Olivia’s Nanny Ch. 05


The next round of trouble came when Olivia skipped her therapy appointment to do something with her friends. Olivia knew that skipping therapy unless she was sick in bed was grounds to get her punished. She called to cancel the appointment and thought she would get away with it, forgetting the release she had signed allowed Stephanie to communicate with her therapist. When Stephanie contacted her to see how Olivia’s session had gone that day she was informed Olivia had cancelled it. Later that day when Olivia got home she was in for a good spanking and more. Olivia was immediately sent to her room, making her stomach turn. A few minutes later Stephanie walked in holding a wooden spoon, some shaving cream, a towel and a razor.

“Wha-Wha-What are you doing with that?” Olivia asked frightened.

“Oh this?” asked Stephanie. “If you give me any trouble during your punishment I am going to take you to the bathtub and shave your front bare. We are going to work on listening the first time. Now let’s talk about what happened today, I know you skipped your appointment.”

Olivia looked down at the floor, “I did. I’m sorry. It was Lola’s birthday and I didn’t want to be the only one who missed her birthday lunch.”

“You could have tried to reschedule it, instead of cancel,” Stephanie said as she sat next to Olivia on the bench.

“I know I’m sorry, I know I made a mistake,” she sulked.

“You’re being a lot more mature about this then I thought you were going to be, but you still need a spanked bottom and a timeout to think about your behavior. But I do not feel the need to paddle you,” said Steph as she put the spanking spoon on the ground. “Now over my knee please, I’ll take care of your skirt and panties when I’m ready to.”

Olivia climbed into the very familiar position and the first smack fell. A few minutes of steady spanks had her bottom feeling warm and a little stingy. Stephanie motioned for Olivia to stand up and she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She knew she could just lift up her skirt but humiliation was part of the punishment. Stephanie helped her back over her knee and patted her panty-covered bottom. She then lifted up the cheeks of her panties to see how red her bottom was, rubbing it slowly.

She lectured Olivia as she firmly spanked her bottom. About how she should know better than to skip appointments, how she wasn’t going to let her turn into an undisciplined brat, that next time she broke a rule she would remember how she ended up over Steph’s Escort Bayan knee getting a spanking like a little girl. There was something about being spanked with a bare hand that was more humiliating than a paddling. She then told Olivia to stand up and raise her arms up, pulling her panties down to her knees.

“Next time I have to spank you I am going to make you wear little girl panties,” Steph said. “You think an over the knee spanking is humiliating at your age, it’ll be worse in panties with kittens on them. And I will change you into your spanking panties. I will bare your bottom, put the new panties on you, redress you and then give you your punishment. Now let’s have some corner time before I spank your bare bum.”

Stephanie also took this chance with Olivia in a humbling position to discuss with her she knew she had been to spin class more than she was allowed to go the last few weeks, she was allowed to go four times a week due to the fact she needed to maintain and not lose weight and she had been going six. She wasn’t planning on punishing her for it, just giving her a warning, until she decided to show major attitude. “Liv, While we’re chatting I also thought I would bring up I know you have been going to spin class more than you are allowed each week. You cannot lose anymore weight so please make sure you are careful and don’t go more than four times.”

“I cannot deal with you, you are seriously so annoying,” spouted Olivia. “You try to control everything and everyone, seriously, shut up, I will do what I want.”

“Excuse me young lady,” responded Steph.

“You heard me. Just leave me alone,” and with that Olivia began to put her clothes back on.

Stephanie grabbed her arm with one hand and the wooden spoon with the other, dragging her over to the bench. “You were just going to get a hand spanking, now you are going to get a firm paddling. You do not talk that way young lady. And there will be other consequences for that outburst. I should shave your front bare, but there is not much here anyways,” lightly smacking her front area, “so instead in addition to getting changed into your pajamas every night and getting spanked you are going to be grounded for a week. You also will be wearing little girl panties to bed. Every single night I will strip you naked, put you in your little girl panties, punish your bottom then put your pajamas on you.”

At this point Olivia hated she was so thin and light. Stephanie picked her right up and laid her over Bayan Escort her lap, locking her legs down between Stephanie’s legs and rubbing the paddle on her panties that Olivia had managed to pull up. “You are getting a paddling, half way through these panties are coming down, once you’ve been paddled you are going to have a bare bottom timeout, then before dinner I am putting you in little girl panties. Before you go to bed, which you will be doing the same time as everyone else, I will be spanking you, putting new little girl panties on you and putting you in pajamas. Any more misbehavior today you’re little butt is going to be propped over pillows and I will get the belt. I am done with how you act.” Stephanie scolded Olivia as she paddled her on her thin panties, after a few minutes she instructed her to stand up. Stephanie could easily pull her panties down over her knee, but there was something about making her stand up to have her bottom bared that Stephanie thought would take Olivia down a few notches.

Stephanie firmly paddled Olivia’s bare bottom. A few words per swat with the paddle as Olivia began to cry. “Every time I punish you, it takes four times longer than it’s supposed to because you refuse to behave. Do you like to be paddled on your bare little butt? Because I can do it every time instead of having to add on to your spanking.” The lecture continued for a couple more minutes until the paddling stopped. “You’re going to spend more time with you bottom bare. I want you to sit in timeout right now. If you misbehave again I am getting the belt. Go sit on your spanked bottom,” Stephanie said accenting it was a smack on her red bottom.

15 minutes later Stephanie came back into Olivia’s room with a package of little girl panties. She took one pair out of the package and told Olivia to stand in front of her. “Step in,”she ordered. Olivia stepped in and Stephanie pulled them up. “You may put on clothes. Please do not make me paddle you again.”

Olivia wanted to be upset, but also craved the discipline because she felt like Stephanie very much cared about her. After dinner, where she ate all of her food and winced from her sore bottom, Olivia went back to her room to relax. Around 9:30 Stephanie came in and pulled another pair of little girl panties out of Olivia’s underwear drawer as well as some pajamas. She also grabbed lotion off of Olivia’s dresser to rub on her bottom.

“Okay young lady,” Olivia heard, “come stand in front of me”. Olivia sulked over to her Escort nanny and stood where she was told. Stephanie wasted no time and unbuckled her shorts, pulling them right off past her bum and ordered her to step out. “Alright, I know you are probably sore from your spanking earlier, your attitude is why it became a paddling when it was just supposed to be an attitude adjustment. I promised a spanking at bedtime the entire time you are grounded and I intend to keep that promise. If you cooperate, you will get a couple minutes of spanking just with my hand and then I will change your clothes and you will be done. You give me any attitude and I am going to get the belt. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” whimpered Olivia. She could not believe she had to submit, but also did not want a whooping with the belt.

“Over my knee, leave your panties up for now, I’ll pull them down and work on your bare butt half way through,” Stephanie said as she pulled Olivia over her knee. After a few minutes of firm but not too hard punishment on her panties Stephanie told Olivia to stand up. She put her thumbs in the waistband of Olivia’s panties and pulled them down to her knees, brining her back over her knee. When the first slap fell on her bare bottom Olivia shot her hand back instinctively, ” that’s an extra minute of spanking on your bare butt, if you do it again your next extra minute will be with the wooden spoon, do I make myself clear?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry it just hurt is all,” Olivia begged.

“It’s a spanking, I want it to hurt,” said Stephanie rubbing Olivia’s red bottom. “Do it again and I will paddle you, you have to learn to follow rules.” With that, Stephanie went back to spank firmly. After a few minutes she stopped and rubbed her cheeks, “now here is your extra minute for blocking your spanking, keep your hands in front of you and your punishment will be over. These are going to be a little extra harder, to remind you never to block your punishment. I spank you because you earn it with your bad behavior.” With that Stephanie smacked a little harder than she had been, right on her sit spot, but Olivia was determined not to move. After her minute was up Stephanie rubbed for a while and ordered Olivia to stand up. She helped her step out of her panties. “Go sit in timeout, 15 minutes, bottom on the wooden chair, then I will get you dressed.”

Olivia sat her bare spanked bottom on the chair and pouted but did not move. 15 minutes later Stephanie told her to lay on her bed with her bottom up if she wanted lotion rubbed on her bottom. Olivia laid over the pillows on the bed as she was told as Stephanie rubbed lotion on her tortured bottom. Then Stephanie instructed her to stand in front of her while she put her in her panties and pajamas and put her to bed.

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