Summer Dresses


Joyce loved the summer, for the warmth and the freedom that came with it, but also the tease factor as well and she could be a tease. Since we had been together she had only worn knickers on rare occasions now, work mostly, never at home and never at the weekend be it summer or winter.

But Joyce sure loved summer dresses, she knew that when we were out or with friends the only thing between her vagina and me was that thin piece of material. It was my own fault really, I mentioned one day that it was easier to grab her ass when she had a dress on than jeans, since then the summer was all dresses, she even had dresses that she could actually get away with not even wearing a bra as well, those ones drove me crazy she’s around me all day naked but for a thin summer dress and I couldn’t get to her.

The winter was finally over and spring had come early, Joyce had washed her summer dresses in time for the Saturday we were off, we had decided a few days back that a trip to the country was in order, no real reason really other than to get away from the city and just do the simple things like a little shopping and chill out, if we left it late enough we could even find a quiet spot and watch the sun set. We hadn’t managed to do that for some months over the winter and sure missed it, I awoke with a stirring in my penis and when I opened my eyes Joyce was nowhere to be seen, I rolled out of bed and into the shower. I had just finished and was stood in the bathroom when Joyce came in.

I looked over and said, “you just missed me, I needed someone to wash my back.”

She giggled and looking down said “I see the shower didn’t help your erection,”

I shrugged “it’s being around you that brings out the worst in me.”

I watched from the bathroom as Joyce walked into the bedroom, dropped Şerifali Escort her robe and stood there naked, our eyes locked onto each other as I watched her pick out one of her summer dresses and put it on, I knew then this was going to be a difficult day, I dressed and we drove off into the country. Every now and then a comment would flutter by.

Like “do you like the dress?”

She would then she would steer the conversation straight onto something else, we ended up at the lake it was one of our favorite places, a place we could just look at nature and chill, we hired a boat and spent the afternoon just paddling around the lake, with the heat of the day there wasn’t that many people around so we were able to just enjoy each others company and I think it was what Joyce wanted so she could continue to tease.

I was watching as Joyce would roll up her dress slowly over her knees and slowly she parted her legs, facing me now was a beautiful sight, Joyce was exposing herself, I could clearly see her vagina, the sun caught her juices that were slowly seeping from her very full lips, she moved a hand between her legs and parted those lovely full lips, juices oozed slowly down her and seeped into her ass, my rock hard penis was now straining to get out of my pants and into her waiting willing vagina.

I had to break the moment, I knew if I didn’t do it now I would jump on her bones now and worry about being arrested later. I scooped up some water out of the lake and splashed her, she gasped with the shock and laughed grabbing a scoop full and following suit, to anyone watching we must have looked such a strange sight, two grown adults having a water fight in the middle of a lake. By the time we got to shore we were both totally soaked through, it wasn’t so bad for Joyce, Ümraniye Escort her summer dress would dry very quickly, I was soaked.

She giggled and said, “has that cooled you down abit?”

I looked at Joyce her nipples were hard and trying to force themselves through the material, it took all my will power not to jump on her in the car park. We drove over to the shops, Joyce wanted some things before we went back home for the evening, as I parked her hand that was resting on my knee had now worked it’s way to my crotch and she was gently rubbing it into another erection.

Joyce looked down and said, “oh look what I’ve got to look forward to later.”

The promptly disappeared out of the car, I must have been sat there for almost ten minutes trying to get my erection down, I had just succeeded when she returned, we drove back to the house and I followed Joyce into the kitchen. I had held myself in check all day Joyce had been a tease, and a mix of Joyce in tease mode and that damn summer dress, I had stood no chance. She had just managed to put the bits she had bought at the shop on the counter when I had decided enough was defiantly enough and I put my hand between her shoulders and pushed her upper body over the counter, with the other hand I pulled her dress up and over her, exposing her ass and the full wet lips of her vagina, I heard her giggle and believed she was expecting what was coming next, I yanked down my trousers and my rock hard penis was now free.

Joyce was now holding the counter for support and I was now holding her hips, the head of my penis felt the wetness and warmth of her vagina as it slowly entered her, letting out a slow moan as I slid more of myself into her, I knew a slow rhythm wouldn’t work now, we were both far to excited by the day Üsküdar Escort and Joyce forcing herself backwards onto me only served to make me push deeper into her, we were both plunging towards lust now.

Joyce gasping, “fuck me hard,”

Only served to make the need in both of us add fuel to each others passion. By now we were lost in each other, occasionally she would grunt or gasp and I would try harder to force more of myself into her, suddenly I pushed one last time and held myself there she came so hard and so wet that day as I come deep inside her. I couldn’t wait like I usually do, I pulled myself out of her so fast she looked around, I leaned over and grabbed her hand and we almost run to the bedroom, when I looked around Joyce was totally naked, somewhere the instrument of all this was now lying on the floor, I lifted Joyce up under her arms and launched her onto the bed and in the same motion followed and landed on top of her.

My still solid erection still needed satisfying, Joyce opened her legs and almost in the very same motion I entered her wet willing vagina, come from both of us making it easy for me to do so. I held one of her breasts in my hand and was sucking greedily on it, she gasped and with her free hand had grabbed the other breasts and was pulling on the nipple with all her might, trying to get more pleasure from it, I was again thrusting into her, Joyce had lifted her knees and had placed her feet between my legs, locking me in her as she moaned a gasped her way to yet another orgasm.

Lust had truly taken both of us that day, not for the first time and I’m sure not the last, but with a mixture of her teasing, those summer dresses, the nakedness that she has finally become more comfortable with now and both of our need for each other, it all led to that explosion between us that lasted well into the evening.

Although we started off fucking each other, the night ended with us making love well into the night.

Summer dresses, long may they be an instrument of both pleasure and fun between us.

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