Surreptitious Love Ch. 69


Chapter 69 — Mira in the Morning

Mira and I had gotten a new timetable that made it harder for us to meet in the afternoon. I now had a one-on-one twice during the week in the morning, though, at 8, which was highly unusual. I had known my student Vy for some years already; she cancelled class fairly often the last minute, which happened again Thursday last week. Initially, I was miffed as I was living pretty far away and thought I had made the trip in vain. But then I wrote Mira that I was at the school and free to visit her in her splendid chambers. I didn’t expect an answer right away and amused myself surfing the net.

And, no, Mira didn’t answer right away; perhaps she was still asleep. But the longer I was waiting the more I thought of embracing her that morning, still warm from a good night of sleep. And the hornier I got. Perhaps I should simply go downstairs and surprise her, instead of waiting for her reply here in my classroom? I could just lie down next to her naked, warm, sleepy body and kiss and caress her little bush? Well, instead I went outside my classroom to smoke. There wasn’t anyone in the hallways or down in the courtyard; the huge school was empty. When I got back inside, however, Mira had told me to, yes, just come down to her room in the shorter wing in the building. The door would be unlocked. And, yes, she was still in bed.

When I slowly pressed the door handle to her room down five minutes later, I didn’t feel any resistance and went in. She was still in bed and smiled at me. She was wearing bright-red satin pajamas and cheekily lifted up the blanket, inviting me to lie down with her. As I just had breakfast and felt ready for the new day, I only sat down on the edge of the bed and put my hand on hers. Of course, she still looked sleepy, but she smacked her lips heartily, like she had had a good night’s sleep. She stretched out for a few seconds and then got up:

“I need to pee,” she announced and walked towards the door.

She grabbed a towel on her way and what looked like toothpaste and -brush.

“I still want to watch you pee,” I quipped, knowing that she wasn’t going to relieve herself right here.

“Yeah, I know,” she laughed. “But that’s too much of a mess. Another time. Later.”

So she left the room, and while I was waiting for her, I tried to find a way how we could arrange the room for her to piss, as I couldn’t go to the shower with her. The bathroom was only accessible through the kitchen and for that we would have to walk across the hall, which was like a long balcony. Perhaps Mira had an old towel that she could spread on the floor? A large plastic bowl wouldn’t exactly be erotic, would it?

My thoughts were interrupted when Mira stepped back into the room. She threw her towel over the open door of her wardrobe and unbuttoned her PJ’s top. Then she walked around the bed to her desk to grab a pack of cookies and lied down on her bed behind my back. I turned to be able to see her and sat down on my other thigh, like the Little Mermaid. She stuffed a second cookie on her mouth and opened her PJ’s top in a quite lascivious way. Of course, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, so, now two small red nipples were looking at me.

Under her breasts, I saw the contours of her ribcage heave and I asked myself what we were going to do now. Well, perhaps not ‘what’ but, rather, ‘how’.

“Hey, Mira, your period was like two weeks ago, wasn’t it?”

She didn’t answer right away but turned and reached down next to her bed where she had a water bottle. She took a big gulp and then another cookie, which she flushed down with the water, before she took another cookie. Finally, she offered me one, too.

“Shall I make coffee?” I offered, in turn.

“Thanks, but I’ll go and make tea in a minute. I’ve put the kettle on already,” she added, munching on another cookie.

Well, it was probably better if she made her tea herself. But I simply didn’t want her to leave the room again.

“Just take your clothes off and lie down,” she proposed. “I’ll make the tea in the meantime. Do you want one, too?” she asked.

I just shook my head, and she got up again. She buttoned her top half-way up and went next door to the kitchen. In the meantime, I did as she requested and undressed. Lying naked in her bed, looking at the ceiling, I reminisced about our last time and contemplated again how I could get her to pee and the logistics of it. Sure, over there Şerifali Escort in the bathroom, it wouldn’t be a problem, but bathrooms weren’t exactly erotic, either. Sensual play next to a toilet wasn’t my cup of Earl Grey. Perhaps we needed to go to hotel once, where we would have a bathroom directly attached to the room.

Apparently, Mira had to wait for the water to boil. She still wasn’t back. She could put the kettle here in her room, I thought. Then she wouldn’t have to wait over in the kitchen. Anyway, now she was coming back and the first thing she did was to unbutton her top again. Then she took another cookie but also a large gulp from the water bottle again.

The way she was spreading herself onto the bed, she seemed ready for anything. The last time, we had had ‘real sex’ for the first time, but as far as I knew she ovulating this morning, at least close to it. I repeated my question about the matter:

“Yeah, right now is pretty much between two periods. We’d better do something else …” she nodded.

Immediately, she reached for my dick, which was still soft but relatively long this fine warm morning. She didn’t stroke it, though, but massaged first my glans and then the whole rod. In turn, I licked my fingertips and caressed her areolas, before I let my hand travel down her soft, small belly. She smiled at me, took another cookie, and I took her head and placed it in my armpit and then caressed her pretty face tenderly. When she had finished eating her cookie, she must have felt my cock getting stiffer, and so she turned on the bed. When she had settled in her new position, she took my dick in her mouth, after licking it a little, while I was looking at her red pajama pants four inches away from my face.

With my dick in her mouth, I pulled her pants down to her knees and admired her small, heaving bush. Since she was still holding her thighs together, I couldn’t see her large clit, but I wasn’t worried. The way things were going, Mira was going to open herself completely in the next few minutes. But, I realized, I had never properly sunk my nose into her fluffy, soft pubic hair anyway, which I did now. Her aroma was subtle; alluring and mildly arousing, as only a young woman after a good night’s sleep can be.

Mira’s thighs were wonderfully firm. She had a knack for sports, yet she was feminine enough to be utterly enticing. Maybe she felt confined with her pants were still stuck on her knees, so she removed them completely, all the while she still taking good care of my dick. If nothing changed, I would just come in her mouth in five minutes, which would have been completely fine with me. But yet: I kneeled over her face now, with my knees next to her shoulders and buried my head in her scintillating little young lap.

And here it was, finally: her little penis, ahem, large clit, which had delivered so much excitement and pleasure the last time I had been here. It twitched slightly when I touched it with the tip of my tongue, but then I took it in my mouth to suck it like a candy stick. It tasted neutral, maybe a little bit like seafood, while the warm aroma of her loins and bush was slightly sweet-and-sour yet fresh. I listened to Mira’s smacking under my dick and conceived the idea of fucking her in the mouth for a bit.

However, she seemed to have another idea: I had felt that she had stopped her sucking and licking, and so I lifted my belly to be able to see what she was doing. Absentmindedly, she was looking up, directly at my balls and dick, and now began to milk my dick with ardor, like she wanted to perform an experiment. Her face seemed super focused and she took care that every stroke had the maximum length. I was torn between sucking her clit some more and watching her milking me—marveling at the endearing smile that she had on her face while stroking my dick up- and downward—but since my climax was still a few minutes away, I decided to go for the former.

And, yes, her longish pearl was quite something. I flickered over it with the tip of my tongue, and I could hear her moan. It had grown in size, just like last time: it was now an inch long and pretty erect. It did look like a small penis and I was surprised how much pleasure I got from looking at and sucking on it. Perhaps it was the fact that it protruded from between a nice set of slim lips that also held the opening of her urethra as well and the slightly jagged opening of her velvety sheath further down. The smell of her Üsküdar Escort bush had intensified, and so I dived in some more to explore, lick, suck, and wetted the whole area.

Eventually, though, I lifted my belly up again to watch her superb treatment of my cock. Like a mechanic, she had gotten underneath me to examine all the parts and to fix what needed fixing. With love and fervor, she played with my balls, which were dangling right above her face, and I saw that her belly had started to heave. As I would still be able to hold out for another two or three minutes, I went back between her legs, where my whiskers tickled the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, clit, and labia, through which more and more blood was flowing.

I reached outside and then through under her thighs and pulled her pussy open, until it was round, basically. I loved the nicely chiseled pink rim that framed the entrance of her vagina and pushed my nose in. Her fragrance was mesmerizing; sometime soon, Mira needed to sit on a chair for an hour and just let me lick her pussy. Profusely. Just like that. And then she could also pee, yes. During or afterwards.

Her body was producing thin, whitish broth but then also thick, oily nectar now, which came rolling out of both, her urethra and her vagina. I rubbed the mix onto her clit-pearl and in the groove between both sets of pussy lips. Her thighs looked absolutely titillating from my upside-down perspective, but just as I was marveling at them, the little rascal pulled her feet closer, so that her knees were pointing at the ceiling, wedged my head between her thighs and laughed. Her aroma was now so strong and piercing, though, that I almost passed out.

I became slightly worried that I would miss the finale, like when the power goes off during the last minutes of a game on TV. But, apparently, she had now my glans back on her mouth and so I began to thrust very lightly. I knew I was going to come soon, especially that now Mira was also holding my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other again. I rubbed my nose in her bush for one final time, before I lifted myself up again to see what she was doing between our bellies.

She smacked her lips a few more times and got ready for the ejaculation feast. To watch her milk my rod with relish was one of hottest sights I had ever enjoyed. She had worked with so much fervor that—together with gravity—she had gotten another inch out of my dick, which I hadn’t seen for a few years. Now she lifted up her head, and we looked each other in the eye. I saw hers twinkle and flash and had the most beautiful finish in years: First, a large splash ended up in her mouth, but then the white gold flowed in a continuous stream from the opening of my urethra into her young mouth for, it felt like, ages.

“AaH! Ahah!” screamed Mira with her mouth open, while she seemed impressed about what she had triggered in me.

Both our bellies were twitching and about to burst, but I really had to concentrate that everything landed in her mouth, as we both intended. She squeezed and twisted my dick now for a little longer to make sure that she got everything out of it. Well, she had staked out her claim twenty minutes ago and, yes, she could have it all. In the end, there was one, relatively large drop on my foreskin, at which she snapped with her lips pursed, like a fish. Proud, she raised her head further, and we were looking at each other between our bellies again.

As we knew that that had been it, I turned so that we could kiss. As soon as my face was near hers, however, she grinned once more and opened her mouth. She displayed the product of our lust, and I gotta admit that even I was impressed: the whole bottom of her mouth was filled with cum, which reminded of a photo of a frozen crater on Mars that I had seen a while back in National Geographic. My load had been enormous, even though it certainly had already been mixed with her saliva. Mira was proud as a peacock, even though she wasn’t able to see it. But just when I was about to get her her mirror again, she swallowed—glad and proud to have driven me to such heights—and I lied down on top of her.

“Jesus!” I exclaimed. “I didn’t know that was possible … at least, not anymore … at my age,” I corrected myself.

She was positively glowing.

“Well, come, I need to pee. You can watch me if you want,” she offered.

Since she had to work in half-an-hour, this was the best thing that Ümraniye Escort we could make happen to us. Mira seemed to have thought about the project a little, as she now spread an older blanket on the floor and sat down on her desk chair, perhaps three feet away from me. I turned on the bed and lied down on my belly, with my head in my hands, like on the beach. Eventually, I wanted her to pee on me and drink form her fragrant Champagne, but today she couldn’t as I couldn’t take a shower here at the school. I didn’t know if she relished the idea of me peeing on her either, but today I was happy that she was to allow me the sight. I knew those things took time.

She sat down on her desk chair and spread her legs. She was now sitting in the same position her sailor boyfriend and his friends had seen her in back when they had betrayed her trust during that one infamous webcam session. Her clit was still protruding erect, and so she took it between her index and middle finger of her left hand to get it out of the way. With her right hand, she pulled her pussy open, which was still pumping slightly. I wasn’t sure how tantalizing Mira found our arrangement, but she seemed determined to get everything behind her. I, on the other hand, found everything perfect: she looked stunning with her nimble little figure and her pumping pinkish snatch.

Now, the first drops were rolling out of her and wetted her hand. She looked at me with an impish smile and grinned, before she looked down on herself again. Her sparkling wine had become a proper beam, which hit the old blanket between us. It made a subdued noise, and it warmed my heart that she apparently thought that I just wanted to see her pee once. Soon, I would have to lean into the mess with my chest and enjoy the warm sensation on my skin.

I didn’t know if she would get a kick out of peeing actually on me or if she couldn’t imagine that at all. I thought peeing was more prurient and more salacious as a foreplay, but I was moved that she let me partake in such an intimate, yet mundane daily task. When she was done, she slid forward an inch or two and pressed her open pussy further towards me, perhaps to empty herself completely, just as she had thoroughly emptied me ten minutes earlier. Or, perhaps, she just didn’t want to soil the seat of her desk chair.

Now, she let go of her clit and looked at the debauchery and her wet hands. Then, she glanced at me quizzically:

“I’ll go and wash my hands now?” she asked.

“Just wait a minute!” I requested.

I got up and pushed her away from the wet blanket, before I kneeled down between her legs. I sniffed her pussy, her bush, and kissed the insides of her thighs. I took some deep drags into my lungs. Her pussy had stopped pumping, and so I didn’t pull it open again but, instead, pressed my closed lips onto hers, onto her urine-coated cute little treasure, in which I would come again the next time.

Still kneeling between her legs, I looked up at her:

“Did you like it? I presume that was your first time …”

“Yeah, I’ve peed in the same bathroom while a guy was taking a shower but never towards him. No one has ever requested that …” she laughed a little nervously.

“You could pee on me if you want,” I suggested, probably blushing.

“Well, if you really want …” she was thinking. “But here you always got to work afterwards,” she cautioned.

“I know. I’m not sure myself how we gonna do it …” I could only say. “I just wanted to have said it, for now.”

She nodded slowly but seemed to be thinking about the matter.

“I love sex in the morning,” she then changed the topic. “If another morning class gets cancelled, please say something. Then I undress completely and stay in bed and you come down from your classroom and you can do whatever you want,” she laughed. “If I’m not ovulating that is,” she added.

I loved how she had said it. I also loved that my young colleague had gotten over her self-consciousness regarding her large clit. If she didn’t want to pee on me, an older coworker, I guess that would be fine. One can’t have it all. But I immediately saw her lying in the middle of her bed, naked, with her bush exposed, waiting for me to mount her.

I nodded and got up. I looked for my clothes and put them on, while she put on a too-large T-shirt and wrapped a towel around the lower part of her body. She looked hot. I could still taste her pee on my lips but would wash my face upstairs on the fourth floor. After she had popped her head through the door to check if the coast was clear, she let me out. I heard the door lock behind me and then faintly how she got through the bathroom door, which was accessible through the kitchen.

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