Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 01


(This is a fantasy written for fun. All characters are age 18 and over. If you do not enjoy spanking, humiliation and some fetish please do not read, as you will not enjoy the story. Thank you.)


WHAP! WHAP! SPANK! SPANK! “Young Lady, if you ever speak to me in that tone of voice again, I will tan your bottom so you won’t sit for a week.”

My name is Tom Taylor and the young lady over my knee is Katherine Marie Johnson, my wife’s mother. I am 35 years old, owner of my own computer consulting business. My mother-in-law is 48 years old, and is a slightly plumper version of my 25 year old wife, Karen Anne Taylor. Katherine is about 148 pounds, with long tanned legs and a gorgeous figure from working out every day.

She is dressed in her work outfit. Katherine works for a local retail store, and tends to wear a skirt and blouse, which make here look younger than her 48 years. She also wears stockings, high heels, panties and a Spandex panty girdle, because she feels it slims her backside.

Right now she is over my lap, with her blue skirt and half slip high on her back, her backside is bare and her pink lacy bikini panty, girdle and stockings are dangling ignominiously from her knees. I am spanking her with the hairbrush usually reserved for my wife.

Katherine is in the middle of a divorce and asked her daughter, if she could stay with us for 6 months. Karen approached me and I agreed, but under one condition: that she lives under my rules. There is only one rule to remember, that is, do not disobey me. If you do disobey it means anything from an old fashion bare bottom spanking, corner time, punishment outfit, and any other humiliation I can think of to embarrass the offender.

Karen, who has a perfect figure, learned her lesson, when we started dating four years ago. We have been married two years. Karen was the typical spoiled brat: first senior with a new car, prom queen, arrogant with an “I am better than you attitude,” spoiled teenage handful. I met her, when she was a senior in high school, her father being a client of mine. We started dating a year later and I married her when she was 22. Her attitude has changed considerably from our first meeting.

I told Karen to invite her mother to our house for dinner. Karen would explain the rules and punishments that she could receive. If her mother agreed to be disciplined by me some 13 years younger, she could live with us.

Katherine came for dinner the following evening right from work. Karen was delighted to see her mother and they carried on like school kids laughing and giggling over every little thing. Once dinner was complete, I told Karen to finish the dishes with her mother, and bring a kitchen chair to the living room. Her mother gave me a strange look but said nothing.

I sat down on my recliner chair and read the paper, when both ‘girls’ appeared. Karen walked hesitantly with the straight-backed chair placed it in the center of the room and stood at attention in front of the chair. Katherine marched in with an attitude and started to sit on the couch. I looked at her and in no uncertain terms said: “Katherine Marie do not sit until I tell you to sit, Karen Ann has something to tell you,” Her mouth dropped open she could not believe someone younger than her would speak to her in such a manner; even her husband never confronted her (Part of the problem.)

When she regained her composure, she started to yell: “NO ONE SPEAKS TO ME LIKE THAT, DAMIT,” Taking off my reading glasses I rose from my chair and coming to my full 6 foot height I looked her in the eye completely intimidating her saying: “that outburst is going to cost you.”

Katherine stood in place, she was shocked. I told my wife “face your mother and explain the rules in this household.”

Karen turned to face her mother and looked like she was going to melt. She stared at the floor, twisting her fingers like a little girl. She shifted her weight from one foot to another “Stop fidgeting Karen Anne, and stand up straight or I will give you a reason to fidget,” I said in my most commanding voice.

Karen pulled herself erect and began to recite the ritual we had practiced last night. “Mommy when I am a naughty little girl, I get my panties pulled down and my bare bottom is spanked until I am crying like a child. I am then sent to the corner and sometimes I have to wear a punishment outfit. If you live here you will have the same discipline, if you misbehave.”

“Is that all, Karen Anne?” I asked.

“No Sir, please show my mother how obedient I am.”

“Very good, Young Lady,” I answered.

My mother-in-law could not believe that this was the same spoiled brat, who lived with her all those years.

“Karen Anne please lift your skirt slowly, front and back over your hips,” I ordered.

Bending she reached for the hem and very slowly raised her skirt up her long legs. Her very tight white bikini panty was showing front and back. She had disobeyed me about the panties she was to wear today and she knew it.

“Turn Escort Bayan your back towards your mother,” She pivoted 180 degrees, and her Mother could see her bottom cheeks peeking out from her panties.

“Good, now lift.” I ordered.

Karen immediately stood on her toes so that the calf and thigh muscles on her shapely legs were straining. My eyes traveled up her tanned legs from her heels to that sexy muscle on the back of the leg on up to the top of the stocking. Next, the few inches of white thigh between the end of the stocking and the edge of her panties, then on up to her rounded bottom covered by her white panty


“Now lift,” Once again she obeyed my command.




I sat on the kitchen chair, and positioned Karen on my right side. My hand slowly moved up her legs, tracing my palm across the backs of her thighs at the very apex where they join the first swelling of her bottom. I took the leg band of her panties and snapped it with my hand watching her cheek shake. I did the same with her left leg band.

“Now over my lap Young Lady,” I said.

She bent over my lap in one motion, her head to my left and her legs to my right. I raised her skirt over her back and looked down at her tight bikini panty. The panty rode up her buttocks and squeezed in between her twin globes as she bent over exposing her backside to me. I rested my hand on her bare pure white bottom, slowly palming it in deliberate circles.

“Why are you wearing bikini panties, Missy, did I give you permission?” Her mother was looking at me with disbelief. She couldn’t believe I even controlled my wife’s panties selection.

“No Sir, but.”

“There are no buts, Miss Taylor, when you disobey me you get disciplined: I am sure you thought you wouldn’t be caught. Now I am going to tan your backside until you are crying, then you can go upstairs and get your little girl sleeper, and can spend 30 minutes in the corner with these panties over your head make sure you bring them back down with you.”

“No please not in front of Mommy.” She whined.

“You should have thought of that before you decided to disobey me.”

“Now as for you Missy,” I addressed my 48 year old mother-in-law, as if she were 8 years old. “I am going to give your naughty daughter an old fashion tanning for her disobedience. Once I am finished she is going up to her room to change. You can either leave or you can stay. If you stay you will obey my every order. You already have one spanking coming, and I am going to wash your mouth out with soap for your outburst. Now you decide.”

I took the waistband of Karen’s tight white bikini’s and slowly lowered them over her hips turning them inside out, as I lowered them to her knee hollows, effectively pinning her legs. I raised my strong right palm and smacked her twice in succession across the lower half of each check. SMACK! SMACK! SPANK! SPANK! I began to wallop her bare backside, one cheek than the other, over and over.

I swatted her 5 times on one cheek, than 5 on the other. I could hear her start to sob and she began to clench and unclench her buttocks in anticipation. I lowered my aim and once again smacked her at the base of her backside: the tender spot where the thighs meet the bottom cheeks. She now began to cry real tears, promising to be ‘SOOOO GOOD.’

After some 5 minutes of spanking her bottom it was crimson from the top to the lower part of the back of her thighs. “Now, missy I want you to count to 10 and thank me after each spank.”

SPANK! “One thank you Sir,” as each swat landed she answered crying harder until she reached ten. She was now bawling and starting to hiccup not able to catch her breath.

“Please no more I will be sooooo good,” She sobbed.

“If you disobey me again and wear a panty you do not have permission to wear, I will spank you every day for a month. Is that clear?” I punctuated my question with 2 very hard wallops and ordered her off my lap.

“Now go up stairs and change into your sleeper and leave your bad girl panties where they are. Don’t you dare rub,” She did so leaving her panties tangled about her knees, as she slowly waddled up the stairs still holding her skirt at waist level and crying softly to herself.

I looked at my mother-in-law and knew I had won. Her shoulders were sloped and her head was down. She did not have the arrogant, spoiled attitude about her.

“I will stay,” She said quietly.

“Good let’s start your obedience lesson immediately. Raise your skirt I want to see what you are wearing under it.”

“Do I have to? Please don’t embarrass me.”

I calmly walked over to her and circling her waist I bent her under my left arm and spanked her three quick times on her backside. It was obvious she had not been spanked, if ever, in a very long time, by the way she jumped.

“Now I am going to tell you once more to raise your skirt over your hips, unless you want to earn additional punishment, RAISE YOUR SKIRT NOW.”

She Bayan Escort hesitated for a second and then reached down for the end of the skirt and slowly lifted it up her long legs. Inch by inch her legs came into view, as her skirt reached the top of her thighs I saw that she had clear stockings attached to a white panty girdle. The garters of her panty girdle, located half way up the legs, pulled tightly on her nylons and the overall effect was to give her a rather trim figure. I could see the embarrassment and apprehension reflected in her eyes.

“Come over here you naughty little girl. Daddy is going to spank you until you cry. Forty-eight years old and still you need to be spanked. Tsk! Tsk!” I announced in a condescending voice.

I then tucked the hem of her blue skirt and half slip into her waistband. “I am going to teach you to be a good little girl. You have needed a tanning on your bare buttocks for a long time. You are arrogant, headstrong and spoiled, if I were your husband you would not get away with what you have been doing,” I scolded.

“The demonstration in obedience that Karen showed you is what I will expect from you. I realize it will be awhile before you will be as obedient as Karen, but we will work on it. First though I am going to paddle you so you will understand what you can expect when you misbehave,” I said.

I reached up and worked my fingers into the waistband of the panty girdle. I began pulling the tight spandex girdle inside out over Katherine’s full hips. I continued to tug the tight panty girdle down until I worked it over her full buttocks and on down her legs, until the waistband was down just below Katherine’s knees. The legs of the panty girdle had been turned inside out and the garters dangled loosely, still attached to her clear nylon stockings. Her white nylon knickers stretched tightly over her plump hips and buttocks were all that remained to be removed.

I took her wrist and helped her over my knees, her skirt and slip were tucked into her waistband and her girdle at her knee hollows. Her bottom was ready for me to spank. First, I lowered her tight lacy white bikini panties and pushed them right down her legs until they were wedged behind her garters in front and dangling down almost to her knee hollows in back.

“We will be going shopping for panties more suited to your age, Katherine Marie.” I knew she felt vulnerable and aware of her behind sticking up all bare. I then reached for the hairbrush on the table. I started patting her with it on her bare cheeks.

“You know Young Lady that this is where the hairbrush will have the most effect,” I said, as I continued to rub her upper thighs with the flat side of the hairbrush.

“You won’t be able to sit comfortably the entire weekend without thinking of the spanking. I am going to cover your entire backside and make every inch sting.”

I could hear her quietly sobbing as I adjusted her position over my lap. “Katherine Marie, before I start I want you to turn your toes towards the inside so you won’t clench your cheeks,” I could see the goose bumps forming on her cheeks as the cool air hit them.

I then began the hairbrush paddling. I swatted her first across both cheeks, then one globe and the other, over and over. I continued to tan her up one side of her buttocks and down the other. I could see the red splotches forming on her bottom cheeks. She was yelling that she would be good over and over.

She started crying early into the tanning, pleading “Please stop, I will be gooood,” sounding like a child.

Her crying had turned into loud hiccups as she tried to catch her breath. I held her waist with my left hand and started at the top of her thighs, 5 on one side and 5 on the other. I was determined to teach her a lesson she would not forget. She tried to kick her legs but was restrained by her panties and girdle at her knees.

“Put your head down further and lift your buttocks up higher, Missy. If you fall off my lap, I will spank you for the next 20 minutes,” I raised my arm and with a quick wrist slap, spanked her right and left cheek in quick succession.

‘Owwwww No more Please, I’ll obey, She cried loudly.

I finished spanking Katherine’s bottom and set her on her feet. “Now get into the corner, until you compose yourself.”

I punctuated that order with a sharp swat to her behind. She immediately got up, totally mortified having been spanked by her son-in-law, tears running down her face. I took out my handkerchief stood up and made her blow her nose like a little girl. She walked slowly over to the corner. Her girdle, panties and stockings were dangling from her knees.

My wife came down the stairs, as her mother placed her nose in the corner of the living room. She was dressed in her one piece sleeper. Karen had bathed and washed the makeup from her face, her hair was tied into two pigtails. She was trying very hard to please me. The sleeper was bright pink, with a bunny on the top corner, it had room for her Escort feet and a zipper down the front all the way between her legs until it reached the back flap, which she had left unbuttoned exposing her bare red buttocks. In her hand rolled up in a ball was her white bikini panty which had got her in trouble tonight.

Standing up I towered over her, I extended my hand and she handed me her undies. I held it between my two hands in front of her face. I could see that it was one size to small and it had extra high cut legs, it was almost a thong. “This is unacceptable little girl, from now on we will have a panty inspection before you leave the house. You will find me, and raise your skirt or lower your jeans to show me what you are wearing. It had better be your full cut cotton underwear or your Disney character little girl panties I bought you. Is that clear?” I was about 5 inches from her face she was completely dominated.

“Yes Sir,” .Karen started to sob again. I could see the total submissive look in her eyes.

I turned her slightly damp panties inside out and taking the gusset told her to hold the very tip with her teeth. I then took her ear lobe and sitting down I gently took her over my lap. “I am going to use the hairbrush on your backside, if you drop the panties we will start all over. I am going to give you a touch up of about 10, so you will be a good girl.” Taking the flap on her sleeper, I pulled it up as far as it would go and opened her zipper so that her full rounded bottom was available to me.

I reached for the hairbrush and with one quick snap I spanked her right cheek. The second and third were on the same cheek. The fourth, fifth and sixth were on the left globe. She was starting wiggle on my lap and her legs were kicking up and down. I could hear muffled cries, as she struggled to hold her panties in her teeth. “Four moreYoung Lady, I hope you have learned your lesson. After I am finished go out to the kitchen, and get your spanking stool you are going to spend the next half hour bottom up with your bikini over your head,” Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! All landing on the middle of her backside.

Up she got off my lap and started to dance from one leg to the other, her panties in her teeth, pigtails flopping up and down in her pink bunny outfit, her backside was the color of her PJ’s.

“ENOUGH now get your stool,” I swatted her towards the kitchen.

Back she came placed the five foot stool in the middle of the room. I took the panties from between her teeth, turned them right side out and stretching them placed the front over her head covering her nose. The leg bands I placed over each ear to hold them in place. With her head completely covered she bent over the stool, so that her backside was facing the doorway. Her head was near the floor and her legs were stretched out behind her. Karen was completely mortified and humiliated.

I then turned my attention to Katherine, who was standing in the corner still crying. “Okay Kathy let’s go into the kitchen its time to wash your mouth out with soap.”

I took her by her ear, her girdle and panties still dangling from her knees. Her face was tear-streaked and her makeup all smeared. She was sniffling that she ‘would be good.’ I gave her a fast spank across the middle of her bare bottom and that seemed to make her move towards the kitchen.

“I told you I was going to wash your mouth out with soap and I intend to make it happen: you will not speak to me in that tone of voice again,” I ordered.

I led Katherine over to the kitchen sink and released my hold on her earlobe. Katherine had no time to recover, as she saw me pick up the half-used bar of soap from the soap dish. “No please no.” I heard her cry.

Katherine took a step back. “Don’t you dare move Young Lady!” I ordered.

Katherine was terrified. She stood frozen, while I held the soap under the water and worked up a good lather. When I was satisfied, I pulled Katherine towards me and leaned her over the sink, holding her by the back of the neck. The lathered-up bar was in my other hand, poised for action.

“Noooo!” She began to cry.

It was exactly what I was waiting for her to do. When Katherine opened her mouth to say ‘No’: I slid the bar of Ivory in between my 48 year old mother-in-laws lips. “Young Lady, when I tell you not to speak unless spoken to, I mean it!” I lectured: twisting and turning the bar of soap as I spoke.

A soapy foam dribbled down Katherine’s chin and blouse. The taste was horrible! She gargled and almost gagged as the acrid-tasting soap coated her tongue and permeated every pore in her mouth. Still, I toyed with the Ivory, moving it back and forth and in and out. “Are you learning anything Missy?” I asked.

Katherine nodded her head as much as my hand would allow. I withdrew the soap and allowed her to spit out the remains into the sink. It would do no good; the soapy taste would remain in her mouth for hours.

“All right Young Lady!” I stated emphatically. “Its time for the next part of your lesson! You have been a very naughty girl, treating her as if she were 8 instead of 48, Now Young Lady march yourself into the living room, find the nearest corner, put your nose flat against the wall and place your hands on top of your head.” I told her.

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