Sweet Escape Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – First Passages

It’s dawn on our fourth day at sea. We’re just off the western tip of Cuba, hugging the coast to try to bypass the Yucatan Current which heads in a northerly direction. We are sailing south, or rather, trying to. I’m on watch with Jon. The others are asleep down below. It’s beginning to warm up so I take off my fleece jacket. Jon has been getting on well with the rest of the crew and it’s Bostancı Escort been a couple of days since I’ve had the chance to be alone with him. He looks comfy in his soft cotton sweats. His hands are on the wheel even though the Autohelm is in engaged. I’ve just come from the bow, where I was checking the foresail for chafe. It was all good, so I climbed down into the cockpit and sat behind Jon and began to massage Erenköy Escort his shoulders. He looked back over his shoulder at me and winked. I couldn’t resist kissing him on his cheek and before I knew it my hand reached around down between his legs to feel his swelling cock. He moaned softly. I reached into his sweats and took a firm hold of it. He was already rock hard so I took him out for a little air! I moved next Göztepe Escort to him and bend my head down to take him into my mouth. He was still holding the wheel as I licked him up and down his long, lean prick. Releasing his grip on the wheel, he held my head and controlled my rhythm, up Jon pounding me until we’re both out of breath. I can feel his orgasm mounting as I begin to climax.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh baby, YES!” I pant.

“Oh yeah, Dev. You feel so good. I don’t want to stop, but it’s just too hot. I can’t help it! I’M GONNA CUM!” yells Jon through clenched teeth.

His climax is hard and longer due to my hard contractions.

What a sweet release!

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