Natural Inclinations Pt. 01


NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Any sexual elements only involve individuals 18 years or older.

(Special Thanks to TIMMY for the story suggestion.)


PREFACE — Each of us is born with a built-in set of traits and characteristics unique to that individual. Then outside influencers make us bury them, only to bind us into conforming with what society says is normal. However, for a lucky few, someone will intercede, helping to cast off those restraints, thus allowing for the reemergence and free expression of his or her own…

Natural Inclinations

By: Deana Bard

Chapter 1

Stepping through the front door to a completely silent and unoccupied house gave Peter a fresh shot of adrenaline. The recent high school graduate had been looking forward to this day ever since his parents told him about their plans. And now, this was it! His house. His sanctuary. His time. For the rest of the summer, ‘IT’ was all his. His to do what he wanted, when he wanted.

Even so, regarding the months’ long world tour they were taking, Peter hadn’t dared to allow his true feelings to be known. He wasn’t about to deny them (or, selfishly, himself) from reaping these well-deserved rewards. So he played it cool, not giving into displays of either joy or sorrow.

Sure, after eighteen years of living under the same roof with strict but otherwise loving and doting parents, had been a constant and stable comfort. Just the same, he felt he had earned the right to spend his time on his own terms — without constant adult supervision.

Don’t get this wrong. Peter had a wonderfully close relationship with both his parents. But mostly, he was what most would call “a momma’s boy.” Even in his childhood, he enjoyed helping around the house. He had barely been potty trained when his mother had him doing simple chores. As time went on, she began delegating some of her chores to him. Cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry would eventually become second nature to him.

As is the case with any child, sometimes he needed to endure some firm discipline. Still, in the long run, he did his best to be good while spending as much time hanging onto his mother’s apron strings. Speaking of which, early on, he begged for and received his very own apron that matched his mother’s to wear while each tended to the household chores. What a proud day that was.

So yes, he was going to miss his parents, his mother especially.

(His mother was not the only one he needed to be extra good for. Two other women in his life were just as strict, if not more so. His grandmother, now dead two years, and his aunt — in reality, his mother’s cousin, but he’d always known her as “Aunt Diane” — both willingly and thoroughly met out punishment at the slightest infraction.)

For eighteen years, family vacations had been just that: All three of them; Peter and both parents. This time, to celebrate successfully navigating their son into adulthood, the parents decided to reward themselves by taking an extended “couples only” vacation. This would be his chance to prove he could put all of what he had learned into practice.

So following sappy but heartfelt good-byes at the airport, he was, for the first time, on his own. With the windows down and the music up, he made his way back home in his graduation present: a car.

The silence of the otherwise empty house was eerie. The sound of his footsteps on the foyer’s parquet floor was all that broke that silence. It was now official; Peter had just entered his new life. Master of his domain.

Almost giddy with anticipation, he opened the front room drapes letting in the morning sun, then muttered, “Let the celebration begin.” Though softly spoken, his words echoed against the walls. “First things first. Time to get into something more comfortable.” Tromping up the hardwood steps and down the carpeted hall to his bedroom, shedding his ‘Going to town’ clothes along the way, he threw them into the hamper, leaving him dressed only in socks and briefs. Out of his dresser drawer, he retrieved his favorite t-shirt and pair of shorts — both very well worn and long overdue for the trash. Due to their age and use, they had become thin and frayed. But as far as Peter was concerned, that only made them incredibly soft and comfortable.

Carefully, to not tear it, he slipped the t-shirt over his arms and head, then savored the feel as it floated down his hairless chest and back. As always, it felt nice and comforting.

As for the shorts; Whenever his mother saw him in them, she always had something negative to say. Remarks like they were almost transparent and that she could see his underwear. “What if someone saw you like that?”

Finally, Peter could say something he wouldn’t have dared to say before. Smiling to himself because his mother would never hear nor see what he was about to Escort Bayan say and do. “Well, mom…” he said defiantly, “How about this?” And as he said that, he also peeled off his tighty-whitie briefs. “Now no one will be seeing my underwear … BECAUSE I WON’T BE WEARING ANY!”

Not only was making defiant statements against his mother completely uncharacteristic of him, but this rebellious move on Peter’s part to go without briefs would have previously been unthinkable. As long as he had been wearing clothes, he always wore underpants. Always, as in, ALWAYS! Even in bed under his pajamas. When not bathing, the same snug-fitting Hanes or Jockey briefs had been a constant around the clock. That certain degree of support against that region of his body was all he knew. They all but concealed his male anatomy and insulated the nerve endings from shifting movements of his outer clothing.

After stepping into the shorts and when the soft and airy fabric enveloped his otherwise naked midsection, his skin got all tingly. He had never done, or felt, anything like this before.

Checking himself in the mirror, he instantly noticed just how semi-transparent the material was. Had anyone been there to see him dressed this way, it would have been fairly obvious to them that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. With the window light to his back, even the faint shadow of his pubic bush was somewhat detectable. But turning towards the brighter light, that bush did little to disguise that a penis and testicles lay beneath the thin layer of cotton. A thought came to mind making his dick begin to stiffen. “I bet if I went outside like this, the girls would finally take notice of me.”

Had anyone truly bothered to get to know Peter, they would have understood his last comment. Somehow he had managed to complete 12 grades of schooling without so much as getting more than a peck on the cheek from a girl. Peter had never come close to having a girlfriend. The truth was, Peter had only been on three so-called dates, EVER!

It wasn’t that he didn’t like girls. Just the opposite. He was extremely interested in girls. He often dreamed about girls. He was always nice and polite to the girls. But to no avail. Throughout his eighteen years of existence and especially twelve years of school, Peter was nothing more than a timid, nerdy, insignificant nobody. If faced with a ‘fight or flight’ situation, Peter’s timidity dictated just one response: run away!

Running away was a defense strategy he had adopted at an early age. Rather than face impending trouble head-on, he’d head for the hills. (Some would say he’d run away like a girl. Though most girls had more backbone than he did.) His cowardliness was so strong that none of his male classmates wanted anything to do with him either.

It was only online where Peter could easily immerse himself into role-playing games. In his gaming world, Peter was the person he wished he could be in real life. (But even here, he knew when the best option was to run and hide.)

And it was in these games he found friends. He only knew them by their gamer names, but to him, they were the closest things to friends he had. Aside from the usual razing that goes on during a game, these anonymous folks never judged or pigeonholed him. So after packing up some munches, that is exactly where he planned to spend the next several hours.

If all went right, this is how he planned to spend the entirety of his summer.

With each step down the stairs, it felt so strange to have his balls swinging freely between his legs. And the filmy material teased and tickled his dick. As he walked, the swirling air passed right through as if he weren’t wearing anything at all. This was a unique and thrilling feeling. By the time he reached the kitchen, he had a solid tent pole in his shorts.

Returning to his room with a tray of snacks and a 2-liter bottle of soda, he was so fully aroused a small damp spot had formed at the peak of his tent, his pecker threatening to punch a hole right through those shorts.

After almost two hours of gaming and downing most of that soda, he could no longer ignore the growing need to take a piss. But he refused to give in to that need until the current mission was complete, which finally happened about twenty minutes later. Getting up from his chair, that need for relief became even more apparent. He needed to go — BAD! Between the increasingly urgent need to pee and the renewed tickling of the shorts as he moved to the bathroom resulted in renewing a raging hard-on. Of course, in order to go without splashing the wall would require pushing his erection almost painfully downward to get the stream into the toilet. Usually, when in this situation, Peter would first masturbate so his erection would subside enough to pee comfortably.

That is unless he was In the shower where he could allow his boner to maintain its natural upward angle and just let nature take its course. And pissing Bayan Escort while having an erection always felt so good. The stiffer, the better.

“Wow! If only the girls could see this.” He spoke to himself. “They’d be falling over each other to get a piece of this baby.” Needless to say, Peter was very proud of his cock. Especially at how big it got when erect.

What if he held out a little longer? Let the desperation grow, and the erection get even stiffer. Waiting until his boner was painfully hard. THEN, stand in the tub and let it rip.

But what should he do in the meantime, he wondered? Just then, he had a wild idea. With no-one in the house, he figured, why not?

For Peter’s entire life, there had always been someone else in the house. As such, he never dared to leave his room without some sort of covering. Peter’s bladder settled down while his dick twitched with excitement at what he was about to do. Stepping out of his shorts and stripping off his shirt, then, for the first time ever, he moved out into the carpeted hallway. This was a whole new and exciting experience: buck naked in a common area of the house!

Ignoring the fullness of his bladder, Peter proceeded to venture elsewhere, naked as the day he was born with the biggest, hardest hard-on he had experienced in some time pointing the way. And it was taking him where he could never have imagined at any time before this. Deeply ingrained household rules dictated that this was a naughty thing to be doing, but that only drove him onward. A little voice tried telling him to turn around. But the little devil in his other ear convinced him to keep going. This was so incredibly exciting. Truly, an entirely new adventure.

He knew he would feel such embarrassment and humiliation if anyone were to find out what he was doing. But for some reason, this only excited him further. Besides, who was ever going to find out? Peter’s erection waved from side to side with each step down the hall. Past the guest bedroom and then his parent’s room and back again. But why stop now? He returned to the guest room and stepped in. This was a place he seldom had reason to go. Now he was pacing the entire room all while wearing nothing but a goofy smile. His confidence told him what his next move had to be.

Standing at the foot of his parent’s bed, he smiled broadly, imagining the two of them laying there in shock, watching their precious, angelic boy standing naked before them, tugging on his lovely erection.

A sudden perverse notion came to his mind. Suppose they liked what they saw and invited him to join them in bed with them. He had no idea where that thought came from because he had never had a single erotic thought or feeling towards his parents. Not consciously anyway. It could only be attributed to watching too much porn, he told himself. Just the same, he lept from where he stood right onto the middle of their bed as if he was laying between the two of them while briefly wondering what would happen next. Damned if this wasn’t breaking all the rules. The excitement had him ready to climax right there.

But surely, before allowing that to happen, there were more rules to be broken. Returning to the hallway, he ventured to its farthest end: The top of the stairs. Looking out into the two-story vestibule sent all new chills up his spine. He had come this far. Did he dare go downstairs while naked? That proved to be far too tempting to pass up.

He got a kick out of the way his hard-on bounced with every step down the hardwood stairs. Once he reached the foyer, with his hands on his hips, he stood defiantly, jutting his pelvis forward toward the front windows — only lacy sheer curtains hiding him from the world outside. After doing an impromptu pirouette, he began prancing from room to room. Even though the pain in his belly had returned, he took the time to not only sit down on the living room sofa but, for just a moment, he pretended this was an everyday thing. He struck a pose as if he was just leisurely lounging there, erection proudly pointing to the ceiling. He had never done anything as outrageously daring in his entire life.

But enough already. His erection felt as though it might split, and his bladder could take no more delays. It was filled to overflowing, and piss was ready to burst forth. He had put it off for too long. All of a sudden, he wasn’t even sure he could make it back upstairs without letting loose.

Making things worse, once he was back on his feet, the sharpness of the pain was causing his knees to weaken and quiver. With such a stiff erection, there was no way he could use the powder room beneath the stairs without pissing all over the walls. So stumbling up the steps, his boner slapped his belly with each step. Even using every bit of control to hold back the impending gusher, with each slap against his belly, little squirts of piss still managed to leak out.

Cresting the top of the stairs, the other end of the hallway Escort appeared to do one of those movie camera tricks, becoming elasticized and stretching on into infinity, making his bathroom at the far end seem impossibly distant. Meanwhile, the door to his parents’ bedroom was right next to him. Their master bath just inside. Without a moment to delay, it was now or never.

Tripping into the walk-in shower, his knees finally buckled and gave out. He landed on his back, and that was it. All control was lost. The piss came shooting out of his fire hose.

An amazing ark of golden liquid shot skyward before splashing down on Peter’s chest, neck, and face. The rushing urine passing through his erection was almost like a prolonged orgasm. The pleasure that brought was only exceeded by the exquisite sensation of scolding hot piss landing on his naked body. He had never felt anything like this before. In his astonishment, he inadvertently opened his mouth, allowing some of the fresh urine to enter. Instincts told him to spit it out, but just as quickly, he realized it didn’t taste bad. And as his mind was so set on breaking the rules, he swallowed instead. Then he surprised himself by taking hold of his boner and intentionally aimed the stream all over his face and hair before aiming directly into his open mouth to capture still more.

Unfortunately, his bladder was almost drained by then, and the stream was dwindling, leaving Peter with less than a mouthful.

Before swallowing the tart liquid for the second time, he swished it around in his mouth while thinking this was something worth repeating. Pissing hands-free with an intense erection was definitely the best way to pee. And doing it while on your back topped it all off. Licking his lips, he had learned something else; drinking pee wasn’t so bad either.

While thinking these thoughts, his fingers were still wrapped around his rock hard boner. With piss as a lubricant, he began stroking in earnest. It only took several moments before white streamers of cum were added to the moisture on his chest and abdomen.

After laying there a few minutes more in the thin puddle of urine while recovering from the euphoria he’d just experienced, Peter’s erection slowly faded in his hand. When he finally did get to his feet, the piss and cum streaked and dripped downward, coating his pubic area, his legs, then onto and around his feet.

Looking around, he saw that, since they would be gone for several months, his parents had washed and put away all of their towels. So showering off where he was, was out of the question. Just the same, Peter didn’t want to have to shampoo the carpeted hallway, so he decided it best to just drip off some more before heading to his bathroom.

With nothing better to do, his mind was off in the clouds over everything he had just done that led up to being in the state he now found himself in. Still absorbed in these thoughts, he tentatively stepped out of the walk-in shower. Aside from the dampness that still dribbled out of his thick lengthy hair, the dripping had all but stopped. If he didn’t dawdle, there would be minimal damage done. Tip-toeing into the hallway, the loud chiming of the doorbell almost caused him to leap out of his skin.

His nerves shaken and his heart in his throat, Peter knew he was in no condition to answer the door. How important could it be, anyway? So he decided to ignore it and move on.

Then, just steps away from his own bathroom, the doorbell rang again, immediately followed by a persistent knocking on the front door. Now Peter’s nerves were wound tight. His heart pounded in his chest. “What the hell is so urgent?!?! Wait! Is the house on fire?!” With only thoughts of the worst kind racing through his head, Peter sprinted towards the stairs. “Did I just smell gas?” Skipping steps as he flew for the front door, he was certain he heard urgent cries for help. Or was someone yelling, “Get out of the house”?!

Now in full-on panic mode, all Peter could think was that he needed to race for safety. To get as far from the house as possible. Without breaking stride, Peter threw open the door and bolted through.

No one was more startled by the rapidly opening door than the woman who quickly stepped back before being run over by the teen. That surprise was rapidly replaced by the sight of a panic-stricken, naked teen racing past her, who, in his alarmed state, obviously wasn’t thinking about his nakedness.

Peter’s feet barely touched the pavement as he sprinted across the small porch and down the front walk towards the street before it sank in that he had just passed someone, yet that person was not running with him. Weren’t they worried for their own safety?

This stopped him dead in his tracks. Turning back, he saw that the person he had passed by was a woman, and she wasn’t running at all. Instead, she simply stood there. Right where she had been when he raced by.

Aside from the quizzical expression on her face, she seemed relatively calm. That’s when it began to become clear that there was no emergency. There never was.

Hyped up on adrenaline and his brain a scrambled mess, Peter hesitantly returned to the porch until he was face-to-face with this stranger.

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