New Friends Ch. 02


This story was written real-time via texting by a man (H) and a woman (S).


H: I had a good night’s sleep. Good morning. I wondered if any of your kids are anywhere near to making you a grandmother. I’d like to fuck a grannie 🙂

S: Good morning. I have a few girlfriends who are grandmothers. I will invite them over for you and your pleasures.

Lots of fun!!

H: DAMN, woman! you DO know how to push all of my buttons. I would SO love a 3 way with you. Or 4. Or 5. Or…

S: I so love to mind fuck with you. It is such an erotic haze.

S: I am already throbbing. Thanks friend!

H: This is me still sucking at not texting you.

S: (Smiley’s)

H: I saw a video on Tumblr last night where a guy put a butt plug in his woman while he fucked her pussy, then pulled the plug out and jammed his huge cock up her ass. Suddenly I wanted to jam my cock up your ass.

S: I want to be your sex slave.

S: And crawl around on the floor and have you proudly march around.

H: You have me in a wonderful sex haze right now imagining leading you around on a leash while you’re naked. Getting to show you off to friends. For me, it’s actually about being able to tell the story. That’s why the shocking or outrageous, naughty things are so hot for me.: they make the best stories. And stories that actually happen – are the hottest to tell about.

H: I want to be allowed to order you to show yourself to anyone I choose to. At any time. Walking down the street in New York City, I want to be able to command you to lift your skirt to your neck and pull your panties to your knees and show a total stranger your hot dripping pussy.

H: I had said that non-consensual was not interesting to me, but I then remembered that I’ve had fantasies of being the King or the Emperor. Driving through the streets in my carriage. And I have the power to stop anywhere and command any woman to strip right there on the street in front of everyone and to force her to let another random man fuck her right in front of her husband. Or to be able to command a couple to watch me fuck their daughter. With no repercussions to me.

H: Clearly, my judgement is gone. I’m deeply into the sex haze. I want to be able to knock up every adult girl in a family I pass on the street while their parents watch. Knock them up. Then fuck their mother. and make her pregnant, too.

S: I love hearing about your fantasies and am glad you feel safe to share them with me. You truly bring it to the highest level of fetish and eroticism.

S: I want you to bring me collared to a group of your guy friends and have each do different things to me at your direction. And you tell me who I must suck and who will fuck me first.

S: And have all of them pee on me while I am sucking you.

S: And after I perform to your satisfaction you bring me home, give me a bath and then fuck me again and again. You keep me tied to your bed for your pleasures.

H: Ultimate bragging rights as it were. No telling stories and having the guys wonder if I’m bullshitting. Here you are right in front of them. Beautiful, Escort Bayan confident, intelligent, accomplished. And you are my slave. To strip slowly and show off your nipples and your asshole and your pussy to who I choose.

H: to show them how eagerly your eyes sparkle and your tongue flies out of your mouth to lick the cock of the man I specify. To have you gleefully lick the asshole of the friend I specify. To have you smile happily as three men cum all over your face, nose, hair, in your mouth. For you to smile and ask for more.

S: Yes. Have me stand on a table so that they can see my pussy and ass from below.

S: But only you can give permission for more.

S: And your friends watch me as I cum for you.

H: Yes! Yes! They all understand that you do this purely to please me. It is all for my pleasure because making me happy makes you happy.

S: And as I cum they are cumming all over me.

S: And I make you feel so proud and macho.

H: Have you lay naked on a conference table and spread your thighs as wide as you can and hold your pussy open and show off your clitoris to all of the men who are standing around with their cocks in their hands desperately wanting you but having to wait for me to give permission.

S: They beg you to invite them again.

S: Yes yes yes

S: Maybe you let one or two taste me and smell me. But not everyone. Only the ones with the big cocks.

S: OMG I am so hot right now. My heart is beating so fast.

S: So So Horney

S: In the haze wanting to be teased and tortured with lust.

S: I want you to make me watch your favorite videos and tell me what you are going to do to me after the video is over.

S: Make me imitate their actions in the video for your pleasures.

S: I want to spend a day with you locked in my place and role playing the whole time.

H: You are a fantasy multiplier. Wow.

S: I need a cold shower.

S: But love the haze is too much to let it go.

H: With the guys around you, I make some of them shove their fingers up their own butts and smell them. They are repulsed, but they do it because they want you so badly.

S: Yes

H: I have unloaded a huge cum on your tits. I make the men with the smaller cocks lick my cum off your tits.

S: And you let them taste my juices and finger me for one second just to get them crazy hot.

H: I slide my cock into your pussy and collect your juices then allow the small-cocked guys to taste your pussy juices from my cock as I stand on the table waving my dick in their faces.

S: The ones with the small cocks want my ass so you make me bend over and show them my tight ass. Then you auction off my ass to the one who pays you the most and who you feel worthy of having my ass.

H: I have you stand on the conference table and spread your thighs. Then three of the small cock guys lay down on the floor under you as you pee all over them. Your hot piss splashing on their cocks and up into their mouths.

S: I want you to own me and control me.

S: I want to be the best sex Bayan Escort slave ever.

S: My sole desire is to have you fuck me slowly. And I will do ANYTHING to have you fuck me.

S: Keep me on a collar in your car and stop at all the rest areas and walk me around like a proud owner of a sex slave.

H: The bidding on your ass is furious and gets more and more wild as the guys all want your tight ass. I eventually just stand back and let them get more desperate as they bid access to their own wives in exchange for yours. One guy finally bids that I get to fuck both his wife and his twin daughters.

S: You always know how to up the ante.

S: You make me get the twins ready for you.

H: Have you gotten to slip a finger down between your lips, there in your office?

S: I took off my panties.

S: Wearing a long skirt today. Soft and flowing.

S; Feels so free.

S: Can’t touch myself. Way too aroused.

S: My clit is swollen and throbbing.

S: I am dripping wet.

S: Nipples erect

S: Heart beating fast.

S: Dry mouth.

S: Singularly focused on being in the sex haze thanks to you my dear.

S: Maybe you can come over and watch me masturbate.

S: Cant touch me.

S: Just watch what I do.

S: You stand naked. No touching.

S: Just a visual erotic experience.

S: Watch me suck on my own nipples. And lick my fingers after fingering myself.

H: Dim light in the room to tease me more. I can’t just SEE what I want.

H: Where did you put your panties?

S: Yes

S: In my hand bag.

H: Wish they were over my head so I could inhale your scent.

S: Want to tape it to your face so you smell it all day.

S: So so so hot. Crazy haze.

S: Dying for your cock

S: Can’t breathe.

S: Craving.

S: So need to be pumped full.

H: Want to slam my cock deep into your pussy and fill you with sticky cum.

S: Want you to go from pussy to mouth and back again and again. Feeling the difference between the two wet and hot feelings.

S: My mouth with a sucking feeling and my pussy squeezing my muscles around your cock inside so you feel throbbing. Contract and release.

S: Again and again.

H: Fuck your cunt for two strokes then hold. Then fuck your face for two strokes and hold. Watch your eyes water as my cock gags you. Then back to your pussy.

S: While I am tied to the bed.

S: Blindfolded.

S: Yup. Exactly.

S: Slap my face with your cock.

H: With your fuck-buddy friend watching via Skype. Did I tell you he’s watching or did I just do it?

S: Then thrust it down my throat.

S: Then deep into my pussy.

S: You didn’t tell me that.

S: If he watches, he will rush over and bang on my door to let him join you.

S: Holding his cock in his hand.

H: You suddenly find out when you hear his voice saying, “Bite her nipples!”

S: Getting ready.

H: I pause while fucking your snatch and bite each nipple. Hard.

H: We hear him banging on your door. Escort Still on Skype on his phone.

H: I ask him how badly he wants you

H: Tell him to beg.

S: Getting hotter and hotter.

H: Tell him to strip totally naked right there in the hall in front of your door.

H: He refuses.

H: I shove my cock into your mouth and tell you to scream his name around my cock.

H: He strips. Right then. In the hall. Naked. I pull your blindfold down to let you see him in the hall. Naked. Hard cock in his hand.

H: “Shall we let him in?”

S: He begs you

S: Yes, please. I want more cock.

S: Wait, does he have a big cock?

S: Can’t see it.

S: OMG, I need to have sex this weekend.

H: I hold up my Skype screen. What do you think? Cock big enough?

S: I am going crazy from you today.

H: One of your neighbors walks past him in the hall. Are they male or female?

H: I’m deep into sex haze here.

S: Yes, acceptable size. Let him in. But he has to watch and wait his turn. You need to show him what you want him to do to me.

S: Female. She wants to join in, too.

S: Me, too, buddy. You have me begging for sex.

H: Imagine a specific woman neighbor. Picture her there outside your door with a naked stranger.

S: I must find a fine fuck for myself soon.

S: She strips too because she wants to come inside.

S: And when you see her, you decide to fuck her next and tell her to sit and watch and wait her turn.

S: Here at my desk, I can feel my lips sticking to each other.

S: Can smell my heat.

H: I would love to smell and feel your heat. “Like a bitch in heat”.

S: Yes. You know how crazy I get in heat.

H: Have you met with anyone today while you’re panty-less, wet, and hot? How did that go?

S: Didn’t have a meeting today. But I am so wet that my skirt is sticky where my lips touch the skirt. I can feel it wet.

S: I will have you come to my office to collect my panties and then send you to fuck my girlfriend till I finish work. Then I will meet you and have you be my slave.

S: and have you serve and pamper me and my girlfriends by the swimming pool.

H: Maybe if I let you off your leash. Remember who is the slave.

S: So so so fucken hotttt!!

H: Yes, you are. I do wish that I could show up unexpectedly and stand between you and your desk, drop my pants and shove my dick in your mouth and fuck your face. Right now.

S: On this sex haze I would do it no questions asked.

H: Fuck your face fast and rough. Then stop and command you to prove that you know how to suck cock properly. I just stand still. Making you impress me.

S: I really feel like a bitch in heat right now. Thinking about who I can “do” ASAP.

H: You’d be able to seduce a gay guy, dear. You are hot.

S: I will try hard to impress you and make you happy with me.

S: Agree. You have me at an all time high.

S: would even fuck a small cock.

S: I just took a walk to cool down and am dripping down my leg!!

S: Outside walking without panties. Wish I were meeting you for a drink. Would ask you to finger me at the bar.

S: I am so in your fuck zone.

S: You own me right now. I would follow your cock anywhere to be able to suck you off.

(…end of transmissions)

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