My Second Asian Hotel Massage Story


This is a true story. All the names have been changed except for China – The names they gave me were probably fake anyway… This is written in my conversational style, because that is what I am trying to replicate.

I have been planning this return trip to China for a number of months. I have been wondering if I wanted to contact Amy, the woman who serviced me last time in China. She had asked me to bring her some cosmetics (that are in short supply, or unreasonably expensive in the Chinese country).

She promised to pay me back for the items, but I always figured we would take it out in trade. She never gave me the exact brand name of the cosmetics she wanted, so I texted her. I reminded her of her request, and then the flood gates opened. She was asking for clothes, shoes, and cosmetics… My actual plan was to tell her I was bringing the cosmetics, and actually get her something sexy from Victoria’s Secret. The underwear they have in China is not sexy. At all.

I had to point out that the cosmetics she requested seemed to be an Asian type of western brand. I was trying to better understand what the product was so I could buy a replacement. But then her texts and requests kept flooding in. All I needed was my wife to see these texts. So in an abundance of caution, I texted her and said my trip was delayed. I said I would contact her when it was rescheduled. She replied that she was looking forward to it, and then I deleted her contact, and blocked her.

I figured I would find another masseuse, when I got to Hangzhou China. And I did.

On my first night a young woman named Susan stopped me on the street and asked me if I wanted a massage. She was much younger and prettier than Amy, and best of all, she worked by herself – no partner. I was way too tired to do the massage that night, but I discussed terms and rates with her. The rate was cheap, but I knew she would extort more money from me once we started.

I was too tired from the jet lag, so I said I would call her later in the week. She gave me her card with her contact information.

Then I figured I would engage her in some conversation.

I asked her:

Me – How long for the massage?

Susan – One hour

Me – How do you give it? Naked?

Susan – No, Topless

Me – Can you get naked?

Susan – Yes, but for more money…

Me – Would you include a blow job at the end? (I am never this upfront, but I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.)

Susan – She answered by laughing and using her hand pretending to jerk me off

Me – I smiled and said, “No Susan, I want you to use your mouth” And I took my index finger and lightly touched the edge of her pretty smile.

Susan – She feigned surprise, and said “My mouth?”

Me – “Yes. I want a blowjob, not a hand job.”

Susan – “OK, lets go.”

Me – “I am too tired tonight, how about later in the week.”

Susan – “Ok, call me when you are ready.”

So on my last night in Escort Bayan China I called her. She was right outside my hotel. At first she said I had to come down to escort her in. I was nervous about this. I had three co-workers in the building, along with my female boss.

As I was getting ready to leave my room, she knocks on the door. I guess she evaded security.

She came in and started to help me undress. She got me down to my boxers, and then I started to undress her. This is where she started backpedaling.

She started to say she would get topless later, but I reminded her that we decided on a nude massage. She allowed me to remove her shirt. I think she thought I was coming in for a hug, when I unclasped her bra, because she squealed with surprise when I removed it.

The bra needed to be removed. It looked like it was from the 1950’s. The opposite of sexy. But the tits underneath – beautiful. She had at least a full C cup, and they stood up proud. They were very full to the touch with cute little nipples.

I immediately let one hand fondle the left tit while my mouth went to the right. She let me do this for a minute or so, then lowered my underwear so we could move on to the massage. I stopped her while she was guiding me to the bed, so I could I could remove her pants.

She was not in favor of me removing her pants, and would not let me remove her panties. I gave into that, and we proceeded to the massage with her just in her granny (Chinese) panties.

I stretched out on my stomach in the middle of the bed. Before I laid down, I positioned my hardening cock downwards, between my legs. She thought his was funny, but I said that I wanted to make access as easy as possible.

She took me up on this. With every long massage stroke down my back, she would grab my cock and stroke it a couple of times. It wasn’t long before I was completely hard. She spent about 10 minutes giving a so-so massage on my back. No massage oil, so it could only be so good.

After 10 minutes she moved on to my legs and ass. She was pretty hands on here and would grab my cock whenever she was near it and play with my asshole a bit. Overall the massage wasn’t terrible.

So we are 20 minutes into the massage and she asked me to flip on my back. All of her attention made sure I was hard as could be and standing straight up. I was afraid we would be done in five minutes, so I started to delay to make sure I got my hours worth.

I proceeded to sit up, and then get onto my knees facing her. I then had full access to her tits, and to allow my hands go underneath her panties, onto her ass. She sat back in surprise, and I just moved forward and positioned myself between her legs.

I had no intention to fuck her, but who knows where this was going. I proceeded to grab the sides of her panties and to start to slide them down. It was at this point that I noticed she had a number of black and blue bruises on her upper thighs. I decided at Bayan Escort that point he panties would stay on – I was in a communist country, I didn’t need her to accuse me of rape.

I backed off of a bit and reminded her that we agreed on a blow job, not a hand job. She starts to play dumb with me, but I keep saying in a calm voice, “No Susan, you promised to use your mouth, not your hands, that is what I paid for.”

She finally gets the point and positions herself next to my side to get in position for a blow job. She starts out very tentatively. She has one hand on the base of my cock and is stroking me while she has the head just in her mouth. This is a blow job from someone who does not want to give a blow job.

I am typically pretty submissive and do not push my point much when I am getting an erotic massage. Typically if they are holding my hard cock, they have all of the leverage.

But this time I tried to play it differently. I let her go with her go with her mediocre blow job for a few minutes. Then I started guiding her head a bit. I don’t think I was that forceful, but I started trying to direct her head further down my shaft. All of a sudden she jumped up out of the bed and ran to the toilet like she was going to throw up because I shoved myself to far down her throat. This was theatrics. I am of Irish decent, I wish I was long enough to do what she was complaining about.

I followed her in and just kept talking in a calm voice to her. “Come on Susan, you know how to give a blow job, that is what you agreed to and what i paid for.” She finally stood up and agreed to continue. But first she wanted me to shower. Believe me, this wasn’t necessary, I showered before I called her.

But I was glad to get in the shower. I tried to coax her in with me, but she wouldn’t take off her panties. So I stood there behind the clear glass, and showered while she watched. Little did she know that this is exactly what I like about these situations. She was mostly naked, and supervising me while I showered and made sure to soap up and stroke my hard cock for her. I had to make sure it was clean after all.

When I was done, I had her dry me off with a towel and then we went back into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, with my persistent hard on pointing in her direction. I had her come to me and guided her to kneel between my legs to get into a blowjob position. I do not know if she thought blowjobs were that bad, or if blow jobs on westeners were that bad, because they consider us dirty.

She resigned herself to doing the blowjob and knelt before me. I let her do all of the work. I didn’t want to push her boundaries and force my cock deeper into her mouth. Overall she was doing way better than before. We went for about five minutes like this, and I was just about to finish when all of a sudden she jumped up again and ran to the bathroom like I hit her automatic puke button in the back of her throat.

I knew this was just Escort more dramatics, so I followed her. I held her hair back while she was pretending that she was going to throw up. I also stood there recovering from almost cumming.

I kept talking calmly to her, saying “Come on Susan, you promised a blow job, and I paid you extra for it.”

I then pushed the boundaries and lowered her panties, and started rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks and between her thighs, below her pussy. This was actually very enjoyable, but she stopped me after a few minutes and led me back to the bed.

At this point I knew a good blowjob was off the table. I laid on my back and let her start to give me a handjob. Then I had an idea. She was sitting up against the headboard, and easily reaching and stroking my cock. I was getting close, but wanted to push her beyond her boundaries. After all she promised a blow job, and I paid her the extra money she extorted from me.

So I let her go to town stroking my cock. I raised myself up to a kneeling position. I then leaned in so I was hovering above her. She slid back a bit, and kept stroking me. I was now about to blow, and pointing my cock directly at her face. I thought I could feel like I was not being ripped off if I could cum on her face or tits.

She kept stroking, glad I was no longer pushing for a blow job. Then it was apparent that I was getting close. She realized that she was in the line of fire. I saw her reach out and pull a towel closer to her. She kept it at her side, waiting until I was ready to finish.

I let her keep stroking, while I kept my cock pointing towards her face. I finally reached my limit and was about to blow. She took the towel and moved it towards my dick, hoping to catch my load. She didn’t expect me to try to prevent this, so she was casual about it.

I reached for the towel, and snached it away. She was surprised, and started to protest, when my load hit her directly in the nose. She closed her mouth and stopped complaining and adsorbed the hit. I pumped two shots into her face, and then she aimed the last couple of shots towards her tits. She wasn’t into me cumming on her tits, but it was better than her face.

She wasn’t happy, but glad that i didn’t cum in her mouth. She got up and cleaned herself off and then started to lobby me to call her again the next time I came to China.

I was thinking that it was best to just get her out of my room. I stayed naked, pacing around the room as she cleaned up and got dressed. She tried to get me to link up with their communist version of facebook, but I just kept saying “Susan, why would I do this when you did not live up to your promises?” She eventually got her pants back on and sat on my lap, pushing her tits in my face. She just continued to lobby me to link up with her.

I eventually realized the best course of action was to agree with her and get her out of my room.

So five minutes later she was out of the room. Honestly I don’t think the communists understand the basics of business well enough. If she had only spent another minute or two giving me a blow job, she could have been out of there an onto another customer an hour before.

Thank God for capitalism.

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