noticed blood streaked and intermingled with her wetness on his hand. He wiped his hand on a tissue from his nightstand.

He poised himself above her on the bed. She was still riding the aftershock of cumming so hard. Pushing her legs up, he placed each ankle on his shoulder. She inhaled audibly as he aligned his hips with hers.

He had grown slightly soft in his time paying tribute to his wife. That was remedied easily with a few strokes of his hand. Rubbing the head of his cock against her vulva and the opening to her cunt, he teased.

He entered her, making her feel so full. Moaning, he felt her pussy enveloping him. He bore down on her strong and slow. It was clear his dick was hitting her g-spot. She made the same whining grunt noise each time he pumped into her. He watched as her tits and stomach moved with each thrust. Her face was tensed in passion.

Going faster, she made soft pleading moans, just for him. He loved that he could relieve her pain, while bringing them both great pleasure. Reaching down he gently rubbed her clit. He pushed into her as deep as he could.

Kayla started moaning louder and gripped Sam tight. “Fuck baby, please don’t stop!” She bellowed. He suddenly felt the same sensation he had around his fingers earlier, encompassing his cock. Her pussy throbbed around him. He pushed harder, and she shouted. She shuddered with each movement of his hips.

Sam only fucked faster, feeling his own orgasm approach. Kissing her throat, his breathe was fast and loud. He released inside her, feeling a strong pulse from within his dick. He moaned into her neck, slowing his pace to temper his climax.

Feeling sated, he rolled off and over to lay next to her. The metallic, sour odor of her filled the air and blended with the alkaline smell he had left inside her.

Looking down, he could see her cunt was a sloppy mess, filled with cum, her own wet arousal, and blood.

Looking up he could see her fuck drunk, and happy expression as she peered into his eyes. They kissed long and deep. Drinking one another in, after creating this memory together.

“You want first shower?”

“Yeah.” she half laughed.

Later that night, Sam came into the living room. He tousled her hair and asked “You feel better?”

“I do.” She said, looking up at him from her embroidery, to smile.

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