Natalie had cold feet. She wasn’t uneasy about the game she was about to play. It was cold, waiting, naked, in the basement bedroom of the third fraternity house on Oak Street this week.

She called her game, “How long can you make it?” and she intended to find the longest erection among the eleven fraternity brothers upstairs. She waited patiently while they negotiated which one would cum first. She would treat each of them, one at a time, to an oral examination, resting occasionally to measure. When they came, in her mouth was okay, they were done. She would make a note in her notebook and the next brother would come downstairs. The winner would get to fuck her tonight.

Jorge, from two fraternity houses down, was the current record holder, inching in at seven and one quarter inches. He was also a very good fuck. She’d actually had an orgasm that night.

She had her tape measure ready and her lips chapsticked.

Contestant one came gingerly down the steps, looking around in the dim light for the door to the Escort Bayan right bedroom. Natalie called, “This way,” and he followed her voice into the room. Once inside, he froze, looking hungrily at her larger than normal boobs and naked pussy. He moved quickly when she said, “You can’t win my body with your clothes on.”

He was naked in less than ten seconds. He stood in front of her not knowing what to do next. “Relax,” she said. “Let me do all the work.” She took his already hard cock in her hand and then into her mouth. She started to perform her magic.

She worked her lips and tongue against his head, up and down the shaft and into the opening on top. Several times, she felt him nearing orgasm and she paused each time to take a measurement, assuming maximum engorgement when nearing completion. When he finally came, he jerked powerfully, fell out of her mouth and came over her neck, shoulder and right tit.

She excused the youngster, wiped herself off with a portion of the bed sheet and called Bayan Escort for the next contestant. Within 45 minutes, she had examined all eleven brothers. She climbed up on the bed and called for James to return to the basement bedroom.

“James,” she said. “Don’t let this go to your head. You win by less than a quarter of an inch. And, before you start strutting your stuff around campus, you’re short of a guy two doors up the street by almost a full inch. Now, get those clothes off again and get up here for your prize.” He did and they did.

By the end of the next week, Natalie had completed her canvas of the seven fraternity houses on campus. As much as she liked Jorge, Lamar had bested him by almost three quarters of an inch and was the grand prizewinner. She called him and offered to spend overnight Friday night with him. He rose to the offer and accepted almost before she completed it.

Friday, she met Lamar at a small, one story, doors on the outside, motel just north of campus. He was ready Escort to go and within five minutes of closing the door, he was stroking away inside her. She always loved the submissive nature of the missionary position, but Lamar had that extra three quarters of an inch that Jorge didn’t and it slammed up against her cervix hard enough to hurt.

The next six times Lamar felt the urge to fuck her, she took charge. First, she maneuvered him behind her into a doggie style fuck. That was better but not ideal. The next five times, she took a superior position where she could control the depth of penetration. It made the ordeal more enjoyable for her even at the expense of Lamar’s masculinity.

For two weeks, Natalie had had a blast. She’d been fucked by six well endowed fraternity brothers and Lamar eight times. She handled almost a hundred penises of varying sizes and sucked every one of them to orgasm. The idea for her game had been brilliant and the execution flawless. She’d performed well and without a single complaint. Several of the houses had invited her back whenever she felt unfulfilled. How lucky could a girl get?

“Next week,” she thought, “I’ll start working on the Sorority houses. I think I’ll call it ‘How deep can you go’ if I can find a dildo shaped ruler.”

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