Mrs. Loose Booty Pt. 02


This story deals with cuckolding, interracial sex. It’s a story about a once heterosexual male eagerly transitioning from a mere panty wearing cock sucker to voluntary gender reassignment for the woman he loves. If these are subjects with which you have issues, please go elsewhere.

It was just weeks after my first night of paying the price to see Lois with Mr. Shawn. I must say, being there was worth the price of admission. Lois’s love and appreciation for black men and the incredible sex she enjoys with them was contagious. I asked her, after sharing black cocks with her friend, if she’d like to move in with me. “My house is larger and on a quiet street.”

Lois packed up her things and her Yorkie and settled in nicely. Two days later, we enjoyed another of Mr. Shawn’s most welcomed visits. By this time, I was comfortable being nude when greeting Mr. Shawn.

I’m more comfortable because Lois helped me get over myself. She insisted that I should be naked when at home. “It’s something else I need from you, johnnie. I can’t explain it, but you being naked makes me feel more secure.”

And it was Lois’s needs that filled me with purpose.

I was naked when she brought home a girlfriend, Brenda, from work. It was a difficult chore for me to not get an erection, a chore I failed at miserably.

The girls got a laugh out of my predicament as I served them and spent the evening basically waiting on them.

Brenda and Lois are alike in several ways. Both have the same proclivity for having sex with black men. Both dress down for work and dress sexy for their man friends.

Lois, by far has the larger bottom of the two but Brenda’s body is well proportioned. No, I have never seen her naked and probably never will because Lois feels that me seeing other naked women would be disrespectful to her and detrimental to our relationship.

I’m pretty sure Brenda had been told what I do for Lois. I’m equally sure that Brenda told others.

I had acted out of my comfort zone by submitting to Lois’s needs. I felt no shame for having done it. And, according to the reviews from Mr. Shawn and Lois, I did what I did well.

My lady was right when she told me that sucking my first cock would be the most difficult one. It not only became easier as Lois said it would, I learned to enjoy pleasing her big handsome man and found my own perverse pleasure sucking his cock. It made me feel somehow better about myself, giving myself for another’s pleasure, serving and servicing one superior to me.

Now, in a perfect world, no one would know what goes on behind closed doors. No one would know I had sucked a cock and actually enjoyed it. But it’s not a perfect world and people do know what I did, what I’ve become.

I could cure cancer and no one would call me a doctor. I could build the tallest building, yet no one would say I as a great engineer. But suck one cock, only one, and I’m a cock sucker for life in the eyes of those who have knowledge of that fact.

And the most important person who knows that is Lois. Okay, Mr. Shawn too.

But it’s the others who look at me differently. I was not ashamed. I knew I what I was doing was right. But it simply wasn’t their business.

When I complained to Lois, she wouldn’t have it. “Baby, you’re going to have a sad life if you go around worried about what others know about you. So, you’re a cock sucker. So what? I’m proud of you and that should be all that counts.”

She was right. Lois is all that matters to me. Aside from the knowing looks and whispered comments, I have never been happier as I am tending to Lois’s needs. And she has many needs.

It’s my job to keep her pubic hair and leg hair shaved. It’s my job to polish her toenails. I have many other such tasks which require my daily attention. I easily accepted the subseriant male Lois needed. And I am rewarded for my efforts.

Lois allows me to have sex with her if I’ve done everything perfectly which I strive to do. She and I both know that I am unable to bring her the passion she gets from Mr. Shawn but Lois makes that sacrifice for me as long as when I’ve cum, I put “that shit” back where it came from.

I’ve spent many hours kissing her fabulous bottom too. Believe me, that is definitely not a chore. It’s a pleasure.

Caring for Lois’s needs has given my life purpose. Every day I have something to do for someone other than myself. Before Lois, my life was routine. The things I did, I did for me. With Lois, I began to see that my needs weren’t really needs at all but selfish desires. Putting her first, tending to her needs, kneeling at her side sharring a cock with Lois have made me a better person and filled a void within me I had been aware was there.

“johnnie, I ‘ve been asked out by someone new. Derrick, a man I met while I was shopping Saturday while you were here doing laundry. God, but he’s handsome. I bet his cock is bigger than Shawn’s too.”

I could see my lady was excited. Lois is like that. She attracts men, especially black men which suits her. She İstanbul Escort calls her love of black cocks a fetish. I call it a lifestyle. I knew going in she preferred black men for sex and I accept that. After seeing her and Mr. Shawn together, I understood her need and my role.

In time, her need for black cocks would become mine as well.

“We have to get me something new to wear for him, baby. I’m thinking a short skirt, you know, a mini-skirt, maybe a leather one.”

“Yes, ma’am. But won’t Mr. Shawn be angry?”

“Hell no. He has no claim on me and he’s married anyway.”

I didn’t know that.

“Where is Derrick taking you?”

“Dancing. He knows a place where we won’t stand out. Where we won’t be the only black man and white woman couple.”

“That’s nice, dear.”

It’s always better when Lois is comfortable when she’s out with her man friends. When she isn’t, she comes homes bitchy. On those occasions which are rare, I will fix her a warm bath, a cool glass of white wine, place scented candles around the tub and watch over her as she winds down and relaxes.

We went shopping and Lois did buy a leather miniskirt and a very sheer black blouse. “”Derrick says he likes to show off his bitches and said I should dress for show.”

Lois asked me to select the panties she would wear on her date. I chose a leopard print thong which she adored. “Oh baby, what a great eye you have. And they’re only $85.00.”

“Nothing’s too good for my sexy lady,” I said, basking in her praise.

When the evening came around, Lois said she wanted me to assist her preparing for her date. “It’s the cuckold’s job to be helpful baby. And when you help me get ready for him, I know that you love me. And johnnie, baby, I need to know you love me.”

I helped her step into her new thong and pulled it up. “Kiss my pussy, baby.”

She has only to ask.

When Lois was ready, she looked beautiful. Heavy eye shadow, bright red lip stick that matched her finer and toenails. Very high heels.

“Do I look like a hooker, baby?”

No ma’am. Not at all.”

Lois frowned. “I tried my best to look like a whore for Derrick. He likes that look on the white women he dates.”

I was quick to apologize. “I’m sorry Lois, really. I thought if I said yes, you’d be hurt. You look like a beautiful hooker. Honest you do.”

She kissed my cheek. “You are the sweetest cuckold. Don’t wait up and do not, I repeat, do not jack off.”

Just then a car pulled up and honked the horn. “That’s Derrick. He told me to listen for his horn.”

“Remember, no beating off.”

She kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me.

“Have a wonderful time, Lois.”

As she went out the door, she stopped and turned. “I almost forget, johnnie. I need you to use the guest room tonight. Bye bye.”

I watched her open the car door and climb in. Her skirt rose up almost to her waist. “Oh yeah,” I thought. “My girl is gonna get laid tonight.”

“No jacking off,” I kept telling myself. The urge to do so was hard to resist but I always do what Lois tells me. I was able to go to bed without masturbating but was unable to sleep. I finally took an Ambien and somewhere around 3 AM, I was out.

I didn’t hear them come in. I didn’t hear them fucking. I slept through it all.

Waking at nearly 10, I went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Then I brushed my teeth and hair. Pausing outside of the master bedroom, I listened to see if they were awake. There was no sound, so I tip toed away with a growing erection.

I was at the sink when Lois crept up behind me and hugged me. “Hi sleepy head,” I said turning to kiss her.

The taste of cum was on her mouth.

“I see you had a nice time,” I said licking my lips.

“Oh God yes,” she said breathlessly. “I’ll tell you about it later, after Derrick leaves.”

Just then a tall, light skinned black man sauntered into the kitchen. “There’s my bitch,” he said with a grin.

Lois went to him and they hugged. I saw both of his hands hold her big beautiful bottom. Looking over Lois’s head at me, he asked, “That him?”

“It is. johnnie, this is Mr. Derrick. Derrick, meet johnnie.”

I went to shake hands but he ignored it.

I noticed Lois had hickeys on her breasts and neck and hand prints on her big buttocks. She’d been spanked well. My lady loves being spanked when she has a big black cock fucking her.

They sat and allowed me to pour them a cup of coffee. “Derrick left you breakfast, johnnie. I think it would be polite if you thanked him for thinking of you.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said feeling a tad foolish.

“Not that way, baby. You know how to thank a real man better than that.”

It was my chance to shine. “Mr. Derrick, sir. May I suck your big cock, please.”

Mr. Derrick looked at Lois with a wide grin across his handsome face. “You weren’t lying, bitch.”

Lois beamed. “Told you.”

“Go head, faggot. Get on it.”

I heard Lois tell him that although I was a cock Kadıköy Escort sucker, I wasn’t a homo.”

Mr. Derrick laughed. “Don’t matter to me what you call him.”

His cock was magnificent. Even in the soft state of a well and recently used cock, it was nearly 9″ long. I held it in my hand appreciating the size, the large vein, his heavy balls.

There was no shame in me when I moaned and sucked him into my mouth.

Lois and Mr. Derrick made small talk as I suckled and cleansed his manhood. Moving down his shaft, I lapped at his balls before burying my face in his crotch. His smell was masculine, and I savored the aroma for a minute before tending to his cock once again.

I knew I was doing well when his cock began to grow. I licked and lapped at the shaft which was now standing on its own. The head was above his naval when I worked my way back to give him the best blow job I could summon up.

“Your boy is a good cock sucker, girl. Good as you.”

“I told you he was, didn’t I?”

“You were right, bitch. Right as rain.”

I felt his hands on my head as he began to react to my efforts. “Gonna skull fuck this faggot,” he said jamming his cock deep down my throat.

I felt my throat expanding as he forced his wonderful cock in it. Mr. Derrick began to fuck it like a pussy and I knew I was going to get my first load of cum right from the source.

I knelt passively, holding his balls as he took his pleasure from me. He was half squatting, grunting and cursing, and calling me vile name after vile name.

I actually felt his cock expand just before he came. There was no swallowing necessary. Mr. Derrick pumped and fucked his load down my throat directly into my belly.

I held his softening cock between my lips planting a last kiss on the large head as he removed it from my mouth.

“Damn, boy. Bitch, you got this white boy trained well.”

“johnnie is special Derrick.”

He finished his coffee and went to get dressed. “I’m proud of you baby,” Lois said.

“Me too, ma’am. It was the first time someone came in my mouth.”

“It won’t be the last time my special cock sucker.”

Lois walked Mr. Derrick to the door. They kissed on the porch with him still running his big hands all over her naked body. “Love that fat ass, bitch. Call me.”

Lois took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. Her clothes were tossed about. I picked them up as she lay back with her legs open waiting for me to tend to her needs.

“Where’s your panties, hon?”

“Oh them. Yeah. Derrick took them off when we were dancing and just tossed them away. He had my skirt up around my waist and everyone could see him holding my bare butt.”

$85.00 for that tiny thong and her real man simply tossed them away.

“Oh wow. Did the manager say anything about that?”

“Fuck no, johnnie. I wasn’t the only one being displayed. There were 4 or 5 other white ladies there with their men and they were all nearly naked after a few minutes too. After a while, the doors were locked so those of us still there would have some privacy.”

“What happened, Lois?”

“Now johnnie. What kind of lady would I be if I told you what we did in privacy?”

“You’re right, ma’am. I should have known better than to ask.”

My boner ached for relief and Lois noticed. “You didn’t disobey me and beat your meat, did you?”

“No ma’am I said settling between her thighs.

“Good boy. We’ll let you take care of that when you’ve finished taking care of my needs.”

Lois allowed me to part the folds of her pussy and savor Mr. Shawn’s gift.

True to her word, my lady did take care of my need for relief. Lois masturbated me as I suckled her breast. My orgasm was voluminous by my standards, but Lois was able to catch most of it in her dainty hand and brought it to my mouth so we could put “that shit” back where it came from.

At work the next day, Lois allowed me to take her to lunch. “Oh johnnie,” she beamed. “Derrick wants to take me away for the weekend. He thinks we could have a nice time at Atlantic City. Isn’t that sweet of him?”

“But what about me, Lois? I’ll be all by myself and missing you.”

“And there you go. You are thinking of you again, johnnie. After all I’ve done for you, you selfish mother fucker. Why must you always try to ruin my good time?”

“I wasn’t trying to ruin your good time, Lois. It’s just that we’ve never been apart from each other like that. I won’t know what to do or how to act if you’re not there for me to care for.”

She listened impatiently, tapping her shoe on the floor as I spoke.

“Yes. I know that, ” she snapped. “I’ve already taken steps to see that you are looked after.”


“Miss Brenda will sit with you for the weekend. She has graciously accepted the responsibility of looking after you while I’m away.”

I was flabbergasted. “But honey, I’m an adult. I can take care of myself.”

“Sure you can. I can see it now. You’d spend all your time looking at porn on your computer Ataşehir Escort and spanking your little monkey and cumming all over God knows what. No. It’s been decided. Miss. Brenda will look after you and I expect a good report from her when I get back.”

“Yes ma’am,” I sighed, resigned to my fate.

Later that afternoon when I thought about what Lois had said, I had to smile. She was right. There was a high probability that I would have wasted my time thinking only of my pleasure and masturbating until my dick was raw.

On the ride home I apologized and thanked her for thinking of me. “Lois, ma’am, you were right. You’re always right. That’s why I love you. You know me better than I know myself. I probably would have broken one of your most sacred rules and beat off all weekend without permission and proper supervision. Please forgive my insolence.”

“You’re already forgiven, my dearest baby. Now let’s concentrate on what I should wear for Mr. Derrick this coming weekend.”

“Let me take you shopping for something special for you to wear for Mr. Derrick.”

“My sweet baby. I don’t know what I did to deserve a sweet boy like you. I can’t wait to tell Derrick how thoughtful you are about him too. I’m not sure why that is but I have my suspicions.”

“Yes ma’am. What are those, if I may ask?”

“johnnie, baby boy, Derrick was the first man to reward you, cumming in your mouth like he did. I think you have an affinity, a man-crush on him because he was your first.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t baby. Let me try to explain it better. See, it’s like a woman’s first time getting her cherry popped, you know, when she loses her virginity. We women never forget the first man, our first fuck. Like us, you kind of lost your virginity when Derreck was kind enough to allow you to suck his cock until he fucked his load down your throat.”

Her words had an arousing effect on me which did not go unnoticed by my lady. Freeing my erection, Lois said that it was proof that I was enamored with Mr. Derrick. “Let’s wait until we get home and you can jack off while telling me about your infatuation with my man.”

This was new. I’d never masturbated talking to my lady about her men. I was tempted to beg out but didn’t want to disappoint Lois. Plus, I was going to be allowed to beat off.

At home, I got undressed and Lois put on her very short, shorts and halter top. I prepared a spinach salad for dinner with bacon and hard-boiled eggs.

Lois was on the phone with Miss. Brenda while I cleaned up the dishes. I could hear Lois talking about the things I am permitted to do and those I’m forbidden to see and do. “johnnie is not to see you naked, Brenda. Please don’t allow him break his promise to me.”

She was giggling about something Miss. Brenda was telling her.

“No. You’re right. You have my permission to do as you wish with my baby boy but he has never been allowed nor will he be allowed to masturbate when I’m not there to supervise him.”

“Uh huh. I agree completely. Blindfold him if you must but please don’t let him see your naked body.”

When she hung up, Lois came to me. Hugging me from behind she told me it was all set. Gently jacking my perpetually hard dick, she purred in my ear. “Brenda is happy to sit with my baby. She knows you are not allowed to beat your meat while I’m gone so you better behave.

Using her finger to collect the pre-cum I was leaking, Lois brought it to my lips. Here you are baby. Put this shit back where it belongs.

I was giving my lady her weekly pedicure when Mr. Derrick called. “Yes baby. Johnnie is taking me shopping for something special for me to wear for you. Yes, he is a good boy. He’s that too,” she laughed. Covering the phone, Lois whispered to me,” Derrick says you’re a good cock sucker too.”

They talked as I finished with her feet. Lois scooted forward in the chair and pointed to her moist pussy. I lapped at her cunt gently and lightly so as not to bring her off and cause her to lose track of her conversation.

“No problem, baby. I’ll tell johnnie to expect him and welcome him properly. It will give the cock sucker something to do when I with you this weekend. Oh, and my friend Brenda will be here sitting with johnnie too. She loves black men so your buddy can have the pleasure of both.”

I saw the happiness on her face when she hung up. Directing my oral skills, Lois allowed me to get her off a couple times before she was satisfied.

“I have a surprise for you my sweet baby boy. Derrick was thinking of you and how you might get lonely without me here. He’s sending one of his friends over to visit with you and Brenda. It’s a win-win situation. You’ll get to demonstrate you cock sucking techniques and Brenda will get some black cock too. Wasn’t that thoughtful of Derrick?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said. I didn’t know whether to be frightened or excited.

Lois forgot her promise to let me masturbate that night and as usual, I went to bed with a raging hard-on. She had explained that keeping me on edge would make me more attentive to her needs. She was right.

We went shopping after work the next evening. Lois bought some very revealing shorts, a couple bibbed tops that allowed her breasts to be seen from the sides and a week’s worth of panties.

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