Teach You a Lesson


Stomach in knots, a tall blonde knocked on the door to Darren Cook’s classroom. Tapping her foot anxiously, Brianna White waited for the teacher to answer. After what seemed like hours, a low husky voice answered.

“Come in.”

Licking her lips briefly, Brianna opened the door and let herself in. “Hello, Mr Cook,” she spoke softly, voice trembling with nerves.

The English professor of the University Of North Carolina- Charlotte looked up from his stack of copied syllabus. Lowering his glasses, he looked the young woman up and down.

Tremors of nerves and lust shot through Brianna’s veins under the man’s intense gaze. A flash of heat jolted through her body, and protectively, she wrapped her arms tightly around herself. “Hi,” she repeated, nervously, heat creeping up her fair skinned cheeks.

Darren nodded briefly, resting his palms on the wooden desk. “You’re late,” he said sternly.

“I’m so sorry. I uh…I got caught up, in traffic.” Brianna stammered. Since entering the classroom, she had not moved from the spot by the door. It was as if her feet had been cemented to the floor. She felt as if she were playing with fire, one that could get her burnt badly.

Once again, the professor nodded. “I see. You said that you wanted to speak to me?”

“Yes!” Brianna squeaked, nodding quickly, blonde curls bouncing around her face with the movement. “About that ah, uh, extra credit we spoke about earlier.” The blonde couldn’t quite place a finger on why she was so nervous. After all, it was only Darren Cook, a man that she had known for quite awhile. So there was no need for her to be so..anxious and uptight around him.

Pushing the papers aside, Darren lazily leaned across the desk as he removed his rimless glasses. “Well. I can’t teach you from all the way over there. Come closer. I don’t bite.” A slow, sultry smile curves his lips. Brianna’s beautiful blue orbs stared at him for a short while, eyes full of nervousness and there was something else…desire.

Brianna laughed nervously, teetering back and forth on her heels. Goosebumps had broken out on her bare arms, but it was not due to the air conditioning; no, it was everything to do with the man that stood before her.

Darren Cook did not look like your average teacher. His brown hair was quite long and unruly, adding to the scruffy look that he had going on. His grey eyes were dark and intense. He looked like he would be more at home in a rock band rather than a class room. In short, he was one of the sexiest men that Brianna had ever laid eyes on. His intelligence made him even more attractive. Shaking her head in an attempt to banish her lusty thoughts, she tentatively took a step closer to his desk, her pace deliberately slow. Nervous butterflies flitted around in her stomach, as well as desire.

A slow grin graced Professor Cook’s face, transforming him. While he’d looked like a stern, straight-laced teacher a mere few moments ago, he now looked a great deal less intimidating, which should have calmed the blonde’s nerves. But it didn’t; instead, she almost wished that he would put on his “teacher’s face” again. It was something about his eyes that got her every time- they were just so…expressive. The eyes were a window to a person’s soul. One look into someone’s eyes, you could instantly tell what they were thinking.

And right now…his eyes were darkening slightly, glimmering with naughty suggestions, hungry and probing. It was as if he were seeing straight through her white blouse and knee length plaid skirt. Under his heavy gaze, wetness pooled between her legs.

Darren’s eyes probed her up and down. Miss White was definitely stunning. Despite her virginal appearance, he found her incredibly sexy. Her long, curly blonde hair cascaded past her shoulders. Her long, slender legs were just perfect for wrapping tightly around his waist during the throes of passion. And her lips…they were so pink and pillowy…and kissable. Her perky breasts were large, but they filled out her tops in just the right way. He wanted to play with them until she cried out his name in ecstasy. The very thought had groin tightening, his mouth dry.

Finally, Brianna had reached his desk. Sitting in the wooden chair in front him, she swallowed hard. “So…” she stated, drumming her fingers on the desk.”You said you wanted me to retake a quiz? For extra credit?”

“That’s right,” Darren drawled, leaning closer to her. He was now close enough where Brianna could smell the tinge of his musky cologne and the detergent. “Have you been studying? Because…you really need to bring up the grades. You’re one of my favourite students, Brianna, and I’d hate to have you flunking out.”

Brianna’s heart had jumped into her ribcage and was now pounding rapidly against her bones. She would not have been surprised if the young professor could hear her heartbeat. Pulse pounding, she briefly looked down and nodded again. If she were a more ballsy, gutsy woman, she would have asked, “Oh, Professor Cook, is that Kartal escort the only thing that I’m bringing up?” But she was not, and there was no way that such naughty words could ever escape her mouth. Even thinking them had her blushing. Instead, “I..I know. And yes, I have been studying…quite well. Intensely.”

Darren licked his lips. Despite the near frigid temperature of the dimly lit classroom, heat blazed through him. “Have you?” Reaching out, he slowly ran a finger over Brianna’s lips.

She trembled over his touch, trying to relax slightly. Every ounce of common sense she possessed was screaming at her to leave this class room and go home. However, lust won over. Sitting stock still, she nodded again. “Yes.” She repeated, aware that she was beginning to sound like a broken record.

“Are you going to…demonstrate for me? Show me how much you’ve learned?” Professor Cook asked, his eyes darkening behind the glasses.

“Yes. I mean, yeah. Oh, I am.” Brianna rolled her eyes, grinning sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I sound like a broken record.” She looked up and smiled at him.

Goodness. Her smile was dazzling. Everytime she would flash it his way, Darren found himself breathless. As cheesy as it sounded, Brianna White simply took his breath away. And he had to have her. “Its okay,” Darren grinned, winking as he stroked her cheeks.

Brianna closed her eyes, her nerves slowly calming as her entire being came alive under his touch. Her nipples hardened beneath the fabric of her bra. “Do you know why?” he was asking.

“No,” she whispered, shaking her head.

“I thought you studied?” Darren raised his eyebrows, pulling away.

Whimpering from the loss of contact, Brianna opened her eyes. “I lied.”

“Did you?” Professor Cook’s mouth thinned, but as always, his eyes gave him away. A mischievous twinkle had appeared.

“I did.”

“Naughty, naughty girl. I don’t like a liar.”

“I’m so sorry, Professor!”

“Too late to apologise.” Shaking his head, Darren got to his feet. “What’s the point in me giving you extra credit if you’re not prepared for it? I must say, that I’m disappointed.”

“Professor,” Brianna breathed, eyes growing wide. “I [i]need[/i] this. Please. I studied I just…oh, I just know that I can’t fail! [i]Please[/i].”

The professor’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t know what I can do for you now,” he told her, removing his sunglasses and setting them on the desk. “Perhaps, a good old fashioned punishment is what you need.”

“Old fashioned? Do I have to…write lines? Serve a detention?” Brianna inquired, raising her own eyebrows. Another flash of heat pulsed at her damp centre, and she clamped her thighs tightly together.

“Actually…no.” Voice a low, sexy growl, Darren looked the blonde square in the eye; his grey orbs locked into her blue ones. “I was thinking of…something a little less drab.”

“Oh?” asked Brianna, curiously. “What is it, sir?”

Pretending to be in deep thought, Professor Cook revealed, “To tell you the truth, Miss White, I have been insanely attracted to you ever since that first day I laid eyes on you. It may sound artificial and cheesy, but its true.” He watched and smirked as the woman in question flushed a deep shade of red.

“I-I don’t know what to say!” Brianna said, placing her hand over her thudding heart. “Wow.”

“You don’t have to say anything. But…if you want extra credit, I was thinking that you can…do your time on me. Its the only way you can get that grade you want.”

The blonde’s eyes were now wide as saucers. “Professor,” she said, not recognising her own voice. It sounded so light, so breathy…and actually kind of sexy. “That’s so wrong..I’m flattered, but I just can’t do that…I need to leave!” Quickly, Brianna got to her feet, and scurried towards the door.

However, Professor Cook was quicker; perhpas it was because he were wearing a pair of sneakers, opposed to the high heeled Mary Janes she was wearing. Two long strides, and he was already to the door, locking it behind her.

Brianna’s breathed hitched in her throat, her body coiling tightly with desire. [i]Oh, this is just so wrong. So wrong…what have I gotten myself into?[/i] “Professor…”

“I know its wrong. Its immoral. I could lose my job, and you can get kicked out. But I’m willing to take that risk..if only I could have you. I understand its out of your comfort zone. Its out of mine as well…but there’s something about you that I just can’t resist.” Darren explained, his grip on her wrist firm, but gentle. “And I have to have you. I [i]need[/i] you.”

Excitement started in Brianna’s belly and zoomed lower down; her boody coiling more tightly with desire by each passing second. “I can’t do this. We’ll both get into trouble…”

“No one has to know.” And without further ado, Darren brushed his lips gently against Brianna’s.

The last of her willpower melted away, and Brianna melted underneath his kiss. The surroundings slowly melted away; soon, Kurtköy Escort all the blonde was aware of was..Professor Cook. The heat from his body seething through her clothes; the feel of his erection prodding between her legs; the scent of his cologne and the sound of their kisses. Running her hands through his hair, Brianna passionately returned the kiss, pressing her body against his. “Tell me,” Darren whispered huskily, running his large hands over her hips. “that you want me.”

Warmth started from the roots of her hair, down her neck, between her legs at the mere thought of what was transpiring. Brianna groaned softly hen his lips brushed her neck, stubble grazing her sensitive flesh. “Professor, we can’t do this.”

Darren ran his hands down her skirt, bunching it in his hands, his fingernails grazing her thighs lightly. Despite her protests, Brianna wished that he would take his hands higher, higher, until he would find her wet pussy. Embarassed by her lusty thoughts, she blushed. “Its gonna be alright,” he reassured her, voice deep and raspy, full of lust and passion. “We’ll be quiet…”

And the next thing she knew, Brianna was sitting atop his desk, the wooden surface cool against her flushed skin. “We’re not supp-” Her protests died when the man began to lay desperate, passionate, yet tender kisses along her neck. She shivered, instinctively reaching out to grip his black button down shirt.

“Tell me. That you want me. If I do this…” Darren ran his hands down her legs, leaving trails of fire in his wake, before slipping them up her skirt, fingertips finding the elastic waistband of her silk panties. “Will I find that you’re dripping for me?”

Brianna’s breathing quickened with anticipation, his naughty words sending thrills through her veins. Closing her eyes, she nodded briefly.

A devious, sexy grin lit up his features, his darkened eyes mirroring her own desire and passion. “Say you want me,” Professor Cook growled, before crashing his lips against hers.

Relishing in the sweet taste, Brianna decided to give up her protests. For the first time in her life, the blonde was unable to think. Tugging at the fabric of his shirt, Brianna parted her lips, allowing him to deepen the kiss. His tongue probed her mouth, tasting, exploring, savoring each second for what it was worth.

“I want you,” Brianna whispered, groaning softly as soon as he released her from the kiss. She bit her lip as Darren’s hands found their way back up her skirt, yanking down her panties. Wantonly, the young woman spread her legs slightly, opening herself up to him.

The sight of the beautiful blonde spread across the desk like a feast, her glistening pussy beckoning him, had Darren’s cock threatening to drill a hole into the seat of his jeans. Glancing at the clock, he saw that there was only twenty minutes left of office time, before the next professor came in. Time was ticking by quickly, but there was so much that could be done in twenty minutes, if he timed himself wisely enough.

Dipping his head, the professor kissed her inner thigh, scratching his nails over her skin, as his fingers found what they were looking for.

Brianna never felt so…naughty, sexy, or bonelessly needy in her life. With half lidded eyes, she looked down at Darren, who was kneeling down on the edge of the desk, kneeling on the floor. He glanced up and smiled at her for a second, pushing up the rest of her skirt that was in the way.

Then he began doing wonderfully wonderful things between her legs with those fingers. She watched as he moved them over the shallow crevice, lightly probing, before dipping between her swollen flesh, her slickness lubricating his deepening strokes.

As she struggled to watch, Brianna found it extremely erotic to watch. Now fully aroused, the blonde moaned softly, pushing herself up, forcing his fingers to go deeper within.

Darren thrust the thick, long digit into her body, before slowly pulling it out. At the absense, Brianna groaned, shifting slightly. The gasped when he reentered with two fingers, thumb circling her hardened clit.

“Professor…” Brianna groaned, blindly reaching out to tangle her hands in his hair, tugging at it slightly, closing her eyes.

Nerves that she wasn’t even aware she had were coming alive at his touch. Hips bucking, Brianna felt so disconnected from reality. Never in her life, had she ever felt so outside of herself.

“Hush,” Darren instructed, sliding his fingers out once again. “Before I have to give you a real punishment.”

Impatient, Brianna squirmed, whimpering softly. Her passion heightening, she gazed down at him, as he pushed her legs even farther apart. Her clit was pulsing, a greedy little muscle that demanded more, craved for release. She felt as if she were just going to explode into a thousand little pieces if he stayed away from her too long.

As he scooted closer to the woman, the sweet, delicious aroma of her pussy increased his arousal. Gripping her Maltepe Escort hips, Darren pulled her even closer to him, parting her inner lips, completely exposing her clit. His mouth descending on her, he swirled his tongue around her clitoris.

Tossing her head back, Brianna tried to assimilate all of the erotic sensations that were coursing through her that his clever mouth and tongue brought to her. He sucked, licked, teased and toyed with her until she thought that she was going to die. She gasped loudly, before reddening once again.

Remving one hand from her hips, Professor Cook reached up and covered her mouth, muffling her moans of pleasure. There was nothing sexier or more beautiful than a woman in pleasure. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth hanging open…sweet hell. Darren felt her muscles tightening as she approached orgasm. He suckled her clit quicker, feeling her tremble.

Brianna exploded into a million little pieces, colour bursting behind her eyelids. Her grip on his hair tightening, her teeth sinking into his palms. Unable to contain herself, she rode out every wave of her orgasms, relishing every lick of heat to the sugary sweet finale. Bucking uncontrollably against his mouth until she lay across the desk, completely exhausted, trying to catch her breath. Darren kissed her stomach as he quickly undid his belt, tugging own his pants, exposing his very erect cock to her. It jutted out, the the throbbing vein criss-crossing across the tip, a droplet of moisture beading there.

Glancing up at the clock, Darren saw that there were only ten minutes left. While he was far from finished with Brianna, the time was slowly ticking away. He had to finish, quickly.

Brianna stared at him, mouth gaping at the sheer size of his equipment. “Professor,” she said hoarsely, eyes widening. “I don’t…I don’t think its going…to um…fit.” Nervously, she bit her lip, shivering with anticipation. She didn’t think that there was anyway she could handle his size…she watched as he quickly sheathed himself with a condom.

“It’ll fit.” Positioning himself between her legs, his dick pressed her against her mound, sandwiching himself there.

Need renewed, Brianna loved the feel of her sex touching the tip of Darren’s, his erection stroking her where his fingers had a few seconds ago. Fear fled, quickly replaced by pure, unadulterated need.

With his hands, he stroked her again, gently parting her flesh to make way for himself inside of her shallow channel.

Time seemed to stop as Brianna caught her breath, preparing for him even as he paused. Everything seemed to stand still as the two lovers gazed into each other’s eyes. He didn’t move. She didn’t move. Almost simultaneously, both of them moved in for a fiery kiss. Running her tongue along his, the woman could taste her own juices on his tongue. It was incredibly erotic and sensual. Darren was stimulating each and every one of her senses, making her feel more alive than she ever had in her life.

Without warning, the professor pushed himself inside of her. Crying out softly, Brianna bit her lip to contain herself. It was painful, but oh so pleasurable. The feel of him filling her was something that she would never tire of. Her walls stretched and burned around him, creating a delicious friction. Liquid fire ignited along her skin, flashing down and up again. He dipped in a few inches, and then withdrew.

Brianna gripped his shoulders tightly, her nails digging through the shirt and into his flesh as she shifted her body slightly, inviting him to go deeper, filling her to the hilt. Burying his face into her shoulder, the scent of her sweet female musk and sweet floral perfume made him dizzy with emotion. Brianna clutched his back, letting out a low, guttural moan, letting him know he was driving into her centre.

Neither of them wanted to stop, but they were quickly running out of time, as their lovemaking came to a momentum. Grunting deep in his throat, Darren drove himself deeply into her one last time, pressing that delicious spot that had her flying into a delicious quivering. Sweet sensation flooded her once again, swirling up into a red cloud of admiration, affection, and most of all, desire.

In perfect harmony, their orgasms washed over time, both of them reaching destinations that they never knew they could. With one final thrust so deep that Brianna thought it touched her heart, his sex slackened inside of her.

It was every man’s fantasy to seduce a student in a class room. The sexy student found themselves attracted to their teacher, and soon, the two were engaging in a hot, passionate, corporate affair that went unnoticed by everything else.

Darren was very lucky to have gotten to have that experience first hand. In his life, he never thought that reality could be even better than fantasy.

But damn, reality was sweet right now. He’d just acted out one of his favourite fantasies with a woman that he cared deeply about.

His wife.

Pushing away her wayward curls, Darren kissed Brianna’s sweaty forehead, and she rested her head against his chest, listening to his heart rate slow as she caught her breath. She still couldn’t believe that she’d just had sex with him inside of his classroom, inside of their workplace.

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