Sweets for the Tongue


I love the way we feel skin to skin. There’s a tingle of electricity when our naked pores touch. Your fingers travel over my body, filling me with shivers and need. My mouth seeks your warm solid shoulders to taste and kiss. The hardness of your body protects and excites me. Exploring your body, is always exciting and new. And I love the ways you choose to explore mine.

Tonight the air is crisp and cool as it rustles the curtains and creeps into the room. Neither of us wants to close the windows. For now we want to breathe the damp mist and listen to the quiet shuffle of the leaves.

The scent of chocolate fills the air as I stir dessert…chocolate pudding. The recipe is simple but sweet and has been passed down for generations.

“Mmmmm…what’s that?” Peeking over my shoulder, you glance into the pan.

“Pudding,” I answer and smile. Lifting the spoon to your mouth, I offer you a little lick. Eyes closed, you savor the warm rich pudding, holding it on your tongue for a moment.

“Wow! Kat, That’s really good.”

I had on a light T-shirt and panties and the cool air has hardened my nipples and the feel of your eyes on my breasts makes them extra sensitive to the feel of the soft material as it gently sways across my body. Temptation rises in you as your arm moves forward for just one touch.

I delight in the ability to seduce you. It’s a thrilling high to realize your hands must move to my breasts like a magnet to steel. Your fingers stretch and contact my nipples. Gentle Bostancı Escort pinches cause me to catch my breath and lean back. Eyes closed, I savor the sensations your’re giving me. I think I’ve stirred this pudding long enough. It’s time to move on to other things.

Pulling away from you, I grab a large bowl and fill it with the thick warm chocolate. “This goes into the fridge.” The task takes only a moment then I turn back to you. “Now where were we?” My smile invites you to continue. Lips meeting mine, your kiss begins a passionate exchange of desire.

Your breath warms my mouth as you steer me backwards, towards the table. With a gentle push, you guide me onto my back. The table is hard against my shoulder blades but it’s cold unyielding texture excites me. One hand on each of my knees, you slowly push my legs apart.

Raising my T-shirt you expose my breasts and your teeth nibble at my skin, tongue moving it’s way toward the trembling peaks. Seeming to have a life of their own, my eager nipples push upward begging for your attention. Tantalized by your warm licks, my whole body rises urging you on. Ahhhhhhh the feel of your lips closing around the tip of my breast is amazing. It never ceases to send me into groans of need and pleasure. I want you all over me…touching every inch of my skin, owning me, using me, loving me.

As my hips churn a pattern of passion, your kisses form a trail down my tummy, lower and lower, until your tongue reaches tentatively for my Erenköy Escort vulnerable opening. With slow circles and tiny flicks, you control my moves causing my body to rise higher and higher as you tease. “Wait a minute!” You pull away and I cry out with disappointment.

“Ohhhh don’t stop!”

“Wait,” you raise a finger in the air and grin wickedly. Without hesitation, you open the refrigerator and pull out the hardening pudding. Before I can object, a bit of the still warm chocolate is dripping over my cunt, then you lean down and begin to lick it off.

“Oh yes!” The sensation of the smooth comforting liquid and your probing tongue is driving me out of my mind. My hands find their way into your hair as you lap up dessert from my body.

“Mmmmm,” I hear the smile in your voice and glance down to see your mouth covered with pudding. Laughing and moaning, I raise my body for more.

“Great dessert!” Your exclamation is muffled.

Gasping with need, I stammer, “For both of us…”

With a flourish, you pour more pudding onto my body, then you scoop it up with your tongue making sure to find every bit. By this time my knees are dropped far apart and somehow my fingers have begun to caress my nipples as my body rises and falls.

You spread a special coating of pudding over the most sensitive of places and the tiny bud blossoms as you tenderly lick every moist bit. more….More….MORE>>> and I EXPLODE!! {Pudding, tongue, kitchen, body, everything swirling around Göztepe Escort in a scream of ecstasy. Don’t ever stop! I never want to lose this feeling! How do you do this to me? Over and over I cum and writher and grab at you.

Squirming and turning I manage to twist my body so that I can reach your zipper. Scrambling for your cock I grab pudding from the bowl and slather it across your stiff cock. Feeling the warmth of the mixture seep around my lips, I close my mouth over you and begin to slide up and down. I have to show you how wonderful this feels!

Swallowing chocolate I take you deeper and deeper. Your cock pushes to points in my throat that you’ve never before reached. Somehow with the lubrication and soothing taste of the pudding, mixed with your sweet pre-cum I’m able to take you deeper. Your groans let me know that I’m reaching the core of your body as I suck you, throat tightening around your hard cock. Gentle hands push my head further until my lips graze your public hair and I realize I have managed to pull all of you into my throat.

With a shudder of finality, the taste of salty sweet cum clashes with the pudding and I swallow the river of satisfaction that spurts from you. It’s all delicious, like an odd gourmet dessert sliding down so easily in hot pulses of completion. Then, at last, you slowly pull from my mouth as I lick you good-bye.

“That was the best tasting dessert that I’ve ever tasted.” You pant out your appreciation.

“I loved it too.” With a smile at you as I struggle to my feet.

“Shall we continue dessert in the bedroom?” you ask politely.

“Oh yes, that would be delightful.” I reach for the freezer door and grab the ice cream on the way. Who knows what we will cum up with next…..

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