Melissa’s Fantasy Vacation


This is a story about a husband sharing his wife. If you enjoy this genre, then you might enjoy this read!

Melissa was staring at the man’s tall muscular body as Ralph spoke. “Baby, he’s impressive isn’t he?”

They had arrived less than two hours earlier to this beautiful Jamaican resort and had checked into their room and found their way down to the Meet n Greet happy hour. Her focus on the man across the room full of new arrivals kept her from hearing Ralph. “Melissa? Baby!” he said.

His now stronger query got her attention. “Ohh, ahh, yes…yes.. no..What do you mean?” she answered and being somewhat embarrassed by her indiscretion, she slightly lowered her head before turning it back up and smiled coyly.

Ralph knew of his sweet wife’s desire to have a black man flirt with her. Truth be told she wanted much more than flirting and she’d admitted it once during a particularly hot round of sex. And from that day forward, he’d occasionally include it in the nasty things he’d say when they fucked. Once he was inside her and both of them getting aroused, he’d say something like ‘You enjoyed

He’d encouraged it many times in their six years of marriage, even to the point of taking her dancing and suggesting she let him introduce her to a handsome black. But, she always turned him down, saying how improper it would be for a married woman to do such a thing.

“Let’s introduce ourselves,” Ralph suggested. She squeezed his arm and whispered a hard, “Ralph, No!” He pulled her and she pulled back but he would have none of it and led her across the room. Ralph took care of the introductions.

The black man introduced himself as Henri, and the pearl white of his smile emphasized his dark good looks. “What a nice surprise to meet you. Please, join me.” He said and although the three of them were nervous at first, they quickly fell into relaxed conversation. Soon Ralph was ordering more drinks and an hour passed by as the three of them talked about the resort and all the fun they had planned for the week.

Melissa was the obvious topic of conversation. The pretty ladies always are and she enjoyed being the center of these two men’s attention. She also enjoyed being so close to such a strong muscular black man and this energized the fantasy that she had kept under lock for so long.

She was raised to be a good girl. To be a good submissive wife just like her mother was to her father. But, she had fantasies of being taken by a black man and now with one so close, she was having difficulty keeping herself in a lady like frame of mind.

And, as they talked her eyes would drift down to his crotch where she could see the bulge in his pants from a large cock and her mind kept thinking of how it would feel to touch it. “Would he mind? Would it be improper?” she thought, giggling to herself about how easy it was to fantasize on an island far from home with two stiff drinks in her tummy.

“The Pimps & Prostitutes party is tonight. Are you going?” Ralph asked Henri. You should have seen the look Melissa gave her husband. It started out as a mixture of “I didn’t know it was that kind of a party” with “Good wives don’t go to parties like that” and ending with “Hmmm, that sounds like it could be fun”.

Henri couldn’t help but notice. And being quick on his feet he responded with a “yes” and asked what Melissa would be wearing.

“Well I have a uhmmmm,” and before she could finish, Ralph jumped in.

“She’s got a sexy little dress to wear and I’m thinking she’s going to be the hit of the party” he said. “Don’t you agree, Honey?”

“I think it will do nicely, Ralph,” she replied coyly and looked at Henri.

“Ahhmmm, I’m sure it will. You’d look perfect in anything you choose to wear,” Henri replied.

“Well, then. I’ll wear it just for you,” she spurted out, surprising herself with her answer.

“Where the hell did that little flirtation come from?” Ralph asked himself, feeling his cock twitch at the thought of Henri dancing with his wife and flirting with her all evening.

Melissa, now embarrassed, turned to her husband, “I’d best be going. I’m going to spend the next two hours preparing for the party.” Melissa then she politely excused herself and walked to her and Ralph’s suite.

Ralph stayed behind, making the excuse that he was going for a walk on the beach. “I’ll come with you,” Henri offered. And, as Melissa made her way to their suite, her husband and Henri walked toward the warm sand beach of the Jamaican resort.

It had been forty-five minutes since she’d left them, and Ralph still wasn’t back. Melissa wondered what conversation could possibly take so long and the more she thought about it the more convinced she was that her husband was up to something.

“He’s probably trying to set something up with me and Henri,” she whispered aloud as she showered. And, although she’d love to fuck such a charming and handsome man, she knew it was never going to happen. It was just too taboo.

“That Bostancı escort husband of mine… Always playing games,” she repeated several times as she slipped into her outfit for the Pimps & Prostitutes party and looked into the mirror to primp her hair.

The game the two men were playing became even more obvious when Ralph called Melissa with the news that he was bringing Henri by the room for a drink. “Ohhh? And, to what end? I’m getting ready for the party,” Melissa replied.

“Great! He can give you a proper evaluation of your outfit,” he laughed.

Ralph arrived first, without Henri. “He’s stopping by his room to shower off all the sand from the beach,” he said. Melissa was sure that he had spoken to Henri about her fantasy and probably even told him that he caught her staring at his cock at the Meet n Greet.

She suspected something was up in part because he was being so exceedingly nice to her. Not that he wasn’t normally nice to her. He was just going out of his way to be nice right now.

“You’re playing with fire, Ralph.”

“What on earth do you mean, Honey,” he replied.

“Don’t ‘Honey’ me. You know what I’m talking about.”

Yes, Ralph new exactly what she was talking about. And, he insisted that all he had done was tell Henri how much Melissa wanted to flirt with a handsome black man. “Nothing more than that,” he added.

“Ralph, you told him more. I know you and you told him a lot more. Admit it.”

After a moment of awkward silence he confessed. “Okay, okay…. I told Henri that you’d always fantasized about fucking a black man. Big deal… What’s so bad about telling him?”

“What’s so bad? Honey, you told a man we just met that I was cock bait for him. Oh my… And he’s on the way over right this very minute. What am I going to do when he arrives?… Do a slut walk for him and lift my skirt?”

“Oh Baby… Don’t exaggerate the situation. Look, you’ll enjoy this. We’ll all have a drink and he’ll flirt with you and you’ll flirt back and that will be the end of it. Cmon, just play along for me just this once,” he begged.

They spent the next five minutes going back and forth on it and the longer Ralph talked about it the deeper the hole he dug for himself was becoming. Melissa admitted she had a strong fantasy about it, but she was pissed that he was acting on his own.

What she didn’t tell him was that her pussy was moist from talking about it. And, the thought occurred to her that this could be a lot of fun. After all, they were on vacation far from home and nobody would ever know..not her parents, not her friends, nobody. “If not now, when?” she asked herself.

Ralph was about to ask if she’d go to the party without wearing panties, when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Melissa said with a smile and rushed to the door. Before she turned the knob she looked back to her husband. “You might regret this,” she warned. She opened the door for Henri and surprised him with a long hug and pressing her supple tits into his chest.

Henri wasn’t the only one surprised. Ralph stood in the hallway behind her with his mouth opened in shock. As Melissa hugged Henri, her short skirt pulled up her thighs, revealing her ass, sans panties. This surprised Ralph because try as he might, she’d never agreed to go out without a pair of panties on. She then kissed him and Ralph stood with his jaw dropping to the floor as his wife’s lips met Henri’s, lingering longer than he had ever expected.

“Hi, I’m so glad you came,” Melissa whispered almost breathlessly and in an exaggerated voice when she pulled her lips away.

A hard pit began developing in Ralph’s stomach. He wanted to see his wife flirt and tease but he was beginning to think this was more than he really wanted. Right away, his mind started spinning with thoughts of how he could reverse this scenario and get Henri out of their room without looking foolish.

“Uh… uh… hi,” Henri responded, glancing over her shoulder at Ralph. He saw Ralph shrug.

When Melissa ended their embrace, she took his hand and pulled him past her husband, still standing in disbelief and into the kitchen of their suite. “Darling, Henri’s going to help me with some refreshments,” She said, determined to shock her husband and have fun doing it.

As soon as Melissa had Henri in the kitchen, she was in his arms, her body pressed tightly to his and she kissed him again. Out of sight of Ralph, he took advantage of the situation and grabbed her sweet ass.

Melissa swooned in his arms, her fantasy finally becoming reality, but recovered and playfully pushed his hands away and began preparing drinks while Henri continued to press against her. She spoke loudly enough for Ralph to hear and said, “Now Henri… Keep your hands to yourself while we fix drinks.”

Ralph didn’t quite know what to do. This is a bit over the top, he thought and he knew he should interrupt them but didn’t want to look the fool so he stayed in the living area Anadolu Yakası Escort of the suite.

“Ralph, darling… A Canadian whiskey for you, right?” she said.

“Yes, dear,” came the now rather sheepish reply from her husband.

She poured three whiskeys while Henri, not believing his good luck, felt up her ass and waist.

“I’ve been wanting this since Ralph introduced us at the Meet n Greet,” Melissa breathed as she placed the drinks on a tray and pulled away, certain her husband was listening. She raised her voice a notch. “Did that naughty husband of mine tell you about my fantasy?”

“Uh… I… uh… oh man,” Henri answered, clearly in a quandary. He didn’t expect her to be this forward. Ralph had brought up the idea of him coming over before the party to enjoy some harmless flirtations with Melissa. He’d agreed of course. Hell, she was a beautiful woman. Why would he say no to Ralph’s offer? Ralph had told him that Melissa would be hesitant at first, but that he’d coax her along and by the time their first drink was finished, she’d be in the mood for his verbal flirtations.

“Hey, it’s a good way to get warmed up for the party. Sure, I’ll do it. Give me a few minutes to shower and get dressed,” he had told Ralph on the beach.

So, where was this shy woman he’d been told to expect? And what was Ralph really wanting him to do? He was loving her affection. But, it’s sure not what he’d been lead to believe about her.

She walked out of the kitchen with a plate of drinks in her hands and sat them on the coffee table in front of the sofa. “You won’t mind if Henri sit’s with me, will you Ralph?”

“Uhmm, no… Not at all,” he responded, feeling a bit more confident now and regaining his equilibrium.

Ralph sat on the cushioned chair across the room while Henri sat on one side of the sofa and after passing the drinks, Melissa sat close beside him, leaving an open seat on the other end.

“Isn’t this nice,” she said softly to begin the conversation. Ralph nodded and he and Henri gulped from their whiskey. She had the feeling that she’d taught her husband a lesson he’d not soon forget and thought of stopping her flirtations but her fantasy kept running through her mind and she felt conflicted about what to do.

Henri felt Melissa’s hand on his thigh as she asked him to tell her about himself. Small talk ensued, and by the time they finished their drinks, Ralph was feeling much more comfortable about the situation. “Now this is what I wanted,” he said to himself and the three of them began a sexy chat.

“Enough,” she said to herself, and decided to cool it and be a ‘Good Wife’ again. But her fantasy wouldn’t go away from her thoughts and she couldn’t take her hand off Henri’s thigh.

Ralph just couldn’t leave well enough alone and started a more suggestive line of chat, even asking Henri if he thought Melissa was sexy and pretty and desirable.

Melissa feigned a blush and acted coy but when Henri responded with compliments, she felt her pussy moisten and instinctively her hand began moving up and down the top of his thigh. “That husband of mine,” she said softly.

By now, she knewt Ralph hadn’t learned his lesson. He probably wouldn’t stop talking suggestively and she’d might as well relax and have some fun with her black stud. In fact, she’d might as well have a lot of fun with him.

“Honey, we’re out of whiskey. Could you be a dear and run down to the lobby and bring us another bottle of Canadian?’ she asked Hubby.

What could Ralph say? He was in a quandary. If he said “no” he’d look selfish and petty. If he said “Yes” he’d be leaving his sweet wife alone with her fantasy man. Deciding it would only take 15 minutes so he agreed and hurried out of the room and down the concrete path to the lobby.

As soon as Ralph left, Melissa reached down and grasped Henri’s half-hard cock in his pants, bringing a gasp from the surprised man. “I want this,” she whispered as she moved her hand up and down the rapidly swelling shaft.

Melissa almost giggled when Henri said, “Uh… Melissa, uh… Ralph might not want this,…”

“He’ll want what I tell him he wants,” she answered as she slowly slid to her knees between his legs.

Henri watched, almost helplessly, as Melissa opened his pants and pulled his now throbbing erection out.

“Oh my, it’s even larger than I imagined,” Melissa whispered, clearly excited. She pulled the big cock toward her lips and pushed her tongue out and explored the tip, looking up into his eyes seductively. Then she moaned and opened her mouth, taking the head inside. Several minutes later, with his hands on her shoulders, she felt him stiffen his body and his cock twitched hard and she thought for a moment that he was ready to cum so she pulled her mouth away and looked up to see him staring toward the front door.

“What if we walks in on us?” he cautioned.

Melissa pulled away and stood up. “Well, if you insist,” she huffed Kadıköy Escort and straightened her hair and smoothed her dress and apparently just in time because she heard her husband shuffling for his keycard outside the door.

“Shit” she hissed, looking at Henri’s hard cock sitting up outside his unzipped slacks. Thinking quickly, but perhaps not clearly, she sat down onto his lap and draped the hem of her skirt up and over his erection, leaving it pressing against her bare skin.

Ralph’s own prick was rock hard as he walked in the door. The thought of Henri being alone with his wife consumed his every thought during the quick walk to the resorts liquor store. A full range of emotions were running through his head as he hurried back; jealousy, worry, pride, excitement and arousal.

Ralph opened the door to see his wife in Henri’s lap. Ralph knew something was going on, but he couldn’t just come out and ask, so he shrugged it off as playful flirtation. After all, that’s what he’d wanted, yes?

“A new bottle of Canadian. Why thank you, Ralph,” she said as he walked past her to deliver the whiskey into the kitchen and as soon as he disappeared around the corner, Melissa pulled Henri’s hot cock from her leg and back into his slacks and with a loud “zipppp” he was all covered up.

She walked to her husband, kissed him and spoke to Henri. “Henri, keep me company in the kitchen while I pour us all another round. Ralph, will you make yourself comfortable and put on some music?”

“Sure, baby… I’ll find something.”

“Perfect! Henri will help me fix some snacks and we’ll back out with them in a few minutes.”

With her husband in the living room and Henri so close to her in the kitchen, Melissa resumed her play. “Look how excited I am,” she said softly and stepped back and pulled her skirt to her waist. Melissa didn’t have to fake her excitement. Her vagina was swollen and dripping juice to her thighs.

“I want this in me,” Melissa said, hopping up onto the counter, then reaching into his pants and pulling on his cock.

“Uh… Melissa, we had better get into the living room before Ralph gets upset.”

Melissa scooted forward to the edge of the counter, her hand holding his throbbing penis. She worked it out of his slacks and pushed it under her skirt. She heard Henri moan as she began to rub it up and down her swollen sex lips. When she had the tip at her entrance, she pushed downward and moaned as the head slipped inside.

“God Melissa,” Henri moaned and pushed her away, freeing his cock to spring up, throbbing, and dripping their combined juices. “Let’s go,” he added and pulled her onto her feet.

The two of them carried the snacks and drinks to the living room and found Ralph turning on some mood music. After Melissa sat the snacks on the table, she sat on the sofa, her thigh touching Henri. Ralph joined them and sat next to Melissa, a little further away. Melissa saw the look that passed between the two men when Ralph saw how close Melissa was sitting. As they chatted, Melissa reached her hand over and placed it on Henri’s thigh. She felt him tense. She knew Ralph could see what she was doing.

Ralph finished his drink quickly and got up to pee. As soon as he was around the corner out of sight, Melissa was ready to play. She lifted up her dress and rubbed her pussy and then leaned into him and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

“I’ve got to see that big black dick,” she insisted, as both hands went to work on this belt and zipper and within seconds, she had pulled it out. Suddenly, they heard the toilet flush.

“Fuck,” Henri gasped and tried to get his cock back into his pants.

“Wait,” Melissa said and quickly sat on his lap, pulling the same trick as she had earlier, covering Henri’s exposed cock with her skirt. But this time, when she lowered herself onto him her thigh pushed down on this cock, forcing it between her legs. Melissa could feel his hot shaft pulsing and dripping his pre-cum onto her skin. Henri sat paralyzed, his throbbing cock snuggly captured under her.

Ralph walked back into the room to see his sweet wife on Henri’s lap.

Melissa continued her flirtatious conversation as if nothing was improper and Ralph would not normally have been surprised to see Melissa sitting on one of his buddy’s laps back home. But Henri wasn’t one of his ‘Back Home’ buddies. He was a man that he’d brought to Melissa for the express purpose of sexually exciting her.

Ralph sat down on the sofa beside them and pretended to be enjoying the music and the flirtatious conversation. But, he was very much aware that something was going on next to him and it was quite obvious that Melissa was squirming on Henri’s lap.

Melissa was as sexually excited as she had ever been. Her cunt was sopping wet and by now it had covered Henri’s cockhead with her juices. She saw Ralph watching her squirming and inching her bottom up in his lap to get Henri’s cockhead into the opening of her pussy. But, she was beside herself with lust and was close to the point of not caring whether her husband was there or not.

She let out an audible whimper when she finally succeeded in getting her pussy lips around Henri’s cockhead and felt it slide inside about an inch or two.

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