Secrets Pt. 09


(fetish, chastity, threesome, cross-dressing, feminization)

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Synopsis: Dave with his own secret fetish, keeps falling for women who have kinky secrets of their own.

Read the previous chapters, first.

Emily jumps back into their lives.

It was a pleasant Saturday and Kathy and Daphne were out walking, getting some fresh air and window shopping at a local mall. Wandering randomly among the shops, and shoppers, they chatted, comfortably reviewing their day and planning for the ones to come, when Kathy caught Daphne by surprise.

“I bumped into Emily in the hallway the other day.”

“Oh? It’s been so long, I thought she might have moved out. She still lives down the hall?”

“Yes, remember that night when I didn’t get home until way late?”


“Yes, we were both coming home from work, and she invited me out to dinner, so we turned around and went back to the garage and then to Tony’s. Remember that place?”

“Italian, on Campbell Road?”

“That’s the one. Well, Emily was all excited. She had some great news.”

“She found a new boyfriend?”

Kathy chuckled, “no, better. She found a doctor. A specialist, who operated and fixed her problem. She no longer has to wear that damned catheter.”

“Really? That’s great! Good for her.”

“Yes, she told me that after you two broke up she began searching to see if there had been any progress toward a solution for her disorder, and found a specialist in Toronto. She met with him and he operated, and now she’s able to pee like a normal person.”

“That’s wonderful,” he said, and he really meant it. He had loved her, and still missed her. But he was happy with Kathy and their love, now

“And then she asked about you.” Kathy said slowly, and carefully.

“Oh? And you told her, what?”

“That we were happy together. Of course.”

They both decided to leave it at that. Dave was happy to let sleeping dogs lie. Emily and he had broken up because he couldn’t handle her fetishes. And he had no interest in exposing to his old lover how he had accepted, and come to live with Kathy’s kinks.

A couple of days later, though, Kathy raised the topic again, while they were grabbing a late bite to eat at a local café.

“Emily called me today and asked if we could all go out to dinner.”

Dave didn’t want to meet up with his old girlfriend. And he didn’t want really want her to see him as he was now. And he also didn’t want to admit those things to Kathy.

“Um, when?”

“Friday night. And I’d like to do it.”

“Why? I’m afraid it would be awkward. You understand. Old lovers, and all that.”

“Darling, I wouldn’t be jealous. And I know you used to love her. But, I did too. Remember how much fun the three of us had, together? It was wonderful, having sex with the two of you, together. I thought you enjoyed that too.”

He hesitated before answering. “I did, enjoy the sex, that is. But I’m different, now,” and he waved at his new, feminine body and clothes.

He was, of course, fully dressed as Daphne. That’s why it was a late dinner. After work, Dave had to make the switch to his female persona, and it always took a while to change into a dress and do his make-up. On nights like that, they always ate late.

“Could I go as a guy?” He asked, hopefully, afraid of the answer.

It had become a hard and fast rule that as of Friday night, he became Daphne, fulltime, for the weekend. Only on Monday morning would he return to being Davie the effeminate guy. And even then, he spent many weekday evenings in female attire. That routine had been going on for a couple of months now, at Kathy’s insistence. And he had eventually learned to live like that, and to enjoy it.

At first it had been difficult for him. Initially, he had seen it as Kathy’s fantasy, not his, but as time went on, he became accustomed to the cross-dressing and the feminizing and had found that the sex, with his lover, to be better than ever. These days, it was their joint erotic adventure.

But now, Kathy apparently wanted to show him to Emily. And sharing his new life with her, his old lover, was not something he was looking forward to.

Kathy, smiling, thought about his question for only a minute, “Daphne, dear, you’re always fully dressed for the weekends, and I don’t see why that should change. You know Emily, and you know she has her own fetishes. And you know how much fun we all had when we played our lesbian threesome game, back when you were with her. I really want to do that again.” She paused and grabbed his hand. “You do remember how wonderful those threesomes were, don’t you?”

He had to admit that thinking about those times was making his well-secured Kartal escort cock excited. And remembering those nights, his libido was accelerating to high gear. But…

“Oh, come on, lover. I know you’re used to looking and dressing like this, and like Davie, too for that matter. You meet people all the time, as a woman and as a ‘metrosexual’ guy.”

“As a sissy.” He broke in. That descriptor still bothered him, a lot.

His statement troubled Kathy. He never used that word to describe Davie. It was too abusive, and it didn’t fit him. She understood how nervous he was about revealing who he’d become. And oddly enough, that thought gave her a secret thrill. She was proud of her creation and was looking forward to the fun of seeing Emily’s reaction.

“No, as my lover.” She reminded him.

She leaned over and gave him a kiss, to encourage him.

“Well?” she prompted him when he didn’t answer right away.

“All right,” he replied resignedly.

Kathy smiled, happily. “Well then, I think it’s settled. We’ll share our secret with Emily. I’m sure she’ll be intrigued when she meets Daphne.”

And before he could say anything else, the waiter showed up, “can I get for you two ladies anything else? Desert or coffee?”

After the guy left to get their coffees, Kathy moved right into a discussion on what dress Daphne should wear to his coming-out dinner with Emily. It was a done deal, and Daphne had no further choice in the matter.

On the big night, Davie was a nervous wreck when he arrived home and began dressing for their dinner date. As always, these days, as soon as he got home from work, he stripped off his slacks and blouse, while Kathy selected a dress from Daphne’s extensive collection. Before he slipped it on, Kathy spent a few minutes tightening his corset. This time it seemed like she pulled the laces tighter than usual, and when he complained, she explained that she wanted her girlfriend to look as feminine and sexy as possible for their date with their friend and Dave’s X-lover.

She continued helping, by attending to Daphne’s make-up; ensuring that she looked pretty and sexy. Of course, she had also replaced the small A-cup bra Davie now wore, with Daphne’s more substantial B-cups. She had been contemplating taking Daphne up to a C-cup breast form, but was hesitating as it would require the purchase of a new wardrobe.

On her insistence, Daphne wound up in a killer pair of five-inch, spike heels — painfully taller than the four incher’s she normally wore.

Daphne did look spectacular, they both agreed. And it did, somehow, make Dave feel proud of his alter-ego. But he remained nervous.

Kathy also worked hard on her own wardrobe, so both girls looked spectacularly sexy as they left for the elegant restaurant, that Kathy had selected for the meeting.

Daphne was relieved when they didn’t bump into Emily in the corridor leading to the garage.

After they were seated, they waited quietly for Emily, Kathy excitedly and Daphne, fretfully.

As they sat watching several couples pass by on their way to their tables, Kathy leaned over and whispered. “I warned her that you’ve changed, but didn’t tell her how much.”

“Great!” Daphne whispered back, miserably. She’s definitely not looking forward to Emily’s reaction to her new look and lifestyle.

They sat quietly sipping their drinks, until Kathy spotted Emily come in the door and start scanning for them. Kathy waved and Emily danced over through the intervening tables.

Kathy stood and met her with a hug, while Daphne sat nervously staring into her drink.

When they broke their clinch, Kathy ushered Emily to her chair.

“Oh my God!” Emily cried out, as she got a good look at Daphne. “Dave is that you?”

Kathy jumped in to quiet her friend down. “No, that’s Daphne, and she’s like this much of the time, these days. She’s also nervous enough about meeting her ex, without you making a scene.”

Emily got the message, and sputtered, “oh, I’m sorry. I was just so surprised.” And she reached her hand out. “Pleased to meet you, Daphne. You look lovely.”

Daphne, took a deep breath and then reached out to shake her ex-lover’s hand, trying her best not to die of embarrassment.

After shaking, Emily spoke up. “Your nails look pretty. And I love your outfit, too. You look perfectly feminine.”

“Thank you.”

“She does, doesn’t she?” Kathy jumped in. “I absolutely love her. And she dresses like that most of the time now. Don’t you dear? And you love it, too.”

With both women staring at him, he knew how he had to answer. “Yes, I do. I love it because Kathy loves it so.”

“Oh, come on, fess up. You love being a girl.” Kathy said as she leaned over and kissed him, passionately on the lips.

Emily watched, enthralled. She smiled and reached over to grab Daphne’s hand and squeeze it gently and affectionately.

Several other diners were also intrigued, watching the two pretty women kiss like lovers, in public. Many smiled, Kurtköy Escort while a few were obviously upset by the PDA between two women.

When Kathy backed away, she held a hand on the side of Daphne’s face. “You do love it, don’t you?”

Daphne, nodded and smiled self-consciously, “yes.”

Kathy patted him on the cheek. “See, that wasn’t so hard to admit, was it?”

Daphne just nodded and then took a drink to hide his feelings. He was certainly embarrassed, but he also had to admit to himself that it was true. Somehow, he’d actually come to enjoy being a girl. Or was it ‘gurl?’

After that, things settled down. Emily ordered a drink and they all ordered meals.

As they chatted, Daphne caught Emily thoughtfully staring at him on several occasions. She thought she understood. Emily was trying to come to terms with the new him, or her.

Emily did spend quite a bit of time describing her surgery and the excellent results. She, herself, caused a few stares when she became too enthusiastic, and loud, in explaining how she could now pee like any other woman.

It made Kathy and Daphne giggle and Emily blush when they noticed. Daphne was relieved that it was Emily drawing attention, and not her.

Both Kathy and Daphne were happy for her though. And they congratulated her, repeatedly.

Kathy asked how things were going with her search for a boyfriend, and was saddened when Emily admitted that she hadn’t had any luck, in that arena.

Confident on her hold on Daphne, Kathy looked at her and winked, before inviting Emily back to her place, for a nightcap, after dinner.

Daphne was afraid she knew what that meant. She remembered the good times the three of them had had when Dave and Emily were a pair, and Kathy was the third participant in their lovemaking. But she wasn’t sure how it would be with Emily playing that role.

It did, though, make her cock strain in its cage. And that got her interested.

They enjoyed catching up, as they finished their meal, paid and headed back to their condo complex.

Parking near each other in the garage, they walked up the internal stairs together.

“Hey Emily. Please come on in and join us for that nightcap.” Kathy asked, reaching to grab her hand.

It only took Emily a couple seconds to accept the invitation. She’d had a great time, and was fascinated by Daphne, and Kathy, too. “Sure, I’d love to hang out some more with you two.”

So, they all settled into Kathy’s living room, where they sat for a while sipping wine and chatting. Kathy and Emily got into a discussion of some latest trends in fashion, and Daphne tried her best to contribute. But as she usually left all wardrobe choices to Kathy, she didn’t have too much to say.

It was getting late when Emily finished her glass, and stood to go.

Kathy stood too, and stepping over hugged her, saying, “please stay the night with us. I think you need some loving, and Daphne and I both remember how great it was when the three of us spent the nights together.”

Emily smiled, uncertainly. “But things are different now.” And she nodded towards Daphne.

“We’re still three people who enjoy each other.” Kathy said before kissing her.

And the kiss lasted for quite a while.

It was obvious to Daphne that the two of them were really enjoying themselves, and the longer their kiss lasted the more jealous she got. So, she stepped over and joined in the hug, and feeling her, first Kathy and then Emily too, kissed the third member of their little triangle.

After a few more minutes, Kathy led the other two into her bedroom, and they began giggling as they stripped each other.

Kathy was the first to be fully naked. It was easy, as she hadn’t been wearing anything under her dress.

“Seems like you had this all planned,” Emily said, giggling.


Emily was next, but when Kathy and Daphne removed her dress, they were surprised to see she was wearing the pink latex panties.

“But I thought you were done with that stuff.” Daphne murmured, confused.

Kathy stood back and looked on, also uncertain.

“Well, girls,” Emily began, and she paused to giggle, again. “If you look, there’s no catheter. These have a nice slit. An opening that allows free access to my pussy. But, like the old ones they still include the rear plug.” And smiling, she twirled to give them a complete view. “And they lock, just like the old pair did, too.”

Then she reached down and brushed herself with her fingers. “What can I say? I still love my latex. That fetish, and my enjoyment of anal games, didn’t go away when the catheter did. But I wanted full and easy access for peeing and, more importantly, sex.”

“Oh, my. You’re one very kinky girl,” Kathy said as she reached out and slid her hand in between Emily’s legs, feeling her sex through the opening in her crotch.

Emily shivered at the touch, “pretty cool, eh?”

Daphne, meanwhile, had to reach down and hold onto her own crotch as her cock was so hard within Pendik Escort its cage that it was painful!

“Oh God,” she moaned. And it drew the attention of the two women. And they both laughed at her antics.

“Oh, poor dear. Emily, I think you’re driving her over the edge.” Kathy said, between laughs.

“I’m sorry. I guess we’d better get him, er, her, stripped down so we can all get some relief. I’m certainly ready.”

“Oh, no. Not yet. It’s too much fun seeing her as she is. And I don’t need a cock, at least not yet. She usually stays in her dress while we make love.”

Daphne moaned, theatrically, disappointed but also very turned on.

‘Oh, really?” Emily asked. She remained muddled over the new Dave.

“Yes, she’s more of a woman, like this. And it helps us maintain our lesbian relationship.”

“Wow.” Was all Emily could say.

The three of them jumped into bed and found comfortable positions. Emily wound up in the middle, on her back, with Kathy on top of her. But she quickly slithered down until she was between Emily’s legs with her mouth hovering over the wet pussy that was framed in pink latex.

She began kissing, there, while Daphne sprawled next to them, and began kissing Emily passionately on the mouth, as she remembered doing so enjoyably from the past.

Emily laid there, happily being ravished by her two friends. And it was wonderful. Being kissed by Daphne was both the same and different. The same as when Dave had kissed her when they were lovers. Different in the feel and taste of Daphne’s lipstick, and the pretty make-up on her face.

It was erotic and kinky and loving all in one, and it contributed mightily to her building arousal.

Of course, the feelings she was getting from Kathy’s mouth and tongue on her pussy were quickly driving her to a fantastic orgasm. She could feel it building so rapidly that breathing was becoming difficult and her whole body was squirming and shivering.

When it hit her, she groaned, and then cried out, and Daphne, chuckling shifted and began kissing and sucking on her nipples. It allowed her to breath and added wonderfully to Emily’s euphoria.

When she let her arms drop onto the mattress beside her, Daphne thought for a moment that she had passed out, but when she paused and looked at Emily’s pretty face, her eyes were open and she was smiling happily, as she stared up at the ceiling.

Kathy continued to kiss and lick at her new girlfriend, but now slowly and delicately, tickling her and allowing her to relax and recover a bit. But only for a few minutes. Then she started in again on Emily’s clit, and despite her subject’s moans, she began taking her to another, possibly even better orgasm.

Understanding, Daphne moved back to kissing Emily’s mouth while she used her free hand to massage and pinch at her breasts and nipples.

Emily’s second climax was better than her first. And this time she did almost pass out. Her moans included mumbles of “Oh God!” and “Love you.” And they made both Daphne and Kathy happy, and horny for their own turns.

Daphne’s cock was raging and Kathy’s pussy felt empty, and in need of attention. She had really enjoyed getting Emily off. It had been quite a while since she had made love to another woman’s pussy, and it had been a lot of fun.

Daphne, happy for Emily, was thinking about Kathy, her lover. She wanted to make her happy. As happy as Emily was.

As Kathy finished on Emily’s sex, and began crawling up to lay next to her, Daphne kissed her way along and over Emily’s body, tickling her and making her giggle, as she slid over and down to finally settle in between Kathy’s legs.

“She’s very good,” Emily said with a sigh as she cuddled p to Kathy. “Better than Dave used to be.”

“Well, practice makes perfect, and discovering her feminine side, has helped her, too.”

Kathy broke off the conversation and moaned in pleasure as Daphne’s tongue entered her.

Daphne had heard the two of them discussing her prowess at pussy licking. Part of her was proud of the praise, but she also felt a bit of resentment as the two of them were discussing her like she wasn’t there, or was just some sex object, here to give them pleasure. At least that’s what it seemed like to her.

But she gave Kathy the pleasure that she wanted, regardless.

Emily had meanwhile begun kissing her girlfriend, while she reached over and began playing with her breasts and gently pinching her nipples.

“I love your new breasts.” Emily whispered to Kathy.

“I do too.” Kathy sighed.

“Me too.” Daphne added as she pulled her head up for a moment before returning to her duties. And they all laughed.

Kathy was still giggling when Daphne’s attentions began carrying her to her peak. Daphne knew what was happening and focused on her lover’s clit sucking and tonguing it until Kathy’s body tensed and she came, moaning into Emily’s mouth as they kissed.

Daphne shifted to just light kisses around the edge of her pussy, as Kathy began to relax after her orgasm.

After a few minutes, when her breathing had returned to normal, Daphne started back up again, licking and sucking on her very wet pussy.

Kathy, though decided that she’d had enough, for now, and that it was Daphne’s turn.

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