My Wet Holiday Experience


A couple of years ago, I took my wife and our two youngsters on a camping holiday to France. There we met up with a family who we’d met the year previously on a similar holiday and had booked to be at the same campsite together. The parents were older than my wife and I and had three kids, Rob 11, Emma 13 and Laura who had just turned 18.

I had found Laura attractive last year when she was just beginning to blossom, and now that she was well into her puberty she was a stunner. Her fresh young skin soaked up the sun giving her a beautiful all over tan that she enjoyed showing off in her little sports bikini.

In the first few days, we all used the superb camp facilities as a group, especially the huge swimming pools and spas. I noticed though that Laura would only get out of the pool if I did and we would often end up being the only ones left in the pool wrestling each other and mucking about.

One evening, after we had all enjoyed a great day site seeing visiting one of the beautiful Chateaus in the area, we decided to all make use of the nightly shuttle bus that the campsite laid on which travelled to the local fishing port. This would allow us the luxury of an evening out and a delicious fresh seafood dinner without the worry of having to watch our consumption of wondrous French wine as at least two of us would ordinarily have had to drive. Just as we were about to leave, like a fool I suddenly remembered that we was expecting a courier to deliver some replacement travellers cheques as some had been mislaid a few days previously.

“I’ll stay here and meet the courier, maybe go for a swim and read my book” I stated, “ you guys all go out and bring me back a bottle we can enjoy when you get back”.

“Are you sure” the others all said, “yeah, no problem” I re-iterated.

“I’m going to stay as well” Laura came out with, “I’m not feeling too well, and I think an early night will do me good”

Laura’s mum and dad asked me if I minded which of course I didn’t (desperately trying to hide my smile).

After kissing my wife and kids and jokingly telling them to make sure mum didn’t drink too much wine, I watched them hop onto the bus and waved them off. I knew that the return bus would not be back for another three hours.

As Laura and I settled into our sun loungers and watched the sun go down, I kept popping to the cool box and bringing out the beers that were going down all too easily. It was great to really chat to Laura and with the slight edge of alcohol in her bloodstream, she was soon confessing that she did not have a boyfriend because “they’re all too immature” she giggled, “I prefer older men”.

I nearly choked on my beer when she said that and spilled it all down my t-shirt. I excused myself and walked the 25 or so meters to the toilet block with a view to cleaning up a little.

Being a French campsite, the toilet blocks were really well laid out and clean. I chose the family bathroom, as it had shower hose and a drain in the middle of the floor I could stand over and have an improvised shower in order to rinse of the beer from my front without having to walk all Escort Bayan the way round to the shower block.

After I had cleaned up, the presence of the 4 or 5 beers that I had drunk made themselves known so I lifted up the seat of the loo and took out my cock.

Before I could release my flow, I could hear Laura outside calling my name

“In here” I said “I won’t be a minute”.

Next thing I knew, Laura came through the door, I had forgotten to lock it.

“I’m sorry” she said, “I really need to go and there’s no paper left in the others” (I did not believe it as the toilets were always well stocked)

“You don’t mind do you?”

“No, I replied” with my cock growing rapidly in size in my hand.

I could not believe it, I was about to step away and get out to let Laura get on with it when she pulled down her tracksuit bottoms and bikini and stepped out of them completely. “Don’t be shy, you can go too” she said as she backed onto the bidet, opened her legs wide and lowered herself down.

My cock was now as stiff as an iron rod and I struggled to try and hide it from view, even though the bidet was right next to the toilet.

I’m sure that Laura could see that my eyes were straining to look down between her legs and see her pussy. She was also staring at what I was failing to hide.

“What’s up, can’t you go” she laughed.

I swallowed hard and said “I can’t pee due to the hard on you’ve given me”

“I’ve given you?” she said.

“It’s not often that I get a gorgeous half naked girl squatting next to me” I mumbled.

That’s when the tension stepped up, Laura must have definitely noticed my intention to sneak a look at her pussy “you can take a closer look if you want” Laura said huskily.

“What?” I said.

Laura grabbed my arm and pulled me over to in front of her.

“Watch me closely” she continued.

With that, Laura put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees. This made my head level with her hovering pubic area. Laura opened her legs wider leant back and rolled her hips forward. This had the effect of revealing the most beautiful slit I had ever seen. Her neatly trimmed fair pubes framed her puffy outer lips which contained her beautifully symmetrical inner lips. As I stared at her cunt, Laura placed her fingers on either side of her lips and pulled them open. Her clit peeped cheekily out of its hood. I could see and smell that she was highly aroused; her secret folds glistened with her juices. I could have easily reached out and licked her, but all of a sudden, Laura pulled back slightly and said “watch me piss”.

As I looked, I could see her whole pussy bulge and as she used her fingers to spread her inner lips open, I saw her most intimate of holes open and the first drips of piss escape her. I made encouraging sounds which obviously worked as Laura suddenly let out a strong stream that splashed onto the front of the bidet bowl. I could not resist it any more. I looked up at Laura and she must have read my mind because she leant even further back allowing me to extend my tongue into Bayan Escort her piss flow. I lapped up her hot salty / sweet liquid and traced it back to its source. I clamped my mouth over her pee hole and tried to drink as much as I could. All of a sudden, Laura stopped her flow and I had a horrible feeling that maybe she had come to her senses and would stop this madness.

“Get your clothes off and lie on the floor” she half commanded.

Within ten seconds I was fully naked and on my back in the middle of the room. Laura had similarly stripped off her sweater and bikini top. The young vixen came over to me, placed a foot on either side of my head and squatted so that her pussy was directly over my face. “I’ve been frigging myself off all year thinking of this moment” Laura said boosting my ego no end.

I reached my head up and lapped at her cunt, up one side, down the other, poked my tongue into her rosy puckered arse hole and then with the flat of my tongue, scooped some of her copious juice from her pussy hole and spread it up to her clit. This tasty morsel was now fully erect and stood proudly from its hood. I suckled on it as if it was a stiff nipple. As I did so, Laura’s pussy again bulged and her pee hole erupted with a fresh gush of piss. I lapped her pussy with renewed vigour, as I returned to sucking on Laura’s clit; her piss stream began to ebb and flow as she started shuddering to a monstrous orgasm.

“Oh, shit, oh fuck, god yes, oh yes” Laura called out “I’ve wanted this for so long, quick fuck me, I want your cock in me NOW!”

Without a pause, Laura shuffled her body down and hovered her sopping pussy over my rock hard cock.

“No Laura, we can’t, we need to take precautions” I said in a moment of sanity,

“don’t worry” Laura replied “I’m on the pill and have been for a couple of months especially for this holiday”

Expertly, Laura guided her pussy until my cock tip was nudging at her tight hole, I glanced down and could not believe how big my cock had grown, I had not seen it that hard since I was a teenager. Laura had stopped pissing and her pussy dripped with a mixture of piss and pussy juices.

In a natural movement, Laura lowered herself onto me while we maintained eye contact. I could feel a slight resistance confirming to me that Laura was indeed a virgin. My cock head was inside an inch or so when Laura forced herself down onto me. Her eyes glazed over and she was lost in herself, feeling the sharp pain turn into pure pleasure.

As if she had been doing it for years, Laura began moving up and down building up to a steady rhythm. Laura leant forward and we kissed passionately, entwining our tongues. I knew that Laura was enjoying the idea of being able to taste her own juices on my face.

Laura began bubbling and coming out with nonsensical noises, at the same time, I could feel the muscles clamping around my cock spasm as she exploded into wave after wave of orgasm. Laura sat up straight and forced herself even deeper onto me. I looked up at Laura, her head was flung back and as the flush of orgasm coloured her throat and pert Escort breast, I began my own climactic thrusts. I exploded my spunk deep into her which triggered another wave of the orgasm that Laura was riding.

For that instant we became one, we were entwined in an orgasmic cosmic wave.

Laura collapsed onto me and we hugged and kissed tenderly as we bathed in the afterglow of our mutual orgasms.

After what seemed an age, Laura whispered in my ear that she wanted me to complete her fantasy.

“Anything you want” I truthfully told her.

Laura went on to say that she had always enjoyed the sexual feeling that peeing and watching pissing brought to her.

“You must think I’m sick” she said with a sad expression on her face.

“Nonsense” I said “lots of people enjoy watersports, Kim (my wife) and I do it regularly”

“Really?” Laura enquired looking delighted “I thought I was the only one”.

“Would you finish what you were going to do” she continued.

“Sorry, what?” I asked somewhat confused.

“You came in here to have a piss, and you haven’t been yet”

I hadn’t and suddenly came to realise that I was indeed bursting for a pee.

“I want you to pee in me” Laura half pleaded.

“Are you sure?” I enquired

“Yes, I have had this dream ever since I first saw a neighbour of mine pull out his willy and pee in front of me during a game of Doctors and Nurses; I want to feel your piss in my cunt”

My semi rigid cock was still in Laura’s pussy and I relaxed fully sending at first a gentle stream of piss into Laura’s cunt. Seeing Laura’s face in rapture, I let my stream flood out of me.

“Oh yes, I can feel your hot piss deep in me, god yes, oh yes, oh, oh, oh” Laura was cascading into her third thundering orgasm. As Laura’s cunt spasmed, my cock slipped out and sent my stream shooting out all over Laura’s naked arse.

“Don’t waste it” Laura pleaded as she got off me and sat back on the bidet. I stopped my stream and stood up so that my cock was level with Laura’s face.

Laura took hold of my cock in her left hand and pleaded with me to “let it go”. As I relaxed further, my piss stream started again and formed an arc down Laura’s neck and chest. Like a little girl at a water fountain, Laura directed my piss stream into her mouth and gulped down thirstily. Laura was busy masturbating with her left hand and as the last of my pee dribbled down her throat, Laura shuddered to her fourth orgasm. Laura then offered me the fingers of her left hand for me to suck.

I could have stayed in that bathroom with Laura all night, I mean, I was partaking of my favourite watersports fetish with a gorgeous young girl, what more could a man like me have wanted.

Laura and I were dragged back harshly to the reality of every day life by the sound of a motorbike horn. The courier had arrived.

Laura and I laughed as we hurriedly dressed and walked back to our tents where the courier was just pulling up.

As I walked alongside Laura, my mind was thinking of all the things that we could get up to. I even thought of getting my wife involved as one the fantasies that we had been discussing recently was hers of picking up a young girl and teaching her the joys of every manner of sex.

I could not help but grin from ear to ear when I remembered that we still had nine days holiday left.

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