Microkini Fan Bikinis


It’s been a great year. I graduated from the University of Texas and I moved to the Houston area for my new job in the chemical industry. After a few months of apartment living to try and get a feel of the area, I was able to purchase my first house this spring. One of the basic requirements of house search was for it to have a swimming pool. The long and hot summer months in the south Texas area definitely require frequent dips in the pool to keep cool.

I grew up in a small town in northern Arizona outside of Flagstaff, so I knew what hot summers feel like. My family only had a small above-ground pool back then and we spent all of our time playing outside in that little pool. My real dad left us when I was a little kid and my mom soon re-married. My new dad already had two kids of his own so I was happy to have an instant family to play with. Living way out in the middle of the desert we didn’t have many neighbors around us so the three of us kids became close out of necessity. My older step brother was the leader of the pack and always seemed to be just one step head of getting into trouble. He was a cool role model to me and took me under his wing growing up. He was six years older but seemed much older than that, not always interested in playing with me, but always supportive. My step sister Erin was a year younger than me. We became close friends, probably best friends during that time. We have never been far apart since.

It was no surprise to me that Erin would also attend college in Texas. I actually kind of expected and hoped that she would. I got my engineering degree from UT in Austin and she was finishing up her nursing degree at the University of Houston. Even during those college years in different cities we kept very close and probably talked a few times each week. Every now and then I would travel to Houston to party with her or she would come to Austin. We were inseparable and all of our friends knew of our close relationship. We would talk to each other about our girlfriends and boyfriends and usually conclude that things weren’t going to work out. She dated a few guys that turned out to be jerks and I had a girlfriend for a few years mostly out of convenience.

So when I got settled in my new house, it was just like old times again having Erin around. She stayed at her apartment near campus during the week and would head over after classes were done on Friday. She took over one of the guest rooms that had some of my old furniture. We would have pool parties with our friends on the weekends and cookouts in the evenings. It was really fun having my best friend Erin around again.

Over the years growing up together I watched her develop from a rough tomboy into quite a lady. The progression over time is so gradual that I have never really thought of her as woman, but just as my grown up sister. Stepping aside and taking an objective view, she grew into one attractive young woman. She has managed to keep herself fit by working out often. Her blond hair has changed lengths and styles over the years with it currently being short.

When it was just the two of us in the house, we were really casual. I’d notice that Erin would wake up in the morning wearing a T-shirt with no bra and shorts. I would eat breakfast in only my boxer shorts before getting dressed. I think it was unavoidable that we would occasionally catch a glimpse of each other. Maybe a little nip slip here or the curve of her butt cheeks bending over would make me stop and think – “Wow, that’s nice!”

I’ve never thought of Erin in any overtly sexual way as we’ve known each other all our lives. The only time I can recall that anything ever happened was a few months ago. It was late one night after a party and we were watching a movie together on the couch. We both had a few drinks and were probably a little horny. Just for fun, we started to kiss a little. To our surprise it didn’t seem awkward at all. We made a comment about us being in an incestuous relationship together and laughed.


Yesterday was Saturday and we had some friends over for a pool party, a few beers, and some hamburgers on the grill. We had no plans for Sunday, other then probably getting the grass cut and relaxing at the pool. After lunch, Erin announced that she was going to lay out for awhile and I started to mow the front yard. About a third of the way done, I ran inside to get my sunglasses and I noticed that she was lying on the pool deck wearing a new yellow thong bikini. She had talked about getting it last week and apparently did so without making any big deal of it. I must admit that she looked good. I finished cutting the grass, changed out of my sweaty clothes and into my swimsuit and joined her at the pool. I pulled one of the chairs onto the deck beside her and sat down.

“New bikini,” I said, not so much a question as a statement. “Looks nice.”

“Do you think so?” she replied. “I can’t decide if I like it yet.”

“What do you mean? It looks good.”

“Yea, It’s OK, but I don’t think I’ll win any contests,” she stated.

“So you’re thinking about those contests again?”

A Escort Bayan few weeks ago, Erin raised the topic of entering a bikini contest at one of the local clubs. She has always been up for a little fun and has never been ashamed of her body. We watched one of the bikini contests recently and she stated that she looked better than most of the girls on stage. I agreed.

“Yea, I’d like to give it a try. It looks like harmless fun. I need to work off these tan lines from my regular bikini, so I bought this little thong online.”

I have always been a fan of women’s swimwear and I immediately recognized it as one of the more moderate styles of a Wicked Weasel bikini.

“I’ll work my way down little by little until a feel comfortable wearing one of those micro thongs,” she said. “I think that’s what I’ll need to wear for a bikini contest. The winning girls usually seem to wear little G-strings.”

I immediately pictured Erin wearing a tiny microkini while lying here next to me. Man, what a sight that would be.

Then without skipping a beat, she added “I’ve already ordered one of those tiny Wicked Weasel micro thongs, it should be here sometime this week.” She smiled.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see it,” I told her. “You’ll be a knockout wearing one of those.”

“Do you really think so?” she inquired with a grin. “I’m still not sure I can pull off something like that in public.”

“Sure you can, you’re pretty and have a nice figure.”

“We’ll see,” she replied.

Sure enough, on Thursday, a little padded envelope arrived in the mailbox from Wicked Weasel. Inside a little bag was a tangle of blue strings with three tiny triangles of fabric. Erin immediately went to her room to try it on and returned a minute later wearing the microkini. It was magnificent on her. Her perky C-cup breasts were enhanced by the under-sized top and they appeared to be larger than when wearing her regular bikini top. The tiny thong fit her body perfectly and the single string between her ass cheeks looked awesome. She has the perfect body for a tiny thong.

“I love it!” she exclaimed. “What do you think?” she asked as she posed in the kitchen.

“Wow, now that is a nice bikini” I gasped. I couldn’t believe that my step sister was flaunting herself before me in a tiny blue microkini.

“It feels so light, like I have nothing on at all,” she smiled. “And I think that this fabric becomes a little sheer when wet.”

Oh crap, I thought. I’m not going to be able to keep from staring at her little pussy all the time if it’s true. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to verify. “Really? Let’s jump in the pool and check it out.”

“OK!” Erin agreed and she dashed out the door.

I hurried to my room and changed into my swimsuit as fast as possible. I could feel my dick starting to stir with the thought of seeing her in that tiny wet microkini. I grabbed a towel and went out to the pool to find her floating in the water. She swam over to the stairs and walked out of the pool as I approached.

To my great satisfaction, I said “Yep, it’s definitely a little sheer when wet.” Her firm tits were held tightly by the narrow triangles of fabric. Her small nipples were somehow just covered but were be protruding nicely from the taught material. The bottoms covered just her tiny curl of pubic hair and her smooth pussy lips. I couldn’t believe that she was obviously showing off in front of me in such a tiny bikini. Was she trying to tease me or something?

“This microkini makes me feel soooo sexy,” she laughed. “And it also seems to be having an affect on you too.” She pointed at my increasingly obvious bulge.

Oh shit, I thought.

“Come here, incest bro,” she motioned me closer.

I can’t believe that she remembered our little incest joke. This was exactly what I wanted to do. I stepped in close and grabbed her hips. We looked at each other for just a moment and then she pulled me firmly against her body and we began to kiss. I could feel her firm breasts against my chest and her warm pussy right on my dick. She was slowly grinding her hips, using her pussy to feel my hardening dick. After a long moment together, we separated and grinned at each other.

“Love that body and the bikini on it.” I said.

“I’m especially glad that you like it. I kind of got it for the both of us, since I know how much you like tiny bikinis,” she said.” I still plan on wearing it Saturday night for the bikini contest, if you’re OK with that.”

“I’m definitely OK with it,” I said. “I want to see you win.”


It appeared that we created a monster together. Erin won the first bikini contest that she entered that next Saturday night, and started winning other contests too. Her self confidence and cute looks went a long way, but the tiny blue Wicked Weasel microkini didn’t hurt her chances either. In the area, there are a few clubs with weekly bikini contests during the summer, so we would see the same handful of girls entered in the competitions. They were becoming aware of Erin’s success and started to copy her formula Bayan Escort by wearing smaller thongs. It got to the point that almost the girls competed with tiny thongs. The girls seemed to have more fun on the stage and it was great for the guys watching in the audience.

To break out of the pack, Erin purchased a sling thong online. Those were popular in the 90’s at many south Florida bikini contests, but had not been seen much recently. Her metallic gold sling was in instant hit again with the crowd. Once again the group of bikini contestants caught on and then sling thongs were becoming a common sight.

Watching Erin from the crowd of horny guys made me laugh. She was having so much fun up on stage teasing them with her sexy body and tiny bikinis. I’d catch her glance at me every now and then with a knowing look between us. I had the feeling that she was sometimes going overboard just for me. I would watch her from a distance after the contest as one dude after another would buy her drinks and try to pick her up. She would continue to flirt with them but would ultimately leave with me at the end of the night. We would make comments and laugh all the way home.

One of the huge benefits to Erin’s bikini contest successes is that she started tanning in the nude. What’s the point of wearing a microkini if you still had tan lines? Whenever there was no one around, she could be found naked in the back yard, swimming, reading, or just sleeping in the sun. I never got tired of seeing her body. After awhile, she convinced me to tan naked with her too.

The sexual tension was building slowly between us ever since she started coming over to the house on a regular basis. Maybe it had been there before and we chose to ignore it. But being in closer proximity to each other made us more aware of what was starting to develop. And as I had always believed, a man and a woman cannot usually be friends for long before thoughts turn to sex.

Without clothing, it became harder for us to pretend there was no attraction between us. I would be dozing in the sun and feel her fingers touching my limp dick. She seemed to be fascinated by my dick and liked to play with it, just to watch it harden. It was like an evolving game with her, to see if some new stimulation would have an arousal effect. Of course I didn’t mind.

Likewise, I liked playing the same game with her too, to see what subtle thing I could do to turn her on a little. She would be reading and I just couldn’t resist gently touching her smooth tanned pussy. She’d giggle.

One day after work I arrived home and found Erin lying nude in the late afternoon sunlight. She heard me enter the house and motioned for me to join her outside. I grabbed a drink and went outside.

“How was your day?” she asked. She had the look on her face that something was on her mind.

“Not too bad, just glad to be home.” I replied. “I can’t wait for this week to be over”


“Because I really look forward to the weekend. I really have fun when you’re around.” I stated.

“Tell me about it?” Erin asked.

“You’re just so cool to be around. You’re funny and always happy.” I said. “Plus I never get tired of watching you in your tiny bikinis. You look hot.”

“Do you truly think so?”

“Yes, I really do”

Erin stepped close to me and said “I think you’re hot too, and I’ve been having some thoughts.”

“About what?”

“About us having sex.” she stated.

Wow, I thought. Now it’s out on the table, so to speak. I can’t say that the thought had never crossed my mind, but I couldn’t imagine how to broach the subject. Now she did. Erin looked a little apprehensive, as if I was going to laugh or be turned off by the proposal, but that was furthest from the truth.

“Me too,” I simply replied. “I’ve thought about it too. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.”

“How come you never mentioned it to me?” Erin asked.

“Well obviously it’s a touchy subject. We’ve known each other for years, and I’ve never thought of you than more then just my step sister. But now look at us. We always have fun when we’re together, we understand each other, and now were finding out that we are both really attracted to each other. We’re in a relationship”

“That’s almost exactly what I’ve been feeling too.” Erin replied.

I continued, “But obviously, no one can know about this. Almost everyone we know thinks that we are blood brothers and sisters, and it would appear incestuous.”

“But we’re not related, so that makes it OK?” Erin asked.

“It’s OK with me, sis.” I agreed. And that was all that needed to be said.

Erin had already assumed this conclusion and was ready. She went to the picnic table where a folded blanket was left and walked to the grass next to the pool where she spread it out. I started to undress and joined her on the blanket. She took control.

Pushing me gently down on my back, she knelt beside me and took my dick into her hand and started stroking. With the anticipation of fucking my step sister now a reality in front Escort of me, it didn’t take long at all for me to become hugely erect. Lowering her mouth, she ever so softly began to kiss my hard dick all over. Wrapping her lips around the head of my dick and continuing to stroke my shaft with her hand, she somehow managed to rotate herself so the she was straddling above me in a sixty-nine position.

Just mere inches from my face was her beautiful little pussy. I pulled her close and gently kissed it as she softly moaned with pleasure. The tip of my tongue separated her lips and was met with a tiny drop of her moisture inside. As I dug my tongue deeper into her slit I could feel the rush of her juices into my mouth. As she continued to give me a blowjob, I sucked her hardening clit deep into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. We both were ready.

Erin got up, turned around and straddled me. Staring directly into my eyes and smiling, she positioned my dick into her awaiting pussy and every so slowly lowered herself into me. It was the most incredible feeling as her tight pussy slowly enveloped my dick. When our bodies met, we just stayed in that position for a long minute as I was deep inside her.

On the blanket in the afternoon sun, Erin slowly began to fuck me while on top, the slower the better. Erin worked herself up to a growing orgasm, tensing her body around my satisfied dick as she came. We would then change positions drive her to anther orgasm over and over as we made love together for almost an hour. I couldn’t believe that was lasting for so long (I usually don’t), but it just felt perfect and both of us wanted to last forever. Eventually we finished with me on top and I pulled out at the last possible minute and blew cum on her sweat covered belly and breasts. She rubbed my cum across her chest and continued to stroke my dick still slick with cum as I fell next to her in complete satisfaction and exhaustion.

I kissed her and said “That was the best, ever”

“I can’t believe that we just had sex that long,” Erin said. “I couldn’t stop coming, it was incredible”

We cooled off in the pool and held each other tightly, her legs wrapped around my body as we continued to kiss.

Drying off after the swim, I sat down next to Erin while she finished brushing her hair. She turned to me and asked “Do you know how to thread mom’s old sewing machine? I have it in the closet.”

“Yea,” I replied. “It’s simple”. In high school I worked at a custom auto body shop that restored classic cars. I had an old Barracuda that I was trying to restore, without much luck on my own. The owner put me in the upholstery shop to learn to create custom seat covers for his client’s restorations. I could sew pretty well.

“Why? You need something fixed?”

“I want to try creating my own bikinis,” she said. “There aren’t many differences any more between what all the girls are wearing. I want shake things up a bit.”

“Cool idea,” I said. “It wouldn’t be hard to make something. What are you thinking?”

“A combination of a microkini and a sling. Somehow the top and bottoms would be connected.”

That evening we got out paper and began to sketch some ideas together. It wasn’t hard to come up with some radical designs. Later Erin brought over the sewing machine and picked up some cheap Lycra at the fabric store. We also found some elasticized thread that we would use to tie it all together.

Our first model was just a plain sling bikini with a teardrop shaped bottom and two teardrop shapes over the breast. It actually didn’t look too bad for a first try. And working with Erin a as nude mannequin was a treat.

For our second design, we rotated the top segments so that they crossed the breasts at an angle, narrow on top, wide below. This seemed to fit a little better and allowed her to move without her breasts popping out of the tops whenever she twisted around.

The third design consisted of triangles to cover each breast, but rotated inward. We added a small metal ring between the breasts to tie it together and a loop around the neck. This was our best fitting model so far and looked like it might work. Once the geometry was established it was just a matter of making it fit well. We realized that for bikini contests, the flashier the better, so we decided to use metallic fabrics in different color combinations. They were not very durable but would work for just a bikini contest.

We had the design for our new sling style bikini, but it wasn’t really a microkini yet. I started the process of removing little fabric here and there. Time after time, Erin would try on the new model and confirm that it still fits, but would reply “Make it smaller, still.”

I had reduced the top triangles to less than an inch in size, with them now barely covering her little nipples, and not much more. The bottom teardrop shape was even more challenging. We wanted to make it narrow enough just to cover her tanned pussy mound, but not so small that it would just get “swallowed up” between her lips. She wanted the bottom to start at the top cleavage of her pussy slit, not all the way to the top of her pubic area. I couldn’t imagine needing to do this, but we ended up with her lying on the floor with her legs spread and I used a small tape measure to take detailed measurements of her pussy. Fun!

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