Super Service Department


For the second time in a month, I had wrecked my husband’s new truck. I knew he was going to be pissed. He was still mad about the first time and that was just a broken side mirror. I knew that if I did not get the truck fixed without him knowing I would never hear the end of it.

I pulled into the dealership with the muffler hanging off and all the guys were looking with a big smile. All the guys in the service area recognized the truck and me.

Scott, the service manager, was real sweet but said it might not get done before my husband got home. The truck was put on a lift and I was talking with Scott with something very embarrassing happened. My very long sundress was closed in the door of the truck so as it was lifted in the air so did my dress. The sound of the lift was so loud that nobody could hear me scream for help. As the truck lifted in the air my skirt was pulled way up over my head and pulled my arms up over my head. The worst part was that because it was such a hot day I did not have on panties or hose. I tried pulling on my dress but it was not getting free from the door. In a panic I slipped my head and arms out of the dress and covered my breast and pussy. All the guys were looking with jaws dropped in a state of shock. Looking for a place to run and hide I did not see where I could run and hide. Scott called to me and pointed to his office. In just my white heels, I ran to his office giving everyone a look at my ass in motion, as I had to shuffle so I would not fall down.

In the office, I put on a jacket that Scott had on the back of his chair. It just covered me like a super mini skirt dress. I could hear Scott getting on to the guys and telling them to have the truck ready in an hour or else. Scott was a big strong man like a giant teddy bear the way he was funny and charming. Knocking on the door, Scott asked if he could come in and give me my dress back. I said sure and when he looked at me in his leather jacket and heels, I could Bostancı Escort tell he liked the view. He tried not to look as he handed me my dress but I could tell he was peaking out of the corner of his eye.

Scott said that he felt awful about what happened and that the truck would be ready in an hour at no charge. I thanked him and said that it was not so bad. What do you mean not so bad you were just stripped before a bunch of guys, he said. Putting the dress on his desk, I said that I was scared at first but it was kind of exciting to have all the guys looking at me. Scott said that I was very lovely with a very sexy body so the guys were shocked from seeing me. So you got a good look at me naked, I asked. Oh no I did not look at you, he said. Well not for very long, he said with a light laugh. You can get a look if you want, I said.

Scott turned around slowly and looked first down at my white heels and up my bare legs to where the jacked just covered my bush. Looking me in the eye, I asked if he liked how his jacked look on me. You are one of the sexiest women I have ever seen, he said. Feeling an impulse I slowly unzipped the jacket and watched as his eyes almost rolled out of his head. Tell me how I look out of the jacket, I asked. Unzipping the jacket all the way I let it drop onto the desk behind me. Oh my god you have a great body, he said. Looking down at his crotch, I could see his hard cock pressing to get free. Scott was so nice and sweet to me and I liked his big strong build and moustache.

Come have a seat in your chair sweetie I said. As Scott walked to his chair, I locked the office door. Before he sat down I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them to his feet. His fat cock popped out at attention. Scott sat down on the edge of his chair and leaned back. I spread his knees apart and started playing with his cock. Gently rubbing his balls and playing with the shaft. Oh yes that feels so good, he moaned. His hands gripped the arms Kadıköy Escort of his chair as I started giving long licks upward from his balls up to the tip of his shaft. Licking slowly at first and then faster and faster. Then I sucked his balls into my mouth and rolled my tong around. He moaned approval and it turned me on even more. I wanted Scott bad now and would do what ever he wanted. Releasing his balls from my mouth was a hard pulling suck I moved to sucking the shaft. My head was bobbing up and down as I sucked his full length in and out of my mouth quickly. Oh shit baby your fantastic, he moaned. Giving his balls a firm pull with one hand, I pumped his cock with the other as I continued sucking every inch in and out of my mouth. Oh my god baby your going to make me cum, he said.

Stopping my sucking I said your cock has some work to do before you cum, I said raising up to my feet. Scott said, now it is your turn as he guided me on my back onto his desk. My pussy as just on the edge of the desk as he started to play with my soaking wet pussy. He gently spread my lips apart and gently worked a finger in me. My body shook with pleasure as his tong licked around my clit. Teasing it with pleasure and making me moan and beg for more of his oral talent. What he did next had me on the edge of climax. Removing his finger from my hole, it was replaced with his tong. Darting in and out and all around. Pressing his mouth so close to my pussy also pressed his moustache against my clit. As the whiskers rubbed against my clit, it sent electric like shivers across my body. Pinching and pulling my nipples, I started to cum. UUUHHH OH OH AAAAHHHH, I screamed out with pleasure as my body shook and wiggled on his desk. Scott started to pull away so I let go of my breast and grabbed the sides of his head. Pressing his face and long moustache back against my clit. EEEEHHHHH YYYYEEEEAAA, I continued to scream with pleasure while grinding his face into my pussy.

Scott Göztepe Escort was standing between my legs wiping my cum from his mouth and chin. Oh my god I have not cum that hard in forever, I said. Leaning forward Scott slowly pressed his fat hard cock in me. Oh yes baby get it in me get it all in me, I encouraged. Slowly pumping just the head in me Scott said, you want it baby you want it all. Oh god yes fuck me hard with every inch, I begged like a slut. With a grip on my knees, he spread my legs wide apart and started pumping in me all the way. Slamming in me with quick thrust so hard that my breast bounced around. His balls slapped against my pussy as he thrust in me like wild. I moaned with pleasure as his fat cock filled me. While Scott was not as long as my husband, he was twice as thick and having my hole spread so wide felt wonderful.

My head rolled to the side toward the windows that were covered with blinds. I could see some of the guys were looking in at us. It was exciting to have the guys watch as Scott fucked me. Oh god baby you fuck so good, I say toward the window. Oh god I love your big cock in me, I said toward to window making sure the guys could hear every word.

Scott then said lets move to the chair so you can ride me and I can play with your breast. He took a seat and I sat on his lap facing him. Bucking my hips back and forth, my clit rubbed against him. His big hands held on to my ass and his mouth started licking and sucking my nipples. Oh fuck yea, I moaned with pleasure as was on the edge of climax again. Oh baby I am about to cum, he said. My movement changed to up and down hopping on his cock. Driving it deep in me and pressing my clit against him. Then I pressed down pulling myself down with the arms on the chair. I started to cum as I felt his cock throb and then shoot his load of cum in me. OH OH AAAHHH FFFUUUKKK, I screamed out as I felt his hot load fire in me. Scott joined my moaning and grabbed my cheeks firm.

Spent and breathing heavy I draped myself on top of him. Dam baby your are wonderful, he says grabbing my ass and giving it a few soft swats.

I found myself going back for a free oil change every month and waiting with Scott in his office.

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