Tabby The Nurse Ch. 1


Cliff lay in his bed, it was dark outside. Soon he would be going home from the hospital. Another two days the doctor thought. This was the second attempt they had had to fix his ankle; broken two months ago after the 18-year-old had fallen from his motorcycle. Now it was re-pinned and healing much better.

That night Cliff couldn’t get to sleep though. There was only one thing on his mind and he couldn’t budge it. It had been over two months since he had been able to have sex with his girlfriend. To make matters worse now he felt like it and she was out of town for a week. Compounding these thoughts was the absolutely stunning night nurse who had delivered his meal and taken his evening temperature and pulse readings the night before.

For some reason he just couldn’t get her off his mind. The long shiny dark hair pinned back and cascading over her shoulders contrasting with the tight fitting white uniform. Her sexy body, small but pert breasts and hourglass figure. His mind wandered to how her hips swayed with every step she took. Then there was the sensuous smile from those deep red lips, the deep look from dark sultry eyes and the smooth complexion of her pale white face. A sweet smell of perfume always filled the room as she entered; he would take in deep breaths through his nose to savor the sensation of her perfume after she left.

Then there was that voice. Low and sexy. Every word sounded as though an angel spoke it. All of these factors had Cliff concentrating on one thing. Beneath the thin sheet that covered his body his cock stirred. Every time he closed his eyes he had a vision of that sexy nurse bent over him, her face close to hers. So vivid a vision was it that he could clearly make out her name tag with the name Tabby on it.

Another nurse had brought him his food and charted his statistics that night. Cliff was aching for his night nurse to appear, just to confirm that someone that beautiful did really exist. He felt his hand wandering under the sheet, lifting the hospital gown to expose his hard cock. Slowly he rubbed over the hard pulsing muscle, and then stroked it lightly between his fingers. Why was he thinking of his night nurse and not the equally beautiful Sandra, his girlfriend?

Just as he was relaxing, thinking he could live his fantasy with a wad of tissues and his left hand the door to his private room opened. Artificial light flooded in, blinding Cliff as he tried to see who was there, at the same time pulling his gown down in the hope it would hide his raging hard-on.

The door shut and the figure walked slowly toward his bed. It was the figure of a nurse, his nurse, Tabby.

“Are you awake Cliff?” the soft sensual voice asked in a whisper. “Are you having trouble sleeping?”

“Um…yes,” Cliff replied, unsure what to say.

“It’s getting late,” Tabby said. He could smell her fresh perfume now, so sweet. “Are you in pain?”

“Not exactly,” Cliff answered. “Just restless.”

“Oh,” Tabby responded. “Let me see what your heart is doing.” He hoped she hadn’t noticed the hard cock hidden under the sheet and gown.

With that she held out a slender white hand, her nails painted in a glossy red paint, they glinted in the dim light that entered the room from the fourth floor window. Cliff held out his arm in the reversed posture awaiting his pulse being read. Her touch was so soft and gentle.

“Hmm…” she muttered softly. “Your heart is definitely racing a little. Nothing to worry about I think.”

“Good,” Cliff smiled up at her beautiful face. He didn’t really hear what the nurse said, he was taking in all those beautiful features and again his cock was responding.

“Some people find a bed bath soothing at this time. Shall I give you one now?” She smiled down at the young man.

“Um…ok,” Cliff couldn’t believe it, a bed bath from this raven-haired beauty.

“Ok, I won’t be a moment.” Tabby turned, Cliff watched those swaying hips and long slim legs all the way to the door. Again the hall lights blinded him as she left the room. He collapsed back onto the bed, a broad smile on his face and a throbbing under the sheet.

A moment later the tall slim nurse opened the door, pushing a small trolley in front of her. Slowly she wheeled it over beside the bed. A smell of warm lavender scented water drifted up from the bowl on top of the trolley. Two towels and a sponge sat beside the bowl. Cliff reached out and switched his bed light on and blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light.

“Take your gown off please,” Tabby asked as she prepared the trolley. Cliff didn’t hesitate he quickly slid the gown over his head from under the sheets. Then he pulled himself up in the bed, still covering his bulging cock with the sheet. He blushed a little at the size of his cock, realizing that he wouldn’t be able to conceal it for long.

Tabby turned with the sponge in her hand. A smile came to her lips as she surveyed Cliff’s broad chest. She walked up to him and began rubbing the soft sponge on his shoulder then down to his chest. Cliff looked up at the beautiful Bostancı Escort nurse and returned the smile. Then he noticed that she had two buttons at the top of her uniform undone. He peered a little harder and could see down the uniform to the white lace bra she was wearing.

The sponge glided over his chest, damp and warm, leaving a sweet smell that complimented that of the nurse. As she rubbed it up under his chin she pulled it up and away. Again she turned from him, rinsing the sponge before turning back to continue on his chest.

“It’s not too hot is it?” Tabby asked as she moved further down running the sponge over his abdomen.

“No, no,” Cliff answered. “It feels wonderful.”

Her hand swept back up over his chest toward his other shoulder. Cliff’s eyes bulged; she had undone another button of her crisp white uniform dress. The lace top of her bra was clearly visible, as was her cleavage. He gave a little gasp.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?” Tabby asked instinctively when he gasped.

“Oh, no, sorry,” Cliff blushed again.

She had to lean across him to clean along his side to the top of the sheet. Then she brought the sponge back to his abdomen finishing along the line of the sheet. She must have seen his predicament Cliff thought as she stepped back to the bowl again. This time she bent to the lower tray of the trolley.

“You can take your sheet down for me,” Tabby said as she bent over. Cliff was watching her lovely butt thrust in the air only a few feet from him. “Don’t be shy.”

“Ok,” Cliff said pulling the sheet aside, exposing his stiff cock, standing up, and straining at the air.

Tabby stood again. Cliff looked over wondering what she would say about his hard cock; she must have seen this sort of thing before. The nurse turned and Cliff gasped. She had opened the uniform dress completely. It hung on her like a coat exposing the most luscious sexy lace bra and panties, her legs in white lace topped stockings. She smiled at the young mans look.

“Think you’ve died and gone to heaven?” She whispered as she approached the bed, this time without the sponge.

“Um,” was all Cliff could manage as the sultry nurse licked her deep red lips. Her hand reached for the hard cock, closing around the throbbing member. She rubbed it a couple of times; up and down. Cliff moaned softly at her gentle touch.

As she began working his cock up and down she lent forward, her hair falling across his face. Their lips met in a long lingering kiss. His hand came up to cup her head and keep it close as their tongues met in an erotic dance. All the while her hand slid up and down the hard cock.

Cliff groaned and his hand slipped across her soft cheek to her neck. The kiss continued as his hand found her breast confined in the white lace bra. His squeeze was gentle, feeling the hard nipple under the soft lace. Tabby broke the kiss and flung her head back, giving a little moan of her own.

“Oh, baby, that feels good,” Cliff said as the nurses hand slipped over his cock, tugging more strongly now.

Once more their lips met. Cliff let his hand slip from the bed to touch Tabby’s silky thigh. He slipped the hand along the stocking until he reached her panties. She shuffled her feet a little to let him probe her pussy through the lace of the panties.

Then she broke the kiss and stepped back a little, just out of his reach. He looked puzzled. But then she moved over his hard cock, standing up like a pole. Once more she took it in her hands, this time both of them and began massaging the hard cock.

“Please let me fuck you?” Cliff asked as he felt his cock building.

Tabby just smiled as she fingered his cock, her eyes watching the bulging red head.

“Oh, please baby, please fuck me. I want to cum in you,” Cliff pleaded.

Still she just smiled. Then it was too late. He exploded. The first stream of sticky cum hit his stomach near his navel, another coming straight back down to hit Tabby in the wrist. A third caught her on her right breast and a fourth strong stream hit her on the forearm. Then a long dribble spurted out and pooled around her fingers and flowed around her hand to drip onto his pubic hair.

Slowly his hard cock started to droop a little. Tabby just smiled that sexy grin and bent to kiss him on the forehead. Cliff was red in the face and puffing a little.

“Do you feel a little more relaxed now?” Tabby asked as she buttoned up her uniform.

“Um, yes,” Cliff said. “Look, sorry about asking for…well you know.”

“Don’t worry,” Tabby replied. “You might get your wishes yet.” She winked. “Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

With professional efficiency she wiped up the mess and dried Cliff off. Then she wheeled the trolley away. “Remember I might be back later.”

“Thanks,” Cliff smiled.

Tabby wheeled the trolley along the corridor and down the service corridor to the storage room. At the back of the room was a large basin where she stopped the trolley. The two towels and the sponge were tossed in the large laundry bag. Kadıköy Escort She turned and began to wash out the bowl in the basin.

As she ran some more water into the basin she didn’t hear Doctor Turner approach. He crept up behind the sexy nurse. Without saying a thing he placed both hands on her hips as she bent over the basin. Tabby gave a surprised squeal.

“Doctor Turner!” she exclaimed.

His hands were pushing up her dress.

“How is my favorite little nurse pussy tonight?” he asked as he exposed the white lace panties.

“Doctor,” Tabby said, half in protest.

“I see you are all ready for the Doctor to visit,” he said as he pushed the crotch of the panties to one side. “Oh yes, very nice nurse.”

She could feel his hands touching her, his fingers probing at her wet pussy and flicking her hard clit. The brunette let out a light moan as he forced a finger into her. She reached back and lifted her dress a little further. Experience told her she was better to let the Doctor have his way.

The sound of his zipper going down signaled he was ready. Tabby braced herself against the edge of the basin, thrusting her butt in the air. His cock flicked across her clit making her body twitch. She looked behind her to watch as he inserted his hard cock into her tight pussy. It pushed slowly into her, filling her. Then he began pumping in and out of her hot pussy. He grabbed her hips as he forced himself deeper and deeper.

“Oh, that feels so good,” he moaned. “You are so good Tabby, so tight.”

Tabby moaned as he pumped her. In and out his cock plunged deeper into her pussy.

“Such a hot little cunt,” he said. “Oh yeah, you like my big cock in your hot little cunt don’t you?.”

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” Tabby called out as she felt her orgasm close.

“Cum you little slut nurse, cum,” he groaned leaning over to whisper it in her ear.

She did. A wave of emotion flooded over her body, her hips bucked and her pussy grew tight on his hard cock. Now she was hot and wet, sweat forming on her body.

He continued to plunge in and out of her, feeling her wet pussy. Then he gave a moan and collapsed on her back, pushing his cock deep into her. His cum spurted into her in sticky hot wads. As soon as the last of his cum had milked from his balls he pulled back letting his cum to dribble down her leg onto the lace topped stockings. He moved the crotch of her panties back into place, adding a little of pressure to let his cum soak into the crotch. Then he pulled her dress down and walked away.

“Thanks Tabby, maybe we can do it again later?” he said.

“Yes Doctor Turner,” she replied as he stepped out of the room.

She straightened her uniform and checked her face in the reflection from the bowl she had just washed.

After finishing cleaning the bowl she walked out into the corridor and back to the nurses station. The duty Sister was sitting at her desk. They smiled at each other.

“Sister, I spilt some vomit on my dress. Can I go get changed?” Tabby was feeling the hot sticky semen dribbling through the fine lace of her panties onto her legs.

“Yes, sure Tabby,” the older woman said. “Don’t be long though will you?”

“No sister.” With that Tabby walked back to the nurses locker room.

She opened her locker and took the spare uniform out, along with her spare stockings and panties that she kept in a plastic shopping bag. Slowly she unbuttoned the old uniform and slipped it off her shoulders. Standing in her underwear she took the new underwear from the plastic bag. Then she screwed up the old uniform and packed it into the bag to take home.

“Hi Tabby,” the voice came from Lana, the other young duty nurse.

“Hi Lana,” Tabby replied as she turned to see the blond nurse walk in.

“Mess your uniform?” Lana asked.

“Turner again,” Tabby said with a smile. Lana knew all about the Doctor’s behavior.

“He did you tonight?”

“Yeah, about five minutes ago in the cleaning room. Someone will catch us at it one night,” Tabby laughed.

“Damn. I was hoping he would do me tonight, I feel so horny since Bob has been out of town,” Lana said.

“Well he said he would do me again later. Shall I tell him you are available as well?”

“That would be good, I love tasting his cum,” Lana said.

“Well, I’m full of his cum right now, that’s why I need to get changed.”

Tabby turned to pull her panties off. As she tugged at them, his cum making a little crust sticking them to her butt, another hand joined hers. Tabby looked down, it was Lana. The blond nurse was on her knees pulling her friend’s panties down. Then she pushed her tongue to the brunette’s thigh, licking a drying crust of cum.

It was so sensual. Tabby flicked the panties off. Then she walked to a chair and sat. Lana positioned herself in front of Tabby on her knees. The brunette spread her legs wide, her pussy still swollen from her encounter with the doctor. Lana’s tongue darted across the others pussy, taking the drying cum off the dark trimmed Göztepe Escort pubic hair. Tabby moaned as the tongue brushed her still sensitive clit.

Lana could taste the mix of Turner’s cum with Tabby’s hot pussy juice as she licked it out of Tabby’s pussy. Her tongue probed deeper and deeper. Tabby moaned as it flicked her clit. The dark haired beauty held her friend’s head in at her hot pussy, making her lick and slurp.

Again Tabby felt the feeling build. A wave of ecstasy flooded the brunette as she held the blond head closer to her pussy. Her hips bucked a little as her pussy juice flowed once more. Lana slurped at it until it was running down her chin. The orgasm subsided and Lana stood up.

She went to a washbasin and washed the sticky cum and pubic hair from her face. The two girls looked at each other. Tabby walked over and embraced the blond. They kissed, their tongues probing each other’s mouth. Then they broke apart again.

“Thanks Tabby,” Lana said quietly.

“That’s ok,” Tabby said. “I liked that. We must do it again.”

Tabby quickly pulled the stockings off, cleaned herself up and redressed. After adjusting her hair and adding some perfume she walked back out onto the ward. The night had been one of many adventures. Thinking about all that had happened tabby felt herself getting hot again. She sat at her desk filling in some paper work while the Sister sat opposite her doing the same. Lana was away on her break. Tabby would have to wait until the sister returned before getting hers.

The minutes ticked by. It was now past midnight. Lana came back from her break and the Sister went on hers. The two girls sat next to each other.

“Do you want to come over to my place later?” Tabby asked.

“Yeah, why not,” Lana said. “After all I haven’t had any fun tonight.” She winked with a seductive smile. They laughed together.

Just then Doctor Turner appeared at the door. “Tabby, can I see you in Room Three for a minute?”

There was no one in Room Three so both girls knew what the good Doctor wanted. “I will be there in a minute Doctor. I just need to finish this.”

“Alright I will be waiting. Don’t be long,” he walked away.

As soon as he had left Tabby turned to Lana. “You go, tell him Sister had another job for me.”

“Gee, you are in favor tonight,” Lana responded. “I hope I won’t be a disappointment for the Doctor.”

“I doubt it,” Tabby laughed. They stood together and Tabby gave Lana another embrace and a long lingering kiss. The blond nurse walked off.

Not long after the Sister walked into the nurses’ station. “Where is Lana?” she asked.

“Doctor Turner needed some help Sister,” Tabby smiled. “Can I have my break now?”

“Sure Tabby.”

The tall slim brunette stood and walked out of the room. She walked down the corridor past Room Three. As she past she glanced at the closed door, a gentle moaning noise could just be heard from within. A smile spread on Tabby’s face. Two rooms further on, Room One, was Cliff’s private room. Tabby turned the handle and walked in.

“Are you awake?” she whispered. There wasn’t any response. “Hello?” she probed.

“Hi,” a whispered response came. “Is that you Tabby?”

“Yes,” she replied turning on the light.

Once more Cliff squinted in the bright light. There she was again, standing before him in the crisp white uniform. God she looked beautiful. Tall and slim, yet her uniform seemed tiny on her body. Those long legs in their white stockings ending in a pair of white high heels. Once more her sweet smell filled the room.

“I told you I would be back,” she smiled as she walked toward the bed. “How are you feeling now?”

Cliff looked up at her. “Fine, I guess.” He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was now stroking his hard cock beneath the sheet. The hospital gown still lay on the floor from their first encounter.

“Hmm, looks like you are still having trouble sleeping to me,” the sexy nurse stated. Her hand moved to the buttons on her uniform. “I think you need some more help, don’t you?”

“Yes, that would be good. I think I need some more therapy.” Cliff smiled back as the white uniform opened. This time Tabby let it fall to the floor. She walked forward leaning over him to kiss his lips. Cliff felt his tongue probe into her mouth, touching her tongue as her hands moved to pull the sheet away from his body.

“Hmm, that tastes good,” Tabby said. “Now how will that taste?” She pointed at the hard throbbing cock she had just exposed.

She moved down the bed to his crotch. Then leaning over she took the large cock in her mouth, her red lips slipping over the bulging head. Cliff moaned as she slipped up and down the shaft. The glistening rod disappeared into her delicious mouth just to reappear as she moved up and down its length. She licked around the head, flicking his pre-cum off the tip.

Then she stood up. Taking a step back she slowly deliberately tugged her own panties down around her ankles, exposing her trimmed pussy. Then she reached behind her back and unclipped the sexy white lace bra. Teasing, she held it across her breasts for a moment before letting it slide sexily down her arms to the floor. She just smiled at the naked Cliff who was holding his cock at the base, looking up at the sexy nurse.

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