Tara Makes Love On The Rebound!


Tara makes love on the rebound!

Tara was a tall, fair and a beautiful slim girl. Doe shaped eyes, long brownish black tresses, a slender waist, she could be easily mistaken for someone from the Indian glamour industry.

But Tara was very depressed today.

“What shortcoming did I have that he had to stray?” she thought.

Tara and Aarambh were going together for 7 years. It was like they had grown up together. It was a college romance that lasted a long time. They used to talk of getting married and having a future together. Both were well settled in their careers. She was an intelligent, sharp executive working in the marketing department of the corporate world while he was a fast tracking finance executive working with an investment bank.

She had many guys falling for her be it at office, the gym or at the parties. But Tara was a one man woman. Inside the modern, tough exterior was a simple beautiful girl who dreamt of settling down and having babies with Aarambh in an adorable home of theirs.

But it all came crashing down that day, the day when she stumbled across some WhatsApp messages Aarambh had exchanged with another colleague of his. Further trail messages referred to an intimate evening they had spent last week. Tara confronted him with what she had found. He apologized profusely, but it was all over for Tara. She broke off all ties with him.

The doorbell rang, it was Amit, her brother in law.

“Where is Sneha?” (Sneha was Tara’s sister), Amit asked.

“She has gone with Reema and Priya (Priya’s friends) for a movie since Kapil (Amit and Sneha’s son) is off for the camp”, said Tara.

“Good … thanks to Kapil’s camp, finally she gets some time for Bostancı Escort herself”, Amit said while he opened the fridge and drank some cold water.

Tara was staying with her sister for a few days while her studio apartment was undergoing some repair work.

She was sitting on the edge of the French window in the drawing room looking out.

Amit said, “You are still sad about Aarambh?? Look what he has done to you, it’s been over a month Tara!! , I know you have been together for seven…..”

“Do men get bored if they are with the same girl for a long time jiju (Indian word for brother in law)?” interrupted Tara.

Amit had no answer.

“Look at me, I gave the relationship everything! I gave the guy everything he wanted! What did I get in return? Him sleeping around with that bitch!!! I gave him seven years of my life, Where did I fall short?!”, and she broke down.

Amit didn’t know what to do. He went to her and held her head in his hands.

“Tara!!! He doesn’t deserve you. Look at you! You’re the most beautiful girl, the most adorable girl I have ever seen. Any man would die to be with a girl like you” he said.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks onto his hands. Suddenly she felt a bit better. His hands holding her head made her feel so assured. His touch felt like something she had been longing for since her breakup. As he spoke she suddenly lifted her heels to kiss him on his lips.

This caught Amit by surprise. He tried to move away a bit but she pushed in and continued to kiss. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, she stopped and backed off.

“Sorry! Sorry jiju. I don’t mean…!” Tara said

“It’s OK … I understand….” a Erenköy Escort fumbling Amit replied.

But the barrier was broken. Even Amit could not resist an aroused Tara. The kiss had heated up things a bit.

The fact the she was his wife’s sister had kept him away from Tara. But Tara had always been his fantasy girl. There were times when while making love to Sneha he would think of Tara and how wild it would be to make love to Tara in bed.

And today there she was!! Making all the advances herself!

Suddenly as they were moving away, they rushed towards each other, their lips met again and they started kissing profusely.

“When is the Sneha due back?” Amit asked as Tara was still kissing.

Tara replied, “Not before 10 pm”.

As she felt Amit’s lips with hers, thoughts started wandering in her mind, “What am I doing to Sneha? Shit she is my sister!! Amit is her husband, this is wrong. Or is it?” She suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Amit asked.

“This! This thing that we are doing! It is just happening, but it’s wrong!” Tara said with trembling lips.

Amit stammered,” I know! Is think it is! Sorry Tara … I don’t mean to…!” and they started kissing again. They were feeling each other’s tongues.

Amit then started kissing her neck and she began melting. Slowly he started feeling her inside her woolen top. She wrapped her feet around his waist and he carried her to the bedroom. They removed their clothes, Amit was a bit sweaty but Tara didn’t mind. They were now on the bed feeling and kissing each other’s bodies as their clothes lay all around the bed.

“Can you get a condom?” Tara hesitantly asked.

“Sure” said Amit as Göztepe Escort he rushed to the drawer and wore one.

As he entered Tara, she gave a moan. She had never done this with anybody except Aarambh before. The way it was happening today did cause her some guilt, but it was also giving her some relief in and a way.

“Are you feeling good?” said Amit as he continued to slide in and out of her.

“Yes jiju (she stopped herself from saying jiju)…Amit”. She said this as she held his butt in her hands to welcome help him in.

They continued until Amit stopped.

“Tara, you want to turn around??” asked a panting Amit.

“Sure” she said and he entered her from behind.

“Oh Amit OH OH”…..she was at the height of pleasure.

How are you feeling he asked?

“I am feeling wonderful she said she continued to moan.

“I am going to cum” he said.

“Cum! Cum in me!” she said softly.

He stiffened further, holding her hair as he continued to get in and out of her well rounded butt, grasping it tightly as he came.

Amit, exhausted finally came to retire on his knees. Tara, too, fell on the bed both were sweating. They lay on the bed, partly satisfied, party guilty and partly hesitant.

Tara suddenly got up, tied her hair up, gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom. She looked at the clock. It was 9 pm; still one hour until her sister was to come home. As she washed her face, she thought about what had happened. While being the girl that she was, she did feel bad for what she had done to her sister, she also felt a sign of reassurance. So what if her man chose somebody else over her to get intimate? She was still a desirable woman.

As Amit lay on the bed thing about the past hour from his side, the guilt of cheating on Sneha was surpassed by the ecstasy of his fantasy coming true.

How they would face each other once Tara came out of the bathroom was a question both of them would find difficult to answer.

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