Mrs. Watson, I Presume


All of the characters depicted in this story are 18 or over.

Connie Watson really, really needed to use the washroom. The party at her best friend’s house was in full swing and there was a long line up for the toilet off the living room. She didn’t know if she could wait that long. Some of the guys were ogling her and making suggestive small talk as she waited around for her turn. She had gotten all dolled up for the evening, put on a short skirt, nylons and a tight satin blouse that was low cut and showed off a lot of her voluptuous chest. Her makeup and mane of red hair were artfully arranged to give her a freshly fucked look that she knew the boys found exciting. She may have been in her early forties but she still made the men turn and stare when she walked into a room and she enjoyed that. At any rate, she needed to go, so she headed upstairs to see if she could find someplace a little less congested.

It didn’t take long to find the other facilities. She walked down to the end of the hall and turned the handle of the door she presumed led to the upstairs washroom. She was right. But what she didn’t expect to find was her best friend’s son Brian just climbing out of the shower.

“Oh! I’m sorry Brian…” Connie said…”I didn’t know you were in here.”

Brian Evans recoiled in surprise to find his mother’s friend confronting him as he stepped naked from the shower. For a moment he just stood there staring at her in amazement.

“Uhhh!…Hello, Mrs. Watson!..” he stammered shyly.

Connie’s first impulse was to step back and close the door behind her. But then her eyes were drawn to Brian’s dripping, naked figure. She knew he was young, probably just eighteen or nineteen, but she was struck by what a well toned young body he had. He was just standing there staring at her in surprise so she decided to have a little fun. She slipped into the bathroom and gently closed the door behind her.

“Mrs. Watson!…What?…What are you doing here?…” Brian stammered awkwardly. His hand darted out for a towel which he hastily draped around his waist.

“I just needed to go Brian. Don’t mind me. I won’t be a minute…” Connie said, as she reached up under her skirt and shimmied out of her scanty panties. She held them up so that Brian could see them and smiled as she watched him blush with embarrassment.

“These must be ready for the wash. I’ve been dripping in them for the last half hour!”

Brian seemed to be shell-shocked. He just stood there gaping at the attractive red head who appeared to be about to use the washroom right in front of him without any particular concern.

Connie slowly squeezed past Brian as she lowered the seat to the toilet and made to sit down.

“Just a sec and I’ll leave…” Brian muttered as he stepped out of the tub and turned towards the bathroom door.

“You don’t have to go Brian…” Connie said sweetly. She hiked up her mini skirt, sat down quickly and took Brian’s hand to keep him there.

“Tell me what you’re doing in school these days.”

“Nothin’ special Mrs. Watson…Just the regular stuff…Playing a little sports…Trying to get through some exams…Find a girl to take out…You know…” Brian answered, trying with little success not to stare down Mrs. Watson’s blouse at the big creamy tits that were on display there, right under his nose.

Connie noticed the direction of his gaze and smiled inwardly. Not many men had the discipline to ignore the allure of her monumental breasts and certainly not a hormonal teenager like Brian. She was enjoying his attention and decided to tease him a little more. She leaned back and spread her legs a little wider, giving Brian a peek at the fleecy muff at the apex of her loins.

“I would think a good looking guy like you would be beating the girls off with a stick.” Connie teased.

Brian was trying to be cool about this situation, but he was really nervous and also getting pretty excited. Mrs. Watson’s tits were amazing, and she seemed unconcerned that she was giving him a glimpse of her hairy cunt. He knew he was staring and he felt like an idiot. He was thinking about bolting for the door but then the most amazing thing happened. Mrs. Watson started to pee.

“Oohhhh!…she moaned, gripping his hand tighter…” I really needed this!…” she murmured to Brian in relief as her flow of urine slowly turned from a trickle to a stream.

Connie decided to be totally brazen and cooly pulled up her skirt so that Brian could see. The blushing teen-ager couldn’t tear his eyes away as he watched the jet of pee gush from Mrs. Watson’s exposed pussy. There was something incredibly erotic about seeing the rush of fluid pour from her bushy cunt. There was no concealing the rigid boner that was now tenting the front of his towel.

Connie Watson could see the effect she was having on young Brian and she decided to capitalize on it. She grit her teeth and managed to abruptly stop the flow. Then she gazed into Brian’s eyes with a wicked smile.

“Is that Escort Bayan all?..” Brian asked in surprise. For all of her eagerness to use the facilities, Mrs. Watson seemed to be finished very quickly

“No. There’s more!…” she said in a quiet, sultry murmur as she stood up and used her satin panties to quickly wipe her glistening bush.

“I still have to go!…” she said as she stepped up to Brian, reached down and slipped the towel from around his waist.

“I have to go badly!…Do you want to watch some more?…” Connie purred, reaching down and closing her panty covered palm around Brian’s jutting erection.

“Ohhhh!…Ohh my Goddd!…: Brian gasped as Mrs. Watson squeezed his throbbing tool in her satin covered hand.

“Ummm!…I think you do, don’t you Brian?..I think it turns you on to watch me pee!… Doesn’t it?..” Connie teased, watching Brian’s cheeks turn a flaming crimson in response to her lewd question. But his boner twitched frantically under her pressing hand as she fondled him, betraying his feverish excitement.

“Nooo!…I don’t know!…It’s not that!…Ohhh!…” Brian whimpered as Mrs. Watson tightened her fist on his cock and began to stroke him.

“Is that a no or is that a yes Brian?..Tell me!…”

“Nooo!…Yesss!…God Mrs. Watson!…Yesss!…” Brian moaned as Connie wickedly jerked his straining hard-on in her fist.

“I thought so!…You’ve got a nice cock Brian!…It’s so hard!…Watching me pee excites you!… I can see that!…What a nasty boy!…” Connie teased as she shifted the wide eyed youth around until he was backed up against the toilet.

“Tell me Brian…are you a virgin?….” Connie murmured, releasing his cock and pressing the young man back until he was forced to sit on the toilet.

She stood there, looking down at Brian with an amused smile while she waited for his answer. His turgid erection thrust up urgently from his groin as he looked up at the voluptuous curves of Mrs. Watson looming above him.

When he didn’t say anything, Connie hiked up her little skirt so that her hairy cunt was again on lewd display, this time right in Brian’s wide eyed face.

“Have you ever fucked a girl Brian?…I don’t think you have, have you?…Would you like to?…Would you like to fuck me?…” Connie asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, lewdly fingering her slit in front of the mesmerized youth.

“Unnnn!…Mrs. Watson!…I’m not!…I don’t!…Oh my Godddd!..” he gasped as Connie straddled his knees. With her legs spread wide, she reached down and held his tool upright. She bent her knees until her meaty pussy lips spread around his bulging knob, sending an erotic jolt through them both.

Connie leaned close so that her mouth was near his ear and she murmured… “Would you like to fuck an older woman baby?…It’s right there!…It’d be so easy for you to slide your cock into me right now!…Do you want to Brian!…Do you want to put it in me?…”

“Ohhhhhhh!….Naaaahh!…” Brian grasped as his engorged cock twitched frantically under the press of Mrs. Watson’s searing pussy.

“Mmmmm!…Your so hard baby!…I hope your mother doesn’t walk in on us!…What do you think she would say if she found you fucking her best friend!…Fucking her really hard!…Jamming your big cock deep inside her best friend’s tight pussy!…What do you think she’d say to that baby?..” Mrs. Watson taunted, rocking back and forth over Brian’s lap, dragging the tip of his seething erection back and forth through her succulent vaginal lips.

“Oh my God!…” Brian yelped as his balls knotted up with unbearable excitement.

Reflexively he reached out to grab Mrs. Watson’s provocatively heaving breasts. Connie grabbed his wrist with her free hand before he touched her and sneered at him…” Not so fast sweetheart! We’ll do this my way!…”

She looked around and saw just what she was looking for. Still holding on to Brian’s wrist she slowly raised up off his lap.

She let his wrist go as she stood in front of him and said…” Put your arms down and bring your feet back under you.”

Brian was totally lost in a fog of nervousness and excitement. Without questioning the red-headed temptress, he did what Connie told him to do. There was a hair dryer in a big, transparent plastic bag on the sink. She reached over and grabbed the hair dryer out of the bag. Then she crouched down beside Brian and grabbed his hands.

“What are you doing?…” Brian asked in confusion.

“Hold still sweetheart!…” Connie instructed as she worked on his wrists and his ankles. In just a few quick seconds she had tied his wrists together below the toilet tank and tied his ankles to his wrists with the cord from the hair dryer. She stood up, looked down at the helpless teenager and smiled wickedly into his surprised gaze.

“Why did you do that?…” Brian asked as he tried unsuccessfully to twist out of the tightly binding cords.

“You’ll see baby!…You’ll see!…” Connie said in Bayan Escort a breathy murmur. As he watched her nervously, Connie slowly undid another button on her low cut shirt and pulled back her shoulders. Her huge bra encased tits thrust out over the taut neck line of her satin blouse.

“I”m going to take really good care of you!…You and that big cock of yours. I just don’t want you to spoil the fun…” she teased, looking around for her panties. They were beside the toilet. She bent over in front of him, letting her big tits dangle provocatively in front of his face. With one hand she reached down and clasped his still rigid erection, making Brian moan with excitement. With the other she picked up her panties and dangled them in front of him.

“I’m so wet for you baby!… So hot and wet and so are my panties!….Smell them! …” Connie offered, sensuously jacking Brian off as she teased his face with her moist, pungent panties.

“Lick them!…Taste them!…” she taunted, working him over with practiced skill.

“Ummmm!…Ohhhh!…” Brian moaned as the strong scent of Mrs. Watson’s cunt filled his nostrils. Even tied up as he was he couldn’t help hunching up into her lewdly pumping hand. His mouth opened and he tentatively began to mouth the damp satin strip that was gliding over his lips.

“Aren’t you the naughty boy, eating out my panties!…Do you like the taste sweetheart? … Do you like the taste of all that sweet girl juice?…You can have all you want when you eat my pussy!… I’ll give you all the hot girl goo you can swallow!…” Connie taunted as she gently pressed more and more of her greasy panties into Brian’s suckling mouth.

Brian closed his eyes as he sucked eagerly on the sodden satin material filling his mouth. His hips were hunching up feverishly into Connie’s smoothly stroking fist. His arousal soared and the come threatened to erupt at any moment from his balls. Then all of a sudden his eyes popped open. Mrs. Watson had stopped jacking him off, and released his cock. His turgid shaft was twitching frantically as it waved about obscenely upright from his groin.

“I think you’re getting a little too excited aren’t you baby?… We don’t want you coming before I’m ready…” With that Connie reached over and grabbed an elastic hair tie that was on the sink. She twisted it into a small O and snapped it around the root of Brian’s engorged erection where it sunk in deeply.

“Ummmm!…Mmmmph!…” the surprised young man moaned gutturally through the satin panties that filled his mouth. He now realized that the sodden material was effectively gagging him.

For good measure Connie grabbed another elastic tie and snapped it tightly around the top of Brian’s scrotum. His come churning balls bulged out excruciatingly below the tightly cinching elastic. Both his cock and balls took on a livid crimson hue as the blood pounded in his constricted genitals.

“That’s much better!…Now we can really have some fun!..” Connie teased, reaching out and slowly dragging her sharp nailed fingers down Brian’s chest. He winced and shuddered as her sharp nails snagged his nipples.

“Mmmmm!…Ummmm!…Ummmm!…” he moaned more loudly, trying to indicate to Mrs. Watson that he wanted her to take the panties out of his mouth and unbind his aching cock and balls. But the sound of his moans could hardly be heard through Connie’s balled up panties.

“When I’m done with you baby, you’ll be walking bow legged for a week, I promise!…” Mrs. Watson murmured, ignoring Brian’s muffled plea.

“I know how to take good care of little boys like you!…”

She reached out and sank her nails into both of his nipples, making Brian writhe uncomfortably. The statuesque red head smiled at his distress and moved in closer so that her pussy was once again grinding into his aching tool. Torrid thrills washed through her as her friend’s son’s big cock slid back and forth under her seething loins.

“Naaaaa!…Naaaa!…Gaaa!…” Brian panted hoarsely.

“Ummmmm!…” I can hardly wait to get this big cock of yours inside me sweetheart!…” Mrs. Watson purred. Then she noticed something else on the sink that interested her. She writhed on his cock while tormenting his throbbing nipples for another few moments while Brian whimpered beneath her.

Then, without getting off his lap, Connie reached over and grabbed a hair brush off the counter. It was one of those metal cylinders on a handle that had sharp, one inch bristles that you would use for untangling very matted hair. But at this moment Connie had another use in mind for this handy tool. She slid backwards onto her knees so that she was kneeling in front of Brian. Looking into his anxious eyes, she forced his already spread knees further apart and leaned in close to his still rampant erection.

“I’ll bet all those young girls at school are all over you, aren’t they lover?…But can you handle a real woman?…Let’s see!…”

And with that Connie steadied Brian’s pulsing erection Escort against his stomach. She took the hair brush, laid it across the base of his tool and pressed down heavily on the handle. With her free hand she reached under him and took one of his nuts that was bulging obscenely from his bound scrotum, between her thumb and forefinger. Then she started rolling the hair brush up his cock while exerting a vicious squeeze on his defenseless testicle.

“Naaaa!…Unnnnn!…Nnnnnn!….” Brian cried in a muted sob. He bucked helplessly as an excruciating agony wracked his groin. A cold sweat burst from his forehead as the smiling red head carelessly abused him. He tried to close his legs together to shield his vulnerable groin but Mrs. Watson had bound him too securely for that.

“You like that? Is that what you said? Did you say please Mrs. Watson can I have some more? Why of course you can sweetheart! You can have all you want!..” Connie whispered with a lewd wink at the terrified young boy. Then she slowly rolled the stabbing hairbrush up the underside of Brian’s cock again, pressing down hard so that each bristle made a miniscule puncture in his drum taut flesh. At the same time she jammed his testicle up into his bony groin with her sharp edged fingernail. Brian thought he would pass out as an excruciating wave of nausea washed through his loins. He squirmed frantically, and his erection took on an angry scarlet color as Connie worked him over.

“Naaaaaaaaaaa!….” Brian shrieked into the gagging panties, twisting and shuddering in pain as Mrs. Watson deliberately abused his pulsing tool. The way he was bound, he was totally helpless in her hands and Connie was loving it. She rolled the hairbrush down his tool once more.

“I’ll bet that really hurts doesn’t it lover?…” she asked with a sinful chuckle.

Connie took his scarlet shaft in her hand and squeezed it repeatedly like she was taking Brian’s blood pressure. Of course his abraded flesh was agonizingly sensitive at this point and her squeezing hand hurt horribly.

“Mmmmmppfff!….Gnnnn!…NNNnnnn!…” Brian choked and coughed into the wadded panties that were gagging him.

But Connie ignored his plaintive whimpers and watched the knob of his cock turn into a massive, shiny dome of engorged flesh above her wringing fist. Her eyes sparkled merrily as she raised the sharp bristled hair brush and looked up in amusement into Brian’s tear filled eyes.

“Look at how red and swollen your big cock is baby!…I’ll bet you’re really, really sensitive there right now aren’t you?…”

Standing up Connie leaned over so that her big satin covered tits brushed Brian’s face. Her shining eyes bore into his as she clutched his scarlet tool in one hand and the wicked hair brush in the other.

“Nnnnoooo!…Naaaa!…Peeeassse!…” he cried frantically, tears of fear and pain starting to run down his cheeks. He prayed that Mrs. Wilson wasn’t going to use the brush on him the way it looked like she was going to.

“Don’t worry lover!…I wouldn’t hurt you!…I promise!!..” Connie purred, biting her lip with excitement as she tightened her already cruel grip on his inflamed cock. Then she lashed out viciously at his livid knob with the spiky hair brush.

“Naaaaa!…” Brian roared, bucking frantically. It felt like Mrs. Watson was attacking his flesh with a searing razor.

“Shhhh!…Don’t be such a baby!…” she murmured. She waited a few beats then slammed his cock head once more making poor Brian cry and jump again.

“Yes!…Yes!…Ummm!…Ummm Hmmm!…” she chanted, slapping his bloated knob again and again and again until his cock crown was a swollen, angry purple.

“Naaahhhhhh!….” Brian cried almost continuously, the tears streaming down his cheeks now as his cock throbbed in excruciating pain.

Mrs. Watson puckered a mocking kiss at Brian as she once again straddled the trembling young man who she held at her mercy.

With her fist closed around his shaft just beneath its head, Connie pulled Brian’s tenderized cock straight up from his groin as she shimmied forward and then hunkered down. As he whimpered beneath her she guided his cringing knob into her moist center.

“I think you’re ready for me now, aren’t you baby?..” she murmured, dropping down on the gasping young man until her swollen labia slipped over his crown and enfolded the upper part of his turgid shaft. She held herself steady just like that with her juicy cunt hovering on the end of his agonized tool.

“Ohhhhhhhh!….Nnnnn!….Nnoooo!…” Brian gasped as the scorching heat of Mrs. Watson’s cunt seared the end of his tortured meat. As painful as his engorged and seething flesh was, an electrifying current of excitement jolted through his groin at the feel of the silky pussy sheathing his tool.

Connie watched his eyes intently as she balanced on the end of his cock, swiveling her smoldering pussy on the top couple of inches of his erection. She smiled as she felt his already enormous tool growing even bigger inside her cunt mouth in response to her lewd fucking.

“Do you like that baby?…The way I’m fucking you?…The way I take your big cock in my hot little pussy?…Do you like it?…Do you want me to make you come inside me like this?…”

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