Milking the Bull


Now students we are all adults here. Depending on your final field of study you may be required to do this from time to time. Now I want you to get into your teams. 2 female and 1 male to each team. One of the females is to come up her and gets the specimen cup and the other female gets the other supplies. The male is to remove their cloths and get on the table on their hands and knees.

Very good. Now I want each female to put on a pair of gloves. Now each of you know the normal ways of extracting semen from a male though masturbation. This exercise is to instruct how to get the same sample though prostate massage. Now please no giggling, laughing, or rude comments. And women remember we have pap smears and pelvic exams coming up and each of you will be participating in that.

The females will need to figure out between yourselves who will be doing the internal work and who will be doing the external work. While it is possible for one person to do both jobs I am afraid that we don’t have enough males in the class for a 1-on-1 setup. Both females will get to feel the male’s prostate but only one will get to do the massage. The other female will hold the penis and make sure the specimen goes into the cup and not everywhere else.

Now each female should apply a little of the supplied lubrication to their index finger. Make sure to spread it around your fingers and allow it to warm up. Good. Now one of you should apply a little lubrication to the anus of the male in front of you. Please make sure to completely cover the anus. Don’t just put a small amount on the side. Think about now much lubrication you would want if someone was giving you an anal exam but don’t go overboard. Now men try to relax and allow the women to do their work.

Now Mark please get back into position. You knew we were doing this exercise today. If you do not participate you will fail this class and will be dropped from the program. Good.

Now one of the females needs to gently push their finger in to the first knuckle. Males please relax and let them in. It may feel uncomfortable Escort Bayan but it should not be painful unless you try to prevent it. If anyone is having trouble getting their finger in please let me know. Good.

Now I want the female with the finger in the male’s anus to gently twist their hand to help spread the lubrication. Good. Now I want you to gently remove your finger. Ok now the other female to place their finger with the lubrication on it against the male’s anus. Now I want you to gently push in to the second knuckle. Are any of the females having problems getting their finger in? Good.

Now rotate your had so your palm is face down. Curl your finger gently down to see if you can feel a lump. If you can’t feel it you may need to push your finger in slightly farther. Pay attention the male as not to hurt them. They will probably feel some discomfort but they should not feel pain. Now men if you do feel pain of any kind please speak up. Ok. Anyone not able to find the males prostate?

Yes, Sue. You have not been able to find Jim’s prostate. Kim will you get me a glove. Ok. Sue please remove your finger. Jim just to confirm you have not had your prostate removed for any reason correct? Ok. Now Sue and Kim please step over here to the side and watch. See I have stuck in to the second knuckle and I am curling my finger down. I cannot feel it there also. I will uncurl my finger and slip in slightly farther. Any pain Jim? Ok. Now I will curl my finger again. There it is. Sue and Kim you will probably have to stick your finger in almost all the way to feel it. Sue please come here and stick your finger in slowly past your second knuckle. Good. Now palm down, curl your finger. You feel the lump? Good.

Now while the procedure can be accomplished on most males with a single finger some may require more stimulation on the prostate. Pressing harder with a single finger can be painful and could damage the prostate. Some males may require 2 fingers on their prostate to provide enough stimulation. But some males may find 2 fingers in Bayan Escort the anus to be painful. It will be up to the patient which will work. You should start with 1 finger. The procedure should be fairly quick so if it seems like it is taking a long time you may need to add a second finger.

Now I want each of you with a finger in the male’s anus to gently rub side to side on the lump under your finger. You should notice that the male should be getting an erection if he didn’t already have one. Good. Anyone with a male without an erection? Good.

Now please remove your fingers. Now look at your fingers to see if there is anything stuck to them. If it is bright red blood you may have pressed to hard. If anyone has blood on their finger please let me know. If there is anything else we will be ignoring that for now. Good.

Now will the other female take their place and insert your finger to the second knuckle and find the males prostate. Anyone unable to find the male’s prostate. Kim remember you will need to push in past your second knuckle. Good. Now rub the lump from side to side. Any male feeling pain? Good.

Now please remove your fingers. Check your fingers for blood. Anyone have blood on their fingers? Good. Now please decide between you who will be doing the massage and who will be collecting the sample. The one collecting the sample should change their glove as not to contaminate it.

Now the female doing the massage, please reinsert your finger and find the males prostate again. The female collecting the sample should stand to the side and reach under the male. Grasp the male’s penis and place the specimen cup so the head of the penis is just inside of it. Now it will be your job to keep the penis head inside the cup no matter how much the male may flex his hips. For some males it is an uncontrollable response to the ejaculation process.

Now the female that is doing the massage please start gently rubbing the prostate from side to side. You may also try moving in a circular pattern. The male may start moaning as Escort it can be enjoyable. Other may not have any reaction until they start to ejaculate. Jenny an in and out motion should not be needed. Your only movement should be just from your finger. Are any males in pane? Good.

Now remember there may not be any warning of the ejaculation so make sure the cup is in place. If you feel it is necessary, the female holding the specimen cup may gently move their hand on the male’s penis up and down or lightly squeeze to provide some additional stimulation. But make sure the penis head stays in the cup. Good. Now as the male ejaculates make sure to hold still until he is finished.

Remember that penis head is very sensitive right after the ejaculation so don’t scrape it on the specimen cup. Good. I see several males have ejaculated. Please make sure to put the lid on tightly. Please update the supplied sticker with the patient’s name, date, and time of the sample. Then make sure to gently wipe any remaining discharge from the penis and any excessive lubrication remaining on the anus with the supplied wipes. Again check for any blood on your fingers as you remove them. It looks like we have 2 teams remaining that do not have samples yet.

Now I want each of you to stop your massage but keep your finger in the male’s anus. Hold up your middle fingers and apply a small amount of lube to them. Now try to slip in the additional finger alongside your index finger without removing your first finger. Either of you gentlemen in pain? Good. Now continue your massage. The females holding the specimen cups should be either gently stroking the male penis or applying a rhythmic squeezing to add stimulation. Good.

Beth. You are moving his penis out of the cup. If the male were to ejaculate now you would miss most of the sample. Good. Ok. It looks like you got the cup back in place just in time. Ok. It seems we have all of our samples now. The females with the samples please place them in the warmer in the back after they are properly labeled.

Another class will be doing the sample analysis and the results will be available in our next class for those interested. The female that did the massage should finish cleaning up the male and then store the rest of the supplies while the male gets dressed. Now, any questions?

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