Taken Ch. 02


He strolled lazily to the shower, the smirk still on his face, as I lay in the bed trying to recover. As I lay down the trembling in my legs slowly receding, I heard the shower came on and a low tone humming began.

I know he knows I won’t be joining him which is why he went on ahead but I decided to surprise him in the shower. I got up and gingerly stepped to the bathroom, easing the door open.

The scent of the soap he uses teases my nostrils as I crept closer to the shower. The room slightly foggy, the heat from the shower tapping at me the closer I got to it. I raised my hand trying to ease the sliding door back when his hand descended and grabbed my wrist tightly…

“Trying to sneak up on me?”

And he proceeded to haul me in the shower and shut the door. Just me and him in a cocoon of heat, as he had my hand tightly clasped in his, raised high and held against the titles of the shower. His body soaking wet, some parts glimmering in the light, reflecting briefly as the water cascaded over him washing the glimmer and few spots of lather away.

He leaned in closer, his nose coming directly in front mine, exchanging breaths as he just stood and stared, the sexual tension between us ratching it up a notch.

“No answer babe?”

His murmured against my lips as he eased his body forward crowding me in the shower, shrinking the space, to just me and him and the sound of water hitting skin, excessive warmth and the trickle of wet that started to form again at the position he held me in.

I shook my head as a response and he chuffed against my lips, a slight laugh escaping before he let me go and turned to face the shower and began to lather up as if I was not there.

My arms now back at side since he released them, stretched forward and tentatively touched his shoulders and slid down his sides till I came upon his rounded taunt buttocks and gave him a sharp smack.

The sound echoing in the shower, my redden hand print showing on his skin, he turned and faced me again and said

“Ouch, was that supposed to hurt?”

I took my hands and ran them on his chest, fingers kneading and pressing lightly. I looked down watching my fingers tracing random patterns on his skin and said

“No, I just wanted you to face me.”

My fingers continued their patterns on their down ward descent, coming to rest low on his hips; I leaned forward and let my lips begin to follow my hands. He stepped forward, water still running down but now most of it was just hitting his back; with few trickles running down his chest.

My lips touched his right nipple and it pebbled up tight under my lips. I let my tongue lick and my lips pop against it, gently tugging it and then proceed to circle it with the tip of my tongue. Flicking it up down and up again, shifted over and copied it with the left. Up down and around I let my tongue travel.

The slight hiss I heard let me know I was doing the right thing as well as the nudge I got from his dick as it raised and touched my hip. I slowly let my back sink against the wall and slide down as I continued to kiss my Kurtköy Escort way down his body.

Upper left on his stomach, then upper right. Back down to lower left and then lower right. Dipped my tongue and swirled it in his navel and felt him lean back a bit, since I knew this was slightly ticklish to him. I braced my body in the squat position, feeling my juices run down the insides of my thighs, as I kissed that area just above my prize and ran my fingers and my blunt edged nails up his legs and up over his ass.

I looked at his dick, bobbing in front of me, clean scent and water dripping off, tip slightly wetter than the body, showing me what I was doing was definitely correct. I stuck my tongue out and let the tip flick on the head of his dick and I figured after what he did to me this morning, payback….. I was going to be a bitch.

I moved my right hand and held the base of his dick in my fist and let my head lean forward for the first taste of him. My lips suctioned around his crown as I let my tongue swirl around the head as I came back up. I leaned forward and did it again and again, gathering moisture in my mouth to slather his dick.

I knew he was a man that didn’t like dry skin so I gathered the saliva in the back of my throat and leaned forward again letting gather on my tongue and run down in a stream on his cock.

Using the saliva as lubricant for my hand, I began to pump his dick towards me and rotating my fingers with it, in a twist. I sucked him down again allowing him to reach the back of my throat just before my gag reflex would kick in and at the same time run my tongue all around the head and foray around the rim. The moisture I sent down his dick slickened my palm and allowed the pumping twist I was doing to be more fluid. I can hear the sounds of my hand fisting his dick, the saliva oozing through my fingers as I worked.

He groaned above me and I looked up, his face tense and I smiled around his dick. I fisted closed to the head and let my tongue swirl over the crown, tip of tongue delving into the slit and then around and around, over the head, under the head, around the crown and then popped his dick back into my mouth again and continued to suck.

Feeling a slight twinge in my jaw I relaxed it some more and he slipped further in. I brought other hand up and beginning to lightly touch his sacs, rolling them in my fingers, then juggle one and then the other, rolling like how you would play with balls.

I snickered in my head’How ironic… that’s exactly what I’m doing….”

Back and forth, back and forth my head bobbed, and the slurping sucking sounds can be heard over the sound of the water falling. He reached behind him and shut off the water and propped one hand on the tiles in front and the other descended to my head.

At the touch of his hand on my head I eased up entirely off his dick, and said

“No touching me at all or I will stop.”

The expression on his face had me preening on the inside. The shock but still cocky expression of you wouldn’t dare had me setting down my foot…”I’m Pendik Escort serious no touching.”

I leaned forward again, back on his dick like it was my last breath of air and felt my pussy start to throb, my nub begging for attention. I took my hand back to his dick, brought more saliva up to lube it up and continued to pump and twist , a firm tight but not too tight grip, twisting up, twisting back down and up again, and down and up.

Pointing his dick upwards and still pumping, I went down underneath and let my tongue play with his sacs. I popped one into my mouth and let my tongue and lips create a slight sucking to them as my tongue laved and played , batting his sac against the warm soft silky insides of my check, rolling his whole sac in and around my mouth, mindful of my teeth. Opening up and looking at my handy work, I moved to the next and gave it identical treatment, never stopping my fist from pumping. I saw his hand come up to attempt to grab my head but he caught himself before he could and folding his hand to a fist and rested it against the tile.

As I came up I opened my mouth wide and sucked his dick back down, letting him hit my gag reflex and letting the gag massage the tip of his dick, the restricting squeeze and flutter and let go. I eased up and took a breath, and did it again relaxing my throat a bit more, enticing him to go a bit further.

My reflex still kicked it but it wasn’t as strong and then I knew it was time to blow his cool. I took my hand from pumping his dick and help guide him in, letting him slide deep until he hit the back of my throat and moved past, entering my throat a little. I eased back to allow myself to get some air and did it again. The groan I heard from him was letting me know I was doing just what he liked

I breathed and did it again, letting him slide a bit further and that’s when his hips flexed and he went a little deeper. Over and over I let him go deep, taking a little bit more down my throat over and over, all this while letting my tongue rub on as much of him as I could and getting little breaths of air. His body rose, him going on his toes, trying to angle more of him inside my mouth, his hand coming down to hold his dick , to steady it to force himself even deeper.

“You said don’t touch you… Never said anything about touching myself…….”

I let my finger travel down over to my pussy and began to rub my clit in small circles, my wet and the previous wet and sticky helped make the circling and rubbing a lot easier. I rubbed my clit in time to his hip flexing.

He was rocking his dick with the help of his hand, in and out of my mouth at this point, saliva dripping from my mouth to my chest as I worked his dick over. Deciding to speed things up I began to hum in the back of my throat; the vibrations travelling up through his dick.

“Shitttttttttttttt………….”he breathed out and I knew when I glanced at him he was getting close. I can feel his dick throbbing, his heartbeat thundering through his flesh as I continued to work his dick, the slight mmmmhmmm of pleasure Maltepe Escort escaped as I continued to circle on my clit ad suck on him.

He began thrusting his hips, short rapid little jabs, fucking my lips, his dick kissing the back of my throat and easing down my throat over and over…

I felt my orgasm rise in me as I witnessed him getting pleasured, him taking control away from me, him relaxing into my lips and throat and tongue

I felt him getting closer to his orgasm and I took my free hand and gripped the base of his dick, my grip around him; tight enough to please but tight enough to stop the surge of pleasure enough to draw him from the edge of his orgasm.

His hips bucked; him tense as the orgasm he was racing for receded. His hands came up and rested on the wall. I looked up at him, the smirk gracing my stretched lips. I know he can tell I was smiling based on the look he gave me as I withdrew my lips from his dick and let my tongue lick around the crown, my grip still firm on this dick.

I gathered my saliva in my mouth and descended with a force on his dick, letting the saliva gush down and began to stroke him and suck with a passion.

I bobbed my head quickly, stoking him in time to me raising my head up and down, tongue quickly circling his tip in my mouth, my other hand rubbing his sacs, swirling them, still slick with my saliva, encouraging him now to come.

Up and down, tongue going around and around, going slightly faster each time. He groaned out above me, his hands, his fingers, spread wide but curling into a fist.

“I’m going to…..”

Slipped from his lips and I sucked a bit harder, pressing my tongue a bit firmer on him and rubbed a bit quicker with his sacs, racing him to the end…

He came when he was in the process of sliding out, splashing the tip of my lips and the rest hit my tongue and back of throat as he slid back in my mouth, the groan and long moan leaving his lips. I swirled my tongue around not wanting to miss a drop and swallowed, taking all he had to give. He withdrew completely and shut his eyes for a bit before he looked at me…

“That’s a first….. I never came in your mouth before… we must do this again….”

I nodded, feeling my body on the edge because of his pleasure but unable to cross over, my clit and body buzzing through his orgasm.

Looking down and now completely noticing what I was doing, he smiled and said

“Let me help with that…”

I smiled and rose from my stance, stood and turned away from him and braced my hands on the wall of tile. I spread my legs wide and watched him drop into the same position I was in, hands grasps my ass and spread it apart.

His lips descended and he began to mercilessly suck on my clit, the suction sharp on my nub which was already sensitive. The rough sudden treatment of my clit had me rising on my toes and pushing back on him in the same movement.

He stopped sucking and gave my throbbing clit a sharp pinch and that was the end of me and my body clenched and I broke.

I came, hands flat on the wall, back arched and he returning and stated to lick my clit prolonging my orgasm.

After a few seconds, I squirmed away, his touch, too much for me. My body sagged against my arms and he rose and turned me and murmured.

“Time to shower, you’re going to be late for work.”

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