My Diary 07 – More Adventures


My Diary 07 – More Adventures! by Emily Harrison

It was late Saturday evening when I got home after returning from my last week of freedom spent at my Grands, and a rather enjoyable week it was too.

I’d only been away a week, but the pile of circulars, letters and flyers that had been pushed through my letterbox, might have told anyone who didn’t know otherwise a different story.

The journey home had been exhausting, trundling a suitcase around, even if it was on wheels, my legs and feet ached and I was in desperate need of tea.

I kicked off my trainers, walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on.

What is it about us English and tea? I find coffee a little bitter. Having said that, if I’m out anywhere, I would rather drink a coffee in a restaurant after a meal, than tea. Maybe I just buy the wrong brand or type of coffee for home? Basically, I have a jar here just in case a guest prefers coffee over tea, but for me, it’s tea all the way.

And I’ve bought different teas to try too; Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Herbal, just to see if there was a tea out there that was even more enjoyable than the one my parents always bought. I even had a go at Green tea, but just the smell of that turned me off. It smelt like wet hay, and I can’t say the smell of wet hay gets my taste buds dancing. So I think I’ll be sticking with Typhoo teabags!

After a couple of gulps, I started to run the water for a bath, I unpacked my suitcase, got out of my clothes and sat down to quickly go through my mail.

The amount of pizza and takeaway flyers was probably the equivalent of a small branch, there’s got to be a more eco-friendly way of bombarding us with ways to make us fat. And why is there a flyer for a tree felling and gardening company? I live in a flat; I don’t have a garden, or a tree!

Ah, an actual letter, and from my University too. ‘Dear Miss Harrison, We are looking forward to seeing you on… blah blah blah, joining instructions… blah blah blah, could you please bring with you…. etc etc etc…’. Well, they’re definitely expecting me then, I’ll have to take another look at that later.

As a result of my recent ‘adventures’, life had started to feel incredibly interesting. My mind, and body, had been opened to lots of new experiences, so many recently, that I’d decided to write them all down in a journal on my iPad. These scribblings now make up what you’ve been reading, that’s if you’ve read my ‘adventures’ from the start. So while my bath continued to run, I jotted down a few more paragraphs from my week spent at my Grands, while sipping my tea.

With my diary updated, tea drunk, and bath run, I climbed into the tub and lay back. My aching body being soothed by a few drops of my favourite coconut bath oil, mingled in with the water, my mind started to process a lot of thoughts.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but after my recent experiences and ‘adventures’, the sexual portion of my brain (if there is such a thing) seemed to be working, and be on alert, virtually 24/7. Is that normal do you think?

Ok, well for me recently, and more unusually you may think, it’s been to further my experiences with the older generation. I’ve come to realise that I absolutely love people who are so much older than myself. I’m sure there’s some medical term for it somewhere, after all, there seems to be a word for most deviances from what the majority might call ‘normal’!

As I lay there, the hot water soothing every inch of my body, a few thoughts started popping into my brain, I.e. ‘where do I find an older man?’ I wouldn’t do anything so obvious as to join a dating agency, what would I say? ‘only over 50’s need apply’?, and anyway, I like the chance encounter, the unplanned and the unexpected.

And it will, as I’ve said many times before, only be a certain kind of ‘older person’ who I notice too. Not the showy, brash, confident type, but the quiet, slightly shy and reticent, gentlemanly type, that’s the type of person who gets my interest.

But I’m also quite shy myself, and even though I’ve become a little more confident recently, I’m still the İstanbul Escort girl who would prefer to stay in the background. Yes, I have my naughty moments, but they are in secret really. You’re reading about them here, but no one else knows about them. I don’t ever, and I really do mean EVER, talk about any of this to any of my friends and certainly not my family. To all who know me, I’m still ‘little miss innocent’, quiet and shy.

But having very early on, discovered masturbation and the wonderful feelings, pleasures and releases that it brings, when I go to bed at night, one hand instinctively goes between my legs and the other onto my titties. And it doesn’t take much to get my very sensitive button interested. I just have to touch it with the tip of my finger to get a pleasurable jolt coursing through my body. And it’s not just when I go to bed either, I very often have those urges, any time, day or night.

Maybe it’s an age thing? I’m 18 and my body just seems to crave and enjoy sexual stimulation of one kind or another. When I’m masturbating, It’s like my sexual nerve endings have been exposed and there’s that need to excite them even more, they just have to be satisfied.

And, as well as masturbation, another very easy ‘rush’ of enjoyment for me, can come from what others might expect to be innocent accidents. Some of what’s happened recently involve me being seen, being caught, or looked at, in various states of undress. And that’s created an excitement for me, being watched or looked at by another person, preferably an ‘older’ person. Of course, with me being ‘little miss innocent’, I’m completely oblivious to anything being sexual.

And it’s not as though I necessarily want a full-time relationship, some of my thoughts and desires just seem to involve being the object of someone else’s fantasy, even if it’s just for a few minutes. And as long as it meets all my requirements too, then why not?

Anyway, my mind’s wandering a bit, that tends to happen quite a lot when I’m soaking in the tub. So back to what happened next.

After my soak, I had an evening of TV and then to bed for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, being a Sunday, Mr Thomas had rung me to cancel my visit, he was feeling unwell, a tummy bug. So after a brief chat, and wishing him a speedy recovery, with him wishing me well for Monday, I rang one of my school friends and we arranged a Sunday spent together catching up.

And so here we were. It was Monday, it was late September and the weather was a mix of the last days of summer’s sun and warmth, together with those smells and sights you only get in early autumn. If there’s a colour you can ascribe to autumn smells, I guess it would be ‘russet brown’. The trees were just starting to lose their leaves, but it was still just about warm enough to leave the flat without a coat on.

After my morning bath, and once I’d double-checked my paperwork, triple-checked my bag, and then quadruple-checked myself in the mirror, I was out the door and off on the short walk to my University campus.

My University life was starting, and there was a mix of excitement and trepidation. Not only because I was about to meet so many new people, but because it was to be the first step in following my chosen career path.

I guess every 18-year-old goes through these emotions, ‘Will I make new friends? Will I fit in? Will I be able to cope with the work? And will it be everything I’d hoped it would be?’

As I arrived, dressed as I was in my black roll-neck sweater, black jeans and my black ankle boots, the first of those questions was answered pretty quickly. Within half an hour I seemed to be amongst the nicest and friendliest of new friends, as we were walked through the preliminaries of University life, as part of our induction, and we all got to know each other.

I won’t bore you with the academia side of my new Uni life, suffice it to say that it’s a three-year degree course, a subject and career i’d wanted to pursue for some time. Growing up with my parents watching TV History Channels, and programmes such Kadıköy Escort as ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, ‘Digging Britain’ and ‘Detectorists’, it really wasn’t a surprise to my mum, dad and friends when my school life, chosen subjects and qualifications were all, over time, geared towards following such a career.

With my dad very much interested in the same subjects, and the owner of a Garrard 250 metal detector, Sunday mornings, weather permitting, were often spent together detecting the woods and fields near our home, I was hooked. Not that we’d ever find anything too historically worthy, but even an old Victorian penny from 1857, a World War One army cap badge, or even an old horseshoe, still gave me a rush of excitement.

So the choice of my Uni course wasn’t a surprise, this was something I’d wanted to do for quite a while.

And such a joy making new friends on my first day; Rachel, Melissa, Rosie, Michael, Stephen, Honey, Mia and Charlotte, as well as some really lovely Tutors and Lecturers. And who knew that we could call them by their first names too? No more Mr or Miss Whoever, as it was at school, it was now Mike, Brian, Denise and Abigail.

Over the next few weeks I would find my feet, learning the ropes, the geography of the enormous campus, my timetable, the different groups, societies, sports and after-hours opportunities.

Within my first week, I had signed up for the Art Society, the Christian Union, the Cycling Club, the Film I unclipped the waist, unzipped and stepped out of my skirt, folding it and placing it on the floor next to the couch.

“Knickers off too please”.

I placed my fingers inside the elasticated waistband and pulled my tiny white panties down to my ankles, stepping out of them, I was naked from the waist down. My top being short enough to leave everything bare from just below my belly button.

“Beautiful”, he said as he sat gazing at the small tuft of pubic hair, not quite covering my little entrance. “I just wanted to see what a University girl looks like without her knickers on” he joked. He brought an instant smile to my face, he always has a great sense of fun.

And he didn’t just want to look either, as his hand eased between my thighs, his big elderly finger started to trace and stroke the outer folds of my vagina.

‘And shall we see how wet your cute little university girls cunt is this morning?” He said as his index finger started to ease itself up inside me.

I could feel it going deeper and I couldn’t help myself, but move slightly to accommodate his finger as it slid in, to its full length.

“Mmm, nice and wet this morning Emily,” he said, twisting his finger, eliciting little squelching noises as the wetness and tightness fought against each other.

He pulled his finger out, sniffed it, and then put it in his mouth.

“You really do have the most deliciously sweet and tasty little cunt” he said, in between sucks of his finger.

Placing it back up inside me, he repeated the performance. As he pulled it out, covered as it was once again, he offered it up to my mouth.

“What do you think?” He said as I opened my mouth and his soaking finger went inside as I sucked all of my juice from it, with him watching so intently.

“It tastes lovely,” I said.

“Use the word please Emily”. I instantly knew what he meant; he always wanted me to use the crudest words when we talked like this.

“The juice inside my cunt tastes lovely this morning Mr Thomas,” I said, bringing a smile to his face.

“It certainly does, now, pop into the kitchen and make us both a nice cup of tea,” he said, turning me, with his hands on my hips, and when he had a good enough target, giving my bare bum a smack as he sent me on my way.

The rest of the visit, once my top had been removed, was spent sitting naked on his lap, with me telling him about my first week at University, while he suckled on my titties. My titties aren’t very big, my ‘puffy’ nipples and areole are however quite prominent, but regardless, he still very much enjoys sucking and playing with them.

As Ataşehir Escort my two-hour visit came to an end, and as I was pulling my panties back on, he said something that instantly started my naughty mind working once again.

“Now next Sunday, can you try and put off going to the toilet before you arrive, I would like you to go when you’re here”.

Not knowing what he had in mind, but enjoying the thoughts that were instantly going around in my head, I just said ‘of course’ and when I was dressed, we had a hug and a kiss, and I was off home, back to the flat.

The facilities at my Uni really are quite exceptional; a lot of buildings on campus are either new builds or appear to have been recently refurbished.

Now because of my recently developed interest in all things lavatorial, (I know, I know, I’m very strange aren’t I), the first things I check out when I’m anywhere new, are the bathrooms. And the interesting thing about some of the bathrooms at my Uni is that they’re ‘gender neutral’ i.e unisex.

I’ve used them quite a few times already; I’ll briefly describe them for you so you get an idea of their layout.

They differ in size, but the general design is the same in them all. Basically, there is an outer door, leading from the corridor into the bathroom itself. When you’re inside, there are a number of floor-to-ceiling doors for the cubicles. That outer communal area has an associated number of sinks, with mirrors above and electronic hand dryers. Within each of the cubicles, you have a toilet, a toilet roll dispenser of course, and a sanitary towel waste bin. Because they appear to all be fairly recently designed, they’re really quite state-of-the-art and stylish too. Lots of bright colours and shiny chrome fittings. Spotlessly clean as well.

And use of them has really been quite an interesting experience already. One day I was entering one of the bathrooms at the same time as one of my Professors, and of the four cubicles, the two vacant ones were next to each other. So we of course entered those. Sitting on the toilet, I was very much aware of the noises coming from his cubicle as he was very obviously pooing, as he must have been with mine, when mine splashed into the toilet bowl, almost in sync with his. And when you’re done, standing next to each other in the outer areas washing hands and exchanging small talk, well it’s certainly an interesting situation, but one that I’m very much enjoying.

Weekends seem to come around so fast, and following the previous weekend’s visit to Mr Thomas, I was very much looking forward to this Sunday’s visit and what he had planned for me.

And as he had requested, I’d deliberately held off going to the toilet before I arrived, so I would definitely need to go soon.

With a tap on his front door as I entered and a ‘Hi, it’s me’ greeting, I found him in the lounge waiting for me, sitting naked on the sofa.

“Good morning my beautiful girl, and how are you this bright sunny Sunday morning?”

“I’m fine thank you Mr Thomas, how are you?” I said, bending down to kiss him on the lips, as we always do.

I always feel so comfortable and warm in his presence, he’s such a lovely caring man, I could be engulfed in his arms forever and a day and I would be completely happy. He really is the loveliest of friends. I would do anything for him, anything he asked.

“I’m fine too thank you, my little angel, now undress for me then pop into the kitchen and make us some tea”.

And that’s exactly what I did, he always enjoys watching me undress, so I always do it slowly for him.

Off came my sweater, I pulled my jeans down and off, unhooked and took off my bra and then pulled my panties down and off. Last, my white ankle socks and once everything was folded and placed on the floor next to his sofa, with a look of approval from Mr Thomas, he gave my bare bum a smack and I was off to make us tea. I love being naked in his presence, I enjoy him watching so intently as I wander around naked, his eyes on my bare bum or my little titties.

After making tea and now sitting next to him on the sofa, after a brief chat about my week and his, we were on to today’s agenda.

“Now, did you do as I asked last week and refrain from going to the toilet before you got here today?”

“Yes, I did”.

“So, do you need to go now?” He said with a glint in his eyes.

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