Obsession Ch. 01


The Judge had agreed to dismiss the charges of Public Indecency provided that I sought medical help and saw a Psychiatrist who was to also report back to the Judge. I was extremely thankful for the leniency and the fact that nothing would ever appear on my record.

What I did was a very foolish act, which wouldn’t have been a problem if we had gone somewhere private. I had worked really late on an urgent project that had to be up and running by morning and it was almost 3 a.m. in the morning when I dropped by the almost deserted 24-hour supermarket store.

When I turned at the end of the aisle to get my cereal there was a man stood there with a loose fitting coat. Just as I was taking a box off the shelf he opened his coat wide and his pants were wide open, I mean really wide open.

His big thick cock was stood right out, kind of like a flagpole at a Barber’s shop and I just froze with the box of cereal still in my hands. He was looking directly in my face and I was looking at his cock and then at his face and then back to his cock again. He smiled as he came closer and I smiled back as I put the cereal box down.

“You like what you see little lady?” He said as he came so close that his cock almost touched me and I smiled then nodded.

“You can touch it if you want, it won’t bite.” I heard him say, but my eyes were just glued to his very erect male weapon. It was definitely the fattest one that I had ever seen before but not necessarily the longest. The idea was already forming in my mind that this would take two hands working in unison to complete this mission and I was getting wetter by the second at the thought of masturbating this beauty.

As I was stood there I almost completely lost control, my mind was moving along at breakneck speed and my hands were poised ready to hold onto this whopper. He must have seen the lustful glint in my eyes and then knew that he had found someone that was really excited by his flashing display.

Both of my hands closed around his hard cock but I wanted so much to be closer so I slid to my knees and started to stroke him. I was completely taken up with my task and oblivious to anything else that may have been happening. I wasn’t aware that the store clerk had already called the police about the Flasher before I had even gotten there in the store.

Mr. Flasher was also in a state of trance after he had completely dropped his trousers and my hands were bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. Obviously I wasn’t thinking straight either because I was still on my knees and directly Escort Bayan in front of him when he started to spew his cum; it just flew into my face and down the front of my top.

I shuddered as if I had a fever, I trembled wildly and then I had a supernova orgasm that seeped right through my panties and onto the floor. The next thing I heard was one of the cops saying:

“Now that you two are finished we can take a nice ride in my car, down to the station.”


Visit to the Psychiatrist

I had already told Dr. Sander about the above incident in the same detail as he made notes and then read through the court details.

“So Judy, why do you do this, what motivates you?”

“It just excites me Doctor, seeing those great globs of semen spurting out in all directions, just shooting out like it’s been forcibly propelled from the male body. You know, almost like its been fired from a gun. Some men shoots a lot, some just dribble a little, some are really fluid and some are pretty dense and thick. I like seeing the differences between those men or boys.”

“Do you help them Judy, to achieve their ejaculation?”

“Yes, that is also part of my obsession, I really enjoy making them ejaculate.”

“So where do you find these men?”

“They aren’t difficult to find.”

“When did this obsession start then, Judy?”

“When I was much younger, I had a cousin who was a little older than I, he visited us on the farm for about a month each summer to help with work. One day I watched him doing himself, he was looking at pictures in a girlie magazine and masturbating in one of the stalls in the barn. I was on the next floor and looking down on him, he had no idea I was there. When he ejaculated it shot about 3 feet away from him and landed on the side of the stall, I watched it slowly run down and then make a big blob before it fell onto the next piece of wood that was lower. Once he had left the barn, I went down to the stall for a much closer look and sat there watching it slowly run down to the next piece of wood. I was truly in awe of what had happened.”

“Was that the first time that you had seen a male person ejaculate?”

“Yes, that was the very first time, after that and for the next few weeks while he was staying with us, I would get in my secret spot in the barn and watch him. After he had finished masturbating and had left the stall I would go down and look for the evidence and touch it with my fingers.”

“Did you ever touch him?”

“No, not at that time, but Bayan Escort I almost got a real close up of him doing it that summer.”

“How did that come about?”

“Mom and Dad had left very early that day and he assumed I had gone with them. He was sat in the bathtub with his magazine and jerking himself off when I walked into the bathroom. He stopped and hid his erection with the magazine but I sat down on the toilet for a pee in front of him and told him that I had seen him doing that in the barn. He was shocked that I had been watching him in the barn and he said he was sorry and hoped that I hadn’t said anything to my parents. I told him that I hadn’t said anything to anyone and then I left the bathroom for him to do whatever.”

“So Judy, did that spark your interest in seeing others masturbate.”

“Yes but it was difficult actually catching someone in the act and then in high school there was a guy that fancied me and he took me to a dance. After the dance he wanted to fool around and after some necking he let me hold his cock and play with it, he showed me how to jerk him off, but it was pretty dark outside so I didn’t see what I wanted to see very well. So then I told him a few days later that I’d like to do it to him again but this time I wanted to watch it in daylight.”

“So did he let you watch it?”

“Yes, he was the first guy that I masturbated and that summer I would do him almost everyday. He would just lay there with his pants off and his shirt pulled up high and I would do him slowly and then I would play with his cum. Many times he would be good for a second or a third attempt.”

“So did you see anyone else at that time in your life that you used to masturbate?”

“Yes, one of the farm workers caught me masturbating my boyfriend. I begged him not to tell my parents and offered to do him if he didn’t tell.”

“So did you masturbate him then?”

“Yes, his cock was much bigger than my boyfriend and he really shot a heck of a lot more cum. I was really fascinated with him and I’d do him whenever I could. He was the first one to ever cum all over my chest and down my panties. Funny thing was that it really turned me on when he did that and sometimes I would orgasm right then and there, if I didn’t then I would finish myself off.”

“Judy, did you ever have sexual intercourse with your boyfriend or that farm worker?”

“No, never. I was still a virgin in college.”

“So what about the cousin?”

“Well he was probably so embarrassed that he never came back to the Escort farm in summertime for about 2 years. I was home from college and when my parents went away for the day I brought the subject up and we had a good laugh about the whole affair. Then I asked him if he still masturbated and if I could either watch or help and he let me do him. It was awesome, we went out to the same stall in the barn and that’s where I jerked him off.”

“Did you have intercourse with him?”

“Yes, he was my first but I never told him that I was on the pill so he always had to pullout and shoot on my belly or on my breasts. I enjoyed it so much that after that, any man I had sex with I had him pullout and shoot his cum on my body.”

“So after he went back home and you went back to college, what happened then?”

“Well I kind of gained a reputation in college as the girl that would jerk off any or all of the boys, and I did. There was an endless supply of fresh cum from big cocks, little cocks, thin cocks and fat cocks.”

“Did you also have sexual intercourse with them?”

“Yes, but just a few of them that I called regular friends, but I would make them all pullout and spurt on me when they cum.”

“So you like to feel them cum on your body, what about tasting it or having it in your mouth?”

“I love to have it on my body and then rub it all over me, but yes, I do like the taste and sometimes I’ll take it in my mouth if I feel that way inclined. My real preference is seeing him ejaculate and then having it on my body so as not to waste any.”

“Does it excite you that much that you orgasm?”

“Sometimes yes, but it doesn’t take any more than a few minutes for me to orgasm after that event.”

“You mean you masturbate yourself then?”

“Yes almost always. But in college, several times I had the same 3 young men in my bed, I had one in my mouth and one in each hand and each time I had a huge orgasm without even touching myself. Of course after they had left I would masturbate myself again and again.”

“That’s the power of the mind conjuring up what will happen when they all ejaculate.”

“Yes, it must have been.”

“So Judy, what about when you finished college?”

“I got a job in the city as a computer programmer, so I got myself a small apartment.”

“So then did you find new men to masturbate?”

“Yes, the first was a guy from work, he was married so he could only stay an hour. But that helped me out a lot. He was really happy to just be masturbated and cum all over my pubic area and occasionally as a treat in my mouth. After he had gone I would go back to bed and masturbate for hours or until I fell asleep.”

“Were there anymore men, Judy?”

“Yes. Dozens and dozens of them.”



To be continued…

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