My Fetish Made Me a Cuckold Ch. 02


No one in this story is under the age of 18.


So in the last chapter we were at Tiffany’s place waiting for Tim, Tiffany offered me another drink as we waited. Tiffany hands me my 4th drink as we continue to wait and talk.

Hey lets go wait in the bedroom for Tim to get here.

I agree and follow her in. We sit at the end of the bed and she turns on a TV in the room. I continue to sip my 4th drink and it is really starting to get to me. I put my drink down and lay back on the bed.

The next thing I know I am laying on my back on the bed naked. My arms and legs are now tied to the bed and I can hear people speaking in the living room. I am trying to figure out how I got like this and remember we were waiting for Tim and drinking. I wonder if she slipped something in my drink? Wait is that another girls voice I her too. Should I yell out? Who’s in the next room?

Hey! I yell.

I gets quite in the next room, then I hear a giggle. A minute later Tiffany walks in the room.

Guess you’re up now.

Whats going on, why am I tied up and who else is out there?

Well, remember first that you don’t make the rules here, you are bound by them. She giggles, quite literally right now.

So are you ready for round two? I have my converse all ready for your cock and Tim is in the next room. He will be in shortly, but first I wanted you to meet someone I meet at the gym near the office a few weeks ago. I think you will like her. She has a good sized sneaker collection too.

Ahh. Ok. I guess.

OK. Then close your eyes and I will have her come in. No in fact let me hide your eyes with this pillow for a minute so you don’t peek.

I hear some movement and then Tiffany says, first you need to get hard. Let me help you with that. I feel a hand touch my cock and start to stroke it. Go ahead and think about fucking me while I am wearing your most favorite pair of my sneakers. Think about your cock sliding into my tight wet pussy. Think about how turned on it would make you to have both your fetish and me.

The hand strokes me faster. I am getting hard quickly as she speaks and strokes me. I am getting even more turned on knowing there is yet another girl in the room that is probably wearing another pair of hot sneakers right no watching this all. I am still a little worried about where Tim comes into this scene yet, but I am more turned on by the two women that are using my fetish to turn me on.

Tiffany says, wow you’re getting really hard. I think its time to meet the new member of your experience. Turn your head to the left and I will remove the pillow. I do as instructed and as the pillow slips off I see Tim standing Escort Bayan there naked and hard. I look down and see it is actually he that has been stroking my cock as Tiffany spoke. I turn to ask Tiffany where the other person is and its not Tiffany. She had stepped away from the bed and right next to me on the other side of the bed is Ann.

My wife Ann. We have been married for about 10 years and have had a very happy marriage. I am in shock and cant even speak.

Hi baby, having fun are you?

Oh shit, I am so fucked right now.

So tell me Hun, are you enjoying this yet?

I’m sorry, is all I could manage to say.

Oh you will be sorry. That’s for sure.

With that Tiffany walks back into view. I met your wife just by chance in the gym the day after I started to work in the office. We were just chatting about stuff since we were on machines right next to each other. Well unlucky for you she found your pictures in your phone and recognized me in them. So we came up with a plan to make us all happy.

Ann then says, Well mostly us and not so much you. The good thing for you is we will all let you indulge in your sneaker fetish. And you will continue to follow rules. I will not leave you, but there will be some changes in things going forward. For now lets deal with today.

Tiffany then strips off her clothes except for the sneakers she is wearing. My wife puts her foot up on the bed near me and I see she is wearing a brand new pair of sneakers I had not seen her wearing before. I bought these just for today, I hope you like them.

I did, I actually liked them a lot. Ann has lived with me and my fetish for over 10 years so she knows my taste in sneakers and what turns my head as we walk around.

Somehow after all this my cock was getting hard again. Tiffany is standing naked in sneakers and my wife has her foot near my face with a new pair of sneakers on and it is getting me very hot seeing her take charge like this.

Tim comes into view as he walks around the bed to join the women. I had forgotten he was even here with the shock of my wife being here. He walks over to Tiffany and starts to fondle her tits. Tiffany reaches down and grabs his cock and strokes it as it grows. My wife Ann starts to slowly disrobe. First her sporty little blouse comes off revealing her sports bra. Then she starts to peel off her yoga pants, but Tim steps forward and starts to fondle her tits now through the sports bra. I don’t know how to react and start to tell him to get his hands off of her when Ann quickly puts her sneaker right on my mouth and says, shut up! Just shut up and deal with the rules. Then her hand goes down and grabs Tim’s Bayan Escort cock.

Oh Baby, his cock is so hard right now. Its been so long since I felt another mans cock. I know you tasted his cum. Do you think I would like it? Should I taste his cum too baby?

Tiffany moves forward and takes my wife’s bra off. She bends her head down and sticks her tongue out and quickly give my Ann’s nipple a lick. I see Ann shudder. Oh wow, maybe you will get to indulge in your other fantasy too.

Ann is stroking Tim’s cock faster as she looks into my eyes. Tim reaches between her legs and starts to rub her pussy through her yoga pants. I can see they are starting to get a wet spot already. Ann takes her foot off my mouth and drops quickly to her knees in front of Tim. She turns him so she can keep looking in my eyes as she opens her mouth and slowly takes the tip of Tim’s cock past her lips. She keeps her hand on his cock and strokes it as she licks and sucks the head.

Tiffany walks up to Tim and starts to kiss him as my wife takes more of his cock into her mouth. She is stroking hi cock and working more and more of it into her mouth as Tiffany now starts to play with Tim’s nipples. I hear my wife moaning a little as she sucks Tim’s cock, her hand is no longer stroking him and she has most of his cock in her mouth now. Tim reaches down and Grabs Ann’s head. He starts to fuck her mouth as Tiffany plays with his nipples and kisses him.

I see Tiffany playing with her own pussy as she works on Tim. Ann notices this too and as she is sucking Tim she reaches over and starts to finger Tiffany’s pussy as Tiffany runs her own clit. Tim is starting to grunt a little as he is fucking my Ann’s mouth.

Tiffany looks at me and says, He’s getting ready to cum in your wife’s mouth. Are you ready to see him fill her mouth with cum?

I look at my wife and she is still looking into my eyes. I am so aroused and so disgusted with myself at the same time. I simply nod yes.

Then Tim stops, and Ann pulls her mouth off his cock. Not yet Tiffany says.

With that Ann stands up and quickly pulls off her yoga pants. She bends at the waist so she is leaning across the bed on her elbows with her face inches from mine. I see the lust in her eyes as Tim moves in behind her. Hers eyes open with a shocked look as he starts to push his cock into her.

Wow, that feels good baby. It is so hot feeling a strange cock slip inside me. I should have done this a while ago. Thank you for giving me the incentive. Tim starts to fuck her slowly at first, but picks up the pace. Her face so close to mine, seeing her expression as she is getting fucked by Tim is actually Escort getting me so hot. Ann is grunting and Tim is fucking her faster and faster. Then I feel a hand on my cock. I look and Tiffany has climbed into bed next to me on the other side.

I think he likes it. His cock is hard as steel. My wife looks down at my cock and smiles at Tiffany. As I am looking back into my wife’s eyes, whack. Tiffany had her converse in her hand and whacked my cock with them.

You’re not supposed to be having fun, we are. Whack, whack, whack as I cringe in pain my wife is grunting louder in my ear.

Tiffany takes her converse and slips it onto my cock. There you go, you and your fetish can have some fun as we have out fun.

Take me on my back, my wife says to Tim as she climbs across me onto the side of the bed where Tiffany is. She moves so her head is by my feet and her feet are near my head. Her sneakers are now near my face as Tim’s walks around the bed and gets between her legs. He grabs her legs and moves forward slipping his cock back into her. He has her legs spread and her foot ends up on my chest as he is fucking her I feel her sneaker moving on my chest with each thrust of Tim’s cock.

Ann reaches over and grabs the converse Tiffany had put on my cock and strokes me a few times with it and stops. Oh fuck baby, his cock feels so good in my pussy. Can you see it sliding in and out of my pussy?

I look over and I have a clear view of Tim’s ass pumping his cock into her, but only see his balls slapping around.

Tiffany looks and says, I don’t think he can really see.

With that Tim lifts her legs higher and starts to pile drive his cock into her pussy. I can clearly see her pussy lips stretched around his cock as it slides in and out of her. Oh my gawd baby, hes going to make me cum like this. Tiffany reaches over and starts to play with Ann’s nipples as Tim drives his cock balls deep with each thrust into her. I see Ann’s leg start to quiver and I know she is starting to cum. I see the cream start to show up on Tim’s cock as Ann lets out a deep grunt and goes limp. Tim slowly pulls his cock out of her and I see her gaping red pussy now. Her foot is back on my chest and she lays still as Tim moves off the bed.

Tiffany and Tim leave the room.

So baby, was that hot for you too? as she grabs the sneaker on my cock again giving a few quick strokes.

Yes and no.

What does that mean?

I am terrified and turned on at the same time.

Good. You should be terrified. You have more rules to learn too.

What does that mean?

Well today is not over yet and this is not going to stop today. This is going to be the new way of life for us now.

Untie me please.

No, not yet. Maybe later if it serves our purpose. Once Tim has rested and grabbed a drink he will be back. Tiffany has got to be horny by now after watching him fuck me.

Stand by for chapter 3…

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