Stepmom and Me Ch. 09


Following Beulah being fucked by me as Chapter 7 concluded, she invited me to stop over at her apartment and have a drink. “Please call first,” she told me. “I may need to buy a new bottle of gin so I can make a pitcher of martinis and if you call, I’ll let you know.”

A couple of days later, I called. Beulah told me to come straight over and also to pack a little overnight bag. I would be spending the night with her and possibly another girl friend of hers along with her main squeeze.

I packed my overnight case with some lingerie and a pair of two inch heels to wear. I rang the doorbell and Beulah opened it and gave me a big hug. She was wearing a robe, but I felt garter bumps underneath the robe and also saw her legs encased in sheer chocolate brown stockings. So I concluded she was wearing a garter belt or perhaps a garter girdle.

“Oh Velma’s boy toy, I’m so glad to see you. Come in and get out of your clothes. I want to see that precious uncut cock of yours. I also need to piss and want you to put your hand under my cunt and let me piss all over it. Did Velma give you any crap about staying with me?”

“No. She knew where I was going and what I was going to be doing with you.” I replied. “Besides, I think Jewel Burke was going to our house to play cards with Velma.”

“Come on then. I really need to piss. I’ve been waiting for you to get here, so let’s get to the bathroom.” Beulah said.

She shed her robe and I was given quite an eyeful. Very sheer white Directoire Knickers were over the top of her stockings and black eight strap garter girdle. Her 38C teats were encased in a sheer black open cup bra with her very dark areolas and nipples sticking out the open holes. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the knickers and pulled them down to her ankles and sat on the toilet. Beulah kicked the knickers off and spread her nylon clad legs wide apart.

“Now boy toy, put your hand under my very hairy cunt so I can begin pissing” she told me..

I did as she asked and immediately her pee began dribbling out of her pee hole onto my hand. Then the hissing sound began and her pee became a torrent pouring out of her cunt. It was running off my hand down into the toilet bowl and it was very warm.

Beulah finished pissing and said “Now get on your knees and I’m going to position my pussy right over your mouth. You lick all the extra piss off my very hairy cunt, then I’m going to play with your anteater cock.. You do know what an anteater cock is don’t you?”

“No. I don’t think I do Beulah.” I replied.

Well darling, it’s a cock that has a very long foreskin to it and resembles an anteater. That’s what your cock looks like. Do you need to piss right now?” she asked.

“No. I pissed before I came over here.” I replied.

“Good. Then lick my very wet pussy and if you spread my cunt lips apart and find my clit, you may suck that too.” she told me.

When she stood I could see her very abundant growth of pubic hair not only on her belly and her cunt, but also on the inside of her thighs. It was thick and bushy and went down on the inside of her thighs about eight inches, but on the rest of her thighs the hair growth was what one would normally expect to see.

She covered my face with her wet cunt and I began licking the droplets of pee off her hair. She pulled her labia lips apart so her clit was exposed and said “Now suck my clit so I can have a huge orgasm. Velma drives me crazy when she sucks it because she makes me have so many climaxes.”

I found her clit and put my mouth over it and began sucking on it. It reminded me of a small peter. I must have sucked it the way she liked it because she began wiggling and squirming and telling me not to stop very quickly. I just kept sucking it until Beulah pulled away and said “Oh fuck. You’ve made my climax about ten times. You obviously have eaten cunt and sucked clits before. Do you practice with Velma? Now I need a martini and a cigarette and you need to slip into your lingerie and heels. I’ll help you dress so I can play with your cock.”

I opened my overnight case and took out my garter belt, stockings, open cup bra, Directoire Knickers, and two inch leather heels.

“It looks like you brought everything you’ll need to look like a woman.” Beulah said. “Now slip your garter belt on and I’ll help you with your stockings. Where did you get your DK’s? From daddy?”

“No. I know where he gets these things for all of you ladies, so I went over and saw Joanne myself. She made three pairs for me. He doesn’t know anything about them unless she told him. But I don’t think she would do that.” I replied.

“I love the inscription on the front by the gusset which says ‘John’s Cock’. I guess if a woman saw that she might want to see it and play with it. Your cock surely is long enough dear. No wonder your stepmother loves to fuck it when daddy is gone. I will sample it later after we have cocktails and dinner.” Beulah said.

She helped me slip on my sheer nylons, made sure the seams were straight and hooked the two rear garters on each leg for me. Then she held open the legs Anadolu Yakası Escort on the DK’s and I stepped into them. Beulah pulled them up and as she got to my cock, she had to give it a little tweak. I slipped into my bra, put on my heels and we headed toward the kitchen.

“I brought you a little surprise.” I said as I took out the bottle of Bombay gin.

“Oh you motherfucker. How did you know that Bombay is my favorite gin for making a martini?” she asked.

“A little birdie told me.” I said. “I also brought a very small bottle of Vermouth too.”

“Darling, I don’t really need the Vermouth. I just pass the open bottle across the top of the gin and that’s enough for me. Now let me stir the gin and chill the glasses. Light a cigarette for me and yourself, if you smoke, then we’ll sit down and enjoy a couple of drinks.” she said.

“Here’s to an evening of sexual enlightenment.” I said. “I want to satisfy you in so many ways and I hope you will enjoy playing with my cock.”

“Velma has shared a few of your likes with me, so I hope I make you climax a few times tonight.”

“Oh yeah. What does she say I enjoy doing?” I asked.

“Well for one thing she says you enjoy watching her piss. That’s pretty obvious because you enjoyed watching me too.” Beulah said. “She also says you enjoy eating pussy and sucking clits, especially her clit and cunt.”.

“Jewel loves it when I eat her cunt and suck her clit. She also loves it when I can find the place and time to give her a good fucking. It’s not always easy to find the place, even though I think Bob knows I’ve hosed her a few times. I’m sure she has told you he can’t fuck anymore because of a potentially fatal heart attack happening. He can, and does, still eat pussy though. That’s not strenuous on his ticker. Velma enjoys having Bob eat her cunt and suck her pee hole.” I said.

We had another round of drinks and I asked her to tell me about all the hair on the inside of your thighs..

“My grandmother was quite hairy and was also a very attractive woman. When I was little I used to watch her bathe and dress. She was never embarrassed that I saw her in the nude. She had a beautiful figure and lots and lots of hair around her cunt and on her belly as well as under her armpits and on her legs. Back then women simply didn’t shave. She also had this growth on hair on the inside of her thighs, like I do. So it must be genetic. Mother didn’t have it, but I do. It limits some things for me like being unable to wear a swim suit unless the legs come down past that growth of hair. Several people including Velma and your father know I have it. Your father thinks it is wonderful and loves to play with it. Of course, he loves to play with my pussy too. So I have it and live with it. As you know, I do not shave at all, so I have a very hairy body. Your father enjoys playing with me and when I am in the mood, I’ll play with his cock and sometimes let him fuck me. I told you I was bi, so I enjoy a man once in awhile. It is now time to retire to the bedroom so I can play with your anteater cock and jack it around. We have all night, so there is no urgency to do things. Dear boy.” Beulah said.

“I need to piss.” I told her. “Do you want to watch me?”

“I want to do better than that. I want to hold your cock while you piss, so I can play fireman with it and spray it around. Do not pull your foreskin back though. I want to watch if fly out through your foreskin darling.” she replied.

We went outside, she took hold of my cock, and I began pissing. Beulah sprayed it all over the place, in the grass, on the flowers, and on the sidewalk. Finally I was finished and she dropped to her knees and stuffed it in her mouth and began sucking on it.

Don’t suck it too much or I’ll be giving you a mouthful of my pollen.” I told her. She kept sucking on it gently until I began to get an erection, then she stopped.

“I simply needed to taste your prick while it still had pee on it.” she said. “Now that I have that all cleaned off of it, we can go inside and get in bed.”

“You know Beulah, I really love your super sheer nylons. Where do you get them?” I asked.

“Your father gets them for me. They are a little more sheer than regular ones because they are 7 gauge rather than 15 and they are 70 denier rather than 60. They are also a little more expensive than regular stockings, but he seems happy that I want them. I don’t always wear them. Just on special occasions like tonight. I usually wear the regular 15 gauge stockings. He also gets my sheer Directoire Knickers too.” she added.

” When he buys them, he gets a lot all for Velma, Jewel, Mary Alice, and me. He knows all our sizes for panties, nylons, bras and garter belts or garter girdles. He knows I like mine with eight straps because it helps keep the seams on my stocking nice and straight, A couple of the others, namely Jewel and Mary Alice, like six straps. He’s a real cocks man and I don’t think Velma knew that when she married him. But she is no saint herself once she found out about his cock. She can’t get enough of it, and Avrupa Yakası Escort from what I gather, she enjoys yours too.” she replied.

“Well I just found out she is a cock whore.” I said. “I didn’t know it until last week when I encountered her wearing only her spun gold Suspants and stockings and heels when I came in the front door coming home from school. She was caught off guard a little because she hadn’t anticipated me being a little early. She wanted me to watch her piss, which I did. Then she played with my cock and eventually sucked me off, after which I fucked her.” I said.

“I need another martini dear, then I want us to get into bed and have you nurse my teats while I play with your anteater. Then, when I get it nice and hard, I want you to slip it inside my hairy cunt and fuck me good with it. I want as much baby batter inside me as you can get out of your cock. Then you’re going to slide your prick out of me, slip a clean pair of sheer red briefs on me, then I am going to clean your anteater cock off with my mouth and tongue. Now go fetch me the martini I need and bring it to me.”

I went to the kitchen and poured her glass full of gin and took it to her. She took a very long drink for it, and as she did so, she fondled my peter and nuts, exclaiming they looked very enticing and she was horny.

Beulah set her glass down on her dressing table and got on the bed. She motioned for me to join her and lay beside her. She kissed me fully on the mouth, slipping her tongue inside and we kissed for a long time. She broke the kiss and said “Now suckle my teats boy toy. I want you to really nurse me like a baby would. I’m going to play with this animal you have between your legs and make it nice and hard. Then you’re going to fuck old Beulah good.”

I latched on to one of her prominent nipples and began nursing as she played with my cock. I felt my erection beginning and suddenly she pushed my mouth off her nipple, got on her back, spread her legs, and said “Now mount me and get that long fucker inside my cunt.”.

I slipped my mostly erect cock inside her vagina and as I pushed it in I could feel my foreskin go up over the head of it. I moved it inside her cunt nice and slow so she could savor the feeling of it.

“Shove the motherfucker all the way in boy toy. I want that cock up against my cervix so I can feel it pushing on it. I want to cream your cock with my juices before you fill my cunt up with your creamy fluid. Now fuck me good and hard.” she said,

I fucked Beulah gently at first until she said “Your fucking cock is so fat it has my cunt all wet and I’m ready for you to breed me, so blast off anytime you’re ready.”

I thrust in and out and about ten strokes later I blasted off in her cunt with six or seven massive shots of warm sperm filled semen.

“Oh God. That feels so good. Your fucking prick has gotten so fat and your pollen is so warm and creamy. Your prick is making me climax a few times. Would you be unhappy if I dribbled some pee all over you while your prick is still fucking me?” she asked.

“That would feel great.” I told her. “I love it when a woman has to piss while being fucked. It makes the sheets a little messy, but I love the feel of warm piss down in my pubic area. When we shower, I want you to need to piss so you can straddle me and piss all over me.” I said.

“Slowly slip your prick out of my cunt and come up to my face so I can suck it. I want to see what we taste like together.” Beulah said. I did and she took my cock in her mouth and began licking it and sucking on it, pushing the foreskin clear back over the red helmet. Then she sucked the head of my cock too.

“You taste pretty good boy toy. Your baby batter has a nice taste to it. Now come down and nurse on my teats again and see if you can make me climax a few more times.” she said.

I moved my face down until it was at her chest and and moved my mouth to her fat nipple on her left teat. I began nursing gently and licking it with my tongue Beulah put her hand behind my head and pulled me tightly to her teat.

“Put your hand down on my belly and find my clit. Masturbate my clit while you’re sucking my teat. That will make me climax even faster.” she said.

I found her slit and then her large clit and began masturbating it for her. She began to wiggle her hips and purr like a kitten as I still nursed her. Suddenly, I felt her convulse a little bit and I asked her if she had climaxed.

“Yes. Keep doing it. I want to have a few more right now darling.” she told me.

So I kept suckling her nipples and rubbing her clit, then moved my fingers down to her pee hole and played with that for a minute.

“Do you want me to piss on your hand?” she asked.

“I’d like that, but don’t piss and soak the bed sheets.” I said. “Just enough to get my hand wet.”

I felt my hand get wet and I knew she had dribbled on it. Then I moved my hand down to her cunt and slipped a couple of finger into it. It was wet with my semen and very slippery.

“Oh. That feels good.” she said. Keep finger fucking me for İstanbul Escort a minute and I’ll have another orgasm or two.”

Finally, she pushed my mouth away from her teat and said. “I need to piss then need another martini. I also need something to eat and not just your cock.”

We got out of bed and walked to the bathroom with Beulah holding her right hand under her cunt in case she began leaking semen. She quickly sat down on the toilet and the pee began flowing out of her cunt almost at once. It sounded like a waterfall hitting a river. As she peed, she fondled my cock and pushed my foreskin back over the helmet until the red head showed again. She began jacking me again and I began to get another erection.

She finished peeing and said. “Let me suck on your fat cock again boy toy. I really enjoyed doing it before you fucked me.” With that, she reached and pulled me close to her and put her mouth around the head of my cock and began sucking it.

I let her suck my cock as she played with my foreskin, rolling it back over my cock head, then bringing back to its normal position. As she did this she was sucking on it and I was getting another hard on.

“Oh you like me sucking your fucking prick do you? It makes you get all nice and hard and want to fuck me again?” Beulah asked.

“I’d like to suck your teats and your clit, then fuck you again.” I replied.

“I think I want to suck your engorged clit because it is like a man with a short cock and I think I can make you climax by sucking on it. Then you may want my hard cock in your hairy cunt.” I replied.

“I’d love you to suck my clit toy boy. Velma does that to me all the time when we have sex. She loves it when I have to pee and pee in her mouth too.” Beulah replied.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Beulah said “Let me answer it. I think it may be Mary Alice, but I’ll make sure.”

She slipped on a duster and headed for the door.

“Oh hi Mary Alice. I’m glad you’re here. I have Velma’s stepson in the living room and we’re playing little sex games like ‘eat my pussy’ or ‘suck my cock’. Are you ready for some pussy and some cock this evening?” Beulah asked.

“If you let me come in, I can show you if I’m ready or not.” Mary Alice exclaimed.

Beulah opened the door and let her enter. When she got inside Mary Alice slipped off her coat and showed Beulah and me what beautiful lingerie she was wearing.

“Oh, by the way, I brought Ken with me. You’ve met him. He’s bi and I thought with Velma’s stepson here, it might be nice to have two cocks as well as two cunts.” Mary Alice said.

“Well bring him in.” said Beulah. Let’s see what he looks like.”

Mary Alice told Ken to come inside and when he came in, we could see he was wearing nylons and two inch pumps. When he took off his coat, we could see him wearing a sheer blue eight strap garter belt, sheer white DK’s, and a sheer blue cut out bra to show off his fat nipples.

“We need to see what’s under the DK’s.” Beulah said. “Does he have much of a package for you and I to play with?”

“Well. I’m satisfied with what he has. He likes it when I suck his foreskin and make him get an erection, then suck the wet head of his cock.” Mary Alice replied. “I’m sure you’ll find it acceptable too.”

Beulah slipped her fingers in the waistband of his DK’s and slipped them down to his knees. “Oh my God. He doesn’t have an anteater foreskin. He’s got an elephants trunk. How long is his foreskin for God’s sake?” she asked.

“Well. His prick is about four inches long when it is soft and his foreskin is about an inch and a half longer than that. When his prick is hard, his foreskin still covers the head of it so I have to pull it back to see it.” Mary Alice said.

“You mean if I want to suck his prick, I’ll have to pull his foreskin back more even when he has a hard on?” Beulah asked.

“Yes you will.” Ken said. “You’ll love it though and if I shoot in your mouth you’ll love that even more.”

With that Beulah reached over and fondled Kens nuts which were hanging down and said “I think I might enjoy playing with your prick. I certainly enjoy seeing you wearing such fine lingerie.”

“I see you don’t shave your pits or your legs either Mary Alice. You and Beulah must follow Velma’s lead in not shaving anymore.” I said.

“Well. Once Velma told us your daddy liked his women hairy and she said she had stopped shaving, then we decided we would stop too. So you are seeing both of us with hairy pits and hairy legs as well as having lots of hair around our cunts. Ken likes my hairy cunt too, so it works out for all of us.” she replied.

“Those Directoire Knickers you and Beulah are wearing aren’t ‘off the shelf’ knickers. Yours have flat elastic and regular knickers have tunnel elastic around the waist and legs. Where did you get them?” I asked.

“Well. If you must know, your father gets them for us just like he gets our stockings and garter belts and other lingerie. The store in Princeton he shops at knows our sizes and when he wants us to have something new, he orders it. Even though he is married to Velma and fucks her all the time, he also fucks us once in awhile too. She knows it and condones it because she is getting some additional cock along the way too.” Mary Alice said. “I’ve heard that you are also fucking your stepmother when daddy is gone on a trip. Is that correct?”

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