Sub’s Letter to her Lord


Brenna sits on the ledge of the window on the 16th floor of the hotel on the corner. It is night time with the stars shining down with a full moon and the cool air that is flowing in through the sliding glass doors caressing her face as her hair moved softly. The air is so cool it causes her to tremble; she still sits not moving other than sipping her mug of coffee. She looked down upon her paper that she is to write her thoughts that have been moving through her mind. She closed her eyes softly, listening to the music that is filling her up and her thoughts to write this letter to her Lord.

“My Lord,”

I, your Lady sit in this window on this cold night in the short teddy I bought to take pictures for you. You do not know I wait for you in this hotel in your homeland of Australia. It is amazing here from what I could see when I flew in and have had time to look around and see before I sat down this evening to write this letter.

When you saw the nightie the first time, your eyes caressed every part of my body and left it aflame after you had come home and closed the door behind you. I shivered and felt weak kneed with the clenching of my belly when you started slowly toward me after you repeatedly looked me over.

I sit feeling the cold air caress me as it did that night. My body shivers, nipples harden, and thighs shake from the intense pleasure of it. I felt your heat, desire, expectancy and commands as you stood looking over me. You moved to stand before me, as I am in the kneeling position waiting and watching as you reached out to caress the side of my face with your Göztepe Escort fingers. It is such a lovely feeling of your fingers moving down my face tracing my lips as I softly kiss your fingers before they move down to my chin applying pressure for me to stand up before you. I glowed under your touch as you moved your hand to the back of my neck and wrapped your fist around my hair, pulling me to you pressing me firmly into your body. Your head descended down to mine lightly moving your lips over mine causing a soft moan to escape as you firmly thrust your tongue into my mouth kissing and groaning as you tasted your Lady savoring her sweetness as she savors you.

I shivered and growled lightly feeling your heat consume me as it grew tremendously in my belly with want from your cravings and desires. I felt the thick carpet beneath my feet as we moved slowly together barely touching each other yet, feeling as if you grabbed me suddenly with your strong hands, pulling me into you. I look at you as you command me to do. I see your eyes shining with respect, desire and hardness that is always there deep within calling out to the female inside of me. I watched mesmerized as your lips moved but no words were coming out. You reached out to push me down again to my knees as I watched you move your hands to your belt unbuckling them and then slowly unzipping your pants. You reached out grabbing a handful of my hair again and pulled me forward so my face was buried in the opening of your pants. With a yelp, we are suddenly down on the rug rolling across the room in an animalistic way with İstanbul Escort growls, bites and pinches needing to devour each other. My body cries out to you the whole time needing it to be taken harshly, using it, taking it as well as loving it all the same.

My Lord,

“You have pushed me to understand what I was inside not seeing the potential I could become because I was afraid of it. Your patience has assisted me in learning to dig deep to go further in depth of what I was to become. I did not realize how you’re caring, teachings, and discipline could mold me into the woman I am today who craves you deep within my soul taking me up on extreme heights of pure raw pleasure that it takes over my mind and body to shatter so deep within me, that it becomes a part of you. There are times I do not know where I begin or end while we are entangled together. The depths of our relation and how much I crave to pleasure you in your cravings and desires have become the most important part of me. I do believe this was the goal in the beginning of our relation when none of this had evolved yet. I could not have imagined what it would have been like or understood it as I do until I had experienced as I have for the past few months. It is an extreme gift that is priceless and valued as a love is when found. I have found these things with you and I do enjoy keeping you informed of them as well as my cravings keep me wanting you for all time. I want to thank you Master for everything that you have given to me and more for the love that we have deep within us to keep us closer than two could Anadolu Yakası Escort ever be without the understanding of a relation such as ours.”

You’re Lady.

Suddenly, the wind howled with cold icy air and as Brenna got up to close the sliding doors, she was pulled back and thrown to the floor with the thick carpet cushioning her as she landed on her stomach shaking in terror. She felt him spread her thighs as wide as they could be, listening to his growl deep and loud as a male lion would claiming his mate as he sees the moisture on the inside of her thighs shining with need as she struggles and wiggles her hips needing him to urgently take her. He leaned in and used his tongue to lick her clean while she screamed and cried out for more. Her scream was filled with lust as he stabbed and thrust his cock deep inside taking what he owns. He leaned forward pulling her hair and her up to him as he wrapped his arms around her stomach and placed his lips on her shoulder, biting down on her soft creamy skin.

He has marked her repeatedly in this way over time as it inflames her body into a withering crying heap of intense erotic pleasure. The harsh cry left her body shaking uncontrollably from the rush and taking her breath as it took her control away. Her Lord has brought her many times to orgasm this way and it still surprised her with the intensity and craving for it now. He has taught her well to accept and take pain that he gives her for pleasure. He knows what happens when he bites into her, as it causes his own body to react and explode as he would bellow loudly from such intense pleasure of her and his body combined as if she was he and he was her.

He finally released her and lay down on the carpet comforting and kissing her as they relaxed into a much needed light sleep until they wake to find they need each other again.

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