Susie Sells Papers! Ch. 09


“Craig’s a game player,” Fr. Christian Farnsworth said, “He’ll probably want to play a game with you before he gets down to business.”

“That’s all right by me, Chris” Susanna Cox answered as she navigated traffic on the way to her first appointment. “The last three guys weren’t your list, and I had a hard time trying to convince them to increase their subscriptions to the diocesan paper through words alone.”

“Well, Craig will have something weird in store for you, Susie. I hope you’re up for anything; he’s popped for whatever he wants to do.”

She shuddered delicately. “I’m ready. I’m ready for anything.”

St. Isadore was rural parish in the beginning, but the growth of the suburbs had changed it dramatically in the ’80’s. Fr. Craig Biaggio was in his early 40s, around Susie’s age, and he greeted her warmly after a short time in his waiting room. “Glad to see you, Ms. Cox. I’m looking forward to our time together. Can I interest you in a drink?”

“It’s a little early for me.”

“Oh, I have a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s made up in the game room. It’s mostly tomato juice.”

“Well, I’ll have one, maybe.”

They went into the basement: a clean, well organized room dominated by a ping pong table, with a bar in the corner. He poured her a drink from a chilled pitcher and place a stalk of celery with a shot of hot sauce before fixing an eye opener for himself. “I keep the place up for my brother priests to play cards, have a drink and maybe play a little ping pong.”

“Bet you had some astounding poker games down here.”

“You bet. In fact, I’d like to make a little bet with you this morning.”

“Yes?” She said, sipping her drink.

“We play a little game of ping pong. If you win, you can do anything you like with me, including walking away with the names in your pocket.”

“And if I lose?”

“You have to do anything I want.”

“Done. It’s been years since I’ve played ping pong.”

They finished their drinks in short order, and he handed her a paddle. They took their places at opposite ends of the table, and Susie noticed a huge mirror behind Fr. Craig, which was very distracting. They pinged back and forth a few times to get warmed up, but when they started keeping score, it was no contest. He skunked her without breaking a sweat.

Coming around the table facing the mirror, he bent her over the table, and lifted her floral skirt. “Now for your forfeit. My, what a nice ass you have.”

“Thank you. What are you going to do with me?”

“You’ll see.” He started rubbing her asscheeks in large circles, tickling her crack and probing her thighs. Pulling her panties down, he brought his hand down on her white flesh with a loud smack.

“Ow!” she yelped. “Is this the penalty for losing at ping pong?”

“Yes,” he said calmly. “If Bostancı Escort you dispute this, your penalty may be more severe.” Another meeting of his palm with her backside brought another yelp. “This may call for more extreme measures.”

Hanging on the wall nearby was a blue flyswatter. She followed him in the mirror as he fetched it; her eyes on fire in anticipation. “I’m a bad girl,” she said, “I need to be punished.”

Smiling at her in the mirror, he began to swat her lily white skin with the swatter, leaving a light pink pattern on her butt as he worked her over. She moaned and yelped as he worked, growing damp between her legs as the tingle spread. “I’m a baaad girl, baaad. I need to be punished.”

Tiring of the plastic weapon, he took up his ping pong paddle. She saw it as he held it high over her butt, now a battlefield of light red marks. His left hand started stroking her flesh, making her moan and squirm, before bringing the dimpled rubber down. A ringing smack and light rubbing took her to a new level of sensation; over and over the paddle descended, and her eyes drank in every slap as it landed. A bulge appeared in Craig’s pants, and she longed to reach back, liberate and take care of his stimulated cock.

Her butt was approaching its limit of punishment, and she saw him unzip his fly, bringing out a small penis that he started stroking. She started to rise, but he pushed her down on the table, smacking her backside in punctuation, as he stroked his growing manhood millimeters above her bright red skin. Her efforts to reach back were met with more smacks, taking her breath away.

At last, he screamed and shot a load of white spunk on her bright red cheeks; it felt hot on her tormented skin. Stream after stream of jism flew out as he moaned in satisfaction. After the well ran dry, he started massaging the moisture into her butt, sending a symphony of tingling all over her ass that ran through her body.

Sensing her frustration, he brought the paddle between her legs, and inserted the handle into the slick swamp between her legs from behind. He stroked her blood red butt while working the thick wooden handle in her snatch, surprising her with the unrelenting smooth lacquered thickness, as she felt her climax approach. It seemed a lifetime before she was ready to orgasm, but when she did, she bucked and quivered on the hard green table, shooting streams of her own vaginal liquid across the surface.

It was difficult to drive as she crossed town to the Chancery to get her messages and check in at her office. Arriving just before lunch, she sorted her mail standing before sitting gingerly to check her e-mail. Her cubicle neighbor, Stephanie Beasley, poked her head over the top of her wall. Her face was a broad grin, although she sported a black eye. Erenköy Escort “How’s it goin’, Susie?”

“Fine, Steffie. Gosh, how did’ya get that shiner?”

Blushing, she whispered: “An idiot went too far last night. Thought he loved me, but he finally proved otherwise, and so I dumped him.”

“Good for you.”

“You free for lunch?”

Susie looked at her diary and shook her head. “Tell me more about the idiot before I have to run.”

Steffie came around to sit beside her friend. She was dressed down that day, wearing a sweatshirt of the university her son attended, and a pair of faded jeans. Susie could tell that her friend wasn’t wearing a bra again; Steffie’s pendulous boobs swung free, and she flinched as she sat on the wooden stool next to her friend. “Damn idiot went too far. First, we have some fun, then he brings in this skinny bitch with no tits wearing nothing but a corset to beat on me. He has the gall to fuck her right in my presence, and that convinced me he didn’t have my best interests in mind.”

“He what?”

“Brought in this shaved skank to abuse me. Thought I would get turned on; didn’t understand why I would be mad. Complained all the way out the door when I threw his ass out on the street. ‘Let that skank take care of you and pay your bills, you lazy prick’, I shouted after him. This afternoon, I get the restraining order.”

“Good for you, Steffie,” Susie said from her correspondence. “You stand your ground. You’re worth it.”

“I know it. D’ya want me to get you a sammich?”

“No, thanks, Steffie. My next appointment’s going to feed me.”

“What luck. Well, ‘bye.”


Susie next appointment was the parish farthest away from the Chancery: St. Elizabeth of Hungary. A glance at the directory showed the parish was being run by an administrator, with a retired priest celebrating one mass per weekend. It took an hour to drive to the place, a tasteful recent building unique in the diocese. The parish office sent her to a house four blocks away.

Sr. Mary Joseph Winters greeted her at the door. She wore a pink blouse with grey slacks, a noble woman with fine lines and beautifully made hair. The older woman ushered her into her living room. “Susanna, you are as lovely as Chris described, even lovelier. The business look suits you: the blue jacket and skirt with light blue blouse flatters you incredibly. I love what you’ve done with your hair. Is it your real color?”

Susie blushed. “No, not really.”

“Well done, dear, well done. It’s a pleasure to see you. Have a seat.”

Sitting down carefully as she thought the older woman wasn’t looking, Susie looked around the modern, modestly appointed house. Sister brought a tray with two cups of delicious coffee, several tasty finger sandwiches, and a selection Göztepe Escort of elegantly decorated, delicate cookies. “Please, help yourself, Susanna. I have plenty.”

“Thank you. It’s different coming to a parish run by a, a, a woman.”

“It’s different being a woman running a Catholic parish. The bishop has been a jewel, Gene has always given me a lot of respect; but the priests in the deanery give me the cold shoulder. Only Gary has been kind to me.”

“Fr. Gary’s the sacramental minister?”

“Yes. He’s happy just to do sacraments and leave the hard part to me.”

“Oh. Why do you want to see me?”

The older woman smiled broadly. “I know about you, and I want what you have to offer. I raised four children before I went to the convent, and had to hide my sexuality for all my life. Thought religious life would burn it out of me, but no dice. I hoped you would. . .would. . .”

Susie crossed the room and took the older woman’s face in her hands. “What’s your real name?”


“Let’s go to the bedroom, Shelley.”

They went upstairs, hand in hand, and spent fifteen minutes kissing softly while gradually disrobing one another. Shelley’s body was firm and strong for a woman in her 60’s, and Susie admired her full figure. “I feel dirty,” Susie said when they broke their osculation, “How about shower?”

“Sounds wonderful.”

The soft, warm water flowed over them, and they turned to soap one another. When Shelley caught sight of Susie’s back, she gasped: “You’ve had a tough morning, my dear. Such a red butt. I hope it was fun.”

“Yes, it was wonderful, but it left me unsatisfied.”

“How so?”

“He didn’t fuck me.”

“I think I can help with that.” Turning her partner around, Shelley knelt down and started kissing Susie clean shaven pelvis with butterfly lips, probing with her tongue as her partner parted her legs. Susie could hardly believe the older woman’s tenderness and persistence as she made love to the vulva before her. Shelley sucked Susie’s erect clitoris into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, bringing the upright woman to series of deep moans. On and on, relentlessly the tongue quested, and soon Susie had a screaming orgasm as the warm water flowed over her body.

After Susie recovered, she started kissing the older woman from the cleft of her neck downward. Lovingly, she circled the older woman’s drooping saucer nipples, running around and around while the water flowed. Shelley gasped and held her head, pushing it downward. A tongue circled a navel, and then went downward to find the excited nub. Fingers probed upward, filling an experienced love canal, one finger drifting back to search out a tender star and coax it to relaxation.

Time paused as Susie savored Shelley’s tender love organ, thrusting her fingers deep inside with the other index finger buried behind. Shelley’s breath grew shorter and shorter until she ululated fast and high as her orgasm crested, lasting several minutes until the she slid down the shower wall to sit on the floor, exhausted.

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